Japanes mom and boy story

Japanes mom and boy story
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I was twelve years old the first time I ever gave a guy a blowjob. I had been to a slumber party at a friends house and during the evening, her older sister came home with some of her friends. We ended up spying on them and listening to them tell each other of all the stuff they were doing with their boyfriends (they were 16-17 or so.) I kept hearing the word "blowjob" but didn't quite know what that was.

Finally, one of the girls went into detail about how her boyfriend liked her to "blow" him. Me and my friends were all agog as we listened to her tell how she sucked his "thing" and let him "cum" in her mouth!

We listened as long as they talked until her sister and her friends went to bed. The four of us sat up then, talking about sex, letting guys putting their things in a girls pussy.

Letting them touch our titties and about how we would never let a guy put his dirty thing in eurobabe threeway fucked after massage european and anal mouths, let alone let him shoot his stuff there!

We ewed and icked and giggled and finally went to bed. But I'm sure I was the last one to fall asleep. I couldn't help it. My little pussy tingled at the thought of a guy pushing his thing into my mouth! I couldn't get the thought out of my head. I kept hearing the description the one girl gave, of having his thing, his "dick" in her mouth and how she sucked and licked it.

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My hand went to my pussy in the dark of the room and I slowly rubbed my clit in tiny little circles, that movie playing in my head of having a guys dick in my mouth. It was like I was suddenly obsessed with the act. It was so dirty, so nasty, and so hot! The next morning I was on my home, still thinking about the night before, still fantasizing about a mans dick and my mouth.

It was the first week of summer and it was about nine in the morning and as I got to my block I saw Jimmy, a 17 year old boy from the neighborhood, out in front of his house, working on his car. As I walked towards him, I couldn't stop myself from trying to see his dick in his jeans.

Jimmy smiled and waved when he saw me. "Hi, Jessica!" I waved back and walked up the drive to where he was standing. He was tall and thin and good looking. Dark hair and holly wood horor sex movies wide smile. "Hi Jimmy," I replied as I walked up to the car. I was wearing a little pleated skirt and a cropped t-shirt. My long blonde hair in a pig tail. "Whatch'a doin? He bent back over the engine, "Just adjusting the carb." "Oh." "Where are you coming from," he asked.

"I was at Tina Jenkins last night. We had a sleep over." I wondered what a hard dick looked like as I kept trying to see the outline of his against his jeans. "Sounds like fun," he said innocently. And then, right then and there, I decided I was going to give Jimmy a blowjob.


I needed to see what it was like. Was it really as dirty and nasty as I imagined? I took matters into my own hands and when he would look away or lean over the engine, I would immediately roll up the waist of my skirt, shortening it until I could feel a breeze on my butt. "It was fun. We talked about sex and stuff." I couldn't believe I had said it. He glanced up immediately, looking at me, wondering, in his head, just what I had meant. "Well.um.that sounds like you had a good time!" He smiled, not sure just what I was doing or what he should be saying.

I japanese virgin girl forced fuck around the front of the car then, letting him see how short and slutty my skirt was. And he looked hard. I was about 4-8, but an "early bloomer" as my Mom would say, with my tits already growing.

They were the size of small cantaloupes and I didn't need a bra yet. I was suddenly aware that my 12 year old nipples were poking through my t-shirt. I felt so. so. slutty. It made my pussy tingle. "Whoa!" Jimmy gazed unabashedly at me. "Wow, Jessica, you really have grown up." "Thanks," I replied, standing there, letting him get a good look at me. "Jimmy, if I ask you something, will you promise not to tell anyone?

I don't want to get in trouble." Jimmy was standing next to the front fender now, his eyes taking in my hot little body. "Sure Jess, sure." "Have you ever had a betty sparks drills her nicely shaved snatch before?" I said it softly, my eyes lowered submissively, swishing my hips left and right, making my skirt float back and forth, showing off my thighs.

"Um.What?!" He just about choked out the words. "I could give you one if you want." I just about whispered the words. "If you wouldn't tell anyone, that is." He stepped in front of the car, and now I could see the outline of his hardening dick.

My breathing was shallow and my pussy tingled and I felt discombobulated and flushed all at once. I could see his mind working, knowing I was too young but I could see him looking hungrily at my tits and my bee stung lips. "What is this, a joke?" He looked around the neighborhood, as if half expecting someone to step out and start laughing at him. "No Jess, I don't think so." I was on auto-pilot now, "Please Jimmy. Please let me. You can play with my titties if you want." I thrust my chest out.

"Jess, what is going on, um." My mind strained for the words that the girl had used the night before and as they came to me I quickly said,"You can cum in my mouth if you want!" I was shaking in anticipation, fully expecting him to say no, but in my foggy brain, I wanted him to say yes. "Fuck.you aren't kidding me are you?" He again looked around the block. Mrs Heather was coming out of her house and Jimmy smiled and waved to her as she did - and so did I.

"No. Please let me?" "Goddam.alright. If you're serious, go home and then come to my house through the back. I'll leave the back door open." "Okay," I whispered back shakily.

"Jimmy, you won't tell anyone will you?" I looked at him worriedly, not realizing he should be asking me the same question. He got a hard, lustful look in his eye. "Not unless you don't swallow my cum." I shivered at his response and set off down the street to my house four doors down.

I couldn't run for fear of my skirt showing everything I had, but soon made it to the door. I went in the front door, out the back (my parents were at work) and made my way round the back to Jimmy's door and let myself in.

"Jimmy?" I whispered. "Downstairs!" He hollered up. I made my way down the hallway to the voice and then down the stairs tanner calls a friend for a fuck pornstars hardcore the basement where Jimmy was sitting on the couch. All the lights were off and it was quite dark. He motioned me over and I sat down next to him on the couch, letting my skirt ride all the way up so my panties were showing.

"Have you ever sucked cock?" I had never heard the worf "cock" before but the hard k sound and the way it rolled off of his tongue turned me on.

"No." I shook my head, looking down at the bulge in his jeans. "Okay, first, always get on your knees between a guys legs. Its best that way." I quickly moved to the floor between his knees, staring at his hard on through his jeans. Twelve years old and I was going to suck a dick. "That's it. Now unsnap and unzip my jeans." My little hands trembled and I became acutely aware of the quiet in the room and wetness of my barely hairy pussy.

Finally I pulled down the tab on his zipper and his cock jumped up and back, against his stomach. I couldn't believe petite ravenhaired looker pleasures two big shafts brunette and cumshot stiff and hard it was! It was about 6" long and when I grabbed it my fingers barely made their way around. I wasn't sure if I could fit this in my mouth but I was going to die trying! As soon as my hand touched his dick it jumped and he moaned low.

I was completely enthralled and held it, stroking it slowly, instinctively up and down. He lifted his hips and pulled his jeans down past his knees and then i could see his fat balls laying there. I was quivering, my pussy dripping, soaking my panties. "Okay Jess, now take it in your mouth, suck babe extreme pumped and deep anal fucked like a tootsie roll pop and go up and down at the same time." Mesmerized I leaned in and did as I was told.

The feeling was electric! His dick was so hard yet so soft on my tongue. It had a wonderfully musky smell that I immediately loved and his dick was so warm in my mouth. "OOOhhhh fuck Jess.yeah.that's it. yeah." I started to suck up and down, taking him as deep as I could, maybe three inches or so. I was aware that I might hurt him if I got my teeth in the way, so I made sure that wouldn't happen.

It also dawned on me that if I didn't swallow a lot, then my spit would make his dick really slick and easy to suck. This, of course, led to a lot of sucking noises, but it seemed to turn on Jimmy even more! "OH MAN! Jessica, you are a natural born cocksucker!" I loved hearing that!

"Yeah, that's it, you just keep sucking like that and you are going to get your mouthful of cum!" That sent me over the edge and I started to suck faster up and down.

I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger, which turned me on even more. I started to taste a salty liquid, very tasty, very exciting and I though he was "cumming" as the girl last night had said. Suddenly Jimmy grabbed my head and held me forcefully.

I panicked just for a moment but my excitement overrode my fear and I let him do what he wanted. He started to grunt and groan and lift his hips into my mouth. Continuing to suck while he did this, I felt his dick bulge and throb and a long moan, growl left his lips.


"Fuck that's it you fucking slut! Suck it, swallow all my cum you fucking cocksucker!" I started to shiver and quake and my eyes fluttered as my first ever orgasm rolled over me as his dirty words washed over me. "Arrggghhh." and then my mouth was filled with a mess of stringy, slippery, slimy, salty, bitter cum!

I struggled to swallow his load make nut come out your nose tube porn he held onto my head, fearing I would stop sucking, but I was far from stopping. I wanted more! His cock throbbed and twitched and I sucked harder and washed my tongue back and forth on his convulsing dick, filling my mouth again and again as I swallowed his creamy sperm "Fuck.fuck.fuck." he repeated over and over as I kept up the pace, tasting his nasty cum and swallowing it down as I had promised I would let him In another few moments he was done, though I continued to suck his slowly softening dick.

I wanted more! "Wait Jess. Wait!" He pushed me off. "Fuck, you have to give a guy a break after he cums. Otherwise it starts to hurt." I couldn't fathom how something that felt so good to a guy could then start to hurt.

I licked my lips, tasting his cum and swallowed again. I was breathing hard, the feeling of my first even orgasm warming me from head to toe. "How long before I can do that again?" I asked breathlessly. "Give me 15 or 20 minutes and I should be ready again." He was exhausted and lay his head back on the couch.

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Fifteen or twenty minutes!? I didn't want to wait that long. "Is there anything I can do to make it faster?" He smiled wickedly down at me, "You liked sucking cock, hunh?" I nodded yes, my eyes alive and flashing, my pig tail flopping back and forth.

"You can hot awesome chick and her ardent man my balls, that might speed it up." I dived right in. I started to lick and suck his balls, soaking them in my spit, working under them and around them. I tried to get them into my mouth. He had to tell me to be gentle, so I went softer and easier. Sure enough, in about 10 minutes he started to get hard again, and without waiting to hear him ask, I took his cock back into my mouth and began to suck again.

He laughed lowly, "Yeah, that's it, suck it slut." When he talked dirty about me like that, using the word "slut", it made me want to please him more. I wouldn't know until a few years later that I liked to be treated like a slut and a whore. After about 20 minutes, he unleashed another heavy load of cum into my voraciously sucking mouth.


I was addicted to the taste of his cum! When I tried to start licking his balls again, he pushed me away stepmom caught teen sucking off cock and enjoyed some threesome and blowjob said, "That's it for now, Jess. Go on home and if you want to, call me later and I will give you another load of cum if you want." "Don't you want to cum again?" I asked incredulously.

How could a guy not want to feel that again? "I would love to, but guys can't do that. After a couple of times, they need a little time to recuperate." "Even if I lick your balls for you?" I leaned in and started to slobber all over his nuts. He laughed and pushed me away. "Yeah, even if you lick my balls.

Now, go on, or I'll tell everyone you're a cocksucker!" I pulled away. a look of fear in my eyes. "Please Jimmy, don't do that!" I could only envision what my Mother and Father would do if they found out! "Don't worry Jess, I won't. Now go on. Call me later." I stood up, wobbly.

I noticed now that my jaw ached just a little, my panties were soaked and I was a little shaky from my orgasm. I went upstairs and out the back door, looking to make sure no one was watching. As I walked home, I couldn't help but realize how much I had liked sucking his dick, swallowing his cum, feeling it burst in my mouth, his hands on my head, the dirty talk. By the time I arrived at home I was totally worked up and on edge as I realized I would have to wait a while before I could do that again.