Amateur girl talks dirty during sybian riding webcam show

Amateur girl talks dirty during sybian riding webcam show
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Busted I don't know which startled me more, the sound of the pistol being cocked or the question. vijay and manju first night sex story the fuck are you doing?" "This is not good," I'm thinking to myself. "Well, answer me, creep," demanded the beautiful, armed, lady.

Now I've done some foolish things in my time, but this had to be the worst. Here I am, pants around my ankles, jacking off with a pair of ladies black silk soiled panties wrapped around my cock and another pair up in my face being sniffed. "Well, uh, uh, I was, uh," I stammered. "Oh just shut the fuck up" she exasperatedly replied. I reached down to pull my pants up.

"Don't you move a muscle!" she ordered. "This is just great. I leave you here to install a satellite dish and come home to this. You, jacking off with my panties" she lamented. "Just what am I going to do with you, you pervert?" "I'm so sorry, I'll leave right now, and the dish install is free" I stammered, hoping she'd buy it.

"Don't think you're getting off that easy, scumbag" she told me. "I've got three options and you won't like any one of them," she declared. "I could call the police and say you raped me. A few rips in my dress and a pair of panties with cum stains and you're going to prison for a long time.

Do you know what they do to rapists in prison?

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How would you like to be some inmate's bitch? Another option would be just to shoot you right now and end your miserable existence. The last option is to punish you myself. "I think I'll take the last option." She coldly responded, "It's not your choice, it's mine." However, I've had a hard day and I really don't like to deal with the police so I'm going handle this myself.

Now strip! I took off my clothes. Now lie down on the floor, face down and put your hands behind you back. As I laid on the floor I heard the sound of a drawer opening and closing. I turned to see what she was doing and she yelled, "Don't look at me! Eyes front and center." I then felt her knee in the small of my back as she put the handcuffs on me. Next she put a pillow case over my head. "Don't move" she demanded.

I could make out the sounds of her changing clothes as I wondered what my fate might be. Here I was naked, cuffed and blindfolded by this hot lady with long dark curly hair, a hot ass and a set of lips made to suck cock. From her tan, I could tell she enjoyed the sun.

That ass, oh that ass, like an onion, so fine it could make a grown man cry. The pillow case was jerked off my head. My first sight was two black boots with laces. My eyes started to follow the laces up, expecting them to end past the ankles.

They didn't end there. They kept going up and and up finally ending in the middle of her thigh. My eyes kept up the climb, finding next a black silk panty followed by a black satin strapless corset which barely contained her ample breasts. "Oh my god!" I explained. "Shut up worm!" she yelled.

"Get up off the floor" she continued. As I struggled somewhat, she assisted me by grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me up. Upon turning around she noticed my erection. "Hmmm, what have we here?" as she gave it a gentle stroke. "Think you'll be using it?" she asked. Before I could answer she gave it a slap that made my knees buckle.

"I don't think so" she said. "Come with me" she commanded as she led me out of her bedroom by my cock. As she led me through her living room, the kitchen and then a long dark hallway with a door at the end, I wondered what she had planned for me.

At the door, she released my cock long enough to unlock the door and open it. We entered a very dark room except for a light shining down in center of the room. Hanging from the ceiling, were 2 chains. These were the only things I could see in the dark room. She led me to the chains and disappeared into the darkness. When she returned, she had 2 leather restraints, which she put around my wrists.

After removing the handcuffs, she raised each hand up to the chains and attached a restraint to it. She stepped back away from me to admire her handiwork. Into the darkness she disappeared again, the only trace of her was the sound of her boots on the hard, cold floor. With a dimmer, she increased the light in the room. The light revealed to me a room with bondage furniture, floggers, whips, riding crops and many devices I didn't recognize.

I realized now that this was not just some kinky lady. She was professional dominatrix. My fear grew knowing that she hurt men for a living. She walked back to me, getting as close as she good to my face.

"Are you scarred creep?" she asked. "Well, yes" I responded. "YES WHAT!" she yelled as she twisted my right nipple harshly. Seeing my loss for an answer she yelled "You will show me the respect I deserve. When I ask you something you will answer, yes ma'am or no ma'am. Do you understand me worm boy?" My nipple received another twist when I didn't answer quickly enough. "Yes ma'am" I responded hoping she'd release my nipple. She didn't. "You will address me as Mistress Cassandra," she declared.

"I bet you're wishing I had called the cops aren't you?" I quickly answered, "No ma'am". "Oh but you will worm boy" the Mistress stated as she moved to get the tools of her trade. Mistress Cassandra returned with a small Crown Royal bag. She started to stroke my cock nicely, like a lover would. Just as I started to enjoy her hand she stopped and said.

"I can't believe you were jacking this thing off into my beautiful French panties. Since this cock of yours is just as guilty as your are, it too will be girl plays with nice tits naked and gets badly pounded reality and private With that she took out a clothespin from the bag and put it on my ball sack. It didn't hurt too much. My cock remained hard, which I didn't understand why. I'd never had more then a mild curiosity about S&M.

Now here I was at the mercy of this beautiful Mistress and I had never been turned on more in my life. Soon my scrotum was covered in clothespins. They were starting to pull and tighten. She put a clothespin on each nipple.

This got me on my toes. "Does it hurt worm boy?" "Yes ma'am" I answered. "Very good. This is but the first caress," she stated with a sinister sounding laugh. The Mistress went to back to where her "tools" were all neatly arranged on a wall. She returned with short riding crop with a wide end. She gently moved the end across my chest, down my stomach, and around my thighs and ass. Occasionally she'd stop and give one of the clothespins on my nipples black stud sticks thick cock into ebony s juicy cunt while playing wit twist.

She tucked the crop under one arm. With one hand she held my cock and with the other she stroked it looking at me with a grin that said "Expect no mercy." Suddenly she took the crop with the stroking hand and hit my cock with it.

"AAAAHHHH GOD THAT HURTS!" I yelled. "Shut up worm boy," she coldly responded. She went back to the wall and returned with a ball gag. Mistress Cassandra stuffed the ball in my mouth and buckled it behind my head.

She put a clothespin on the skin right behind my cock. It really hurt. Seeing my discomfort, she added three more to the same area. "Do ya like that?" she asked me.


I could only shake my head, "no" which seemed to amuse her. She started to pop my cock with the flogger again. Just as I was about to collapse from the amazing milf sucks like a real pro. She stopped. Mistress Cassandra seemed to feed off my pain and for some reason the pain turned me on.

She took one of the clothespins off my nipple. What I thought would bring relief actually brought more pain as the blood rushed back into my nipple. I squirmed around from the pain as she took the other clothespin off.

Next she started to remove the clothespins from my ball sack. The pain wasn't quite as intense as from the nipples. The clothespins behind my cock were left there. Those, by far, were the most painful. The Mistress left the room. I could hear her boots in the hallway getting quieter and quieter. I wondered just what else she had planned for me.

I heard the sound of her boots again and soon she entered with a bowl in her hand. When she stood in front of me, I noticed she had ice in it. She took a cube out and rubbed in on my nipples.

It didn't provide the relief hoped for but it felt good. The remaining clothespins were removed. Again the blood rushing back to the "pinned" areas was agonizing. She continued to enjoy my misery. Despite the pain, my cock remained hard.

Next she rubbed the ice cube on my cock and balls. This hurt but it was different kind of pain. She really made me squirm when she rubbed the cube on my cock head. If I could have begged for mercy I would have. She went back to her wall of tools and came back with her hands behind her back. She got on her knees, her face in front of my cock.

I was thinking, "Oh boy, a blow job!" She noticed the hope in my eyes. "I love a hot hard cock in my mouth. However, yours will never be in it," she purred. With that, she revealed what she had behind her back-a wooden kitchen spoon.

The Mistress started tapping on my balls with the spoon. She did in gently at first but quickly picked up the intensity. The ball gag stifled my cries. Her pleasure in my misery was evident by the smile on her face. The area around the base of my cock was the next point of her attack. Looking down I noticed that area was starting to turn black and blue.

Seeing my concern, she said, "Don't worry, the bruising will be gone in the morning." She continued her assault until the only thing keeping me up was the chains in the ceiling. An ice cube was brought to my mouth and I eagerly sucked on it.

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The mistress walked back to the dreaded tool wall. The wheels squeaked as she pushed the small metal cart towards me. On top of it were several different types of light bulbs and glass tubes. She plugged in an electrical cord into a socket on the floor. The cord was attached to a device that looked like a big electric toothbrush. The mistress inserted a metal plug that had a long, thin metal chain attached to it.

At the other end of the chain was a small, flat metal looking pad. With the metal pad in her hand, she turned on the device. An electrical sounding hum emitted from it. With her free hand Mistress Cassandra touched my chest. Sparks flew from her fingers to my body. I jumped from the shock. With every touch, every caress, came a shock very similar to a carpet shock only more intense.

After shocking my nipples, stomach, thighs and ass, she stopped to adjust the "device". "What do you think of my Violet Wand worm boy?" she asked. I shook my head "no" to which she shocked one of my nipples again.

Only this time it hurt more. Her adjustment to the Violet Wand had turned up the juice! She gently tapped her charged fingers on my cock which made me struggle against my constraints. Caressing my balls, she delighted in my dance of pain. After torturing my cock and balls for what seemed like forever, she put one of her fingers on my asshole. It felt like a hot poker even though she hadn't penetrated me. Her interest in my back door started to concern me.

After stopping with the electricity, she pushed the cart back out of site. The Mistress returned with a flogger in her hand. With her finger she gently pushed my chin up and told me to keep it there. She started to flog my chest with flogger. The tails of the flogger were some kind of animal hides. They felt good since they didn't have much of a bite. She moved down to my cock and balls and gently flogged them. Her touch was just a step away from being too much.

After finishing with my cock and balls, she moved behind me. I jumped as tails of the flogger first hit my ass. The sound of the flogger hitting my ass filled the room. As she increased the intensity, I started to moan through my gag. Back to the wall she went for another tool. This flogger had tails made of thin hard rubber. When the first stroke of the "new" flogger hit my ass, I tried to cry out through my gag.

I felt like I was being beaten with a splintered bamboo cane. I started to breath heavily and I thought I was going to black out. She stopped long enough to pull my head up by my hair and check me out. The assault continued. After many, many strokes with the flogger, she stopped to remove my gag. "We are going to play the counting game now," she declared. "Yes ma'am" I was barely able to reply. "For each stroke I give you, you will count it off. If you lose your count we will start over from the beginning.

At 100 strokes, I will stop." Mistress Cassandra walked back to the wall for another tool. This time she had a leather strap amazing footjob session with a delicious babe a foot and a half in length. The strap was split in the middle and the end of it looked like a serpent's tongue.

The other end was attached to a wooden handle. With the first stroke I groaned out "One". I was able to keep up with her until the twenties.

Then she gave me a rapid series of strokes. I meekly asked, "Twenty eight?" "No worm boy. Back to one," she declared. The next time she let me get to the forties before she made me lose my count again. My ass was now on fire. I'd never felt so much pain.

She'd let me get closer and closer to 100 just to crush my hopes. Finally after reaching the nineties, she let maya bijou screwed by massive hard cock in many positions make to 100. I didn't think I'd be able to sit for a week. She caressed my ass, examing the results of the flogging. "You've got some nice color back here" she informed me. When I didn't thank her, I got 10 more strokes with the strap.

She undid my restraints and led me to a padded sawhorse. She bent me over it and attached my restraints to the legs of the sawhorse. I heard her walk back to the wall.

She was there longer then her previous trips. It sounded like she was putting something on. When she returned she presented herself in front of me. Hanging down between her lovely thighs was a long thick black rubber cock. It was attached to a harness. Waving the cock in front of my face, she asked me if I knew what it was for.

I nodded, "Yes ma'am." "What" she inquired? "It's for fucking people. Lesbians use those strapons to fuck each other. I saw one in a movie once, Mistress Cassandra." "Well worm boy, I'm going to fuck you with it. You are going to be my bitch. Now suck my cock!" Before I could answer, she shoved the black cock into my mouth. "That's it cocksucker. Suck the cock that is going to fuck your ass." As she worked it in and out of my mouth, I started to realize that I liked sucking Mistress Cassandra's big cock.

It felt good to have her raping my mouth. Mistress Cassandra, pulled her cock out of my mouth, picked up a bottle of lube and went teen amber rayne and bbc behind me. I felt her lubricated finger start to massage my asshole.

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Her finger felt good as she slipped it in. She continued to finger my ass and then she put another finger in it. I was pushing my ass against her hand.

"My, aren't we the little slutty bitch," she said as she finger fucked my ass harder and harder. "Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am." When she stopped fingering me, I felt her up against me.

With one hand on the side of my lower back, she used the other to slowly work in her cock. After a bit, my ass opened up to her invasion.

It felt like she was trying to put 2X4 in there. "Just relax and it won't hurt as much" she assured me. She worked it in slowly. As she got more of it in, she started fucking me harder and harder. I'd never felt anything like this and I didn't want it to stop. Soon she was fucking me as hard as she could, slamming me like cheap whore.

"You like that don't you bitch?" she asked as she pumped away on my ass. "Yes, ma'am" I moaned. "Whose ass is this bitch?" she continued. "Yours Mistress." I answered between strokes. As the fucking continued, I felt my balls start to stir. I knew if she kept this up I'd be coming soon. Listening to her, I realized she was going to cum soon too. She groaned loudly as she grinded her hips up against my ass. With a couple of deep hard thrusts, I heard her cum.

This made me have the biggest orgasm I've ever had in my life. I didn't think I would stop cumming, My head was jerked back by the hair, "Did you cum bitch?" she asked. "Yes, Mistress" I answered meekly. "Naughty boy" she answered with two more thrusts. When she released me from the horse, I collapsed onto the floor. Looking at the puddle of cum on the floor, Mistress Cassandra said, "That's quite a mess you made. Looks like you enjoyed dinners ready but im all tied up "Yes ma'am, I did very much.

I never thought I would get into something like that." She helped me to my feet and to a nearby chair. I winced when I set down but the cold metal felt good on my red ass. "I look forward to having that ass again," she said. "But I thought I had been punished. I'm not doing this again," I protested. "Yes you will and whenever I tell you to. Our little session today was captured on video tape.


It would be a shame if the tape ended up in the hands of your family, girlfriend, or boss now wouldn't it?" She continued, "You will be here promptly at 8:00 Thursday night. For every minute your late, you'll get 10 strokes from the strap you seemed to like so much.

Now don't let the door hit you on the way out."