Giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess

Giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess
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At the appropriate time, as the bell rang, Cindy moved slowly towards the weaving anus of Mike. Mike was so busy with Gladys that he did not notice Cindy behind him.

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She squirted anal-eze onto the dildo and some on her fingers. She placed her right hand on Mike's back and began to rub his anus with the slippery liquid on her fingers. We all guessed that the liquid would be in plentiful use by the end of the night.

After burying two fingers into his anus and gliding them in and out several times, Mike began to rotate his hips and accommodate her fingers. After a short while, she removed them and placed the dildo at the entrance of the pink hole. She began to ease it into his buttocks, past the cheeks, and slowly moved her hips against his backside, burying the dildo, and it was seen only by the rhythmic movements of the back and forth paces of Cindy. She placed both of her hands on Mike's hips, slowly moving her hips back and forth, fucking him, and began to get in sync with the movements of Mike as his dildo glided into and out of Gladys.

Her wig began to sway from side to side, and her breasts bounced with each thrust. It was evident that someone had experience with this type equipment before tonight.

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She did not hurry, but kept a steady pace into his rear. Mike's balls were swinging back and forth, seen when the bodies were separated for a moment, waiting for the return slap of flesh on flesh. So far, it was a manage'-a-tre'. Many of us of could not believe what we were seeing, but said nothing, anticipating what would come next, and wondering what we would do with our turn. We all could only imagine what it would look like after all sixteen of us were connected by the various tools.

All too soon we turned our heads as the timer chimed again, signaling the next in line to "join" the parade. Gary had selected a long, slender ten-inch dildo, with a jock strap attachment. He situated it under his balls, and after applying a generous amount of slick gelatin-like substance over it, he began to gauge Cindy's rhythm, not wanting to gouge her or miss the mark of her anus. Cindy must have sensed this, and bent over Mark's back, giving her husband an easier entrance to her chocolate highway, still keeping the motion into and out of Mike in a slower motion.

Cindy's wig caressed the sides of Mike, and her breasts, held taught by the leather bra, jutted against his back, giving him extra pleasure and heightening his awareness of her and what was to come. After a few practiced and timely, even thrusts, Gary sank the full ten inches into her backdoor canal. She was now almost pinned to Mike by the long dildo. She locked her arms around his waist and hung on, waiting for her anus to expand and get used to the inserted dildo.

Gary had asian teen aria skye fucks the laptop repair guy had some experience with her in this position, for he was very gently swaying with her and before long all three were in perfect harmony. Gary was fucking Cindy, while she fucked Mike, and he continued playing with Gladys.

Gladys just lay there, taking it all-l-l-l in. The thrusts were slow, the objects nearly coming out of the slippery holes they had been plugged into.

Cindy now let go of Mike's middle, her breasts peeling from him and regaining their pointed position, and slightly raised herself from his back; with one hand she reached behind herself to find Gary's enlarged member, and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. The head of his penis could be seen and then hidden, playing it's own version of the childhood game as the skin covered the glands and then revealed it. Gary gritted his teeth and held on, while she held on.

This was going to be a wild ride, indeed. The drugs were in full effect, and we were all thinking how we could improvise a new way to join the gang. Marsha and Terry were the next couple by number, and seemed to be a little timid, but willing to try something new. They had been married for five years, and had secretly been wanting to do different things to spice up their sex life.

This seemed like a good time to experiment. Marsha first moved to the rack of clothing and found a cat suit, sheer and black, and pulled it on.

It covered her completely in the sleek, sheer material. Her breasts were pressed against the material, flattening them somewhat, but the tips were evident, and so was the fact that she was turned on. The suit was without a crotch. Terry just stood there and gazed at the sight of his wife, dressed in the sexiest outfit he had ever laid his eyes on, and now the sexiest woman he had ever seen; and she was his wife.

He wanted to throw her to the floor and make love to her right here, in front of everyone. He forgot that was what he was about to do, sort of. From the toy table, Marsha sophia locke getting her pussy banged by big black cock a strap attachment that she connected a large butt plug to. She had never seen one, and wondered at the shape of it. It was a full five inches long, and tapered from a rounded point up to two inches in diameter at the largest point, and then immediately down to one-half inch to the base.

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She thought it looked strange for a penis, but everything tonight was a little strange, and exciting too. She put the belt on and felt the plug's weight bring it down to her legs. She held it up and liked the feel immediately.

She almost wished it were going into her pussy, she was that excited right now. She covered it with the requested gel and moved deliberately to the waiting backside of Gary.

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Marsha's raven black hair was down to her waist and swung like a curtain to her sides as she walked to the line. Her hair made a faint whispering sound against the silk cat suit, as she glided to her place. She placed both of her hands on Gary and he seemed to know she would need a good angle. He bent over Cindy more, to allow Marsha to disrobe dancer screwed at hen party striptease and hardcore her link to the chain.

Marsha took the object in her right hand and held it in placed; she then moved gently into Gary and hesitated when she felt resistance. Gary turned his head and encouraged her to, "plunge it home, baby." She moved deliberately and walked the butt plug into his ass. There was a slurping noise as the enlarged base slipped past the opening and did its job, plugging the hole.

Gary sighed, and groaned, not knowing how big the dildo was until it slid home; he clenched his buttocks and leaned all the way into Cindy, and Marsha placed her hands on Gary's shoulders, joining the motion of the line. When she moved backwards, it pulled Gary backwards, as the plug was just that, a plug, a large plug, and not a penis. It did not come in and out, it truly connected Gary and Marsha; it was like they were one person, butt-fucking Cindy.


Marsha had chosen blindly, but had not chosen badly. It was different, that was all.


Besides, she had never been on the giving side of a sex act, except to give Terry the occasional, and it was occasional, blow job. She was not very experienced at that either, and did not know if she wanted to learn how sunny leone anybunny xxx storys downlode do it better, until tonight. Now, she was definitely interested in learning more about the things she was missing in her personal sex life. She did not know how to actually fuck somebody else, so she was learning tonight, and the butt plug was a good start.

The sex train was linking up and getting ready to leave the station. Breasts and hair were swaying, while dicks and plugs were moving in and out of various love holes.

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It was hypnotizing, to say the least.