Hot three some with lovely beauteous babe smalltits and hardcore

Hot three some with lovely beauteous babe smalltits and hardcore
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Mind Controlled Mothers Club A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Three: Naughty Daughter Joins the Club By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Ulrich Geller, a young man barely in his twenties, worked fast in the shipping department of the Institute of Apotheosis.

Orders had to be process, but all he could think about was the coming 10 AM break. The other men working in shipping moved fast, too. He'd never seen packages readied so fast. They were sending out the various electronic components the Institute produced to pay the bills and support the creation of the Halos.

At 10 AM, the shipping department would enjoy another round of their burgeoning Mother Fucking Club, following in the example of the newest god, Henry Archer. The young men of the shipping department were all enamored with his teachings, gangbanging first Ulrich's mother last night and then other mothers who also worked for the Institute. While they were waiting for their turn to fuck a mother during their break, they could watch the God as he expanded his own Mother Fucking Club. He was recruiting at his college today, and Ulrich ached to see more mothers discovering the joys of becoming sluts for their sons and other young men.

He glanced at his watch. Not much longer now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was shocked by Cherry Kang's statement. A girl wanted to turn her mother into a slut? She wasn't responding to any of my commands. I only ordered the boys to add their mothers to the Mother Fucking Club. They already queued up to fuck our teacher, Mrs. Rojas. One pumped away at the Hispanic MILF's cunt, fucking my friend's mother hard as she lay bent over her desk in her classroom.

Cherry sauntered up to me. The Korean girl had such a naughty smile on her round face, her delicate nose almost quivering. Her lush lips pursed together as she stopped before me, a coquettish wantonness wiggling through her body making my dick so hard.

Cherry always had a quality about her that I'd noticed. When I jerked off and wasn't thinking of my mom or another MILF, Cherry was one of the girls my age latino plumper cuban manuella gyno clinic exam graced my fantasies. "You can make my mom your slut, too," Cherry said. "You can fuck her all you want." "Jesus," I said, still not sure what to make of this hot girl wanting to see her mother fucked.

"I just want to see her dripping in cum," she continued. "I masturbate to it all the nasty blonde vs black monsters. You can even fuck me. Just use me." She grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it up her body, exposing the pale-olive skin of her stomach, flat, her hips curved.

She drew it up farther and farther until she popped it over her bra, black and lacy, constraining her round breasts. She ripped it over her head, her black hair spilling about her round face. I gathered my shock and blurted out, "What are you doing?" "Well, you have mind control powers," she answered. "And that stuff just makes me so wet. I've always wanted to experience.

I'll do anything to experience it." Then a wicked smile crossed her lips as she reached behind her. "Besides, you're just going to make me fuck you, aren't you?" A feverish light appeared in her eyes. "You're going to make my teen fucks her big oiled ass pov lick your cum out of my pussy, right?" "Yes," I groaned, realizing I would.

It sounded so hot. "Then let's do it," she said, her bra coming loose. She was moments from revealing her tits to me.

"I'm so wet." "No," I ordered, an idea erupting in my mind. "No, your mother needs to watch." She grinned at me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 AM arrived. Ulrich groaned as he sealed up a cardboard box then set down his tape gun on the work bench. His coworkers, men mostly in their early twenties like him, were flowing to the break room.

His mother, the head of the shipping department, was already unbuttoning her blouse on her way to join them. She had an eager stride to her steps. Last night, she learned that a mommy should be a slut, fucking her son and all her employees. The TV played in the break room, showing the spycam feed that followed the new God. They could tune it to watch any of the Gods. Different people of the Institute had their favorites, focusing on the teachings of certain Gods over others, glossing over any.

inconsistencies. "Wait, why is the God leaving his college?" Ulrich asked. Instead of the shot showing off the God in his school—recruiting for the Mother Fucking Club, fucking that MILF professors of his, or enjoying other mothers at his high school—it was a shot of him driving from school.

"Is that a girl in the car with him?" Jim, another young man who worked in shipping, asked, his head cocked to the side. "What is he up to?" asked Kurt. "Don't know," Ulrich said then groaned as his naked mother pressed up against him, her hand reaching down to stroke his cock. "Watch and find out," his mother purred, her voice slutty and rich.

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She fell to her knees and unzipped his pants. The car pulled into a driveway. The feed switched to an interior spycam. It was a wide shot of a living room, a naked woman dusting in it, her hips wiggling from side to side.

Ulrich recognized the mother of one of Henry's friends, the petite redhead Mrs. Woodham. Another naked MILF, the blonde mother of Henry's friend Noah, passed through the room, her round breasts jiggling as she headed for the stairs. "This is getting interesting," Ulrich said as his mother pulled out his cock and engulfed it into her mouth.

What was their new God going to teach them today? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cherry, wearing only her bra, had such a big smile on her face when I pulled into my driveway. I climbed out of the car, my dick so hard. She clutched her cell phone in her hand. She had just called her mother; Mrs. Kang would be here soon. Cherry convinced her mom it was important. "Come on, let's go meet the Mommy-sluts," I told her. "Sluts?" she asked. "Plural?" "Yeah, I have all my friend's mothers here.

They're cleaning the house, naked. I told them they couldn't have sex with each other until it was all clean." "Did you make them all like pussy?" Cherry asked, pressing against me and entwining her arm around mine. "Ooh, you're such a wicked son." "Oh, yes, it's hot watching them go down on each other," I groaned, my dick lead in my pants.

"Especially when their pussies are dripping with jizz." "So you got your own harem?" she asked. "Stealing your friends' mothers?" "Oh, they'll get their moms back," I said. "Sluts in the Mother Fucking Club are open for any members to fuck." "Wow," she said, her voice tight. "Oh, wow, that's so hot. You've truly made even your own mother into a slut." "Well. her pussy is off limits until I breed her, but the rest of her." "Ooh, yes, yes, you have to breed your mother," she moaned, her voice so thick and throaty.

She clung to me so tight. I felt the heat of her breast bleeding through her bra as she rubbed the side of her boob into my arm. "That is the hottest thing in the world." "God, you're just a kinky thing, aren't you?" She nodded her head. "This is so wonderful to talk about this.

I can't talk about my fantasies to any of my friends. I tried to do it slowly, but they gave me such weird looks. But you. You're as perverted as me, aren't you, Henry?" "Oh, yeah," I said and opened the front door. "Henry!" gasped Mrs. Woodham, the petite redhead straightening from dusting the shelf in the corner, her small breasts jiggling while her fiery hair spilled about her mature face. Her green eyes sparkling.

"You should be in school." "And you should be at home not in my house naked like a slut," I told her. "Except you are a slut, aren't you? And sluts don't question what I do." A slight prickle rippled across my mind as my powers affected her. "Ooh, big tit milf loves this cock round ass big tits so right. I am a slut." She glanced at Cherry. "Do you want me to eat her pussy?" She licked her lips.

"I've come to like hot cunt since you showed me who I truly am." "Oh, my god, Henry," Cherry whimpered, clinging to me. "I almost came just hearing her say that. You're amazing!" I grinned at her. From the kitchen, my busty mother entered. Her curly, black hair spilled about that beautiful face that, since the divorce, attracted so many skeezy guys to date her and fuck her.

No longer. My mother would get all the cock she could handle from me. From my friends. Her dark-red nipples were hard. She pulled off the yellow cleaning gloves. "Honey, you're home early." She had a rich purr to her voice. "Mmm, and did you bring a friend?" Her eyes widened. "Is she your girlfriend?" "I don't know what she is other than perverted," I said as my mom sauntered to us. God, she had such big tits. I loved how they swayed.

"So perverted, Mrs. Archer. I'm Cherry, and I'm joining the Mother Fucking Club. My mom's coming here to be made into a whore." "That's lovely, dear," my mom said, a big smile on her face. "She's so cute, honey." "Mom," I groaned, a sudden warmth burning across my cheeks. "So, do you want me to eat her pussy, honey?" Mom asked.

"I can make your girlfriend cum so hard." "Girlfriend?" Mrs. Haley asked as the blonde came down stairs, her round breasts bouncing before her. "Who has a girlfriend.? Oh, hello, Henry. Ooh, is she your girlfriend? She's so cute." "She is," Mrs. Woodham said. "We're trying to figure out who should lick her pussy first." Cherry just had such a huge grin on her face.

"Maybe I will," I said, getting annoyed at their "mom" behavior. I glanced at Cherry. "Strip naked." I barely felt a tingle across my thoughts. She was more than ready to just rip off her clothing, as she proved back in class. Was I even truly giving commands to a girl who was so willing to be mind controlled? I don't know if it mattered as Cherry popped off her bra, unveiling her firm, eighteen-year-old titties.

They were round, the same size as Mrs. Haley, but they just had such a supple perkiness the older MILF lacked. Cherry's nipples were hard, a dark-brown. They thrust from small areolas, little dots adorning her breasts. Her hands went to her jeans, her tits jiggling as she unzipped them. Such a huge smile crossed her lips as she wiggled out of her jeans, shoving them down her lithe legs.

A pair of black, frilly panties clad her rear. She gave me a naughty wink before she hooked her panties with her thumbs and shoved them down. I groaned at the sight of her shaved pudenda. The farther down she shoved her panties, the closer and closer she came to unveiling her pussy.

And then the top of her tight slit appeared. I groaned at the plump vulva creased by that little crevasse, her juices glistening on her flesh. She bent over, her tits swaying as she wiggled her panties down past her knees before she stepped out of them. "Tada!" she announced, popping into a pose, one arm thrown over her head, like something a showgirl might take at the end of an act. "Ooh, dear, you're just so pretty," my mom said. "Henry, she's so charming," Mrs. Woodham said.

"If you're not going to eat that cute pussy, can I?" Mrs. Haley asked, the blonde MILF licking her lips.

"You can always lick mine," Mrs. Woodham said. "We haven't finished cleaning the house," Mrs. Haley said, a whine to her voice. "We can't eat each other's pussies, but Henry didn't say anything about hers." "Oh, right," groaned Kittens penetrate studs ass hole with big belt dicks and squirt semen. Woodham.

She shifted then started dusting again. "Cleaning is on hold since I'm here," I commanded. "Feel free to eat each other out." "While you eat me out?" Cherry asked. I'd never eaten a pussy. I stared at Cherry, at her tight slit.

"I don't know. How many guys have fucked you?" "None," she answered. "I'm a virgin. Got a cherry and everything. It's not just my nickname." She gave me a wink.

"What, really?" I looked her up and down. "Because. you're so hot." "I'm Asian," she said, waving her hand. "Most of the guys go for the blonde cheerleaders over me, even if I do have these cute tits." She squeezed them together.

"You should eat her pussy, honey," Mom moaned while the other two MILFs were already on the floor, eating each other cunts with such abandon. Just a pair of sluts enjoying themselves.

"She's so cute. You can make her cum." I swallowed. Suddenly, this was all so intimidating, especially with my mom here. I'd never eaten pussy before. What if I didn't do it right? Why was I feeling so nervous? I was a god, basically. I gave people orders, and they obeyed. Only. I wasn't really giving Cherry orders. She was just. such a kinky girl she was down to do this.

A virgin slut. How is that even possible? "It would be hotter if you did it, Mommy-slut," I said. "Get to it." "Yes, honey," Mom moaned. With a sweep of her black hair, she fell to her knees before Cherry. "Mmm, dear, just sit down on the couch, and I'll eat you out." "Sure," Cherry said, her eyes flashing to me. She gave me such a naughty smile.

"Mmm, you're making your mom lick my pussy. That's sooooo hot. I'm going to cum so hard." "I bet," I said, my dick so hard. Cherry sat down on the couch. The Korean girl shuffled around, her breasts jiggling. My mom shifted on her knees, her large tits swaying.

She stroked the girl's legs as she leaned her head down. I groaned and ripped off my shirt, aching to enjoy this. Cherry whimpered as my mom took a lick up her slit. I kicked off my shoes watching the horny college babe lana sucks and fucks sierras wet pussy girl shiver as my mom licked and lapped at her pussy.

It was such a naughty thing to behold. Mom licked again. I could just see her pink tongue flutter against the tight, virginal slit. "Ooh, wow, that feels incredible, Hank," Cherry said. "Your mom. Your mom is a pussy-slut!" "Yeah, she is," I groaned as I shoved down my jeans. Cherry's slanted eyes shot to me. A smile grew on her lips. She bit it, looking eager as I stood there in my boxers.

My cheeks burned more. A shyness filled me. What if she didn't think I was big enough or something? God, what had this girl done to me?

I should just treat her like a slut. Like my whore-mother. But. but. she was a virgin. No guy had ever used her cunt. Ever treated her like a whore and made her scream her head off. Not like my slutty mom. "Fuck!" I muttered and shoved down my boxers. Her eyes widened. Her cheeks darkened with a blush as she stared at my cock. Something almost shy, even coy, crossed her face. She lowered her head in a demure fashion that was almost immediately ruined by the gasp of wanton delight she made.

"Mrs. Archer!" she groaned. "Oh, that's my clit." "Mmm, it is, dear," my mom said. "That's an important part of the pussy to play with, honey. A girl's clit." Was Mom trying to teach me to lick pussy?

My dick hard, I leaned over her shoulder, watching her lick and flutter her tongue up and down Cherry's slit. The girl shuddered. Her hands found her breasts, squeezing them as she ground against my mother's licking mouth.

Juices adorned my mother's lips. They stained them as they flowed from Cherry. I smelled a scent, a fresh musk, lighter than any of the Mommy-sluts. I licked my lips, my cock growing harder and harder. "Mmm, she's got such a pretty pussy, honey," Mom said.

She lifted her head for a moment, stroking her fingers up and down it. Then her thumb and forefinger parted Cherry's labia open, revealing pink depths and a membrane of skin over her entrance full of little holes.

"There's her hymen." Mom poked the membrane. "Mmm, fresh pussy, honey," she said and leaned in, licking again. "Mrs. Archer!" Cherry groaned, her body squirming. I fell to my knees beside my mom. I leaned in closer, breathing in Cherry's fresh musk.

It was such an exotic taste. Mom lifted her face, her lips shiny with Cherry's passion. She gave me an encouraging smile. No guy had ever fucked this pussy. It was pure. I brought my face into Cherry's shaved snatch. I inhaled her musk.

She let out a quivering moan as I came closer and closer to her slit, my mom still holding it open. I nuzzled against her snatch. My tongue flicked out, touching her hot folds.

"Henry!" Cherry groaned, a sound of such wanton pleasure. A sound I laura lee teases with her massive boobs order her to make. I licked again. "Oh, Henry, mmm, yes," she groaned, her body shifting. My tongue lapped up and down her slit. She tasted good. I licked again and again I feasted on her, nuzzling into her. I rubbed my lips into her hot folds.

My tongue caressed over her hymen, feeling that cherry hole. I'd be the first dick to penetrate her. The first dick to open her up. The thought made me lick harder, lapping at her, making her squirm. She wasn't a slut. Sluts didn't deserve to have me eat their pussies, but.

but a girl like Cherry, a naughty, kinky virgin did. "Henry!" she groaned. "Oh, wow, that's good. I'm going to cum. You're going to make me cum." "Mmm, you're doing so good, honey," Mom purred, her heavy breasts pressing into my side. The slut hugged me, her lips nuzzling at my ear. "Just make her explode. Mmm, yes, yes, you're a natural. Just like your father." I couldn't remember the last time Mom had anything good to say about my dad.

"Now her clit," Mom purred. "She'll like it when you play with her clit." My tongue slid up Cherry's slit. I brushed her hard clit.

I fluttered around her nub. She gasped, her slanted eyes widening. She shuddered, her fingers pinching those small nipples.


Her face scrunched up as I gave her such pleasure. I sucked on her nub. Then I fluttered my tongue against her clit. I made her shudder and moan. Her juices flowed. My cock throbbed. It was. exciting giving her this pleasure. My mom nibbled on my ear, moaning her encouragement as I pleased this girl.

"You're going to make her cum so hard," Mom whispered into my ear. "Mmm, I always loved when a guy sucked on my clit. Always made me explode. You're such a stud, honey. Such a pussy-eating stud. I'm so proud of you." I shuddered at her words, emboldened by them. I sucked so hard on Cherry's clit while my mom's hand slid down my stomach.

She reached my cock, stroked it. She purred into my ear, jacking me off as I sucked and nibbled on Cherry's bud. I made her gasp and moan.

I gave her such delight. "Henry!" she whimpered. "Oh, wow. That's. that's. Oh, yes!" Her body spasmed. Then a flood of hot juices squirted out of her. Her stomach contorted, breasts heaving. It was such a wondrous thing to experience. I made her cum. I gave her such pleasure. Her face twisted in delight as I lapped at her virgin pussy, my dick throbbing in my mother's grip. I kept licking, kept drinking her juices.

She gasped and squirmed. Her face contorted into rapture. Her voice sang out. I loved it. She wasn't a slut. She was something better. Something pure.

I would make sure she stayed that way. "Henry!" she gasped, her face contorting. "Oh, my god, I keep cumming. This is incredible. You're incredible!" "I am," I said. "Yes, you are, honey," my Mommy-slut moaned, her hand stroking my cock faster. "Mmm, you made her explode. She's so happy. She's going to do such naughty things to you." "Oh, yes, big time," Cherry moaned.

"I've been aching to pop my cherry." "You would have been a slut," Sexy stepmom kendra lust horny threesome with cute teen young old pornstars said, staring at her.

"But I'm going to save you from that." She frowned at me. "What?" "I—" A loud knock pounded on the front door. "Chae-Won, are you in there!" a woman with a thick, Asian accent shouted. "Chae-Won! Why are you not in school?" "Chae-Won?" I asked. "That's your real name?" "Yeah," she said. Then she shuddered. "Ooh, my mom is so uptight. You're going to make her into a slut, right?" Those words made my dick ache. I marched to the door, pussy juices staining my lips, and wrenched it open.

An older version of Cherry stood on the porch, hair pinned up in a tight bun, cheeks smooth but almost pinched. Disapproving eyes stared at me.

She didn't flinch at my nudity, but instead she swelled up her petite body clad in her pale-cream, conservative dress.

"You little degenerate," she snarled. "Where is my daughter? What have you done with her? Are you the one that sent her to those disgusting websites with those filthy pictures and stories?" I arched an eyebrow as she glared at me. "Make her into a slut!" Cherry whimpered. "Chae-Won!" snarled the Korean MILF. Despite the anger contorting her features, she had plump lips and dark, exciting eyes. I could see the sleek lines of her body beneath her dress. If she had her daughter's figure.

"You." The MILF's finger pointed at her daughter. "You get dressed right this instant! I am tired of your whorish behavior." "Oh, you want to see whorish behavior," I said, a grin spreading across my lips. "Strip naked and go kneel before your daughter." The pain attacked my mind. I was ready for it, knowing I would need the full use of my powers on this woman.

I groaned through the needle-like prickles stabbing deep into my thoughts. Spots of darkness danced before my eyes as the Korean MILF shook her head. Mrs. Kang then glared daggers at me. "What sort of woman do you think I am, boy?" she hissed even as her hands went to the buttons of her dress.

She worked them open without breaking her tirade. "Do you think I'm like one of these degenerate hussies in your house? Look at those two. Lesbians? What sort of den of inequities is this?" "See, see!" Cherry moaned. "Ooh, yes, yes, make her into a slut, Henry." "And you, young lady, I am going to bend you over my lap and paddle that rear. I don't care how old you are. This has gone too far." Mrs. Kang's pale-olive cheeks mottled red with her anger.

Her hands shoved open her blouse, revealing a pair of large breasts constrained in a guys dick sucked well hardcore and massage, white bra. She had tits almost as big as my mom's. "You are not too old for me to spank! I will make you into a proper, young woman!" "Oh, I'm doing that," I said, smiling as she unfastened her bra and freed her big tits. She still hadn't noticed what her body was doing while she yelled.

Her breasts swayed before her, soft and pillowy, her nipples the same shade of dark-brown as her daughters but her areolas were larger. She wasn't hard at all. Wasn't aroused one bit by anything happening to her. "And you." She glared at me. "I would speak to your mother, but I see she's kneeling naked on the floor." Mrs. Kang's gaze shifted past me. "I can't believe you are involved in this perversion, Jonette.

But I shouldn't be surprised. Since you divorced your husband, you've taken up with any guy who catches your eye." "I am a slut," my mom said with pride. "And you should look at yourself. I mean, you're taking off your panties for my son." Mrs. Kang, in the process of drawing down her plain, white panties, gasped.

She stared down at herself as she bent over to pull her underwear down her thighs. She let out a strangled moan as her black bush came into view, thick and untamed.

Her body shook like she was trying to fight valentina nappi piss drinking compilation she was doing. But couldn't. She stepped out of her panties then hurried into the living room, hands covering her naked tits, and knelt before her daughter.

"W-what is going on?" she whimpered, all her anger vanished, her face paling with fear. "You're becoming a slut, Mom," Cherry said with such glee in her voice. "Mmm, you're going to stop being that uptight bitch and finally enjoy life." "Chae-Won!" Mrs. Kang gasped. "How dare you speak to me that way. I'm your mother and—" "And you just stripped naked like a whore because Henry told you to," Cherry said, such glee in her voice.

"Mmm, I knew you were a slut. Dad has no idea, but I do. You fuck the preacher all the time when he comes over for those 'prayer' visits." Mrs. Kang's jaw dropped. "I. I." "Tell the truth," I commanded and more pain flared across my mind. "I. I. You don't understand," Mrs.


Kang said. "He is. He is a holy man. I need to. It's just. I." "You're just a slut," Cherry said. "You preach all that abstinence and faithfulness, then you fuck the preacher behind Dad's back. You have that hot, slutty cunt between your thighs! You won't be able to pretend much longer. Henry's going to fix you. Right?" Cherry shot her eyes to me. Some of her confidence faded as she stared at me. "R-right?" "We'll take care of your mother in a moment," I said, advancing to the couch, my dick so hard.

"But you got that hot, little hole between your thighs that needs attending to." "He's going to pop my cherry, Mom!" "What, no," Mrs. Kang objected. "Just sit there and watch," I growled, thoughts buzzing. "You're going to witness my dick ramming into you daughter's cunt.

You got a front row seat. Don't look away." "Mmm, yes, yes," whimpered Cherry. "You have to obey him!" I stepped between Mrs. Kang and her daughter. Cherry stared up at me, her legs spread wide, her shaved, virgin pussy gleaming. She stretched out her arms towards me, beckoning. She was so eager for this, so wanton. I lowered myself.

She grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down with such excitement. Her mother whined behind me, protesting. It only made my dick harder. Cherry smiled at me as I settled between her thighs.

My dick thrust out before me. I nudged into her stomach, her skin so hot and silky smooth. I grabbed my dick, moving it lower. "Yes, yes, yes, watch, Mom!" Cherry moaned. "No, no, do not do this," Mrs. Kang protested.

"I make mistakes. It's wrong what I do, but. you can be better than me, Chae-Won." "I don't want to be!" Cherry stared into my eyes. "Please, please, pop my cherry. I've wanted this for so long. To be fucked hard by a man. A man in control of me." But I wasn't. I had hardly given her any commands at all.

This was all liv revamped practice on her stepdad hard dick. She was pure, but not for much longer. I could see it.

She had that same slutty wantonness brimming in her that all the other women in the room had. My mother, the two MILFs sixty-nining with such wild passion, the uptight Mrs. Kang. I could save her from that. My cock touched her pussy.

I felt her hot flesh as I stared into her eyes. I groaned at the feel of her against me. The silky delight of her folds. She whimpered, her eyes so wide as they stared up at me. She licked her lips, a quiver racing through her body.

"Take me, Henry," she groaned. "Please, please, fuck me. I'm yours. Use me! While my mom watches!" "Please, do not," Mrs. Kang groaned. "She doesn't have to be like this." I felt Cherry's cherry against my dick. I stared into her dark eyes. I kissed her hard, capturing her lips at the same moment I thrust. She whimpered into the kiss. Her hymen stretched and stretched.

I kept pressing forward. I kept pushing against that maidenhead. My tongue rammed into her mouth.


Her cherry popped. My dick sank into her pure flesh. The first cock to ever penetrate her. She groaned into the kiss. Her thighs squeezed tight about my waist. Her arms snaked around my neck, holding me in place.

She was so tight. Her pussy squeezed about my dick in a way none of the Mommy-sluts did. I stretched her open. I broke the kiss, staring down at her, my eyes wide at the pleasure. Mrs. Kang groaned in the background, a bitter, disappointed sound as she saw my cock buried to the hilt in her daughter's once-virginal flesh.

"You're in me," Cherry moaned. She spoke with such awe. "Oh, you're in me and it feels great. I love it." "I bet you do," I groaned, drawing back my cock through her tight flesh. She squeezed down on my dick, the pleasure rippling through me. "Oh, that's so beautiful," my mom said. "Oh, honey, give her so much pleasure with your cock." "No, no, stop it!" Mrs. Kang gasped. "Don't stop!" groaned Cherry.

"Please, please, don't stop, Henry. I love it. Your dick is pumping away in me." "You're going to be a slut, aren't you?" I asked her, staring into her eyes. "Yes!" she moaned, her pussy clenching on me. "No!" I snarled, pain buzzing through my thoughts. "You only want my cock. Your pussy, your mouth, your asshole are only for my dick. You don't want any other guy to ever touch you.

Only me. I'm the only guy that gets you wet! You are never a slut!" I kept fucking her through the pain. She squirmed beneath me, her pussy squeezing down on my thrusting dick. The rapturous delight of her pussy drove back the needle-like pain. A big smile spread across her lips. "Your mind-controlling me into being your girlfriend!" she moaned, her thighs squeezing around me.

"Oh, that's hot. Make me love you! Please, please, give me that command!" I shuddered at her, my cock thrusting into her hot sheath. "You love me. Beautiful blonde babe has her asshole drilled my girlfriend. My lover. But you're not a slut." "Not a slut!" she moaned as only a tiny prickle raced across my thoughts. "Ooh, I sexy fishnet luscious babe fucked hardcore and blowjob you, Henry.

Love you so much. Your cock feels amazing in me. Best cock. I only want your cock." "Yes, yes!" I groaned, thrusting harder into her depths, my balls smacking against her flesh. She kissed me, her breasts pressing into my chest.

Her nipples were so hard. I felt the passion of her kiss. Nasty big ass hoes scene black booty productions was so intense. I could feel how much she loved me. It was no longer lust, but true affection. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut, kissing her back with such passion. I reveled in the bliss of her cunt. Only my cock would ever get to enjoy her snatch. My fingers dug into her rump as I drove into her over and over again.

Our tongues dueled as we moved our bodies. Her hips undulated, stirring her once-virginal flesh about my cock. The friction was incredible. As much as I loved fucking a mommy-slut—my mommy-slut—there was something special about this moment. I could feel our moms watching as she shuddered beneath me, her silky pussy gripping my cock as I pumped it in and out of her.

"No, no, no," Mrs. Kang whimpered. "Ooh, it's so beautiful to watch, Mi-Suk," my mom groaned. "Doesn't it make your pussy hot at all?" "No," Mrs. Kang said. "I'm not a degenerate." "I think you will be," my mom said.

"My son will make you realize that you're a slut. I mean, you cheat on your husband. You're already there. You just need to be honest about it. Then you'll get to have so much fun. Mmm, sucking cocks, getting fucked in the ass, taking jizz in all your holes." Cherry broke our kiss and moaned, "Oh, Henry, our Moms are going to be such sluts together, aren't they?" "Yes!" I growled, thrusting so hard into her. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" she moaned. Her pussy convulsed around my cock.

Her face twisted with passion. She bucked beneath me, pressing her body into mine. I loved the feel of her breasts against my chest almost as much as her cunt climaxing around my thrusting dick.

I made her cum again. I made my girlfriend explode! I could hear the joy in her moans as she shuddered beneath me, squirming against the couch. My hands shoved beneath the cushions to grip her ass. I cupped her rump as I fucked into her convulsing pussy.

"Oh, Mom, we're going to make you suck so much cock!" Cherry moaned, her pussy writhing about my dick, sucking at it. "We?" I demanded. "Henry!" she screamed. "Henry—my boyfriend—is going to make you suck so many cocks. Fuck so many guys. There's going to be such an orgy tonight! I can't wait. I'm going to watch you get fucked by two guys! Three guys! You'll have a dick in all your holes!" The more she spoke, the harder she came.

I groaned, thrusting into her dava gets a fucks amp facial dava foxx pornstar. My balls grew tighter and tighter. It was so hot hearing her cry out her fantasies. Tonight, every guy who joined the Mother Fucking Club would bring their mothers to a special meeting. So many MILFs would learn the joys of being sluts for their sons and other young men. I groaned, my orgasm building so fast as her hot pussy sucked at my dick.

Her flesh writhed about my shaft, milking it. The friction was incredible. Pleasure flowed through me. Such rapture that kept my cock pumping into her. "I'm going to fill you with my jizz," I groaned. "No, no, you have no protection," gasped Mrs. Kang. "She is not on the pill." "I'm not!" Cherry whimpered.

"Please, please, spill it in me. I love you, Henry. And it would be soooo hot to be bred by you." "So hot," whimpered my mommy-slut. "I beg of you, Henry, don't," Mrs. Kang whimpered. "She is too young." "Cum in me!" Cherry moaned, her pussy spasming around my dick, her hot flesh so eager for it.

Then it hit me. Only my cum would ever spurt into her pussy. I would be the only guy who ever got that joy. Cherry was all mine. Mothers were sluts, but she was my girlfriend. And my girlfriend wasn't a whore. She was my lover. I rammed into her depths. I groaned as my cock buried to the hilt in her.

My jizz erupted. My cum fired into her depths. I grunted as the pleasure shot through me. I groaned with each spurt of my spunk into Cherry's fertile pussy. "He's cumming in me, Mom!" Cherry howled, her face contorting with rapture. "My boyfriend's cumming in me!" "No!" Mrs.

Kang gasped. "Yes, yes, yes, flood your girlfriend with all your yummy cum, honey!" my mom moaned. "Then I can lick her clean!" My pleasure peaked. I grunted as I fired the last blast of jizz into my girlfriend's pussy.

I collapsed on her, panting, shuddering. She writhed beneath me, such a pleased smile on her lips as her pussy's convulsions died. "Oh, Henry, that was wonderful," she moaned. "Mmm, I love you so much. You know why? Because you ordered me to. You control me. Own me. Isn't that so hot?

It makes me want to cum again." "You are so kinky," I panted, nuzzling my nose into hers. "I know," she said. "You need a kinky girl to keep up with you. I mean, look what you did with your powers." "Yeah," I grinned.

"Now I think your mother needs to learn her place." Her pussy clenched about my dick. "Definitely." I rolled off of Cherry, settling on the couch beside her, my cock hard and soaked with my juices. Mrs. Kang shuddered, her eyes red, her hand still covering her tits as she stared at her daughter's well-fucked cunt. My mother fetish bitch gets fucked up her ass in rough sex session beside the Korean MILF, licking her lips, a wanton look in her dark eyes.

"Mrs. Kang, you are a slut," I growled, the pain already flaring. "You love being wanton and naughty. You crave cocks fucking your pussy, your asshole. Especially young cocks. My cock. But you also love pussy. You want to lick cunt. You want to feast on it. Your daughter's cunt is the best. You love licking your daughter.

Because you're a slut, aren't you?" My voice grew throaty at the end as the pain grew so great. But it was worth it to see Mrs. Kang's expression change from horror to lust. She licked her lips now, salivating.

Her hands lowered, revealing her nipples hardening, puckering up from her areolas to form two stiff protrusions. She leaned forward, her head drifting towards her daughter's pussy. "You're such a slut, aren't you, Mom?" Cherry asked. "I. I am, Chae-Won." The Korean MILF swallowed, her tits heaving. "I.

I want to eat your pussy. It's so full of cum." "Then what are you waiting on?" I demanded. "Lick her clean. You love eating my cum out of your daughter's pussy." "I love you so much, Henry!" Cherry said, giving me a smoky look as her mother lunged forward. Mrs. Kang buried her face between her daughter's thigh, planting her lips right on Cherry's well-fucked pussy.

Her tongue flicked out, gathering my cum dribbling out of her daughter's deflowered snatch, savoring the incestuous delight. I grinned at the sight, then glanced at my mom. She had such a look of disappointment on her face. "You can suck my cock, Mommy-slut." "Ooh, thank you, Honey," groaned my mom. "Mmm, Cherry has such a delicious tasting cunt. I bet it will be so yummy on your dick." "Mmm, I bet it would be," Cherry said, shuddering.

"Oh, Mom, yes, yes, jam that tongue into me. Ooh, you are such a whore. Lick that cum out of me." I put my arm around my girlfriend's shoulders as my mom grabbed my dick.

She stroked the slick shaft as she lowered her head. Her dark hair spilled across my thighs. Her tongue flicked out, sliding up my shaft to the tip, gathering up Cherry's fresh cream.

I groaned, savoring the tongue bath, loving this moment. Mrs. Haley and Mrs. Woodham moaned through another set of orgasms as they kept feasting on each other's cunt, lost to their lesbian delight. I loved this. It was so amazing. "Mmm," Cherry purred, her head resting on my shoulder. "I can't believe the Halos really exist." I glanced at her.

"What?" "That's how you got your powers, right?" she asked me, squirming as her mother feasted on her. "The Institute of Apotheosis sent you a package." "How do you know that?" I asked her, hardly noticing my mom's mouth engulfing the tip of my dick. "For the last two months, people with powers have been popping up across America," Cherry said. "Or so people claim on the mind control stories forums. I thought it was an urban legend, or someone just writing hot mind control erotica, but it all started with this lesbian mom.

They say she's turning her entire town into a lesbian paradise. Just pussy licking and dildos and stuff, while any woman who pisses her off is instead turned into a complete slut.

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Like having to fuck as many guys in a day as possible. "Which I guess keeps the guys happy. Then there's the man in, I think, New Mexico. He has this harem of women. Like his daughters and everything." "Jesus," I said. "What does the Institute want to accomplish?" "Well, to make gods," Cherry said.

"I mean, don't you feel like a god? You made me love you." She had such a huge smile on her lips when she said that, and I doubt it was from her mommy-slut feasting on her pussy. "Someone connected these people with mind control powers to this hippie company called the Institute of Apotheosis.

And you know what Apotheosis means, right?" "Something about god or religion," I frowned, struggling to remember my Greek roots while my mom sucked so hard on my dick. "It means falling towards divinity. In other words, becoming a god." She shuddered. "My boyfriend is a god. That's so awesome." "Yeah," I groaned, my balls getting tighter and tighter. I had thought that already. "Ooh, I wish I had my own Halo," she said, ilovegranny natural granny pictures tube porn at me.

"Wouldn't that be hot? To control a goddess who could control everyone else? Then we could build the club even faster." My dick throbbed hard in my mom's mouth.

"Yes!" I snarled. "That would be so hot!" My cock erupted into my mother's sucking mouth. Electricity shot through my body as I imagined Cherry putting on the Halo, gaining my same powers.

She could order people around, make so many mothers into sluts. A god couldn't date a mortal. A god needed a goddess for his consort.

The thought electrified through my mind as my cum pumped over and over into my mother's hungry mouth. She swallowed it as I floated through the rapture of my orgasm. Beside me, Cherry squealed as she came on her mommy-slut's mouth. Shame I couldn't make her into a goddess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ulrich Geller's eyes widened as he pulled his dick out of the cunt belonging to Jim's mother.

He stepped back, his body buzzing from the orgasm, letting Jim himself step up to fuck his mother. What the god said shot through Ulrich. His head snapped over to the docks where the six remaining Halos waited to be shipped out to the gods chosen by the scryers. His hands clenched as such an insidious thought crept into his mind. It went against every policy and belief of the Institute. But Henry was a God. Maybe. maybe he knew who should be a God, too.

To be continued.