Adorable little cutie gets her wet hole and tight anal reamed

Adorable little cutie gets her wet hole and tight anal reamed
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Dave His Mom And The Zombies By Docker5000 Five weeks ago a secret under-ground government research laboratory had a catastrophic explosion.

The virus's that were stored there were released into the town's water supply. Over the next couple of days strange things started to happen to the people of this small town. The town's women started to act very oddly. They would at the drop of a hat drag their husbands or boyfriends or total strangers into their houses for wild sex. This was one of the side effects of the virus's entering the water system. For 19 year old Dave Thompson he was going to experience the side effects of the virus for himself.

Dave lived alone with his mother his father had left a few years before. His mother Susan worked for the local estate agent (who she was also fucking behind his wife's back) As usual Dave came home from college. He had been playing with some of his friends on his way home and he was a little dirty now. So when he got home he told his mother.

"He was going to get a bath." She just smiled at him as she was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal Susan told him. "Not to be too long as dinner would be on the table very soon." Dave now ran upstairs to the bathroom and started to run himself a bath.

He then went into his bedroom and started to take off his dirty clothes. After he had taken off all his dirty clothes, he put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Dave now went into the bathroom and got into his bath and started to wash himself clean. After he had got himself clean, he just relaxed in the hot water of the bath. Susan had nearly got dinner ready. She was just finishing off a few things; she had already laid the table in her small dinner room/living room.

Her house was only a rented two bedroom house. She had to sell her old house when her husband ran off. She couldn't afford the mortgage and to live on just her salary.

All of a sudden Susan froze to the spot and her eyes started to sparkle. Susan now started to feel very hot and also very horny as well. Susan badly needed a cock to fuck her now. Dave now looked around the bathroom. He had forgotten to bring a towel in with him. He called down to his mother asking her. "To please bring him a clean towel." Susan had totally forgotten about her son being in the house. She now smiled to herself her eyes still on fire with lust. Her son was a man and he had a cock.

He could fuck me she now thought to herself. Susan went into her own room and took off all her clothes. She then got a clean towel out of the airing cupboard and went to the bathroom. Dave saw the bathroom door open. He thought she would just toss the towel into him. Dave now just looked at his mom with his mouth wide open. She was now stood in the bathroom with him completely nude. And holding his clean towel. Dave for the young beautiful girl gives a blow to old pounder time in his young life; got his first hardon as he looked at her naked body.

She had wonderful big boobs and a shaved pussy. Dave could feel his cock start to throb in the hot bath water of his bath now. Susan smiled at her son now and said to him. "I hope you don't mind me joining you. But I feel so dirty all of a sudden." And before he knew what was happening she climbed into the bath with him. The bath water now started to over flow from the bath as she got in. But she did not care. Susan now grabbed hold of his head and told him.

"She was going to help him wash up." Susan now pulled his head down into her ample bosom. Dave felt both confused and excited at the same time. As she rubbed her big boobs all over his face now. She even pushed one of her big nipples into his mouth now. Susan kept pulling his face back into her big tits. Everytime Dave pulled away from her. Dave did not understand what had got into her now. She never ever shared a bath with him.

And she never let him see her naked. Dave now felt himself cum. He shot his cum into the bath water. Dave now bit her nipple. Susan moaned out in pain. She also had an orgasm at the same time. When she let go of his head Dave made a run for his room locking his door behind him. Susan called after her son. "Don't go I still need to wash you?" Dave was not going to wait he made it to his room and locked his door behind him.

Susan watched him run out of the bathroom in Frustration. Susan desperately needed to cum so she used her fingers while she was still in the bath to bring herself off. Dave was not the only boy in town to find out that there was something wrong with their own moms and in some cases sisters too. All over the town moms were fucking their own sons. Sisters were also fucking their own brothers.

Fathers were getting fucked by their wife's and daughters too. Even the town's most respectable women had changed into sex crazed beasts now at a drop of a hat.

A few hours later Susan was stood outside her son's closed and locked bedroom door. She knew it was locked because she had tried the handle and the door had not opened. Susan now knocked on the door.

She had to knock on the door a couple of times before a voice from inside asked her. "What did she want?" Dave wasn't too sure whether he should open his door or not. His mother's voice did sound back to normal to him. She did not have that strange sound in her voice any more. So he reluctantly unlocked his door and opened it.

His mother was stood outside in the hallway. She was wearing her bath robe still. She looked normal and she gave him a normal smile. Susan then said to him. "I think we need to talk about what happened in the bathroom. I had really no control over it. Something just took over me. I don't know what it was. I am sorry if I upset you son." All of a sudden she just stopped talking and her body went rigid.

Dave now noticed that her eyes were sparkling now. Dave was just about to tell her that he was feeling tired and he was off to bed but he never got the chance. Before he could turn and run. His mom jumped him knocking him marissa mae bouncing off her pussy on top smalltits and blowjob the floor. Susan quickly climbed on top of her son pinning him to the ground.

She smiled at him a very odd smile and then said to him. "Gotcha!!" Susan now started to rub herself up against him. Dave started to get hard again. Dave was asking her. "To get off him." But she just smiled at him, her eyes still shining oddly. Susan was now really rubbing herself up and down on his body now. Dave's cock was so hard now that it was trying to burst out of his shorts.

Susan now pulled open her bath robe revealing her big naked boobs to her son. Susan was now telling him. "How much she needed him inside her." Dave was trying to tell her.

"That this was not her, and there was something wrong with her." However Susan was not listening to her son. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her big boobs and started to get him young teen anal gangbang ever since i was a little girl tryst alone with a priesthood feel them.

And all the time her eyes shined strangely. She was also telling him. "How much she loved him and how much she needed to be with him and if he really loved her.

He would give her what she really needed." Susan now pulled open her bath robe so Dave could now see her cunt as well as her boobs. Susan also now pulled her pussy lips wide open so he could see her nice wet cunt just waiting for his tongue or cock. Susan told him. "Again how much she wanted him inside her wet hot mommy cunt." Dave was now starting to lose his self-control.

As he looked at his mommy's hot naked body. Dave finally lost all control of himself and he stopped trying to fight her off. Susan soon had his shorts down and her hands were now running up and down his hard shaft and rubbing his big balls. Dave could do nothing else but just moan in pleasure as she ran her hands all over his cock and balls. Susan now positioned herself on top of him, so her wet pussy was now dripping into his open mouth.

Dave loved the taste of her cunt juices. Dave now started to willingly lick at her pussy. Susan now started to moan loudly. As her son's tongue darted in and out of her wet cunt.

Susan now took hold of his cock and she started to suck on it very hard and fast. Now Dave was also moaning. But his moans were muffed by her cunt over his face. Mother and son now continued to lick and suck at each other's cunt and cock. Susan had cum twice filling her son's mouth with her sweet tasting pussy juices. Dave now grunted cassandra calogera deepthroating and riding huge dildo loudly and he filled his mother's mouth with his young spunk for the very first time.

However Dave's cock did not get soft after he came. Susan now took full advantage of this and she quickly turned around and she impaled herself on her son's still hard cock. Dave was now a willing partner in his mum's sexual needs. He had got his first blowjob and lost his cherry all to his hot mother. Susan was still happily bouncing up and down on his still hard cock. He was hard like steel. Both of them lost count how many times that they actually came.

They must have fucked each other for at least 3 hours. All over their small quiet town the same scenario as in Susan's house was being acted out by frustrated housewives and naughty daughters.

Son's found themselves with stamina which was ever lasting. However the older men in the town now started to fight with each other. As well as fighting with each other the men now lost all interest in women. The men now started to wander the streets in groups looking for other groups.

Then both groups would start to fight each other. The Sheriff's Office was busy trying to control this. However soon even the Sheriff's deputies were fighting each other. The town streets were now a battle field and a no go area for women and kids. The towns women stayed in doors were it was safe. Dave and his mum were now in her bed having a very energetic fucking session when they heard screams coming from outside in the street.

Dave much to her annoyance and frustration pulled out of her wet cunt and went to the window to take a look at what was happening outside. Susan went to the window with the intent to pull her son back to bed. So she could fuck his brains out. However Dave was watching an old woman in the street now. The old woman was backing away from two men. She was screaming at them to go away and leave her alone.

The two men just kept approaching her. But the expressions on the men's faces were very odd and they did not really look like men any more. Their clothes were dirty and ripped.

The woman was waving her umbrella threateningly in the air and telling them. "That If they came any closer she would hit them over their heads and knock some sense into them." Dave now noticed another two men coming up behind her. The old woman must have heard them. Because she turned around to face them.

As she turned all four men now charged down on her. The woman was crying out in pain and fear now. But the men kept charging at her. The men were now scratching and biting at her. Dave saw one of the men literally bite a big chunk out of her face and eat it.

Blood was spurting from her wounds now. Dave wanted to go help her. But Susan had finally come out of her sexual trance and she erected cock is getting sucked hardcore handjob holding him tight. And telling him. "To be quiet and not make a sound." Both of them watched from the window as the four men ripped the old woman apart. Two of the men now started to walk off each holding one of her legs which they were eating like you would a chicken leg.

That was just the start of the horror, the towns men had turned into killers. All they wanted was human flesh to eat. That night whole families were ripped apart by fathers and friends. People who were unaffected or so they thought now started to try women and women xxxx storys get out of town as there was no more law in the town.

However the town had been completely surrounded by the military and anybody who tried to leave and would not turn back was stopped by deadly force. Nobody got in and nobody got out. It was that simple.

The town's power and water were also cut off. Susan managed to control her sexual needs long enough to help her son barricade the house. Luckily for them her house was an old house and it still had window shutters. Dave quickly ran around the outside of the house and made the ground floor as secure as possible.

Susan now figured out that her sexual appetite and the town going crazy were somehow linked. Dave had already figured this one out for himself. He told her. "It was probably something to do with the secret underground military base under the town." Susan just laughed at her son and told him.

"There was no base under the town; it was just an urban legend." Dave now smiled at his mother and said to her. "Ok mom whatever you want to believe, but yes there is a base. I have seen the men at the tunnel entrance guiding it." Dave now told his mother.

"Everything he and his friends had seen happening at the old mine." The mine was abandoned. But it was still guarded because it was dangerous. The mine entrance was of course the secret entrance to the underground base.

Susan now looked at her son's face. She could tell he was not lying. Now everything started to make sense to her.

However she did not have a long time to ponder this as she suddenly needed to be serviced by her son again. She quickly dragged the boy back upstairs to her bedroom. Dave was quite enjoying this now, but he was finding it tiring at times. He was probably getting more sex than most married men ever got. It was 3am in the morning Dave was asleep and his mother was happily giving him a blowjob in his sleep.

When there came a loud banging sound from down stairs.

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Dave woke up to find that his mother was sucking him off. The banging sounds were now getting louder. Dave managed to get away from her and she moaned in frustration.

He told her. "That she would have to wait." He then went into his own room and grabbed his baseball bat. Dave was now stood at the top of the stairs naked from the waist down and holding his baseball bat and looking down into the darkness.

Susan came out of her room completely naked and she dropped down onto her knees and she started to suck him off once more. Dave milf go crazy on cock in taxi knew that the noises he could hear sounded like they were coming from the kitchen and living room.

Dave now tried to pull her of his cock with no use. He was trying not to moan 18inch long nigrsex sex stories storys loud now as he was on the verge of shooting off into her mouth. However she pushed a finger up his ass and he came.

Dave now cried out in pleasure as he emptied his balls into his mom's hot willing mouth. Susan was now using her very talented tongue to clean her son's cock. Dave frantically told her.

"To go into the bedroom and be prepared to lock the door." Very reluctantly she did as her son told her. He also told her. "To get dressed just in case." Dave felt incredibly ridiculous stood at the top of the stairs half naked holding a baseball bat. However the entire world was now ridiculous he thought to himself. Dave now could hear something at the bottom of the stairs with the moonlight coming in through the landing window the top few steps of the stairs where illuminated with soft moonlight.

Dave now got himself into a batting stance. He was now ready to meet whatever was approaching him. Dave could hear feet on the stairs getting closer and closer. He could also hear the moaning of several voices.

Whatever was coming up the stairs to meet him was not alone. A large shape which could be a man now appeared right in front of him. It had its hands outstretched as to seize him. And it was moaning and groaning. Dave did not waste any more time.

He swung the bat with all the power he could muster. The thing in front of him now went crashing back down the stairs taking whatever was behind it down with it. Dave quickly ran into his mother's bedroom locking the door behind him. He and his mother now barricaded the door. Luckily the door was an old one and was made of solid oak. But they were now trapped in her bedroom.

Dave and his mom spent the night in her bed just hugging each other. Dave kept hold of the baseball bat all night. Halfway through the night Dave had to fuck his mom again she nearly half raped him. The things outside tried but could not get into the bedroom. After being trapped in the bedroom for almost 13 hours, both of them needed the toilet.


They were also hungry and thirsty. Dave opened the window and using the drain-pipe he climbed down to the ground. Susan watched him with a very worried expression on her face.

Once he was on the ground she tossed the bat down to him. Dave now very carefully and quietly made his way round to the front door. The front door was busted open. Dave gripped the baseball bat tighter.

Dave very carefully entered the house the baseball bat ready to swing. He quickly made a search of the down stairs of the house there was nothing. Dave now quickly and quietly made his way back up the stairs. He searched the upstairs of the house and could find nothing. Whatever was in the house last night had gone?

Dave quickly made his way to his mother's bedroom door. He tapped on the door and called through the door to her. "Telling her it was safe and for her to come out." It took her a few minutes to un-barricade the door.

She then came out to join him. She gave him a big hug; she was so happy that he was ok. Both of them quickly use the bathroom as they were both desperate. Dave stood guard with the baseball bat ready to use as his mother use the toilet. Then they swapped places and his mother guarded him while he used it.

There was no time for modesty now. Now they both went down into the kitchen to have something to eat. Susan told him. "That they better only eat out of cans as she was not sure how people were getting ill and for them to only drink bottled water. Luckily for them they had a couple bottles of water in the refrigerator.

Susan and Dave now inspected the damage to the front door there was no way they could repair it without making a lot of noise and they needed wood which they did not have. Mother and son now packed some supplies into two rucksacks. They decided to head out of town to safety. Susan dare not use the car because they were groups of figures roaming the streets. They kept to the back alleys ducking and diving when they saw anything. They made it to the woods just outside of town. However the woods were full of what Dave was now calling Zombie's.

They tried for several hours to make their way through the woods and out of town to safety. But they were too many Zombies' in the woods and it was starting to get dark now. Eventually they decided to head back to town and try and find somewhere gorgeous amateur gets it good on a picnic for the night. It did not help as they were looking for a safe hiding place that Susan needed to be fucked again.

Luckily they both found an abandoned empty armoured car and they locked themselves in it for the night. No sooner were they in the back of the van before Susan was ripping his clothes off once more. Dave was getting quite used to this now and he started to give her the fucking she needed. Susan sank her teeth deep into his shoulders to try and muffle her screams and moans of pleasure as they fucked.

They did not want to draw any unwelcome attention to where they were hiding. When Susan was asleep in the back of the van after they had fucked each other for the third time that night.

Dave opened the roof escape hatch and climbed onto the roof. He very quietly put the hatch back in place. Dave now went to see if he could find some more supplies as they were running out.

Especially of bottled water to drink. Dave found a small convenient shop that had already been broken into by the Zombies'. There was blood and pieces of bodies all over the place. However he just looked at the shelves and tried not to look at the bloody body parts. He quickly filled his rucksack and was on his way back to the adorable peach is popping out her gaped narrow cunt in close up. Dave now saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye.

And he quickly hid behind a parked car. He then peered over the bonnet of the car. He saw a group of people running passed him. A lad and a few women.

The women were all carrying weapons of some kind. Behind them where a large group of Zombies' quickly chasing after them. Dave now took off his rucksack and got under the car. He just made it as a couple of Zombies' were now up to his car. They looked at the abandoned rucksack.

But they paid it no attention and carried on after the fleeing group of people. Dave now slowly and carefully on hands and knees most of the way used the park cars as cover to get back to the armoured car. There were a few Zombies' about 20 to 30 feet away from the armoured car.

He could see his mom looking out of the windows trying to find him. The Zombie's had not noticed her yet. Dave now picked up a couple of stones and when the Zombies were not looking in the direction of the armoured car. He tossed them at the windscreen my boyfriends not here fuck me hard his mom finally looked his way. Susan was so relieved to see her son hiding behind the parked cars. She slowly and quietly opened the side passenger door.

Dave grabbed his rucksack and put it back on his back and made a run for it. He got back to the armoured car without being seen. She closed the door and locked it behind him. Susan then started to embrace him passionately.

Dave now tried to tell her about what he had seen. The other survivors. But it was pretty hard to talk as she was on her knees now giving him a blowjob. After he had cum in her mouth. He finally told her about the other group of survivors. That night there were more and more Zombie's on the streets.

They both decided that when it was safe they would try and find somewhere else to hide. Somewhere with better escape routes. At first light the next day they left the armoured car. Most of the Zombies were still asleep. They went down side streets and hid when they saw any Zombie's.

They were also running short on supplies again. They were now just across the road from a large supermarket. All its front windows and doors were all smashed in. Susan and Dave were now watching the supermarket from the corner of an alley.

Dave had packed his telescope when they had left his house and he had been watching the supermarket for the last hour to make sure nothing was going in or out of it. Susan told him. "To give it another 30 minutes before they tried to go inside." Dave now said to her. "It's been 30 minutes mom, what do you think?" Dave and his mom now ran from the alley into the supermarket. Once they were inside the supermarket they quickly hide down the first ilay. They now very carefully search the supermarket for the supplies they needed.

Dave now quickly filled his rucksack up with can foods. Susan went to look for some new clothes as hers are getting very worn and ripped. And are starting to really smell too.

Susan finds some bottle water. She now goes to look for some clean clothes. They do not have a lot of clothes left. Susan now smiles at the outfit she has to get. It makes her look like a street walker. And it his one size too small for her. However it is better than nothing. Before this started she would never dream of wearing anything so sluty as the outfit she is now wearing.

However it seems to be appropriate for the times they are now living in. The outfit was very giant boobs woman banged in local store for a few bucks on her body and emphasize her shapely figure and showed off her big tits nicely.

Susan felt her pussy start to throb with desire once more. And her nipples instantly harden.

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"Oh my god she now cried out not now, not here." Dave hearing his mom cry out now went running to her aid.

Dave now found his mom. She was on the floor with her skirt and panties off. And her ass stuck up in the air. Susan could not help herself; she was thrusting her fingers in and out of her wet pussy trying to bring herself off. When she saw him, she told him. "Hurry son it hurts really badly.

I need you to help me out. Please hurry up son." However Dave told his mother. "That he was not ready yet." She told him. "To put it in her mouth and she would get him ready. But to hurry up. She really needed relief. Her pussy was really hurting her now. It had never hurt her like sania mirza sexy bf story before." Susan was so desperate for relief now.

That as soon as her son came up to her. She had his belt undone and his pants and underwear down. Susan was soon sucking on his cock. She sucked him really hard. Susan needed his cock nice and hard so he could give her pussy the fucking she badly needed. Dave was now nice and hard. Dave was now ramming his hard cock into his mommy's wet tight pussy doggy style. "She was moaning and groaning now and begging him to go deeper and faster." She was begging him. "To make her orgasm all over his big young wonderful cock." Dave and his mom had been fucking short hair natural russian teen brunette fucked other for too long and they had become careless.

They did not hear the two women walk up behind them. When Dave heard a female voice behind him. He was so scared that he really rammed his cock into his mom's pussy giving her the orgasm she badly needed. Mother and son both came at the same time now. After they had come back to their senses. Both of them now turned to face the two unknown women who were both smiling at them. Dave now notice that both women held weapons.

He recognised them as two of the group that went passed him when he was hiding behind that car on his way back to his mom in the armoured car. He also noticed that both women were dressed as sluty as his mother was. He wondered if they were suffering from the same affliction as his mom was.

Dave soon got his answer yes they were just as horny as his mother was. One of the women now pushed his mom's porn funny femdom x ray wide open and started to lick his cum out of her pussy. Susan was soon moaning once again.

Dave thought it was very cool watching his mom get her cunt licked out by another woman. The second woman now said to him. "Let's see what you have you little mother fucker?" She then dropped to her knees and took his soft cock into her hot mouth. Dave was now moaning she could really suck a cock.

He thought to himself. The woman who was sucking Dave's cock was an expert cocks sucker. Dave wondered if she was a nymphomaniac before everything happened. And she just got even worse. Susan too was enjoying this strange woman licking out her pussy. She was moaning like a whore as the unknown woman expertly used her tongue on her clit. The woman who had been sucking off Dave now wrapped her big tits around his cock and she gave him a wonderful tit-wank. Dave could not control himself and he came covering her face with his cum.

For the next two hours they continued to fuck each other swapping partners after every cum. It was an absolute miracle no zombies found them. At one point Dave had his mom and one of the women both sucking him off, while he licked out the cunt of the other woman.

Dave even got to taste his own cum as he licked out all three of them one after the other. After everybody had finally had all the orgasms that they needed to feel normal. Everybody introduced themselves. Susan introduced herself and Dave to the two women. The two unknown women now introduce themselves to Susan and Dave. They were called Blondie and Helen and they were both friends.

Helen now asked Susan did she know. "What was going on and did she know why they had not turned into monsters like all the men in the town and some of the women." Susan now said to both of them. "I can only think it's something to do with sex. When we start to feel funny, the only thing that helps is sex." Blondie now said to all of them. "I think you are right when we have Lesbian sex with each other we start to feel normal again. However I think to keep feeling normal we will need plenty of male spunk and your son is the only man in town.

Well the only normal man we have found up to now." All three women now turned to look at Dave and smiled at him. He now felt very embarrassed and he started to go very red in his face. Which caused all three of them to giggle like little school girls. The women now screamed out in terror as a group of Zombie's came into the store.


The Zombie's now had all the exits blocked. They saw the stairs leading up to the roof and they tried to make it to the roof. Helen stayed behind and started to use her baseball bat on them to try and slow them down a little bit. She hit Zombie after Zombie and they went down with blood pouring from their heads. But the rest just kept on coming. Helen stood her ground giving the rest of them time to get upstairs. Hopefully to safety. Helen now turned and ran towards Dave who was holding the door open for her.

The Zombies were right behind her now. Helen was now on the stairs. But the Zombies were literally only a couple of feet behind her now. Dave was ready with the door to close and lock behind her. Blondie and his mom were already upstairs waiting for them. The Zombie's had caught up to Helen and they grabbed at her legs. But all they did was to pull down her tights revealing her pussy. Dave grabbed the baseball bat she was holding and tried to pull her away from them.

The Zombies were pulling her back down the stairs now. Dave was pulling back with all his strength to keep her from being pulled down and eaten by the blood crazed Zombie's. But they were too strong for him and she started to be pulled away from him. All of a sudden Dave wench in lingeriee sucks on one eyed monster japanese and hardcore a voice from behind him.

"Telling him and Helen to get their heads down." Dave turned around to see a mystery woman stood there holding yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock massive sword. She was also dressed very sluty.

The woman now said to both of them. "Don't giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess I have this." She now used her sword and reflected the light in the stairs down onto the Zombie's. The sword seemed to magnify the light so it was very bright and it hurt the Zombie's.

She kept the light on them and the Zombie's started to back away. She continued to shine the bright light down on to them. The Zombies were now screaming out in both rage and pain. All of a sudden the Zombie's burst into flames. The woman still kept the light on them.

The Zombies were now burning and screaming at the same time. Then the Zombie's exploded with a terrible loud banging sound. Helen and Dave now grabbed hold of each other and covered their eyes as pieces of Zombie's were blown all over the staircase.

Helen and Dave now look down the staircase at what was left of the remains of the Zombie's all what was left of them were large smoking chucks of burnt Zombie's. Both of them were so relieved to be still alive. The woman now said to them both. "My name is Alice, don't worry about your friends they are safe on the roof.

My son is watching over them. Now we better go before more of the walking dead show up." All three of them now went up to the roof.

Dave made sure that he locked the roof door behind them. When they got onto the roof there was some kind of plane on the roof. Alice told them.

"It was her plane." When Dave, Helen and Alice got onto the plane they were not surprised at what they saw. Alice's son Zak was pounding in and yo with massive double d natural tits and hairy pussy of Dave's mother's pussy.

While she in turn was licking out Blondies pussy. Alice now with a little bit of jealousy in her voice now asked her son. "What the hell he was doing?" Zak just smiled at his mom and said to her. "Just getting to know hower new friends a little better." The plane was filled with Susan's and Blondies moans of pleasure now.

Alice now decided that two could play at her son's game. She now turned her attention to Dave and she started to kiss him passionately. Helen smiled and started to take off his clothes. Now Zak was screwing both Blondie and Susan. While Dave was fucking Alice and Helen.

While the group were all happily fucking in the plane more and more Zombies were entering the store and coming up the stairs to the roof. The Zombies were being driven mad by the smells of the women's hot cunts which they could pick up now. The Zombies were banging the roof door trying to get onto the roof. However the group in the plane were making so much noise fucking each other that they had not heard them.

Blondie was now licking out Susan, while Zak fucked her with fast hard thrusts. Dave was fucking Alice while she licked out Helens cunt. It was probably the oddest orgy ever in history. And all the time they were fucking. The dead were battering at the roof door. Finally after they had swapped partners two more times they were all finally satisfied and were now catching their breath. However they were unaware that the door had now been forced open.

Their moans when they were climaxing covered the sound of the door being forced open. All of them now started to scream in panic. When one of the Zombies' appeared in the open door of the plane. There was nowhere for them to run and more and more Zombies were now coming onto the roof.