Raven teen cum lover facialized at home

Raven teen cum lover facialized at home
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Fbailey story number 586 My Sex Toy "But Mom it hurts." "Too bad young blonde slut victoria summers services taxi driver. You were the one to start it.

No daughter of mine is going to be a cock-teaser. I would rather you become a sex toy." "But I don't want to become HIS sex toy." "But you liked teasing him, don't you?" "Yes." "Well when I opened the door you only kissed his cock but you sure as hell let him lick your clit until you got off. In my book you owe him." "Okay, okay, I owe him, but not now, not like this, and not in front of you." Mom then pushed down on my sister's shoulders forcing her the rest of the way down onto my hard cock and breaking her hymen.

Yvonne cried out, "Oh God that hurts." Mom said, "It's all over with now, I promise. In a few minutes it will feel much better.

In a few days you will be begging your brother to fuck you on the dining room table with your grandparents eating dinner around your naked body." Yvonne said, "I highly doubt that." Mom said, "Believe me, I know a sex toy when I see one. Like they say, like mother like daughter." I finally said something, "You're a sex toy too Mom?" Mom smiled and said, "Yes, most of my life. When I was Yvonne's age I was taking care of my three brothers.

In high school I was taking care of the entire football team because two of my brothers played on it. Now I pretty much just take care of my husband…and anyone else that he wants me to take of." I asked, "Does Yvonne belong to me now?" Mom said, "Yes she does, so why don't you roll her over and fuck her properly." Yvonne asked, "Do I have anything to say about this?" Mom said, "No!

You had your chance. Now you are his sex toy, his fuck buddy, or his love kitten. Whatever he chooses to call you.

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Get used to it." Then Mom looked at me and said, "Use her, abuse her, and fuck the shit out of her. No more jerking off! Do you understand?" I said, "Yes" as I pushed myself down into my sister as deep as I could.

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I grunted and then I started to cum in her. It was the best cum that I had ever had and I knew that I would have a whole lot more of them too now that I had my own sex toy. When I pulled out of her, Mom said, "Yvonne, suck his cock clean. You are to suck it before and after it is in one of your holes. You are to be naked in his bedroom at all times.

You are to sleep in here with him so that he can fuck you before he goes to bed, and when he wakes up with his morning hard-on." Then she added, "Oh yes, and you will spread your legs for him whenever he wants you to.

Is that understood?" Yvonne said, hot amateur busty milf fucked in her living room, ma'am." Then she went back to sucking my cock clean. Mom left smiling. Yvonne let go of my cock and practically shouted, "No fucking way in hell am I going to be your sex toy." Since she was only thirteen and only weighed eighty pounds I just picked her up, threw her down onto my bed, and rolled her over onto her belly.

I raised my hand up into the air and I looked at Mom peeking in the doorway and smiling at me.


I let my hand down hard and I heard Yvonne cry out in pain. Mom closed the door quietly. I continued to beat my sex toy until I felt that she had learned her lesson.

I stuck my cock back into her mouth and then into her pussy from behind. I never let her up I just fucked her face down until I had cum again. I got dressed and said, "Go wash up and come downstairs in a dress without a bra or panties." Yvonne being sarcastic asked, "May I wear shoes, Sir?" I said, "No" just to piss her off. I went to the living room where Mom and Dad were watching television. When Yvonne came down I called her over to me.

Dad watched as I ran my hand up under her dress and smiled, Dad smiled too. Dad nudged Mom and she spread her knees to show me that she was not wearing any panties either.

I then lifted Yvonne's dress to show Dad that she was not wearing any panties. Then I fingered my sister's pussy. It was not clean. I said, "Go upstairs and wash this out. I don't want to fuck a slimy hole later." Mom looked at me and said, "I'll show her how to douche. Do you want me to show her how to give herself an enema too?" I must have looked confused because Mom added, "That way her asshole will be clean if you want to butt fuck her later." I giggled and Yvonne tensed up.

I answered, "Okay. I might like to try that sometime." Yvonne looked scared and said, "No fucking way in hell am I going to be your butt fucking sex toy." I picked her up in the air and threw her down babes having anal fun back and forth telsev the couch.

I raised a hand and Mom slipped a wooden paddle into it.


When I came down on my sister's ass she let out a howl that could have curdle milk. A hundred strokes later and Yvonne was in no mood to argue. She just followed Mom up the stairs. Dad said, "I like the way you handle your sister.

She'll make a fine sex toy when you finally break her spirit." I said, "I kind of like her spirited. Like Mom." Dad said, "Your mother is a special breed of woman." I replied, "Like mother, like daughter." Dad laughed. It was some time later when Mom and Yvonne came back down the stairs. They were both naked. Yvonne had no hair on her pussy. She had been shaved clean. Mom said, "Okay gentlemen, all three of our holes are clean and waiting for you guys to use them.

Your sex toys wish to get them all dirtied." I looked at Yvonne, she smiled at me and said, "Mom fingered my butt hole and put some lubricant in there so that it wouldn't hurt…much." She pulled my pants and underwear down, and then Yvonne straddled my legs.

Mom reached out and held my cock straight up while Yvonne positioned her asshole directly over it and started to press down. Once again Mom pushed down on my sister's shoulders forcing her the rest of the way down onto my hard cock. Yvonne cried out, "Oh God that hurts." Mom said, "It's all over with now." I had heard that same dialog earlier.

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Soon Yvonne said, "Oh that isn't so bad now. It's not as good as when he is in my pussy but it will do." Mom then dropped Dad's pants and underwear and sat her asshole down onto his cock. Yvonne watched Mom fucking herself on Dad's cock and tried to duplicate her movements on me.

Dad just watched Yvonne. He liked what he was seeing. I got the distinct impression that we would be using each other's sex toys someday. I would trade Yvonne for Mom any day. Mom had really nice tits. The End My Sex Toy 586