Siter fucks brother small cock

Siter fucks brother small cock
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My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog slave bitch part 7 Sissy woke up late Sunday morning over twenty four hrs later, sore but quite blissfully content! Her genitals were still moist and her nipples very hard and sensitive as the dreams she was having were not dreams at all but subconscious thoughts of what had occurred last Friday night and early Saturday morning.

As she got out of bed and stood in front of the mirror, this quickly displayed a painted up young woman that looked glamour babe strips out of her bra and panties much like a half red headed girl and a half animal! She was astounded at what she looked like! It was an almost unbelievable caricature, as the thoughts of what actually happened came flooding back and, as she slowly turned around she could not only see her back side with the burnt and branded words of Dog Slave Bitch!

But also her butt plug tail! The burnt in words clearly stood out on her sore bare bottom, and the fact that the mirror perverted the words as they were displayed in reverse only made it even more permanent sinful and perverted.

She had gotten so comfortable with the plug in her virgin little ass hole that she had hardly noticed it! The short black and reddish orange tail, and the make up, along with her red and black streaked hair, her swollen lips and flair-ed nostrils made her look even more sinfully grotesque! She had tried to remove the plug in her butt!

And was amazed when she was finally able to work it out to discover that it was much larger and longer than she first thought! She headed for the shower with mixed emotions, and after washing her body a dozen times or more with very hot water along with more scrubbing and soap than she had ever used before, started to look much like a young girl again! Even though she had worked to rid herself of all the color and make up some traces of the color would still take several weeks to finally disappear!

She was glad that this was the end of her sophomore year in hi school, and that she only had several more weeks of school, and even those were a day here and several days there. All of this gave her more time to readjust to a normal life as a young hi school girl, but even though she was starting to look the part again her life and her lust for sexually abusive and sadistic sexual intercourse was more consuming than ever!

Sissy had first decided not to spend anytime out in the back yard, at least for a while, but the thoughts of what had happened to her at the truck stop and the fact that the stuff on the satellite seemed to be so dull and boring now, that this had reinforced her decision to return to her favorite spot in the meadow. By the time she finally decided to go out it was later that usual, and hadn't realized that it was going to be dark soon.

She had like usual only wore her brief little panties and "T" shirt to this place, and this along with being so scantly clad and her thoughts of the truck stop had given her several very satisfying orgasmic release's!

As she got up and was about to put her panties and "T" shirt on, she heard dogs growling and other very strange noises that sounded like a woman screaming!

It was a high piercing sound! That was quickly muffled into painful moans!!!. along with what she thought was a woman begging.and then nothing ! Sissy was almost mesmerized and found herself trembling, not sure at all of what she had heard, or where it was coming from?, as she was slowly drawn closer and closer to these agonizing sounds!.

She was at first terrified! At what she saw! Her favorite place in the meadow was not far from where her neighbor had the apparent used of a gigantic half buried old Quonset hut. This is where the training of his viscous dogs took place and chunky milf makes her lover cum hard was using naked helpless young women to train them!.

The door of the big hut had been left open on purpose, and Sissy could easily see what the dogs were doing to one of these young women. At first she did not know all these details?.but her own experience as a dog slave had drawn her closer and closer to the open door and this most interesting use of dogs and naked women! She had not realized as she got closer that her "T" shirt and panties were still clutched in her hand and that she was standing there totally nude! She actually jumped !

a foot off the ground when her neighbor the man that had paid little attention to her in the past, was now standing right behind her and said, I was wondering when you would finally show up, and am not at all surprised to see a best way to relax at suck and suck

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He had grabbed her wrists and had forced her down several steps through the open door and into the hut, she then heard the big steel door close shut! behind her!. Sissy at first could not believe what she was watching.

Her neighbor was still holding her wrists tightly behind her back and started to explain! How and why the dogs were trained and how they acquired these young women and where they had come from. These particular young women were going to be used in a large private game preserve that catered to very rich perverted and sadistic clients from around the world, who then paid large sums of money and selected the game they wished to hunt, and, the game was, naked young women!

These women had been placed in there charge from a variety of questionable sources. Large breasts or small, buxom or skinny, and of course red head blondes or brunets. They also accepted special orders for specific women!!!. Most had been given freely either by their husbands who consider them sluts, that craved more and more sadistic sex, and from slave masters that actually sent them here for additional cruel brutal and sadistic punishment and training!

They would use trained dogs to help find and chase the girls down, just as they would on a regular animal hunt! The dogs during the hunt were trained to go for the girls bottoms thighs, breasts and especially their pussies!, by nipping licking or actually biting them, but were usually trained not to bite family dad duddys patrons daughter and play time with daddy first seducing my stepfather.but sometimes they actually were trained to be very aggressive and to bite brutally hard!

The dogs job and training was for the most part just to find and tree them, so that they could be shot with tranquilizer guns. Once shot their limp naked bodies would then be taken back to the lodge and hung up by their ankles, their tits would be hanging down, their pussy's would be shaved, and then eaten and helplessly fucked either by the hunters in their conquest or they would let the dogs eat and fuck them along with pictures of the hunters face or cocks buried in their muffs showing them as naked helpless conquests and could or would otherwise sadistically abuse themafter which the hunters would return them to the game preserve wilds to be used and hunted all over again!

Some of the hunters that really liked a certain pet had actually acquired them by paying large sums of money to actually own them, something that was always a possibility when their husbands or slave masters had to consider as a possibility!!!


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He then went on to say that others who had tried to train some of the wild and unpredictable Siberian Timber Wolves. Like the ones at the truck stop had not been very successful in doing so, and had given up and released them.

He had heard of a story and had seen a video tape where someone had released several of these dogs close to one of the local tourist areas! These wild viscous timber wolves had also been trained to chase and sexually attack young women.

He went on to say, a news paper article had said that several women had been attacked by wild dogs, but what it didn't say was that they had been sadistically bitten and actually raped by them, a passerby some distance away with a camcorder had video taped the entire sequence and the telephoto lens and color videogeograpy was incredibly vivid in detail as to what had actually happened to this particular woman as very sharp teeth sank into her breasts bottom and pussy along with a close up of the dogs big dick finding its mark!

He had told Sissy this story to see what her reaction would be! The thought to Sissy as she imagined herself running through daddy fucks his playmates daughter xxx the study swap woods naked and being chased by these vicious Timber Wolves was scary, but very tantalizingly seductive!

The thought was at first terrifying, but left her really excited by all this new found sadistic and very decant use of naked young women. These big mean dogs were instrumental in bringing this kind of sadistic sexual act to a climax! She had found herself getting quite wet and had felt the wetness start to run down the inside of her upper thighs just thinking about what could happen!!!. The dog that had been chasing and abusing one of these young women had finally treed her at one end of this big training arena and at first Sissy had not noticed the other dog that had mounted another young woman that had been bound to a stake much like the dog bitches at the truck stop!

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He had been animal humping and fucking her!, both dogs had stopped when their master called them. Sissy was almost speechless as the dogs appeared to be Hot brunette babe pounded by the pool and Satan!. As the dogs came closer they discovered the female sent of Sissy's wet little pussy thankfully they were the same Rottweilers that had previously enjoyed her succulent female cunt flesh at he truck stop the other night and had also taken turns at licking her virgin pussy through the fence several days earlier and they both were quite happy to see her!

She was trying to pull her bare wet little pussy back and away from their snoots that were now sniffing her crotch!. One of the dogs had immediately stuck his nose into Sissy's wet cunt and then started to really lick her, Sissy was so excited by what she had seen and the description of what they, the girls and dogs were used for, along with the story about the Timber Wolves! That she almost instantly had an incredible orgasm, just thinking about the perverted possibilities!

And would have easily collapsed if this man had not been holding her! He then said, I know you are really interested in this kind of perverted and sadistic sexand that you will eventually become the slutty little bitch and whore that I know you are and will be!

Your husband to be or slave master will then gladly give you to us, or some other sadist to be used and tortured as a helpless piece of useless slutty little cunt meat!!!.


She could not believe what she was hearing. The thought at first left her trembling as he continued to say your are just a little to young and naively stupid right now, but after your trip to he truck stop I know you want more doggie dick don't you?. You would like that wouldn't you?!!.

"Little Bitch"!!!!. Sissy was shocked as she heard someone say Oh! Gawd, OMG yes! and then realized that it was her who had said these words, he had taken the panties and "T" shirt from her, and had fastened a leather collar around her neck very tight, with a leash attached! He then gave her a viscous shove forward and at the same time had said to her, assume the bitch mating position!, she instantly put her hands out in front of her, as her soft bare little titties hit the ground hard and skidded along the hard dirt floor scratching them!

He then sic'ed Brutus on her, who immediately tried nipping at her bare breasts, but it was Satan, the other dog that at first scared her! as he, was first commanded to eat pussy!

And greedily started lapping at her open little cunt. She was hot babe gives a blowjob and drilled in the backseat her knees with her virgin plump bottom up in the air and legs apart! As Satan was given the next command to mate with the bitch! He first nipped her bottom and then easily mounted her OMG Sissy thought it was every bit as good as what had happened to her in the truck stop, but the brutality and rough treatment, by her neighbor along with her, helplessly naked on her knees in the dirt is what really brought out the sadistic sexual urge that seemed to consume her.

This harsh handling and the dogs large cock that seemed so easily to bury itself into her was euphoric!


she could feel his knot grow as she had a trembling uncontrolled orgasm!!!! This hard sadistic fucking by a dog lezzie babes open up their deep butt holes and screw hefty sex toys what she was becoming addicted to.

Her neighbor had been asking her, as the dogs took turns, this is what you want? It Is, Isn't it!!!! Sissy could hardly speak, as animal lust reeked from not only the dogs but from her as well. She was gasping for breath! As the dogs were finally called off and Brutus's knot slowly receded! She was laying on the ground after Brutus was free, as her neighbor tossed her panties and "T" shirt at her, and said you are welcome here anytime and if you have any slutty little girl friends that want to try being dog slave bitches bring them along!.

Sissy was slowly getting up her scratched and bruised little breasts were almost numb, and as she dida small amount of dog cum started to drip from her stretched little pussy followed by much more! from the satisfied thrusts of Brutus and Satan! The dog cum she was full of was now more than just a drip as more and more dripped from between her legs, this left a very wet trail as she was unceremoniously shoved out of the door !. The next morning Sissy had slept so sound had barely made the bus.

Her school activities along with several finals and her gym class were all that was required today and after practice she was in the shower and was not sure why so many of the other girls were standing around watching her!, and then realized that her bare bottom, with the brand! "DOG SLAVE BITCH" had caused quite a commotion!.

It was to late now to do anything about it, and knew that everyone in school that had not actually seen it would know by the end of the day. She toweled off and was starting to put her clothes on when several of the older girls two of them were the cheerleaders who had made so much fun of her not being able to do the split's, but now seemed to be very interested in her bottom. They thought it was really coo!.l, and had suddenly wanted to be friends!.

They also wanted to know exactly what the words meant, and how it had been branded on her bottom. Sissy was not sure, how much or what she should say and asked if either of them would like to ride the bus home with her and spend the night. When she had asked before no one had ever accepted. They both immediately said yes, as they often stayed at each others house! Sissy's only friend at school was younger and seemed to be even more naive than what others thought about her.!

Her name was Kate She was a short slim tiny little thing that had very dark brown hair. She was very quiet demure and had never said much, but really liked being around Sissy!. Because her and Sissy were sort of outcasts they had been drawn together and had become friends. Sissy had invited her over on several occasions, but, she had never excepted and was quite surprised when Kate out of the blue invited herself to come along?

Sissy was even more surprised and pleased as the day ended.

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She had suddenly become quite popular as not only the girls in gym class were interested in her bottom but as gossip and word got out more and more girls along with several of the older boys had suddenly became much more friendly.

As they were walking towards the bus her friend Kate had asked Sissy several questions. She said, you know I really like you, Sissy then said of course you have been my best, and only friend for a long time! Kate then said, no Sissy, you don't understand, I really like you!!!, this was followed by Kate giving her a quick kiss!


This caught Sissy quite by surprise as both were now starring at one another and Sissy was now starting to have that wonderful feeling in her pubes again and now knew exactly what Kate meant!. She quickly grabbed Kate's hand giving her a knowing look and said, I really like you, as they raced off towards the bus!

On the bus they had set together and the two older cheerleaders had set down behind them their names were Patty and Jane. Luckily they were all alone in the back of the bus and only a few others were in front. The conversation quickly got around to Sissy's branding, how did it happen and dog slave bitch! what did it all mean? Sissy had at first asked, did they really want to know about something so gross and perverted! They were all trying to be quiet, but said yes quite loud and excitedly!

And then looked around to see if anyone heard! Sissy then put her finger to her lip and said to be more quiet, and went on to explain she was alone most of the time and that she had a satellite dish. She could watch it anytime and that it had some really hot and kinky sex channels.

She loved to watch them and this is where she had cute slut has her tight snatch rammed about masturbation, sexoral sex and even animal sex! The two cheerleaders were at first shocked, but sweet cute innocent little Sex xhamstar com sex mom did not seem to be bothered at all by Sissy's confession and comments about sex, and sex with animals!

As the bus dropped them off in front of Sissy's house and they were walking up the drive more and more questions came up, yes she was alone most of the time and had a black female housekeeper that was bisexual and that seemed to like young white girls and that Sissy could do pretty much what she wanted.

Her parents were gone most of the time! and yes her neighbor had several big mean dogs and that they would really fuck women and young girls and yes they had licked her pussy and that she had spent most of Friday night and early Saturday morning at the notorious truck stop having all kinds of kinky and perverted sex!

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!!!. Continued in part 8