Amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment

Amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment
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Her past experiences in finding new and exciting ways to get off while alone have left her frustrated with the fact that although she likes to feel the stimulation of a vibrator on her clit while at the same time plunging dildos into her pussy and ass, she physically doesn't have enough hands to accomplish this simultaneously - especially when she is also trying to hold the phone to share her enjoyment.

So, necessity being the mother of invention, she designs a tri-stimulator.a large, pliable life-like cock with a smaller rotating butt plug and a clit vibrator all in one. Her first attempt to build aubreyamps masturbation scene is fingerliking good stiptese and sologirl is not very pretty to look at, but oh, the sensations it causes are wonderful.

When the time is right, she decides to look for investors to back mass production of this amazing contraption. She gathers a small group of suits into the board room and proceeds with the usual business-like presentation: sketches, charts, cost analysis, sales projections, business plan.all that dry, boring shit that makes one's eyes glaze over.

She talks with enthusiasm about the "Tri-Sti", trying to convey how wonderful it is, and the enjoyment it will bring to women and men alike - the usual sales pitch. Despite her efforts, she can tell she's losing their interest and decides that if she can't tell them how good it is, she can certainly show them.

While continuing to talk, she moves around the room, slowly unbuttoning her jacket, removes it and lays it across the back of a chair, then methodically opens the buttons of her blouse. The gentlemen perk up considerably as she slips her skirt down and tosses it aside. Within moments she is standing before them, stripped down to her undergarments - a dark plum teddy and black silk stockings. She raises her foot onto the seat of a chair and slides her hand along her leg and over her pussy.

All eyes are focused on her and the men begin shifting in their seats. She smiles and settles into the chair, propping her heels against the edge of the table.

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Before the men know what is happening, she brings out her home-made version, turns it on and starts rubbing it across her slit. She closes her eyes at the pleasure she's feeling as the wetness begins to gather.

Before long she is plunging the largest dildo into her pussy and turns the speed up on the clit vibrator.

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She is moaning and grinning and running her tongue across her lips, her hips moving in circles the harder she thrusts. To give her audience a better view, she crawls seductively into the middle of the table on her hands and knees and positions the toy between her throbbing lips.


Slowly she leans back and lowers herself onto the cock head, sinking it fully into her hot tunnel. She pushes down further until the smaller rod slips past her sphincter causing her to gasp with delight. She increases the speed of the clit vibrations as far as they will go and begins to rock and plunge faster and faster.

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She throws her head back with a groan and runs her hands up to squeeze her voluptuous melons together, bringing them to her mouth to suck and bite the soft flesh. She bobs and writhes on the protrusions embedded inside her, bringing her to a shuddering climax.

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All five guys find themselves so engrossed in watching her get off that they don't realize that each one of them has released their raging cocks from their zippers and are intensely stroking away. First one, then another begin to murmur encouragement to her as she hits her peak and continues to spill her sweetness over the table.

Her gasps are mixed with their groans of pleasure as they all blow their heavy loads, coating their hands, their pants, the table as well as her body. Needless to say, they are all convinced of the viability of her invention and clamor to sign the cum-soaked contract laid out before them.