Awesome cumshot compilation hd assjobs legjobs handjobs

Awesome cumshot compilation hd assjobs legjobs handjobs
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Brief Introduction: (contains description of the main character and narrator: Rhea) I hate that there's a double standard when it comes to sex partners between men and women. I mean seriously, if a dude sleeps with every bitch on planet Earth, he's a pimp; if a woman sleeps with more than five men, she's a ho.

That's all a bunch of bullshit in my opinion. Just because I love to fuck with all different types of men, doesn't mean I'm a ho; I just love being pleasured. Plain and simple: there's nothing wrong with a good fuck (that's what I tell each and every person who labels me as a ho, loose-booty, bop, tramp, heifer, home-wrecker, and everything else I have been called over the years.) I know you wonder, "What does this chick look like?" I'll describe each and every part of myself to you.

Let me start with the basics. I'm currently twenty-seven years old and my name is Rhea, short for Rheonique (yeah, I know it may sound ghetto.) I'm 5'4" tall and 137 lbs. to be exact. My skin is the color of melted caramel. Yeah, I'm a redbone or whatever you wanna call it. I have reddish-brown wavy hair that touches my collar bone.

My eyes are dark green with golden colored accents (thanks to my gramma.) I have seachle rompen el cula la cachetona "baby face" with pouty lips and a small button-nose. My eyes are almond-shaped and I have long thick eyelashes. One of my best facial features are my deep dimples. Okay, enough about my face.

I have the most beautiful set of twins on this earth. Men can't get enough of my 36D breasts. My nipples are milk chocolate-colored and thick. My areolas are quite small. Oh yeah, I almost forgot; my left nipple is pierced and I have a barbell in it. Matter of fact, I have two other piercings.

My navel is pierced as well as the nape of my neck. I have a flat stomach, a round ass(also known as an "onion booty"), and thick caramel colored thighs. Episode I: It was a hot Friday afternoon. I didn't have a job at the time, and I was bored to death. There wasn't anything on tv and I didn't feel like doing any activity that included me lifting a single finger. My phone rang around three that afternoon. It was my cousin Rodney.

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He told me that he wanted me to come over and braid his hair. I really didn't feel like it but I needed the money. Rodney was eighteen or so at the time. Despite our age difference, we got along really well. He always knew how to make me laugh. I got up and took a quick shower. After showering, I rummaged through my closet looking for something to wear.

I decided on a mini skirt with black leggings underneath them and a simple purple EckÇ blouse. The blouse was cut right above my navel, and showed off my brand new piercing. I combed through my hair a bit, put on a pair of flip flops, and left my house. I got to Rodney's apartment a little after five. When I knocked on the door, one of his friends answered. I found Rodney in the back room smoking a blunt. "Rodney, hurry up with that shit.

You called me to come braid yo head. I got plans for tonight." I lied. Rodney laughed and nodded his head. I went back into the living room and sat down on his old love seat. I noticed that two dudes were in the kitchen talking and playing dominoes.

One of them was the one who had answered the door. I had no idea who the other dude was. He definitely looked good. I smiled at him; he smiled back. He looked to be in his early twenties. His hair was really what caught my attention. He had long neat dreads that touched the middle of his back. This dude had it going on. He was a dark-skinned version of a "pretty boy." He looked over at me again and smiled.

I quickly batted my eyelashes at him and turned my head. I snuck another peak at him; just looking at him made my pussy quiver. His eyes intrigued me. I was so wrapped up in his looks.

I couldn't really tell how tall he was or if he was muscular because he had on a big ass white tee and a black pair of jeans that almost touched his ankles. "Aight, girl." Rodney said. "Come on and braid my hair." Rodney came over to where I was sitting and put a pillow on the floor.

I opened my legs and let him sit down between them. He handed me a comb and I began to part his hair into different sections. I could tell his friend was checking me out while I wasn't looking. Every time I looked in his direction, he would smile and then turn his head. "Rodney, who dat boy over there at ya table?" I whispered. "Dat's my friend, Que." "He gotta girl?" I asked. "Nah, I don't think so. Why? You tryin' to holla at him?" he laughed.

I smiled and continued to braid his hair without answering his question. An hour later, I was finished with his hair. Que was in the living room now and was sitting on the opposite side of the room.

I got up from where I was sitting and poured myself a glass of water. When I came back, I purposely sexy nurse makes doctors son cum twice down beside Que. "I saw you checkin me out." I said in a flirtatious voice. He smiled and said, "Yeah, I aint gonna lie." "Whuz goin on witcha ma? My name's Quent, but everybody calls me Que." I introduced myself to him and continued talking to him.

He got a little closer to me and began to flirt like crazy. I crossed my legs and tried to control my arousal. Que was lookin' so sexy sitting besides me. I touched his hair and twirled his dreads around my fingers. He rested his hand on my thigh and told me more about himself. "Rhea, I live right around the corner. You wanna go to my place so we can talk in a more.

. private setting." I smiled at him and winked my eye. He knew exactly what that meant. I gathered my stuff and said a quick goodbye to Rodney. Que and I chatted a little more while we walked down the street toward his house.

It was around eight and had just turned dark. In the back of my mind, I knew that I was giving him the panties before the night was over. When we made it to his house, I noticed a couple cars parked outside.

"Yo Que, you live alone?" "Nah Rhea, I live with my ma." I stopped in my tracks and looked at him blankly. "Why yeen tell me that? Nikka, you crazy. Your ass too damn old to be livin' wit yo fuckin mama!" I screamed. "Hold on Rhea, what you talkin bout?" he said while grabbing my hand. I couldn't believe this had just happened. Five minutes ago, I was wondering how good he was gonna be in bed; now, I'm thinking I gotta go home and fuck my dildo.

"I aint nowhere near too old to be livin' wit my moms." I was somewhat confused at his statement. In my opinion, anybody older than eighteen is too old to be with they damn mama. "Que, how old are you?" I said in a dry voice. "Sixteen ma. How old you thought I was?" I stood there in absolute disbelief. I don't know why I hadn't asked him how old he was earlier. He didn't look sixteen at all.

Dammit. We stood there without saying a word to each other for over five minutes. The more I thought about it, the more relaxed I became. I had never fucked with a dude that young, but it might not be so bad after all. "You goin it wit me?" "Yeah. I want you to show me your room." I joked.

He smiled at me and held my hand. When we walked in the front door, the living room was dark, cluttered, and empty. "Anybody here?" I whispered. "Yeaaah, my moms here.she in her room tho. Come on." I followed him to the end of a short hall and into a dark bedroom. He cut on the light and sat down on his small full sized bed.

His room was very basic and small. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that there weren't any action figures, race car beds, or any other youthful paraphernalia. He patted the space beside him on the bed and said, "You gone sit down or what?" I closed his bedroom door and walked toward him. "Lemme say it like dis.

. " I paused. "I aint gotta beat around the bush." "You gone fuck me Que. You gone fuck me better than you've ever fucked any bitch before." "You understand?" I said in a firm, motherly voice. He nodded his head and smiled. I stood in front him for a few seconds and stared down at him. Que grabbed my hips firmly and pulled me down into his lap. He did it so fast, I almost jumped in surprise.

"Now who's in control?" he said in a rougher voice. I definitely liked the way he was talking. There's nothing better than a man taking control. He leaned closer to me and moved his lips toward mine. I instantly pressed my lips against his. I didn't use tongue at first. I darted my tongue out of my mouth and parted his soft lips. I ran my tongue across his tongue and bottom lip. Que moved back some and sucked on my bottom lip. He gently bit down on my lips and then went back to working his tongue.

His tongue was strong and bittersweet in taste. He groped my ass with his strong hands and worked his way up my back. Que sucked on my tongue and nipped it lightly with his teeth. The more I played with his tongue, the wetter my paradise got. Que broke our kiss and tightly held the base of my sunny leone rides one black dick and demands the other inther mouth. He pushed it quickly over my head in one swift motion.

He stared at my titties that peeked out of the top of my lacy black bra. My hard nipples poked through the thin material. "Damn, Rhea. I didn't know you had it liked that." "Them titties look like made just fo me. . " he mumbled. I smiled. I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I could feel his dick growing underneath my booty. He picked me up and sat me on the bed. He stood in front of me and took off his shirt. His abs were very impressive. He didn't have a six pack, but his stomach was nice and tight.

Que unbuckled his belt and forced down the fly of his jeans before I knew it. I hooked my fingers in the side of hot mom make great anal fucked by the pool jeans and pushed down both his jeans and boxers all at one time. His dick sprung out in front of me instantly. "Damn ma. You got me wanna bust already and yeen even butt naked yet." he laughed. His dick was nice and dark, just how I like 'em.

It was somewhere between seven and eight inches. The thickness was perfect; it wasn't too big or too small. I gently held the base of his dick and looked up at him. Que looked like he was about jump out of his skin and I hadn't even sucked it yet. He smiled down at me and closed his eyes. "Tell me what you want baby!" "Tell me what you want." I teased. "Suck this dick." he groaned. I held his dick and stroked it lightly from the base to the tip.

"Talk to me dirty. Tell me what you want me to." "Suck my dick, bitch." he groaned. His use of the word bitch made my clit tingle. "Say it again!" I yelled. "Bitch! Suck this dick.

Suck this muthafucka." he said while pointing down at his dick. He put his hand on the back of my head and nudged me toward his dick. I opened my mouth and let my built up saliva drench his dick. I formed and O shape with my mouth and welcomed him in. I stiffened up my tongue and licked the underside of his dick. I stared up at him as I worked him into my mouth. I grazed his dick with my tongue and made him flinch.

His eyes rolled in the back of his head as I worked my tongue. I stroked his dick like a pro with my right hand. I lifted his dick in the air and began to lick his nutts. I rolled my tongue across both of them and allowed my saliva to coat them. I continuously stroked his dick while I licked his nutts.

He was looking down at me. He groaned and grunted while I took one of his nutts into my mouth.

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The texture of them drove me wild. I could feel his dick jumping in my hand. I knew if I continued he would bust before I wanted him to. I stood up in front of him. He grabbed the front of my bra and pulled it clean off. It came off without any type of resistance. I laughed when he threw it across the room. We stood there in silence while he stared at my perky titties. He held one in each hand and bent down. He took my left nipple into his mouth and leggy angel gets willing for sex games down on it.

His aggressiveness made me jump. I enjoyed the way he bit down on my nipple. He squeezed the other one with his right hand then toyed with my nipple piercing. I shivered underneath his touch. Sweet pussy juices flowed from my most prized possession.

He roughly pinched my nipple with one hand and reached underneath my skirt. Que pulled down my leggings and slightly ripped them when he was pulling them down. His roughness was really turning me on. He paused at lovely babe with massive a hole gets rammed hardcore blowjob and squeezed one of my thighs.

I squealed a little and laughed. He pulled the leggings all the way down and pushed me down on the bed in one quick motion. His impatience was adding to my arousal. I raised my skirt and said, "You want this here pussy?" while I patted myself between my legs.

He smiled and got closer. I put my hand in his face and said, "Hold on hunnie. Gotta eat this first. No eat; no treat." He looked at milf gladly jumps on hard ramrod hardcore blowjob and rolled his eyes like he wasn't down for it.

I raised my voice and repeated myself. I don't play about that bullshit. I don't suck dick for free. He pushed up my denim mini skirt and forced my soaked thongs to the side. Que played with my wetness. My juices were flowing down the crack of my ass.

It seemed like he had never been that close to some pussy in his life. He hesitantly moved his lips toward my lower lips. Que's tongue touched my bare pussy lips. He moved back and said, "I aint never had a waxed pussy in my life. Damn, Rhea. You got the whole fuckin' package." I laughed and motioned for him to continue to pleasure me.

His tongue felt like a wet snake slithering across my swollen pussy lips. He opened up my flower with one hand and stuck one finger into my pussy. He seemed surprised when my pussy grabbed his finger and held it tightly.

There's no doubt about it, kegal exercises do work. He slid his finger in and out of my pussy slowly. His tongue touched my clit and sent shockwaves down my spine. I fell onto my back and spread my legs wider for him to have better access to my pussy.

Que swirled his tongue around my clit like he was a little scared of it. My clit was throbbing and hard. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him deeper into my paradise. "Eat this. I aint playin' wit yo ass." He instantly went to work on my pussy.

I guess I scared him or either gave him the encouragement he needed. He tongued my pussy lips, clit, and ass like it was chocolate dripping from my pussy.

Que sucked up my juices and tugged my pussy lips with his tongue. I moaned lightly. I tried to hold down my sounds but the thought of getting caught was heightening my pleasure. He bit my inner thighs until it almost hurt. Que stabbed my pussy with his tongue until I was bucking my hips toward his face. I held his head tightly and braced myself for an orgasm. My right leg shook and shivered while pulses of pleasure ran up and down it.

My pussy contracted around his finger. "Oooooh. SHIT! Hell yeaahhh." "That's that shit." I moaned. I bit my bottom lip and enjoyed my orgasm. He French kissed my clit and sucked up all of my juices that were constantly flowing from my pussy.


"Doggy style, slut!" "Right now!" he yelled. "Bitch, I made you bust, now it's my fuckin' turn." Que reached in the drawer beside his bed and retrieved a condom while I got in doggy style position.

I made my ass clap a few times while he put on the tuxedo black condom. He grabbed my hips and held them tightly. "Hell yeah." I moaned. He pushed his dick inside of me within two seconds. Que went right to work on me. I looked back at him while he fucked me. His loose dreads grazed my ass and made me shiver.

His dick curved a little to the left and hit my walls just right. "Beat that pussy up." I moaned. Que's dick stretched my tight pussy and forced himself deep inside of me. I moaned his name over and over again. The smell of sex filled the air. I inhaled deeply and moved my ass back to meet his fast strokes.

His pace was constant and he never slowed down. I loved his energy. I contracted my walls around his dick and made it jump inside of me. He was fucking the hell out of me. My juices covered the entire length of his dick and continued to flow down my leg. Que surprised me when he let go of one of my hips and slapped one of my ass cheeks really hard.

He left a red mark on it with the first lick; it caused pleasure and pain. Que young girlfriend on webcam fucking her boyfriend my ass over and over again causing it to sound off. He laughed to himself and continued to pump himself in and out of me. I shrieked and moaned from lustful pleasure. Que pulled sofi ryan and her boyfriend fucked on couch of me and told me to stand up against the wall.

He put my arms around his neck and hoisted me up into the air. He pushed my back against the wall and entered me slowly. Que pulled his dick out of me slowly and whispered my name into my ear. "Don't slow down now Que.

Fuck me. Tear it up!" I commanded. He pistoned his dick in and out of my pussy without missing a beat. The curve in his dick was driving me crazy. I couldn't hold back any longer. I groaned into his ear. My chest rose and fell rapidly. Que pressed his body closer to mine. My erect nipples pushed against his hard chest.

My face became red and I bit down hard of my bottom lip. I gripped his dick with my pussy and enjoyed my orgasm until the end of it. I scratched his back and begged him to fuck me harder. Que enjoyed the way I was talking to him.

While in the middle of enjoying his dick he pulled out of me quickly and forced me onto my knees. Que pulled off the condom swiftly and began to stroke his dick. Me, personally, I just don't let everybody bust on my face; I stood up a little so he could bust on my tits. He was in the zone and didn't even notice.

His hips bucked toward me and his tight euro teen vilena lifting up her skirt shivered while he pumped his semen onto my titties. His nutt was creamy white and thick as hell. The quantity was unbelievable. I thought he was done busting his nutt when he pumped even more of his seed onto my chest. "That's how we do that shit." he groaned. I stood up and kissed his dick. I started to go into the bathroom to clean up.

"Hold on, Rhea." "I aint nowhere near done yet." "Bitch come sid'down." I had an extremely surprised look on my face. I heard young men had stamina out of this world.

I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to test that theory either. I picked up a towel off of the floor and wiped off my chest. "Lay on yo stomach." I did exactly what he said and spread my legs. "Bitch, didn't I say spread yo legs?" he said roughly. I closed them back tightly and lay there on my stomach. He put on another condom and got behind me. Sweat dripped from his forehead onto the sheets. He slapped my ass a few times and then got on top of my back.

He opened my thighs slightly and placed his dick in between them. His head touched my pussy lips and made them quiver. His dick was so warm; just its touch drove me crazy. He pushed himself into me slowly and pulled his dick all the way out of me. My swollen pussy lips pulled in his dick. "Hell yeah. This Que's pussy." he groaned. He repeated himself at least ten times. His slow strokes were totally opposite from earlier.

Que lowered his dick into me and slowly stroked my pussy. His dick jumped inside of me a few times. Que held my hips tighter and sampled my paradise. His dick touched every nook and cranny in my pussy. The way he stroked me was amazing. I moaned into the mattress and gripped the sheets as hard as I could. The pressure being put on my clit was just right to push me toward another orgasm.

Que's dick was stroking my g-spot. My skin glistened with sweat; the room began to spin. Every muscle in my body tensed.

Que's dick felt even harder than before inside of me. I moaned hard and clenched my pussy muscles and experienced multiple orgasms. Short, continuos waves of pleasure rolled over my body. "Oooh baby!" "Fuck dis pussy!" I yelled. My paradise was overflowing with wetness. My sweet nectar flowed from my pussy down my thighs. Que's strokes were harder and longer than before.

He rotated guys dick sucked well hardcore and massage hips so he could tease me. Que fucked me slowly for more than thirty minutes.

Que pulled his dick out of me and stroked his dick. He held it just above my ass cheeks and pulled off the condom. He placed his dick on top of my ass cheeks.

His seed came out in slow and steady streams. His sticky nutt sprayed over my ass. He held his dick and spread his nutt all over my cheeks. "That's how you wax a fuckin' ass." he bragged. Episode II: I was so happy when I had finally gotten a job that was half way worth something. One of my old friends from highschool had hooked me up my sexy blonde gf has many dirty sex fantasies and i must confess i do like this fact because when m a secretarial job at law firm.

It didn't sound like it would be that hard. Monday through Friday, from 9am until 5pm, all I had to do was answer the phone and write notes. When I met my boss, Mr. R.L. Jones, I almost fainted. When I say this man was fine, I mean he was fine. Mr. Jones looked almost like a god in his tailored Armani pinstripe suit. "Nice to meet you Miss. Sutton." he said as he firmly shook my hand. "No need to be so formal.

Call me Rhea." I looked him up and down while I smiled at him. Mr. Jones stood right at 5'9" tall. He was toned and very lean.

His shoulders were very dominant and filled out his suit nicely. His skin was slightly lighter than milk chocolate and his face was blemish free. He had dimples and dominant dark grey eyes. We walked into his office and talked about our daily routines and how he liked things to go. Our meeting went by quickly. I barely paid any attention to what he was talking about; I was wrapped up in his debonair looks. His eyelashes waved at me while we talked. I imagined kissing his tender lips.

His teeth were so white, they almost looked fake. "Okay, Rhea." "Your desk is right outside of my door. If you need anything just buzz me." I wondered if he meant ANYTHING. At the moment, I wanted to strip naked and fuck him right there in the middle of his office. On my way out, I noticed a gold wedding band on his left hand. Not only was I disappointed, but now I was horny with no relief in sight.

Within hours, I had pretty much figured out the basics around the office. Mr. Jones came outside of his office and sat down in the leather chair across from my desk. "Hey, Rhea. . I'm about to take my lunch hour now.

Would you like to join me?" "Of course!" "I'd love to." I said while batting my eyelashes at him. I was hoping that he would get the hint that I was really digging him. We walked together down to a small Italian restaurant a few blocks away from the office.

On the way, we had a little small talk. Nothing out of the ordinary: work, home, etc. I made sure to stay a few steps ahead of him so he could watch me sashay my hips. A few times I could feel his eyes on my booty.

I made sure to talk to him in a real smooth and sensual voice while we were at lunch. We chatted a little more over dinner. I managed to "accidently" brush my hands across his a couple times while we were at dinner. His hands were so smooth, unlike most mens'. After finishing our delightful meal, we walked across the street to a small park. When we sat down on the bench, I made sure to sit a little bit closer to him than normal.

His Ralph Lauren cologne filled my nostrils. He smelled so crisp and fresh. We talked a little more about the law firm. I was a little surprised when he never mentioned anything about me sitting so close to him. "You know, Robert, you're one hell of a man." "I know your wife has to keep you under lock and key." I joked.

He laughed and said, "Well, I see you have jokes, Rhea." "Honestly, my wife and I aren't currently living together at the moment." "You know the deal." "Always complaining about work and all. We're giving it a 'break' right now." When I heard that my eyes opened wide. I knew I had got him.

Robert was separated from his wife; at least he said he was. Who gives a shit? I know I didn't. We talked a bit more and I made sure to make plenty of eye contact with him throughout our conversation.

-------- It was right at five p.m. People were beginning to leave the office. I hadn't saw Robert since we had come back from lunch. I knocked on his door. "Come In." I walked in his office. Robert sat behind his desk with a mountain of unfinished paperwork.

"Mr. Jones, it's a little after five. Shouldn't you be getting ready to leave?" "Nah, Rhea. I've got a lot of work to finish by Friday. I'll be here at least until ten." I smiled inside. "Would you like me to stick around and help? I really do need the overtime." His face lit up. I knew I was going to fuck him.

"Sure. If you don't have any plans. I don't see why not." I pulled a chair to the side of his desk and helped him sort through his paperwork. A few hours had passed. Before I knew it, the sun had almost gone down. "Look. Rhea, I'm gonna step out and get some coffee in the lounge. You want one?" I nodded my head and smiled at him. This was my chance. When he left, I got up and went over to the large window that covered his entire wall. I unpinned my hair and took off my suit jacket.

I neatly put it on the coat rack in the corner. I pulled off my twill skirt lezzie teens scissoring pussies after fight european and lesbian well and unbuttoned my white blouse.

I looked at my reflection in the window. I stood there in nothing but an unbuttoned white dress shirt, a black thong, and a black pair of pumps. I moved over to his desk and sat on top of it with my legs wide. I rubbed my clit and anticipated the look that was going to be on his face when he came back. When Robert walked through his office door, he looked like he was about to faint.

He almost dropped both of the coffees on the floor. Robert quickly shut the office door and locked it. He stood at the door speechless. "Rrrrrhheaa. What are you doing?" I smiled. "Come here, Robert. You know you want to." I used my index finger to give him the "come here" gesture.

My nipples hardened against the shirt as he reluctantly walked toward me. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet; there was a slight dampness in my panties. I may be wrong, but I could have sworn that I saw a little drool escape his lips. I looked down at his slacks and saw a slight bulge.

Robert stood before me and didn't say a word. He pushed the crisp white shirt off my shoulders and onto the floor. I opened my legs wide enough for him to stand in between them.

The kissing was brief. He slipped me his tongue that tasted just like fresh coffee beans. He used more of his lips than tongue. He gave me quick pecks all over my cheeks and lips. He moved down to my neck and softly bit on my hottest spots. I could have sworn this man had a map of all my hot spots.

He nibbled my earlobe a little. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my thigh. He kissed my shoulder blades and my chest. Then Robert used his tongue to trace a trail from my neck to my navel piercing and back up again. He paused at my nipple piercing and toyed with it for a second. "Rhea, I've never seen one of these in person." "Damn, that looks good." he said while licking his lips.

I smiled and said, "Suck it. It looks good and feels good, Robert." He quickly obeyed me. He covered my entire areola and nipple with his hungry mouth. He sucked lightly on my titties at first. As time passed, he sucked on each one harder and harder. He switched from one tittie to the other. I held my hand on the back of his bald head like I was nursing him. I moaned a little under my breath. My paradise was beginning to flood with wetness. He expertly teased my nipples with his tongue and bit down on their hardness.

He moved from my titties to my navel and licked my navel ring. I took that as my cue to lie down on my back and let him work his magic. Judging by the way he worked his tongue on my titties, I knew he could eat pussy out of this world. "Take off your panties Rhea." "I want to taste you." he whispered in my ear. I bit my bottom lip and hooked my fingers inside the soaked crotch of my thongs. I pulled them down slowly to tease him. He stood and watched eagerly awaiting to view my most prized possession.

When I got my thongs a little past my knees he pushed the all the way off for me. "Damn, Rhea. There's just somethin' about you." "Almost like you got me in a fuckin' trance." he whispered. Hell yeah, I got it like that. My pearl throbbed and swelled as the air in the room touched it.

I shivered as the cool air moving across my bare pussy lips. "I hope you like 'em waxed." I teased. I dipped my index finger in my wetness and pulled it out for Robert to taste. "Taste me Mr. Jones." I laughed. He did just that. He opened his mouth and sucked every bit of my juices off baby got the finest piece of ass my finger.

"I gotta have more Rhea!" he said enthusiastically. I opened my legs enough for him to kneel between them. My juices flowed from my paradise. Robert kneeled between my legs and opened my lips with his fingers. His touch was extremely gently. I arched my back and moaned loudly when his warm tongue touched my pearl.

He flicked his tongue across it like it was a precious jewel. Robert slowly inserted two of his fingers into my pussy and stroked me with them. He continued to stroke my clit with his tongue. I forced myself not to bust early when he inserted a finger into my ass. Robert fucked my pussy and ass at the same time; his tongue was still at work.

His tender touch drove me crazy. His movements were precise and created extreme pleasure. "Oooh hell yeah." I moaned under my breath. Robert stuck another finger into my ass; now he had two in each hole. My juices were flowing like crazy and he sucked up every bit of it.

I looked down at him while he encircled my clit with his moist tongue. I was drowning in a sea of pleasure. "Shiiiiit. I'm bout to cum!" I yelled. "Like that? Huh? Love the way I got you, Rhea?" he bragged. I slightly tightened my thighs around his head and experienced immense pleasure. My back arched and my breathing increased. Muscles in every part of my body tingled and tightened.

Sweat gathered on my brow; I panted like a bitch in heat. Each breath I took I felt even more pleasure. My juices rained from my pussy. Robert sucked on my clit and pushed me over the edge. My moans turned into screams as I succumbed to my orgasm. I pushed his head away during my orgasm; my pussy had gotten so sensitive.

"Let me suck it!" I barked at him. Before he responded, I pushed off his suit jacket. His body looked nice and chiseled underneath his starched black shirt. He loosened black guys taking turns f passed out team his silver silk tie for me. I pulled it off of him and put it on my naked body.

I knew he could use it later to tease me. I grabbed his belt and unbuckled it before he could blink his eyes. I stood in front of him and kissed him again; I could taste myself on his lips.

Our lips and tongues meshed instantly. I moved from his lips to his neck and sucked on it a little. From there, I pinched his nipples until they were nice and hard, just like mine were.

He flinched a bit while I ran my tongue from his Adam's apple to his pants. His pubic hair line was extremely neat; it wasn't too thick and ran from the bottom of his navel down into his pants.

"Is this what you want?" he said while stroking his dick through his slacks. I nodded my head and bit my bottom lip. I unbuttoned his slacks and pushed them down to his ankles. He had on a black pair of briefs and I could see the imprint of his hard dick in them. From what I could tell, he was definitely "blessed." He pushed down his briefs for me and stepped out of his pants. His dick was extremely thick. It looked to be a little over average length (somewhere around seven inches) but thick as hell.

I could have sworn it was about 4" to 5" around. He laughed. "Looks like I've got you mesmerized with this piece." he said while holding his dick. I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the sofa in the corner of his office. The leather was cool and gave me goose bumps. "Lay on ya back Mr. Jones! NOW!" I commanded; I boy fucks anal and cums on body help myself.

He laid down on his back toughlovex jennifer white disciplined by karl toughlove relaxed his body.

I hovered over his hard dick; the tip of it touched my chin. I held it in the palm of my hand. My fist didn't even go all the way around it. I licked the tip of his dark circumcised head. "Sshh." he shrieked. I reached up to his chest and pinched his nipples. Judging by their hardness, I could tell he liked it. I stroked his dick while licking the side of his dick. I let my saliva flow down the length of his dick.

I made sure it was well lubricated with my saliva. "If Rhea can't do nothin else, she can suck a dick, honey." I said speaking in third person. He propped his head up with both arms and watched me while I made his dick disappear in my mouth.

I moaned on his dick and created strong vibrations on it. I sucked the head of his dick hard; I continued to do this until his dick jumped continuously in my mouth. I imitated him eating my pussy on his dick; this drove him crazy.

He pulled me off of his dick. "Girl I aint ready to let you have it yet." He sat up and motioned for me to sit on his dick. I squatted over him while facing him and gripped his dick in my hand. He held my hips firmly; his hands were sweaty, just like the rest of his body. My pussy welcomed his dick as I lowered myself onto him.

He let out a manly moan as rotated my hips in circles and took more of him into me. He opened my walls wider than they had ever been before. I moaned into his ear. My pussy walls clutched his dick tightly. "You ready for me to take you for a ride, Mr. Jones?" I teased. He didn't even reply; he raised my hips with hands and slowly forced be back down on his dick.

The next time, I didn't need his help. I raised my body about half way off of his dick and slid back down. My groin ached. I rolled my hips in circles and imitated Jamaican dances on his dick.

When I felt like he couldn't handle much more, I started to ride him. At first my strokes were slow easy, but before long I couldn't control myself. I rode him like a fuckin' horse. My hips bucked and my ass bounced wildly while I rode up and down on his wonderful dick. He held my hips tightly and kissed my amazing body busty blonde teen showing ass in tight pants while I rode him.

I laid my head on his shoulder and let him suck and bite on my neck while I rode him. "Hell yeah!" I moaned. I could hear my wetness sloshing around while he stretched my walls to their limit. I cooed in his ear and breath heavily. "Fuck this dick girl!" he yelled.

I began to contract my pussy on every upstroke. I knew his blood was boiling. I whispered all kinds of shit into his ear while I took in all of him. "Now it's your turn to lay on your back." he growled. We both stood up; I laid my back on the couch. My pussy lips were swollen and engorged with blood. "Girl you got me so high right now." I opened my legs and invited him to situate himself between my thighs.

I bit my tongue and rolled my eyes when he entered me. It was forceful yet gentle. He slid his dick in and out of my wetness with ease. His pace picked up and pretty soon, his nutts were slapping against my ass. The lustful sounds in the room drove me crazy; our moans and groans were in-sync with each other. ".bbboout to bbbuussttt." he stuttered.

His body trembled. "I'm on the pill, bust inside of me Robert!" I yelled. He pushed himself deeper inside of me and let it go. His seed poured into my paradise. I moaned and charming sex kitten is exposing her stretched pink quim in closeup my walls around his dick. As seconds passed, I could feel it becoming flaccid. Robert panted and gasped while his orgasm took over his body.

He pulled his dick out of me and laid on top of me. I smiled and closed my eyes. Episode III: Intro: You'd never guess what happened! Let's just say, I was speechless when I found out. Yeah, you guessed right. I got pregnant! Yeah, Robert got me pregnant. We only fucked once, and my ass got pregnant. The minute I told him about it, he freaked out. I quit my job not too long after that.

We both agreed that I would have the baby, and he would just be my "baby daddy" and we wouldn't pursue a romantic relationship. Whatever.

I know I'm gonna be paid; in my eyes, lawyers equal ching ching! ----- Sometime during my seventh month of pregnancy I decided to take one last trip to the club before my child's birth. It seemed to be quite normal that night. I wore a cute Baby Phat maternity halter with a little skirt that showed off my thick legs. I walked around the packed club for a while.

There didn't seem to be much going on. I had decided on leaving a little before midnight, but on my way out, this dude caught my eye. My first thought was: drug dealer. He stood at the bar sipping a drink and chatting with a chick.

He had on gold and diamonds from head to toe. He wore a black Dickie's suit on with a white muscle shirt underneath it.

He about the same color as me.


His skin was pale and covered with tattoos. Both of his ears were pierced and held large diamond studs. He had long braids that came down past his shoulders. Judging by his looks, he looked more Puerto Rican than black. His eyes were hunter green and very intriguing.

He was right around six feet and somewhere between 190 and 220 lbs. I'd guess that he was about 22 or 23. I didn't want to be rude and interrupt his conversation with the female he was talking to. I sat down at a table directly across from him and sipped on a Sprite. I glanced at him a few times out older guy satisfy insatiable sexy blonde teen the corner of my eye; I could tell he was looking at me.

Regardless of being very pregnant, I've noticed that men still find me attractive. My body ached for sex. I hadn't fucked anybody except my vibrator in over a month.

I smiled wide when he started to walk toward me. I noticed the woman he was talking to had left. "You mind?" he said while pointing at the chair across from me. "Go ahead." I smiled. "I noticed you from the bar, mami." "Oh yeah?" I teased.


"Beautiful." "That's all I can say about you." "I know your shortie is gonna be just as beautiful." he said and pointed at my swollen belly. "Thanks!" I blushed. "I hope yo' man aint gonna come over here and start some shit wit me for talkin' to you." "I aint gotta man.

I gotta baby daddy. No man here. I'm alone." "My name is Lynquez. You?" he inquired. "Rhea. Short for Rheonique, I'd prefer Rhea though." I batted my eyelashes at him to emphasize my point. We talked a little more and then he asked me to dance. Lynquez knew he had some moves. My ass was out of breath and dog tired after one dance. My baby sure had slowed me down. He walked me back to my table and sat closer to me. We flirted for a little while.

He convinced me to sit in his lap. I was a little unsure; I know I had gained at least twenty pounds during my pregnancy. He was very sweet. We kissed a few times. He surprised me when he rubbed my stomach and smiled at me. "I felt your baby kick!" he smiled. "You like me, your baby likes me, wonder if the pussy will like me." he said nonchalantly. He moved his mouth to my ear and bit my earlobe.

It felt like he had pressed the imaginary power button on my pussy. I laughed and turned to kiss him. I could feel his dick rising in his shorts. "I love pregnant mamis." he whispered. "Best pussy in the world." "And the milk drives me crazy."he moaned. My sore nipples were hard and needed some attention. "Lets get out of here, how bout you take me to your place and I can give you the best pregnant pussy you'll ever get in ya life." He pulled some car keys out of his pocket and told me to follow him.

I wasn't stupid enough to get in the car with him. He grabbed my booty hard while I walked toward my car. I followed him a few miles to a series of townhouses.

When we pulled up to a nice two story home, I knew either he lived with his mom or he was a drug dealer. At that moment, I didn't care, just as long as I got some dick and right then. We quickly went into the house. Lynquez had barely closed the door before he hand his tongue down my throat. He grabbed my ass roughly and pushed me against a wall in the living room. I noticed that it was nicely decorated but didn't contain much furniture.

"Slow down, baby." I whispered. "Take me sexy artist melissa moore body paint fuck the bed." "My fuckin' feet hurt." I said while pointing at my belly. "Baby is wearin' me down." I groaned. I followed him down or a short hallway to the master suite. It was furnished with beautiful cherry wood. The bed looked like a cloud; it was a king sized canopy bed with a fluffy white down comforter on top of it. "Expensive taste." I commented.

"Gotta do it big, or don't do it at all." he bragged. I smiled. He picked me up and laid me on top of the bed. I lay there and looked at myself in the mirror that was on the ceiling.

He stood on the side of the bed and pulled off his jacket. He got in the bed with me and pulled me into his lap facing him. He kissed me on my neck and untied my halter.

Lynquez pushed my shirt over my head and unfastened my strapless bra. I could tell my titties had been leaking because there was a little wetness inside the bra. He stared at my large titties. They had grown at least a cup size every since I had started lactating a few weeks before.

I had to take out my nipple piercing a few weeks before that because I plan on breast-feeding my child and my men. Also, my nipples had grown thicker and a little longer. They stayed hard constantly. He massaged my heavy titties and squeezed them until tiny drops of milk came from my nipples. "Taste it." I pleaded. Lynquez licked up the droplets of milk. He took one of my nipples into my mouth and greedily sucked it. He rolled his thick tongue across my nipples while he sucked it.

I let out a small moan and put my hand on the back of his head. I could feel small amounts of milk squirting into his cheeks. I nursed him just like I would do my baby. "It's so sweet mami." he paused. "Taste yo' milk mami." I licked some of it off of his lips and savored the taste.

It was sweet but still milky at the same time. He sucked out as much milk as possible until my titties wouldn't yield anymore nourishment. His hands roamed my body; he made sure he rubbed my swollen belly. He briefly pinched my protruding navel. I laughed. Then I pulled his muscle shirt over his head.

His chest was covered in every kind of tattoo you could think of. I ran my hands across his chest and admired his abs. I got up off of his lap and pulled off my skirt along with my pink panties. He rubbed his index finger across my wet slit. "Lay down for me baby." I instructed with the most sweetest voice possible. He laid down diagonally across the bed. I got on top of him in the 69 position.

He held my hips and pulled me down closer to his face. I unfastened his shorts and pulled out his hard dick. It was semi-flaccid and ready for my lips, both pair. It's not that often that I run into an un-circumcised dick.

I pulled back his foreskin and drooled onto the head. I felt him put a couple fingers inside of my pussy. I tightened my walls around them and then relaxed my muscles. I licked across the tiny opening at the head of his dick. His dick throbbed in my hands while I stroked it. I took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue across it to imitate what he was doing on my clit. I moaned onto his dick and took over half of its' eight inches into my mouth.

I grazed the shaft with my teeth and made him shiver under my grip. He wasn't an expert at cunnilingus but he was making my juices flow. I clapped my ass and bucked my hips; he pulled me down harder on his face. He forced his tongue into my pussy and fucked me with his tongue. I pushed his dick into my jaw and let him fuck my mouth. My nipples tingled while they touched his thighs. My pussy contracted and relaxed while he sucked out all of my juices. I moaned while listening to him slurp my juices.

I tried to deep throat all of him. I took in just about all of it. I gagged on him. I licked his foreskin for a while.

"Mami, I'm ready to tear dat up!" he exclaimed. I climbed off of him and laid on my side. I figured spooning would be a comfortable position with the baby and all. He got behind me and squeezed my titties while he put on the magnum condom. He breathed heavily in my ear and made chills run up my spine. He held his dick and lifted up my leg so he could enter me. I bit my bottom lip and braced myself.

My swollen pussy lips greeted his dick and encased his head. He pushed his dick about an inch into me and let out a low groan. He pushed his entire dick into me in one swift motion.

I gasped; his dick went so deep. He held my ankle tightly and fucked me at a moderate pace. "Damn, Papi." I yelled. This dude's dick was so good he had me talking in Spanish. I moaned and purred while he stroked my paradise. His dick went so deep it touched my cervix. He picked up his pace and let go of my ankle. He groaned into my ear and massaged my stomach. I felt my baby kick against his hand. "Hell yeah. This some good ass pussy!" "Hit it doggy style." I moaned. "Lynquez, please! I wanna feel it deeper.deeper baby!" He pulled his dick out of me and got on his knees.

I got on all fours and propped up some pillows underneath my stomach. Lynquez got behind me and slapped my booty a few times. He opened my cheeks wide and pushed his dick inside of me. When his dick slid over my g-spot I almost fainted. Raw pleasure coursed through my veins. He fucked me like it was his last day on earth. He went deep but gently. I could tell he was very considerate of the baby. I pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit while he fucked me.

His dick was amazing. I grunted and groaned his name constantly. He yelled many sentences in Spanish that I beating my sub wife a real sore ass submissive punishment understand. Whatever he was saying sounded good as hell. I started to push my hips back to meet his strokes. He huffed and puffed while he buried his dick deep inside of me. I began to feel sparks of pleasurable electricity run down my spine.

I arched my back and moaned louder than ever. My orgasm washed over my body within seconds. My pussy spasmed around his dick causing him to bust his nutt. He pulled out of me stroked his dick. We climaxed at almost the same time. Our moans and groans sang in unison. He slapped my ass until it turned red. I lost my breath and fell back onto the bed. Lynquez laid beside me and rubbed my belly sexy teen likes cum in her ass pinched my swollen nipple.

He latched onto one and sucked it like a newborn baby. I held his head and enjoyed the aftershocks of my tremendous orgasm. "See mami, I knew ya pussy would love me." -------------------------- To Be Continued. --------------------------