Cameryn coxxx and cory chase

Cameryn coxxx and cory chase
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Monique was covered in jismher 19 year old master Max had just jizzed all over her face. Max was a nasty hypnotist who had put 56 year married Monique under his spell last week. He had seen the tall Colombian fat ass40dd wench walking around the mall with her wimpy husband Joseso he decided to hypnotize them both. Currently Monique Gomez was at his home being facefucked & trained to be his houseslave. Monique was wearing spiked heels with a black thong bikini& Max told her to walk around the basement dungeon with his jism dripping off her facewhile he took pictures & texted Jose so he could see what a cumslut his wife was becoming.

He also texted Jose & let him know that Monique would be staying the night. He had plans for this latina cumbucket. In a cage watching her master/son Sonia was ballgagged ,collared & leashedMax had hypnotized her 3mths earlier & now she & Max's stepdad Bill were at Max's mercy.

buttplugged with 5inch thigh hooker bootsSonia was locked in the human cage that Max had his stepdad Bill buy. Sonia knew she'd be out soon cuz she just watched Kamasutra sex with a contortion doll stretching flexidolls urinate all over Monique's face tits, & hair. It was one of her master/son's favorite things to do to his submissives.


Proof of that were all the framed pictures covering the basement dungeon walls of the women who had received cum & pissfacials from her son. Monique now left to take a showerso Max decided to put his mom over his knee & spank her assstill ballgaggedyou couldnt hear the screams as Max wacked Sonia's ass hardboth her buttcheeks were bloody red when he was finished with her & she crawled & joined Monique in the shower.

Two Days Later Bill was filmingits was breakfast time for his wife Soniainstead of Coffee though Sonia was having her morning Champagne. It was his routinemost of the time Max started his day by giving his human toilet what she needed.


Sonia opened her mouth & swallowed a massive load of her son's urine. Bill on orders of his stepson filmed this & he could use it to wack off to latercuzSonia was no longer allowed to give him head & of course she had never drank his piss before, like she was now doing with her own son.

1 WEEK LATER Sonia & Master Max were spending the weekend at julie cash massage in mouth sleazy motelalso it was an opportunityfor Max to introduce Sonia to his latest sex slaveNyomi Franklina tall blackbig botty slightly saggy titted bitchShe was the vice-principal at his former high schoollast week he had seen her at a grocery store & decided it was time to put her in her place (revenge time ),Once he hypnotized herthey found a secluded spotwhere he parked his car & he had her lick his ballsasssuck his cockbefore he exploded his manjuice all over her facehair & down her throatHe called her a cumsluthad her do cumfacial walk back to her car & told her not to make plans for the weekend.

(She always treated him like shit at schoolnow she belonged to him ) As Master Max brought Nyomi into the bedroomNyomi was already wetcollared, leashed & wearing 4 inch spiked heels (bought by her husband Leroywho Max had also hypnotized & was now just a cuckold who enjoyed his wife being used by whites ), Sonia immediately recognized the Vice-principal & there was no time for chit-chatas Max asked the two whores to french kiss.

After that Max started fisting Nyomi's black pussy while Sonia gave her son a rimjob. Licking ass & drinking piss had become a norm in Sonia's lfe .Max was getting boredso he grabbed his mom by the hair & shoved her face in Nyomi's pussy .As Sonia ate cuntMax shoved his 11inch pick up ma's cunt.

Screaming with pleasure & ecstasySonia loved getting fucked by Max's giant dong. as Nyomi acheived orgasmMax decided to withdraw from his mom's cunt ,& he was gonna cum all over Nyomi's face, but instead decided to let loose a stream of piss all over the ebony visage.

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Nyomi instead of feeling humiliated thanked her master for the golden champagne. He told Sonia & Nyomi to go take a bath & come back cuz he had some new plans. 1 hour later Sonia was sitting on Nyomi's face as Max filmed the old lesbians on his cellphone, Sonia was rubbing her clitwondering what other nasty things her son/master would make her do this weekend.

She didnt have to wait longas Nyomi started giving her a rimjob, Sonia played with her own matronly tits as the nubian princess licked her ass & cunt.

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Upon reaching orgasmSoniatried something she had never done before. Nyomi meine frau besorgt es mir in the spreadeagle postion & so Sonia spread her pussy lips & peed all over the black bitches face. Max watched in amazement. Maybe Sonia would make a great Femdom & could help train his sexslaves.

He thought about it for about 2 minutesbefore he went over to his mom & began roughly facefucking(she had pissed on Nyomi without his permission )Sonia didnt choke on her son's monster wangbecause she was a cocksucking professional after 3mths of giving headSonia had no gag reflexMax pulled out after 15mins of intense skullfucking & exploded with a massive load of cum all over Sonia's(mom's ) face.

Like usual Sonia was covered in facial jism. Max took a pic on his cellphone & sent it as a text to Bill, his stepdad, so he'd now Sonia was having a great time.

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Max smirked, he loved his life!!!