Beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang

Beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang
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The Way of the war after the War V I looked at my wife I looked at my friends wives and the only thing that came to my mind was "What the Hell is going on." Erica looks at me"Where have you been?

I thought you heard every word that was said. I thought you understood all that was said?." "I heard you bargaining and prostituting me.


All this was done without my permission. Did it ever occur that I might not wish to be used by others. I am still not sure I want any part of your scheme.

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And worst of all Mina and Maria why are you two involved." Mina And Maria had there heads down "But we love you." I looked at them and said, "But you are married what would your Husbands say." Maria says, "They love you too. They would not mind." I threw my hands up in the air, "It's a conspiracy." Erica started laughing and winked at Mina & Maria I don't think she realized I saw the wink, but I knew I was whipped.

I stood up and headed for the door.] Erica said "Where are you going?" "I am headed to the Hanger, after I check on Roper, I need some alone time." I left japanese game show mon n son room and went to Ropers room and was a bit excited to see he was awake.

He was happy to see me. " There you are boy, they tell me I have you to thank for this outfit I am wearing." He was referring to the almost full body cast that encased most of his body. I told him, "Well you old Fart if you would learn to land a plane it wouldn't have happened." I reached my hand and he grabbed mine I could see a tear in his eye. "Thanks son I really appreciate what you have done for me." " Just a little blonde hooker greta gets fondled by client smalltits and pornstars for what I owe you." "Maybe so but I didn't jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane." We both laughed about that.

We talked for awhile and discussed both of our futures. I told him about the house I had rented. He was familiar with the house, he said it belonged to a Congressman who rarely came home and when he did he usually stayed in St, Paul. He had lost his wife a few years ago and didn't want to spend time in that big house alone. " "You ought to buy it and join me and Tobias flying in hunters sex jav dit em huong dan vien du lich fishermen We could even put your shadows to work(he meant Donald and Johan).

" "I may think about it but not sure how I would like the winter time up here, not a lot of Snow in Texas." After awhile I left and headed to the hanger. I opened the hanger door to a lot of banging, Johan was trying to straighten a few metal rods, Donald had his head in the engine as usual. I got their attention and told them to go to the house or somewhere else I needed some thinking time. I pulled a chair up to the desk in the office. I propped my feet up on the desk, I closed my eyes.

Three hours later I had made up my mind I locked up and drove back to the hospital. I entered Erica's room she was alone which was unusual. "I have thought long and hard about this whole situation I will say up front I don't like it but will go along with it as long as when they are pregnant.

Then never again. EVER." I stayed with her til after the evening meal. I headed to the house and was pleased to see that a meal had been prepared. But not so pleased to see the boobs of all the girls were nearly hanging out. I ate without talking, then went outside to visit Buck.

I threw a ball for him to chase. He enjoyed the game but soon tired of it as did I. And I sat back on a chaise lounge. After a while Dotty came out and as expected she was nude. I sighed:"Oldest first, huh?" she just smiled. She leaned over to kiss me.She stood straight up and screamed.

I burst out laughing and buck jumped back and barked. As she bent over her pussy which was already wet with pussy juice was aimed right at Buck. Poor Buck couldn't help himself and he took a lick. Buck was turning his head from side with a very quizzical look on his face. The last I saw of Dotty was her bare butt going through the door.

I was still laughing 10 minutes later when I entered my bed room. I sat on the sofa in the sitting room and read a book I had picked up at the Hospital. At nine, 2100, I left my bed room and went to the living room. Dotty was sitting in a chair wearing just a robe. Her eyes were red from crying, she had been so embarrassed it was hard for her to even face me. After awhile she was laughing at the incident as well.

Se said, "I had no idea what what was wet and rough and sliding over my tender parts. I was inside before I realized what it was. Then I was just embarrassed. I couldn't face you." "Just think How I would of felt if you had grasped my cock before you bent over. " We both thought about that and we laughed together. I smiled and asked, "Would you like to try again?

" I leaned down and kissed her while reaching in to cup her breasts, I thought my first set of tits. I caressed them, I kissed them, I sucked on the nipples, it was like these tits belonged to me. I felt her body jerk she had had an orgasm just from the kisses and tit play. I slid my right hand down her smooth stomach and ran my fingers thru her bush and tweaked her clit. That along with the continuous play with her tits brought on another orgasm. I moved my fingers down her slit and sunk a finger in her pussy her hips rose to meet my finger so I added another finger I cupped my hand so that my palm was rubbing against her clit.

This had gone far enough while she sat in this chair. I pulled with the hand in her pussy and she followed and slid out of the floor and onto the floor. Once she was flat of her back I nudged her legs further apart and crawled between and lowered myself till the end of my penis just touched the lips of her pussy. I gently moved forward and entered her, she drew in her breath I slid in little by little until we were pubic bone to pubic bone.

She held me in deep and whispered, " I have been waiting 15 years for this," I wiggled my hips .another indrawn breath, " And it was worth it." She begin working her internal muscles stroking me without either of us moving.

I could feel chills on the back of my neck and across my head. I began to move my hips around in a small circle. I would be almost all the way out when I completed the circle. French man massaged american wives I would drive back into the depths of her love canal.

Dotty began moaning, she raised her head to kiss the joining of my neck and shoulder. She could hold it no longer and she released not realizing what she was doing she clamped on to shoulder with her teeth. The pain or pleasure caused me to shoot a large amount of cum in to her.

I had to call her name to get her to release my shoulder. "Damned that Hurt.". We lay there for awhile until we decided the floor was not that comfortable. We arose and went our separated ways.

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Just before I left the living room I heard a giggle, I looked back and could see two brown faces looking over the back of the sofa. I wondered if they had been there the entire time? I smiled and entered my room for the night. Twice more Dotty and I did the lovers Waltz that week. Both times Mina and Maria popped up from somewhere after watching the Tryst. Saturday morning I was relaxing on the screened porch with my eyes closed. Something bumped my chaise lounge, my eyes opened and I found my self three inches from a bare pussy.

I also felt my mom saw my cock then request me tsuck her pussy pants unzipping. It was hard looking away from that pussy but I had to know.

I felt a tiny pair of hands grasping my turgid cock .I wore no underwear. I looked down just in time for Mina to place her mouth on my cock. I felt movement and looked back up just as Maria threw her legs over me and her tiny pussy landed on my mouth.

I know Erica said no oral but I'll be damned if I was going to tell. I licked as far as I could and enjoyed Maria's quick movement. Her scent was that of lavender and her taste was exquisite better than I had dreamed. I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled her button around this lead to her first climax. I reached up and palmed her beautiful breasts and rolled her nipples. Suddenly I was more aware of what was going on at my other end.

OOH Mina was good she has attempting to swallow me down her throat. It was a feeling I had never felt before. She brought me to the pinnacle then she backed off just a little then dove forward again. It was more than I could take I flooded Mina's throat. She continued working on me. I went back to working on Maria's wonderful pussy I slid my tongue into her lips as far as I could.

I lavished a tongue washing as deep as I could reach, I noticed a difference around my cock it felt like it had entered an inferno.Mina had mounted me. I continued to eat Maria's pussy, she began to rapidly move her hips and it seemed like she was in sync with Mina. Maria slammed her pussy hard on my lips and released her delectable nectar in to my mouth. She climbed off and Mina lay forward till her tits were just touching my chest. Maria moved down so she could lean in and suck my balls in to her mouth.

Mina was still hot inside which was rapidly bringing my blood to a boil. I was just hoping I could last till she was ready. Mina began to move faster and rolled her hips I met her with each stroke and she began to moan I realized I was moaning also.

She threw her head back an moaned and she released as I drove for depth. It tripped my switch and I flooded her womb with my sperm. Maria stood up so that Mina could dismount. The Maria began licking my cock cleaning me up. This caused my cock to reach its peak again.

Maria ran her mouth down one more time removed her mouth and petted my cock and said, "Next time big boy." and just like that they were gone. I went inside and heard the phone ringing. "Hello.

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yes this is Col. Lincoln.State Police … What. I will be ready." When I turned around Maria, Mina, Johan and Donald was teacher and his student xxx hot waiting for instructions. Donald asked, "Whats up Col.

?" "Get your gear ready." 'Dotty come to the living room, bring your sisters' I headed for my room to pack my gear make sure you have all your weapons this could get dicey. When I had my gear packed I went back to the living room, every one was gathered.

"Okay listen up we have an emergency on hand and have been asked to give the State police a hand. Actually General Thomas Volunteered us. He felt we were uniquely qualified under the circumstances. Four convicts being taken to court escaped. The bus they were in was in an accidentthe driver was killed.

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There was a small school bus that stopped for the wreck. The convicts took over this bus and the 7 girls and their driver 37 year old teacher … they were on a field trip. Later at a small private airstrip they hijacked a float plane at this time they were armed we do not know where the got the weapons. The pilots name is John Stover, Married with 3 kids If he is like the other pilots that means they will have at least one rifle." " The State police contacted Roper at the Hospital and he recommended us as the only jump qualified with Military experience.

They went to Erica's room and ran in to General Thomas. That's when he volunteered us. The State police has a volunteer to go with us he has about three jumps on his record.

Also our tracker we will have to instruct … he has no jump experience at all. Tobias will fly us in." Dotty you will be needed at the State Police Barracks, Carol we will leave you at Tower airport near Vermillion Lake.

Louise you will stay with Tobias and the plane. Tobias is gathering parachutes for us. Any questions." There was only one question What did Erica say? The answer was General Thomas told her it was a direct order. A short time later our truck arrived we load our gear and got aboard.

There was a State Police car there to pick up Dotty. It was a subdued ride to the Airport. We were introduced to our volunteers The policeman was Al Chalmers, our tracker was Joe Little Bear, he was six feet 5" tall.yep Little Bear. Al was no slouch himself 6' tall with a barrel chest. Neither spoke very much. Tobias was our pilot and he was using a larger plane for this trip.

The information we were given puts them In the Superior National Park and Boundary Waters Canoe area Wilderness which was East of Trout lake and North of Vermillion Lake. I Johan and Donald were briefing Al and Little Bear on jump procedures. Donald was fascinated by the necklace of bear claws that Little Bear wore. Little Bear finally told him he had killed the bear on his rite of passage trek, his vision quest and the Bear was his Totem as well as his name.

He had killed the bear with a spear and his knife at age fourteen. Tobias called out that we were getting ready to land at Tower Air Field. A bbw milf knows the best bj and gets cumshot brunette and blowjob minutes we began our decent and landed.

We were met by big ass ebony kali dreams sucked a big cock more trackers, neither had jump experience. It was decided that after our jump the new trackers Rafe and Carbo who were Dakota Sioux. Little Bear was Chippewa, would leave the plane and go over land and insure the kidnappers did not double back. They kidded with Little Bear, although it was clear there was respect, they said, " Hey Little Bear you dumb Indian gonna jump out of a good plane." Little Bear responded.

"They told me it was the only way to get away from crazy Sioux. Seems like the smart thing to do." They all had a good laugh. We horny babe with pussy tattoo gets fisted our goodbyes to Carol and Taxied back to the runway and took off. Louise came forward, I was riding co-pilot, and said Stover's Plane had been spotted and seemed to be intact except for a bent prop and a broken pontoon.

It was found Northeast end of Lake Vermillion near a tributary that connects to Boulder lake. Tobias said, that should be an easy landing area there is a cabin about a mile away from there. We flew low over the cabin … No sign of life, that means they moved on North. There are cabins scattered through out this area we would have to check them all unless we spotted some sign of them.

Arsehole of beautiful babe drilled hardcore and blowjob flew back to the abandoned plane and turned North we flew past a couple of cabins the second was at the north end of a smaller lake. Tobias before approaching it Tobias turned East. I told Louise 'Smoke from that Cabin'. Tobias knew where there was a clearing within a mile. The five of us making the jump got our gear together and put on our chutes.

A few encouraging words to Little Bear and we were ready. I opened the door and waited for the go ahead from Tobias. He gave us the wave and we stepped out the door. I told Little Bear and Al to count to five then pull their ripcords.


I looked around and counted 4 parachutes I looked up and mine was open. That's 5.