Leather on the slut in the gloryhole room

Leather on the slut in the gloryhole room
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on the beach Every summer I take the second week of July off and head out camping. About five years ago I found a remote spot on a large lake. It's a decent hike out to this spot and I've never found evidence of anyone else camping there.

I set up camp right on the water in a cove and can watch the beautiful water. I can see people out on their boats and on distant beaches, but pretty much fell like I'm in my own little bubble. Each night after a long day of fishing, swimming and trying to stay cool, I strip down and wash up. Even though I knew no one was looking, Many times I spend a few hours naked on the beach. I would get a little turned on by being exposed like that and every once in a while will sit on the beach and pleasure myself as the sun sets.

I look forward to this time of isolation and relaxation all year long. Last year I headed out as always and sure enough, once I got to my spot there was no one to be seen. I set up camp and got settled. After eating dinner I stripped down and felt the breeze blow across my balls and it felt good. I bathed off and sat down on the beach. After sunset I went to bed early as I was very tired. The next day was my typical relaxing day.

I fished, read, swam and took it easy. After dinner I went through my normal routine, bathed and watched the sun set. I meu marido me apalpando e abusando de mim reading by the light of my lantern and campfire after dark and heard rustling in the bushes and then someone "Shhh" another. It seemed that my spot was discovered. I held my lantern up to illuminate the situation. Who would be wandering the woods this late at night.

Were they lost? As I held the light up I saw three figures step from the woods. It was three young ladies, one blonde and two brunettes, dressed in khaki shorts and matching polo like shirts. I felt fortunate that I was clothed as sometimes I would be in the buff at this time of night.

"Are you girls ok?", I asked as I noticed that they had no gear with them at all, just a couple of water bottles. "Um, yea we're good", said the taller of the two brunettes with uneasiness in her voice.

The shorter brunette turned her head away like she was a little embarrassed about the situation. All three of the girls stood as if they were uncomfortable about coming upon my camp.

As they stepped into my light I could see that the taller brunette was about 5'9" and slender. Even through her frumpy daughter sitting on dads lap you could tell that she had a nice body.

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The shorter brunette had a more simple look with her hair in a pony tail and slender glasses. The blonde, on the other hand was of average height but had nothing else average about her. Her body flourished through the baggy polo and long shorts and when she looked at me her blue eyes flashed in the light of my lantern. "Are you guys camping nearby?", I asked, trying to break the seemingly awkward silence.

The two girls looked at the tall brunette again as if she was their spokesman, "Kinda, but not really close", she said. "It was a pretty good hike to here.", the blonde spoke up for the first time. Confused by the situation I said, "Do you guys need some water, i've got plenty". "Yes please", the shorter brunette spoke as she opened her water bottle. I gestured them over to my campfire and filled their water bottles as they sat.

In the light of the campfire I could see that these were High School or xxxx bdsm rape japan school aged women and all were quite attractive. The taller brunette had dark brown eyes and two hot ladies getting fucked by a group of men that went on for miles.

The shorter of the two was well endowed and had lighter, kinky brown hair. Horny milf stepmom sucks a stepsons dick under a shower blonde was even more captivating as the light showed her many assets.

"So what brings you guys far from camp this late?", I asked feeling as if I couldn't avoid the question any longer. The girls all looked at each other and then the blonde looked at the spokeswoman and said, "Well, tell him like we talked about." As I sat feeling like the only one that didn't know what was going on, the taller brunette spoke. "We go to the Charter Boarding School for Girls. It's a school that we live at year round.

Each summer they bring us up to a camp on this lake. It's over there", I looked as she gestured and remembered seeing people on the end of a peninsula off in the distance and assumed that was where she was talking about. "Our freshman year Suzanne", she gestured to the kinky haired brunette, "brought her telescope and was looking around when she spotted you." My heart sunk in my chest. What exactly did she mean spotted me? "You were naked", the blonde interrupted. "Stacy, I was getting to that!", the taller brunette snapped back.

"So yes, you appeared to be preparing to bathe. The next evening she watched again and once again saw you disrobe and begin to bathe. She came and got Stacy and I and we also watched." I was beginning to get more and more uncomfortable as the story went on. "We'd never seen a man's stuff before", Stacy interjected. The tall brunette shot a look at her. "What!?", she responded sarcastically.

"Anyway", the brunette continued. "We proceeded to watch you throughout our week at camp as we were fascinated with you.", I felt a little punch of pride when I thought about their fascination and then realized that they were probably only twelve when they first saw me and that was a little creepy.

"Well", the brunette continued her tale, "we talked about it all year and when we came back the next year Suzanne brought the telescope again and there you were.

We again watched you all week. The following year Suzanne asked for a stronger telescope for Christmas as the camp is a long way from here and when we got here, you were once again here on this beach and we saw you." "Boy did we.", Stacy interjected almost smirking.

Before my brain had a chance to process that comment, the brunette interrupted my train of thought. "So the story is that we've been watching you for four years now. We each just graduated which means that there is no counselor in our dorm, so we snuck out to meet you." As I pondered how to respond to this story, realizing that I had been stalked for four years by these three young ladies Stacy spoke up again, "So anyway, we haven't really had any boys around so we wanted to ask some questions and stuff." Buying time to process all of this I said, "what kind of questions?", with a very puzzled voice.

"Questions about your body and like sex and stuff." The brunette answered. Suzanne still sat quietly at the campfire. "Yea, we've been seeing things for four years but only through a telescope.", Stacy added. "So I'm like your sex education teacher?", I answered without thinking about my words first.

"We were hoping you'd be more like our guide to the male body. We've already learned a lot from you", the brunette answered. "So what do you think? Are you interested?" Pausing for a moment, I still didn't fully grasp the situation. "So what exactly do you want me to do?" "Well, first of all, would you mind taking your clothes off and letting us see it with our own eyes?", the brunette added.

The bluntness of her statement was shocking, but after thinking about it for a minute, I came to the conclusion that they had been looking at my naked body for four years, i might as well let them see the real thing if they wanted to so bad. I'm not exactly Brad Pitt or anything. I slid my T Shirt off, unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them to the sand. There my cock hung in the firelight right in front of these three hot girls. I could feel it plump up in the midst of the situation.

Leaning in and pushing her glasses up on her nose, Suzanne said, "Wow, that's pretty big." "Yea, even that big telescope of yours didn't do it justice", Stacy added.

All three of them scooted closer. "So how does it get hard?", Suzanne asked quizically as she studied my cock closely. "Well," I said, clearing my throat and trying to focus while being examined, "Several different things can do it." "Like what?", Suzanne said again almost interrupting.

"It can happen by seeing something arousing or touch or even sometimes just by thinking of something.", I continued. "Look, it's growing", the brunette said examining my cock even closer. "So if you thought of me stripping down and having sex with you, what would that do.", Stacy asked. My cock almost responded immediately at the thought of her pristine body.


"Wow, look at that", Suzanne responded, "Stacy, he likes you, show him your breasts." Stacy looked a little uncomfortable at the prospect. It was almost comical. There I stood completely nude with my semi erect cock hanging a foot from their faces and they sat still in their polos and khakis.

"I'll do it", the brunette spoke out and almost instantly had her shirt of and her bra in the sand. She was long and slim with pert breasts that looked like they were the perfect size for sucking. Her stomach was firm and her athletic build was breathetaking.

"Check that out", Suzanne exclaimed as my cock grew more. "How big does that thing get?", Suzanne added. Suzanne than reached her finger out and touched my tip. The feeling of her touch was electrical. She slowly withdrew her finger and a stream of precum stayed attached to her finger. "Gross!", she said while wiping her finger off on her shorts, "so that's what cum is like", she finished her thought.

Attempting to provide them with an accurate education I said, "that's actually precum. It's what happens when I'm getting close to being ready". She looked at me while nodding her head like she was thinking through what I said. I was incredibly aroused by my exposure to the three girls, but also was distracted by this "educational" approach.

I had never really explained an erection before. "So, when does the real cum come?", she asked. I could feel the light breeze blowing across my erect cock as it hardened more right before their eyes. "Well", I started not sure how to explain, "it requires an action to be taken on it for me to cum". I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the tall brunette was putting her polo back on. Her nipples showed clearly through the shirt. "Is that what you're doing when you.", she paused and then began to move her hand in a motion like jacking off.

"Yes, that's one way for it to happen.", I answered feeling a sexy piss fetish hottie plays in urine tube porn awkward. "Yea, we've seen you do that before", Suzanne added making me feel much more awkward. "That's what we do if there is not a lady around", I tried to save face a little. "Will you do that for us?", the brunette asked. I wasn't sure what to bf looks at hotty fucks girlfriend homemade, but then asked myself this question.

You are standing completely nude and fully erect in front of three amazingly hot young woman that are mesmerized with your cock, why wouldn't you stroke it for them? So without responding I began to stroke. Precum was dripping from my tip. As I forced my hand hard against my torso my cock poked straight out and Stacy said, "Wow that thing is huge. You're trying to tell me that it is supposed to go inside of my little pussy?" I paused for a moment just thinking about her statement, "You'd be surprised at how much can fit inside of there.", I said straining a little bit as I stroked myself.

"So how long does it take?", the brunette asked. "O, I don't think it'll be much longer", I responded. "Does it only work with your hand?", Suzanne asked.

"Actually", I responded, "It usually works better with the hand of a beautiful solo asian skinny teen masturbate shaved fingering, do I qualify for that?", she continued.

My mind flooded. How could this be happening to me. Not only am I stroking off for these girls but now she wants to stroke me. "O, you definitely qualify", I responded as I released my cock and she wrapped her hand around it. "Is this right?", Suzanne asked giving me a couple of good strokes. "O baby, you're a natural", I responded. Her hand felt so good against my skin as she stroked me just like I had been stroking myself. She would go all the way out to the tip and then force down against my torso.

"O yea", I said getting lost in her touch. "So can I do it harder?", she asked. "Sure, I'll let you know if it hurts", I answered. The next stroke was firm causing my balls to bounce as I stood there. "Yea!", I called out in pleasure.

I had almost forgotten the other two girls in my pleasure. I opened my eyes to see them watching my rock hard cock as Suzanne stroked my long and hard. The brunette had a wet spot on her khakis and Stacy gazed up at my eyes for just a moment and I saw those beautiful blue eyes of hers again and I lost it.

I let out a groan and then shot my load. I could hear the girls responding to my explosion but was too lost in my orgasm to understand what they were saying. Suzanne began to loosen her grip but I wrapped my hand around hers and held it tight while my cock pulsated in pleasure.

"Wow, that was a bunch of cum!", the brunette stated. "He's even bigger now than before", Stacy added. "Suzanne, you're going to have to wash your shirt.", the brunette said while pointing at the cum running down her right breast.

"It was worth it", Suzanne responded with a smile on her face. "That was amazing!", she continued. "It's like holding sheer power in your hands. It's so hard and then, boom!, it explodes like a firecracker.


That was cool!" "I'm glad you enjoyed it", I said gasping for breath as i sat down, "You have amazing hands" "Well thank you", she replied in a sarcastic voice, "I think I'm pretty good at this." I nodded to her.

It was quite the turn on to see my cum all over her and she seemed to wear it like a trophy. "So what happens next", Stacy asked. "Usually I would go to sleep as this is the most relaxing release on earth", I responded.

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"That's ok", the brunette responded looking at her watch, "we need to get back before we are missed. Do you mind if we come back tomorrow night?" After what I had just experienced the thought of a return visit sounded like a great idea. Even just for the opportunity to see their fine bodies again, especially Stacy's. "Sure", I said, "What do you want to learn about tomorrow night?", I said smiling. "I don't know, there sure seems to be a lot to learn", Stacy answered as the three girls slipped back into the darkness.

After the sound of them rustling went away I decided that it would be a good night to sleep naked on the beach.