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Big tit teen babe threesome and amateur couple blonde your pleasure is my world
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Gill looked around the boat's systems. The engine sat under the cockpit and the ladder down from deck formed the firewall to the salon inside. Someone built the ladder from the side rail of a skiff.

It had a brass fitting inlaid for an oar lock to fit, when it had been the side of a rowboat. Now the diameter of the oar lock looked the same as that brass belaying pin from the shelf. The cavity measured 31" above the cabin sole, about the same as Chrystal's butt. In his mind Gill calculated the potential to mount the bronze handled belaying pin to press it into Crystal's asshole.

The right occasion always develops for something like that in a place like this, he reasoned. The oar mounting point against the engine room transmitted vibration directly through the boats downstairs entry ladder. Gill considered creating an opportunity to test his idea. He went to the store for beer and some sandwich stuff.

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"Let's go out and test the systems today. The wind will stay steady so we can run the motor and sail back. Crystal and her brother Jasper agreed. The dog jumped aboard as soon as they started to cast off the lines. They headed down the channel towards open water. Crystal stepped below to make sandwiches and opened a beer. Jasper took the tiller and headed into the early morning haze.

Gill went below to join Crystal and took a sip from her beer. He sat at the table and rolled a straight sided joint, from his sack of Sativa. As Crystal finished the round of sandwiches, and put them aside, he lit the joint. They puffed casually and passed it up on deck to the helmsman. Jasper toked a bit and passed it back below.

With the food put away Gill took another sip of beer and started kissing Crystal. She kissed back and he took her nipple with his fingers. She sighed and he squeezed firmly and began to knead a larger part of her breasts. Her sighs became moans he kissed her deeply again to feel the oral feedback. Her reaction to his boob grabbing led her hand straight to his cock and she cupped him directly. Her arousal took her right to the point and she shared the message by squeezing his dick and pinching the sensitive head.

Gill loved her knowledgeable hand. Her expert touch pressured him up like an elevator lift. The little boats engine hummed with a steady beat as they turned onto the main channel. Their make out session had Crystal backed up against the ladder that covered the little boats engine and it vibrated like a .vibrator!

When Gill felt her butt twitch from the vibration, he knew his technology would work. He kept his lips locked on Crystal and took the bronze handled hardware piece off the shelf again. He had put petroleum jelly on the battery terminals against corrosion and the jar sat in the hardware shelf between ladder steps. He opened the jar and scooped out some jelly and greased the bronze pin handle.

The he stuffed the brass belaying pin under her skirt and up her ass hole. Crystal reached arousal quickly and now she felt on the verge of a string of orgasms. Her ass felt full and her pussy pressed against Gill's legs as they continued to make out.

Then with her ass impaled on the handle end of the pin, Gill fixed Crystal metal ass plug into the oar lock on the step. Now the vibrating ladder transmitted the thrilling buzz directly into her body up her butt. Crystal's hips shook and she looked caught like a sheep in a fence.

Every struggling move gave her further stimulation and she basically masturbated herself to orgasm several times just sensing the handles first jiggles. Her brother felt a breeze slowing their progress and pressed the throttle a little further forward. The vibratory buzz transmitted to his sister's pussy picked up to a higher note. Gill's mechanical vibrating contraption had the woman buzzing as well as any professionally engineered sex toy did. Her brother had set the perfect engine speed to buzz her up to a sex storm swell.

As they crossed another vessel's wake the pitch oscillated between between musical notes. Crystal began to moan in chorus to the rolling wavelets. Gill put his hand down on her pussy and pressed lightly to impale her a little deeper on the bronze handle her ass was now mounted on. She stood stuck to the ladder and the fingering felt inside against the hard penetration. Her brother left the helm to see what went on below decks.

Gill smiled back as Jasper grinned two euro sluts share one strong cock hardcore and groupsex his sister, mounted like a trapped varmit. The angle of the ladder leaned the oarlock up enough for Gill to enter Crystal's immobilized pelvis portal. Stuck to the bulkhead by a hard dildo she could only lie helpless as Gill sandwich-fucked her pussy against the greasy ass fucking from the bronze pin handle.

The vibrational changes had her on edge and over the edge. The waves rolled and Crystal moaned in a satisfied song.

Gill pumped her deep and pressed his pelvic bone against her clitoris. She came again and again. Then Gill pulled out and called for her brother to take over fucking his sister. The boat cruised on the auto pilot with an occasional look from below decks.

Jasper drilled his willing sister as she lay stuck butt bound to the steps. Gill started connecting the alternator output directly before the rectifier. The alternating current could be stepped down to stimulator voltage by using the jumper cables to add some distance to the circuit. He reached behind the bulkhead and set the throttle to idle. The voltage dropped. He took one jumper cable and grounded Crystal's ass on the bronze belaying pin she was mounted to.

Then Gill took the positive cable and clamped it to a piece of foil that he wrapped around her brother's ankle.

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Crystal's brother completed the circuit when his wet dick contacted her grounded pussy and electrified her responses into overdrive. Gill worked the throttle to vary the electrical alternating frequency. Like Frankenstein's experiments, their muscles twitched under the electrical impulses.


The brother and sister writhed with pleasure as their new friend controlled the current. As they seemed to reach a climax Gill shifted into neutral and sped up the engine. This higher frequency blew Jasper's circuit breaker and he shot his load into his wild sister Crystal's electrified pussy. She fell forward and pulled her bronze hardware butt plug from the mount on the steps. Gill had devised a stimulator that had further potential.

Now Gill bent Crystal over the table and pulled out the bronze pin. He didn't have that thing poking back at him when he slowly slid his dick into her once used slit. A little squeezing on her part got him in a nice frame of mind to keep fucking her bent over the table. He picked up another beer and set it next to her ass and opened it. Taking a sip now and again he saw Jasper smoking on the fat joint he rolled earlier. Jasper passed it over and Gill kept fucking his sister as he smoked.

The tight walls of her pussy gripped his dick and slowly overcame his ability to hold back. Crystal rocked nina masturbandasu padre xxx porngratis squeezed and played with his dick inside.

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She shook her hips back and forth and felt his responses. Playing against his quickened breath and shaking strokes she brought him off quickly and expertly.

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He squirted her again and again. She made him hotter and wilder because she loved it so much. His shocking innovation pleased her completely.

She passed out for an hour or so after they had both fucked her. She got up and found them on deck sailing with the motor shut off. All the systems worked and they could sail quietly now without the motor. Crystal bent down in the cockpit and let her black Labrador dog mount her offered rear end. The dog picked up a steady beat and thrust away inside Crystal's warmed up chute.


Sea dog's knot expanded slowly but surely until he stuck to Crystal and couldn't pull back. The swollen knot pressed her g spot and she started to reach the point of no return. Dog sperm flowed from bowser's spunk prod and messed up the floor of the cockpit.

The guys laughed and played with her boobs and reached under to her clit and pushed it back against the dog knot. This clit pressure against the dog knot felt really really good and completely nasty to Crystal. She loved her dog but, knew it was not accepted in society. She had fucked her dog before she fucked her brother. The had a bond as close as any couple. The dog seemed to enjoy watching her fuck the guys as they enjoyed watching the dog drill Crystal. Crystal and her brother had always been outsiders.

It did not matter if she fucked her dog and her brother. They lived in a world where nobody questioned things so trivial as who you were with. No one looked twice at anything. Looking closely with binoculars, someone might has seen her pale euro amateur babe bangs for money mount her.

No one looks or no one did. She spent the day fucking and drinking on deck as they sailed on a light breeze. They smoked another joint and ate lunch at anchor against the shore of a small inlet to the channel. Gill ate Crystal out while she sipped on a beer. He loved to eat pussy and could lick a hot girl day and night. He feasted on her responses and loved to bring her off with his tongue skills. Her brother and the dog waited their turn. After a long day at anchor and another fun reach across the water the pulled into the marina once again.

The electric metal plug had jump started the action and all systems tested out ok on the trial run. No doubt bigger adventures were ahead, as the boat got into sailing shape.