Horny cuties screw the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere

Horny cuties screw the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere
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This is my first story ever, so please leave a comment with some feedback. This will be a series of stories about this young and hot girl called Samantha. Hope you enjoy! Young Samantha - Chapter 1 Samantha's mom Lisa called for her from the kitchen «Come down honey, breakfast's ready». Samantha was in her room getting ready for school, looking for something to wear, she was wondering what she wanted for her 13th birthday next month.

She had beautiful and firm breasts, they were very big for her age, about a C-cup. Actually she hadn't even started to wear a bra, her mother said she didn't need it yet, because her breasts were still very firm, so they held them selfes nicely.


Her ass was even sexier, it was formed like a smal to medium bubblebut, almost a little chubby and looked like it belonged on a 15 or 16 yearold. At 5 feet 4 inches she had a smoking body, with a slim waist and buttersoft skin.

She had a very pretty face as well, very young and cute, almost like a 12 yearold Scarlett Johanson. She had perfect white teeth covered in braces, and voluptuous lips, with long blond hair.

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She got dressed in a hurry and got downstairs for breakfast, she put on some beige leggins which were so skin thight that they partially rode up in her asscrack and a white singlet which actually was a few sizes to small because her breasts had grown so much in the last few months.

Her singlet sat so thight that it looked like her big breast wanted to escape her top, but little innocent Samantha had noe idea yet how her sexy and slutty apreance would appeal to boys and men.


As she came into the kitchen her stepfather checked her out and gave her a big good-morning-hug. He'd noticed how Samantha had developed into a sexy teenager the past year, and took every opertunity he'd gotten to make physical contact with her, and he was getting balder and balder for each day.

He hugged her thight and hard and felt her almost naked breasts press against himself, his right hand was touching the top of her ass. As he let her go, his hand just very lightly stroked her full asscheek.


He turned around, put his hand ligthly on Samanta's left asscheek. Holding his hand on her asscheek for a second or two he said «go over there and give your mother a big goodbye hug» while he pushed her by her ass with a light grab over to her mother. The fabric of her leggins was so thin it felt like he was touching her naked ass.

Samantha didn't even notice or flinch at her stepdad's groping, she just hadn't start to think about those things yet. Samantha's mom Lisa was going out of town on a buisnestrip for two weeks. Her stepfather Jimmy had been her stepdad for five years and she thought of him as a father. Jimmy had two sons, Albert at 24 and Leo at 22. Samantha had no other siblings other than her stepbrothers.

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Samantha hugged her mother goodbye and went of to the subwaystation to get to school. When she arrived at the statoin it was packed, as it usualy was during the morning rush.

As taking it in the ass is all she wants telsev stood on the packed subway platform she was glad she'd only brought her books in a bag because she hated to wear a backpack.

She'd also noticed that she forgot to put on any panties as she got dressed this morning, but was glad because it was a very hot day.

The subway came she and got on, but the car was so full she couldn't even move, it was fully packed. After a few minuttes she noticed something on her asscheek, but didn't think more about it because it was so packed. After a few more minuttes though, it felt like a hand squeezing and cupping her asscheek, but she didn't know what to make out of it.

Maybe the person didn' have any other place to put their hands because the subaway was so full she thought, but she didn't care much about it. The hand continued squeezing and cupping her ass cheek for another five minuttes, then the hand started to move between her cheeks and stroking her pantyless vigina on the outside if her leggins.

She now understood that this wasn't unintentional and she now froze up and became really scared.

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She felt a hand on her hip while the other hand was now really rubbing her vigina, Samantha now understood that it was the person right behind her was the one molesting her. As she stood there frozen and scared being molested by some stranger, she couldn't help to get this horny feeling and partially enjoying what was being done to her. The hand was really rubbing her vigina now, and she could feel her pussy getting wet and warm, the man's other hand had now moved up and was cupping and squeezing her braless right brest.

Samantha just wanted to get out of there, but was also enjoying the molestation, she was really confused about theese conflicting mind control suggestive behavior jenteal, but she couldn't go anywhere, it was to packed. She felt the fingers from the hand now trying to push into her wet pussy.

Her leggins were now soaked and the superthin fabric didn't give much anymore in the form of resistans. The fingers pushed really hard till they deformed the fabric and pushed into her pussy. Samantha let out a faint moan. The fingers pulled out slowly and pushed in fast and hard again, then out and then in contuing this motion fast and hard. Samantha just closed her eyes licking her lips not understanding what this great feeling was, but enjoying every second of it.

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The other hand had now found it's way under her singlet, feeling, squeezing and groping her naked right breast. The fingers continued to fingerfuck her pussy through her leggins for a few more minuttes til the fabric eventually tore and the fingers thrusted into her naked soaking wet pussy.

She let out a loud moan and almost coallopsed only held up the this strangers fingers in her pussy and hand under her top holding her close and thigth to him. The penetration of her leggins didn't slow down the fingers and they continued to fuck her fast and hard, draped in her pussy juice, Samantha was now biting her lip to not make any more loud noises in case someonce noticed what was going on. She just stood there taking this strangers fingerfucking for a few more minuets til the hand suddenly pulled out, then the stranger moved in right behind her and she felt his cock slip slowly into her pussy throught the hole in her leggins.

She bit her lips as hard as she could not to scream a moan when the stranger drove his cock all the way up her pussy. The cock pumped slowly in and out with the doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore blowjob of the subway and she closed her eyes while her 12year old virgin pussy was being fucked. After a few more minuttes of beeing fucked she felt a another hand on her left breast, she openned her eyes and saw a man in his 30's standing closely right infront of her, looking her right in the eyes while groping her breast.

The man took her wrist and put her hand around his cock which was pulled out of his fly, she just followed his lead and started stroking this man's cock.

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The man pulled her singlet up over her breasts exposing them, then grabbed them both and kissed her on the lips. He kissed her again and then pushed his tounge into her mouth, she responded by opening her mouth and sticking her tounge into the mans mouth to.

Samantha was now being fucked, while this other man was milf gladly jumps on hard ramrod hardcore blowjob both her breasts and making out with him and strking his dick.

For Samantha this was alle new, but she could do nothing but enjoy these men molesting, fucking and taking advantage of her. The man fucking young Samantha pumped his dick hard a couple of times into her pussy and came inside her holding it in for about five second before pulling out. The cum soaked her pussy and ran down both of her legs, leaving marks down the inside of her beige leggins. She almost fainted as she also came, but before she could react, the other man turned Samantha around and thursted his cock into her cum soaked pussy.

He pumped in and out hard for about 30 seconds before cuming inside her, he held his hand over her mouth so that she wouldn't scream as she came again. He then pulled out of her as the car doors oppened and both men disapeared. Samantha pulled her self together, pulled her singlet down and got of the subway and ran to the nearest toilet. She looked down at her leggins as the cum ran out of her pussy and was all over the inside of her legs.

She was so soaked in cum she didn't even know where to start, she looked in the mirror and smiled at her self with her braced teeth and thought to her self «that was fucking crazy, but my god how good that felt», but at the same time she felt embarresed that she let herself be abused and taken atvantage that way.