Sanny leone xxx sex stories story xxxx in

Sanny leone xxx sex stories story xxxx in
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"Hurry up we already 20 minutes late", yelled Zodais from the drivers seat of his new 2009 Dodge Durango. While playing with his new GPS system. His best friend Dontay sipped his Gatorade and said "why cant females ever be on time man I swear", "ha-ha isn't that that the truth" responded Zodais ready to answer back to him when he saw the front door of hot babe carolina abril enjoying two massive hard cocks bright blue house open and saw the most beautiful woman stepped out.

"Damn my baby looks good today" he said to Dontay. He looked to the direction Zodais was staring and saw the girls walk out the house. They both got out the car and walked over to greet the girls and grab their bags. After a long kiss they loaded the bags and got into the car. Zodais was 6'4" brown skin, brown eyes; low cut, weighed about 224lbs and had a swag that made every girl like him.

His best friend Dontay was 5'9" brown skin, brown eyes, low cut, they both had the same attitude and personality that's really why they got along so well both being 18 and Dontay being older by about a month and 18 days.

The first girl was a girl named steph who was about 5'4" light skin, big brown eyes, with long hair and a small petite body her and Dontay had been dating since he was a freshman and she was in 8th grade, now he was a senior and she was in 11th grade.

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The second girl name was Ashleigh she was 5'4" light sunny leone sax story 2019 with brown eyes and long black hair. She also was small and petite. But she had thick hips and a nice ass and nice tits that were about a 34B-cup steph probably had the same size. Today Ashleigh had on a brown low cut sexy shirt and blue tight jeans with matching brown boots and a brown jacket with hoop earrings with her hair straight down.

Steph had on a black silk shirt with dark blue jeans and black heels with her hair straight down and blue jean jacket. They all got back in the car Dontay got in the passenger seat and put on his and Zodais new album they recorded. They drove towards the highway on their way to the cabin they rented for them whole weekend. After twenty minutes on the highway Zodais turned down the music and started talking to the girl they all laughed and talked the whole way up and the drive went by faster than expected and by 7PM they had pulled in to the cabin.

The girls got out and ran to the door with they keys saying that it was to cold out. Zodais and Dontay opened the trunk and got the bags out. "Hey did you get that stuff" Dontay asked, "Dog you already know I got that taken care of." They went into the house and turned the Music on and unpacked after they unpacked Zodais said he was gonna make dinner.

So while everybody else was in the living room, Zodais made Steak with baked potatoes and Asparagus with melted Butter dressing and a bottle of wine. They sat at the table and all gave compliments towards the dish Zodais prepared.

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After eating they decided they would shower, put on their night clothes and kick back and watch a movie. After everybody showered they all sat down and watched the newest version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" during the movie Dontay and Steph were cuddling on the couch and started kissing Dontay pulled the cover off the back of the couch and placed it over him and steph and continued kissing Ashleigh and Zodais were still watching the movie even though they knew what was going on they decided not to be nosy and to give them some private time.

Meanwhile Dontay slipped his hand under the cover into Steph shirt and started rubbing her breasts while she moaned in his mouth. Then slid his hand down into her shorts where he could feel the heat coming from her pussy.


He rubber her clit for a second then slowly slid two fingers into her pussy slowly moving them in and out she couldn't stop moaning and it was getting louder. That was Zodais cue to leave the room, plus he was already getting a little tired "I guess we will see you guys tomorrow" and flashed his smile to Dontay. Dontay returned the smile and said they would watch TV for a lil longer and would see them in the morning.


Ashleigh and Zodais went in the room and laid down and held each other and started talking. Meanwhile back in the living room Dontay had removed the covers and were slamming his fingers into her pussy hard and deep while she moaned. He then removed his fingers and she licked them clean, he lowered on to the floor on his knees and spread her legs and lifted them over his shoulder she started rubbing her clit while he licked the lips of her pussy while she moaned softly.Her moans made him hornier he slid his tongue deep into her pussy as far as it would go and ate her pussy till she cam all over his face he then got up and pulled her legs exploring japanese chicks fur pie hardcore groupsex she was on the edge of the seat on the couch and pushed her legs back her shoulder and slowly slid into her hot and wet pussy.

It was so wet he didn't know how long he could hold on. He started sucking on her titties and moving his hips in a circle making her hips thrust back onto him while he was hitting the bottom of her pussy he felt her body tense up and felt her pussy get warmer knowing she had just cum.

Knowing that he made her cum just made him even more hornier he pulled out and picked her up and helped her get her knees onthe couch and get in doggy style while he slid his dick all the way in till he hit the bottom of her pussy and started fucking her harder she couldn't say nothing but moan her eyes rolled back as she came again.