Mom and sun and xxx six moves

Mom and sun and xxx six moves
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Vengeance Ellie came to quickest, her first instinct being to sit up, which she did, and quickly took notice of her predicament. Not only were her wrists bound, but her elbows were cinched together too. She was topless, but sill had on her white cotton panties.

Ellie was about 5'6'' tall, with a medium to large C-cup bust. Of Greek decent, she was olive skinned, and has shoulder length curly dark brown hair, and large brown eyes. Full of shit, I thought. Her stomach and legs were fat, but not in a bad way, in that way that somehow makes a girl sexier.

I used to enjoy walking behind her in the halls of high school, just watching how her ass filled out skin-tight jeans. She also had luscious, absolutely incredible full lips, that I remembered staring at many, many times. The only thing she didn't have going for her, was that she hadn't fully shaved her pussy.

She had trimmed down to a medium sized rectangle around her slit, but even a small amount of pubic hair turned me off. Ramona was only a few minutes behind Ellie, coming back to consciousness. She too was topless, though she was wearing a seductive red thong on the bottom.

Her body type was far different than that of Ellie. She looked like she was German, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, wide, often malicious smile. She was tall pretty close to my own height of 5'10.'' Her breasts had finally reached an A-cup, something she must have been happy about because the guys used to joke that their boobs were bigger than hers.

Her stomach was toned through a lot of working out, a lot of high school sports, and the desire to look better, to be better than anyone around her. Her biggest asset was her long slender legs, culminating in one of the tightest asses you'll ever see, and a completely bald, miniscule pussy.

Ramona looked around and, sitting about ten feet across from her, found Ellie. Their eyes met, and they studied the others situation, and the others body before looking away embarrassed. I was sitting in a darkened corner. They probably could have seen me if they really looked. We were in the empty garage of Ellie's house. You see, Ellie and Ramona had been friends and part of the same social clique throughout all of high school. I had son attacking stepmom in kitchen wanting to get into that clique ever since tenth grade, and had finally, the past year given up and hottie alix lynx plays with a toy in her pussy tube porn my status as a nobody.

You see, I had always had a huge crush on Ellie, and she kind of led me on for a while, before eventually letting me down, snotty bitch that she was. As for Ramona? Well, I never liked her. I was friends with one or two of the guys in that clique, and every so often, she would walk right into the middle of us like it was a game of Red Rover, start talking to my friend, and ignore me completely.

It pissed me off, and quite frankly I was tired of being a nobody. It was perfect, Ellie's parents were out of town for a week, and she had a party, anyone who found out was invited, though not many showed up, after all, Ellie was known to be a pretty big bitch. However, I did show up. Her and all her friends had a general disdain for me, though I went unnoticed at the party, after all, I'm a nobody.

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Well, Ramona, being Ellie's best friend decided to spent the night. They didn't notice that I never left, and they certainly didn't wake up before the chloroform took effect. The garage was fairly empty, the car being currently used by her parents, and as it was around 2am, and the only light came from a single bulb near the door leading to the house, it was creepily dark. Ellie and Ramona managed to get to their feet and started to head towards the door when I decided to make myself known.

I wasn't wearing what I wore to the party, that would have been stupid. While they had been safely unconscious and bound mom and son in 69 position the garage, I had removed everything except my red and green plaid boxers. I was not only wearing a black hockey mask, but I had also painted my face completely black.

Even if by some accident the mask came off, who I was wouldn't be revealed. "You should know that while there's a decent chance screams will wake your neighbors," their heads snapped towards me, "there's a better chance that I will have shut you up before they do.

In loira fudendo buceta com forccedila perfil e whats da gostosa case I will scrap completely what I have planned and torture you as long as I wish." I pulled something out of my pocket and leg it dangle. "Nipple clamps, and you know that just about anything can be used as a paddle. Make any noise, and I'll use them until someone physically stops me.

Are you willing to gamble on how long that will be?" They just looked at me for a few seconds, then dejectedly shook their heads and looked at the floor.

"Now, one of two things can happen. One: we can have a little contest. You can try to the best of your ability, and the winner will get to make me and the loser orgasm, and while the loser gets tortured. Then I'll drug you again and leave you tied how you are. When you wake up, you will be able to loosen each others bonds and go on with your lives. Or, you can half-ass it.

In which case, you will make me orgasm anyways, and both of you will get tortured. Then I will tie you however I want, open the garage door, and see what happens. Understand?" They both nodded, Ellie looked on the verge of tears, Ramona looked as haughty and bitchy as ever, yet said nothing.

"Excellent, you can start by removing your panties," I said sliding my chair into the light, and sitting back down in it.

They both stared for a minutes, Ellie got the idea a bit quicker, and struggled to slide hers down. Eventually she got them past her hips so she could wiggle out of them. Ramona still stood there. I grabbed a notebook and marked down two points for Ellie, after all she did hesitate. Upon seeing this, Ramona blew her hair out of her face as though nothing should be allowed to bother her which I despised.

Being slimmer and not as figured, she had a far easier time of it than Ellie. In seconds, her panties were also on the floor.

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She looked back up at me, still like a bitch, but her gaze cracked slightly. She was breaking. I held out a bunch of different things, "Ellie, since you were quicker, what should I use on her?" Ramona looked sharply at Ellie, her mouth opening shock before turning back to me.

I walked closer to give Ellie a better look as she mulled it over, clearly trying to choose the least painful device.

"The red thing she finally said." I walked around behind the two of them who were now standing side by side, and before she could do tushy first anal for brunette jojo kiss about it, a ball gag was in Ramona's mouth, and fastened tightly at the back of her head. I walked back to the front of them, and saw tears pouring out of Ramona's pathetic eyes. Good, the bitch deserved it.

"Now, I'm going to use the nipple clamps. First to tell me they can't take it anymore loses.

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Ramona, since you don't have the luxury of speaking, you will let me know with three rapid grunts. Ellie's nipples were far larger, (about the size of a roll of scotch tape) than Ramona's (about nickel sized), and probably far less sensitive. I decided to attach Ramona's first to make it sufficiently unfair. She started squealing in pain immediately.

Ellie moaned in pain as I put them on, but didn't seem as affected, and simply wore a general look of discomfort. Ramona's eyes were tearing up and she was grunting like crazy. "To keep you from unfairly giving in right away just to save the other, you have to last a minimum of five minutes." I started the timer on my watch, and grabbed a wound spool of quarter inch thick rope. Tossing it up, I looped it around one of the beams near the ceiling, and pulled the end down until it was about head height.

The rope ran up, around the beam and back down to the spool that I had placed on the chair. I looked at my watch, two minutes passed, then looked at the girls, Ellie was standing there patiently, wincing every so often. Ramona was crying openly, and starting to shake. "You look like you need something to take your mind off the pain," I said walking up to and around behind Ramona.

I wrapped my hands around her and brought them up to the bottom of her small, perky breasts. She let out a loud, long squeal. "Quiet down," I whispered, "I can do much worse." I ran my hands down her stomach, stopping for a moment to enjoy her toned abs, then suddenly moved downward, and jabbed a finger in her pussy.

She squealed again, though not entirely of pain this time. After a few 'thrusts,' I started massaging her clit. She quickly grew wet, whether she was enjoying herself or not, it was very easy to get her horny. I leaned over my shoulder to get a look at my watch. Five minutes was thirty seconds passed. I pulled my hands back and walked sophia locke getting her pussy banged by big black cock to face them.

"It's been five minutes, you can give in whenever you want to." Immediately I heard a series of grunts from Ramona, and removed her nipple clamps. She whined immediately through the gag at the far worse, but short lived pain of the blood rushing back. "Those don't hurt?" I asked Ellie.

She shook her head no. "I don't have very sensitive nipples, it's pretty hard to hurt them," she said quietly. I added a second piece of equipment to Ramona, a collar with four d-rings, each 90 degrees apart and walked Ellie over to the rope hanging from the ceiling.

I tied it to the center of the chain that connected the nipple clamps, and grabbed the spool of rope. I walked over, unrolling the rope as I did to the door leading to the house.

When I had unwound enough length, I cut the rope and tied it to the doorknob. I tightened it until it forced Ellie to move directly under the beam, and up onto her tiptoes. Then I walked over and grabbed Ramona by the hair. "You got pleasure and your friend didn't, and she won, let's even that out." I brought her in front of Ellie and forced her to her knees. "Lick her pussy," I commanded, "and lick it good." Ramona looked up at me.

She still had the gag on and I knew it. "Not even willing to try?" I asked, "Fine." I pulled her to her feet and sat her down in my chair.

It was as simple a chair as you'll ever see, wooden and low so her arms hung over the back when she sat in it. The seat was a simple square, and the back was the two vertical posts, and two horizontal rectangles to support the sitter's back. The front two and back two pink adorable virgin fur pie get screwed had a bar connecting them halfway down for stability. I cut another length of rope and used it to bind her wrists to the bar connecting the rear legs.

Then I grabbed another piece of equipment I had brought, a spreader bar. I got Ramona's right leg in without too hot mom jessica bangkok is blowing her young trainer trouble, but then she realized what I was doing and started to struggle.

The downside to being that skinny is that you're usually fairly weak. Ramona was no exception, I easily managed to grab her ankle and tighten in the other strap. At its shortest, the bar was three feet long.


I extended it until it was about five feet, well within the tolerances of Ramona's flexibility. "For that I should reattach the clamps," I said as she squealed and shook her head. I stood spread legged over the helpless girl in the chair. Wondering for a second what I could do, I grabbed her chin with my left hand and held her head steady. Then with my right, I pulled my 6'' hard cock out through the slit in my boxers and began rubbing it all over her face.

She struggled, but it was a futile attempt, I held her tight, and was thoroughly enjoying the look of helplessness and displeasure in her eyes. I rubbed the tip, near her mouth, getting some pre-cum on the red ball and on her upper lip.

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Satisfied, I pulled it back and put it away. Ramona immediately started shaking her head when I let go, trying to rid herself of my juice. I walked back over to Ellie who was whimpering. Her calves had grown tired, and every few seconds, she was dropping flat footed to ease the tension. Unfortunately for her, this increased the pressure on her boobs, and pulled them almost straight up. "I'm sorry baby," I said walking around behind her, "let's see If I can't do something about that.

Reaching down, I pulled outward at her thighs, and she complied by parting her legs slightly. I untied the rope, but left the clamps on, "Spread them more for me." She did so as wide as she could while still keeping her balance. I sat in between her legs. Ellie was the type of girl where no guy would meet her standards, so I was fairly sure she'd never let one near her before. To her shock I suddenly thrust two fingers in and began slowly moving them up and down.

"Never been pleasured before?" She bit her lower lip and shook her head, no. I continued slowly thrusting in and out until I felt her start to get wet. I then stood up, and removed the clamps. Before she could wince in pain, I grabbed her boobs and started circling her nipple with my tongue.

She gasped, and I knew she didn't know what to feel, pain or pleasure. I moved on to the second one, and she let out a soft, "oh." Her mouth was frozen open and here eyes were shut, it was now clearly pleasure. While alternating between sucking both her nipples, I again entered her with two fingers. This time, I pressed them in as far as I could get and allowed my thumb to rest on her clit. Leaving my fingers inside her I began to massage her clit, while still working her breasts. My thumb did clockwise circles over her spot, pressing harder each time it reached the top.

Each time it did, she let out a soft gasp and I sucked slightly harder sensualclub erica vieira chat dreamcam whatever nipple I was on.

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She grew wetter and wetter, but showed no signs of nearing climax, so I slowly wound her down and then stopped. She let out a half disappointed, half content sigh as I turned my ember stone the cam queen does it with her pops back to Ramona who by now was trying to kill me with her eyes.

I put my hands around her back, and slid her forwards until her ass was at the very edge of the chair. I started playing with her lips with my middle finger, and her eyes instantly went from resentful to pleading. "You get horny very easily, don't you?" She nodded. "Do you also orgasm easily?" Another nod. "I'll tell you what," I motioned Ellie over, "Ellie here is going to lick your nipples, and I'm going to be down lower.

You're not going to cum. If you do, I'm going to put one set of clamps on your nipples and the other on your lips. Then I'm going to tie them together, and tie that rope to the garage door. When the door goes up, it will pull them off, and it will hurt like hell, but all be over very quickly. Instead I'll leave the door halfway, and let them slowly slip off. No orgasm until I say so, got it?" She nodded gravely. Off to one side, Ellie bent over and began licking Ramona's nipples.

She was sloppy, and inexperienced, but it was still getting to the chair bound blonde. I knelt in front of her and immediately probed her vagina with two fingers. Ramona jumped and moaned softly. With every thrust I made, her moans grew louder into grunts. After a few seconds of going as fast as I could, I stopped, spread her lips and attacked her clit with my tongue.

The grunts had turned into all out screams through the gag and I knew it was taking all she had to keep her from going over the top. That was enough I decided, so I stopped and pulled Ellie back. Ramona let out a grateful sigh as she started to cool down. Before she could get too far, I brought Ellie around and forced her to her knees. "She likes it when you suck on her clit while brushing it with your tongue." I knelt behind her, wanting another chance to toy with her beautiful breasts.


Ellie hesitated, "the sooner you start, the sooner she'll climax, she's pretty thick shaft hammers wet pussy hardcore massage as it is." Ellie went down searching for Ramona's clit with her tongue, and I heard Ramona begin to moan and cry.

How it must feel to be pleasured by your best friend. I harshly groped all over Ellie's chest, making good use of her soft boobs. In no time, I could hear Ramona getting close again. I pinched Ellie's nipples. Hard. Shocked, she inhaled sharply, sucking her friend's clit extra hard and pushing her over the edge. Ramona screamed and screamed and screamed. If the orgasm was anything like the noise she was trying to put out, it was huge, lucky girl. I pulled Ellie to her feet, and began untying a panting Ramona from the chair.

After the spreader bar came off, I picked up her limp form and laid her off to the side. Alex harper takes a shower and analyzed while being filmed walked over and stood in front of Ellie. "I want to be naked." She turned around and reached towards my boxers. "No, not with your hands." She dropped to her knees, and tugged at the waist with her teeth. Surprisingly deftly, she managed to get the boxers around my engorged cock and down to my ankles.

I sat down a few feet off to the side in the chair and started slowly stroking myself. Getting the idea, she walked over and sat down just in front of me on her knees. "First, take me as deep as you can." She leaned towards my cock and opened her mouth wide.

"No, don't let those luscious lips go to waste, I want to see you wrap them tight. And if you don't enjoy yourself now, just think how you're going to feel later after I've received a shitty blowjob." She paused when her mouth was over my head and wrapped her lips around my shaft.

The feeling of them touching alone, the softness sent shivers through my body. Her sexy eyes locked with mine as she slowly started moving down. Halfway down she showed no signs of gagging so I stopped her. "Let's see what that tongue has to offer." What had been simply lying on my shaft suddenly came to life, and somehow seemed to be stroking my dick by itself while in her mouth.

Repeatedly she ran my tongue up my shaft and down again, up and down again, it felt unbelievable. I let loose a throaty moan of my own as I felt myself getting closer.

Not yet, I told myself, coming to my senses and ordering to move farther down. Another inch, and I felt my dick at the back of her throat, no gagging. Another inch and her lips were still wrapped tight, I was in heaven. Finally her nose hit my stomach. Shocked I looked down to see…she had managed to deepthroat me completely.

No virgin should have that skill, hell most sluts don't even have that skill. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off me. The girl kept her lips wrapped tight, and even sucked the whole way, causing another shudder to run through my body. Holding her head, I looked at her puzzled. She was breathing heavily, it hadn't been completely effortless, though it had certainly looked it. The girl was doing a fantastic job, but… I looked over at Ramona, her chest still heaving from the orgasm as she lay on the floor.

I wanted to force her to eat my cum, to torture her like the bitch she was, but Ellie…I couldn't resist. "You're lucky," I said to Ramona. I felt a pull on my arm and looked back at Ellie. Was she eager to continue, or was it a trick of gravity? I let go of her hair and let her continue. I shut my eyes and yelled out loud, the girl was amazing, there was no other word for it.

She had taken both my balls into her mouth and was bathing them with her tongue. The sight of those lips wrapped around me along with those gorgeous eyes was almost too much. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohh my god," I breathed, she had taken the head of my dick back into her mouth and dancing on it with her tongue. "OhhhhhhhaaAAHHHH, she was moving as fast as she could up and down all six inches of my dick, pulling off all but the very tip.

I could feel my dick stiffen even more as it does when I have a very powerful orgasm. On one of her down strokes, I grabbed her hair and moved her up and down rapidly over the bottom inch of my dick, pleasuring my spot on some part of her throat. My dick hardened even more and stream after stream after stream of cum shot down her throat. With each shot, I pulled her nose into my stomach thrusting hard into her.

Finally my orgasm died down, and I slowly pulled out of her. She knelt there, as I sat slouched, both of us breathing rapidly.

Exhausted, I pointed towards Ramona. Ellie, getting the idea laid down next to her. Their wrists still behind their backs forced them off to opposite sides, each others wrists about four inches apart. I tied Ramona's right leg to Ellie's left, then bound their other legs to opposite sides of the garage.

Then after returning all my equipment to the bag I brought, I pulled out something I was going to let them keep. Twin grooved vibrators, with an attachment that could be adjusted to rest on the user's clit. I inserted both the vibrators, and adjusted the attachments, Ellie's clit being slightly higher than her friends.

"Now, with some effort you can untie each others wrists. That is, as soon as you want to," I said turning both the vibrators on high. I moved over to Ellie and kissed her forehead. I hadn't gotten revenge, I now longed for dark cock for white wench interracial hardcore girl like never before.

I walked over to Ramona, "you can get more out of people if you stop being such an arrogant bitch." I turned her vibrator down low. It would be a slow torture. * * * The next day, I ran into the both of them at a mutual friend's graduation party. They didn't recognize, nor did they even notice me. Like I said, I'm nobody. I overheard them talking. "I can't believe you actually liked it!" Ramona whispered as angrily as she could manage.


"You have to admit, he knew just how to push both our buttons. You've probably never orgasmed like that before, and that vibrator is amazing. It's the only thing that's ever even pleasured me, though he would have done far more if he'd kept at it." "You're just saying that because you've never been with a guy. Try to find one that doesn't basically rape you." Ramona whisper-screamed, then stormed off. "I felt a connection…" Ellie whispered to no one in particular, looking at the ground.