Double penetration session with a busty hottie facial boobs

Double penetration session with a busty hottie facial boobs
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When Aaron arrived home from the gym he was spent, unnaturally so. He'd worked out hard and worked even harder in the changing room, but he didn't think the sole cause could just be his level of exertion. Slightly puzzled, he dropped his bag in the hall. Either way he was exhausted, so he quickly jumped in the shower again before hauling himself up to bed.

His lethargic mind still trying to sort out the extent of his power. Morning sunlight awoke him once again. "Morning again?!" Aaron groaned. His head jerked up as he realised he was late for work. "Shit!!" Aaron leapt from his bed. He managed to take three steps in the direction of his door before slamming to the ground.

Letting out a weak yell as he fell down, in confusion Aaron tried to move and get up, huge tits and butt babe bangs in taxi time he screamed. His entire body was on fire, a burning sensation travelling from top to bottom no matter which limb he moved. Tears streamed his eyes as his body refused to do what he needed it too.

Pain had never been something Aaron feared. His mother's abandonment helped him to grow a callus layer emotionally, but never before had he felt such physical agony. Helplessness threatened to engulf him as big pasa sex mp4 story lay in his doorway, half his body inside half out. Forcing himself not to panic, Aaron took some deep breaths. He realised slow, shallow breaths did not cause a stir in his body too much, allowing his mind to focus on the problem at hand.

It was clear to see that right now moving was not an option. He braved the agony, wincing in pain as he quickly shifted his body to lay straight on his back. Now laying face up he took time to think. It was obvious that his body pain wasn't just the result of the gym yesterday and that something strange had happened. Moving his neck ever so slightly caused a spasm down his spine, but it was worth it for what he saw.

A single tear left his eye. If the pain had allowed it, Aaron would have jumped through the air and danced like an idiot. No doubt laughing maniacally, which he was half doing now, but with his neck slanted the way it was, it sounded more like a cat coughing up a hairball.

His body had changed!! Gone were the weak arms, flabby stomach and undefined legs. Replaced was the body of a soldier. Arms the width of a mans head, legs like tree trunks. He couldn't believe it. If he hadn't had sex with a gorgeous woman in the changing rooms of his gym the day before, he would think this was a dream. Only in your wildest fantasies could someone expect to have their body so radically transformed like this.

Again, if the pain would allow it, Aaron would be dancing. Instead he resigned himself to laying his head back down. A giddy smile playing on his lips. It was clear to him now that the mental power he had been granted, obviously wasn't the only change to be expected. Perhaps the hardships (for lack of a better word) he was required to put his body through, needed a model more durable and strong than his previous one. This chain of thought lead him to thinking more about his new power.

He had been so preoccupied with the excitement of the gym that he never really sat and explored his abilities. He knew from yesterday that his physical attraction had gone up. Although his face had not changed, Beth had still looked his way, and a girl that hot would have never paid any attention to him before the encounter in his dream. So maybe the attraction takes place on a chemical level, with his body producing more pheromones to attract females?

This would add up if his mission was, inevitably, to mate with a different species of humanoid. A thought he wasn't truly ready to deal with yet. So as well as the chemical attraction, he also knew his touch could increase the lust of someone, not nearly as much as his own mental interference could, but enough to push things along.

He smiled.

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Noone has a chance against him, he truly was being made into the ultimate sex machine. With his mind he could increase the libio of women. He could make them feel incredible, with new heights of pleasure being offered. In addition he could make grandpa fucks teenies sweet girls in bedroom threesome with cum sharing feel a penis, hands or tongues that weren't actually there, slowly caress them.

And the best part is, every aspect of their lust will be whole heartedly directed at him. He smiled again, his life had taken such an incredibly drastic turn, closing his eyes he resigned himself to more sleep, seeing as he couldn't do anything else.

Aaron awoke after a time. Still lying on his back and by now quite cold, he guessed it to be early evening based on the fading light outside. He gingerly moved a few fingers, before trying his whole arm. The majority of the pain had subsided, leaving now just a dull ache as he climbed to his feet.

The world spun slightly. "Woah" He was taller. Definitely taller. Aaron walked to the mirror. Checking his body out earlier had been incredible, and honestly the feeling had not subsided one bit as he took in his new form. He chuckled remembering the increase in his penis size, and how that had been the first to grow. Suddenly realising how famished he was, Aaron begrudgingly left the mirror. He hadn't eaten properly in days and needed to find old clothes that would hopefully fit him.

In the end he settled on a very oversized shirt, that was now a brittanya razavi public blowjob and cum fit, and a pair of jeans that had stretched in the wash. He left the house, aiming to find a nice pub he could eat at. Driving for no more than 20 minutes, it didn't take him long to find the perfect looking pub, not too old, nor too busy. A small group of smokers, obviously students around his age, hung out outside, already the three girls in the group gave him longing looks as he walked in.

His trousers stirred a little as he felt their gaze. Focus!


Aaron told himself. No good having three women pounce on you before you've even had dinner! The interior of the pub was pleasant. The corner held a lovely open log fire and the bar seemed busy yet not hectic or loud and getting the bartender's attention didn't take long. She was an old lady, perhaps in her early fifties, and the stare she was giving told Aaron that his power affected all ages. She lingered as she took his order, before finally being called over as Aaron left to take a seat.

Nestling into a corner to await his food, Aaron took stock of the small pub. There a few more female students at a table in the far corner, obviously the non-smokers of the american soldier fuck black girl in jail outside. On the opposite side sat mostly men, however, on closer inspection a group of four women sat on a table near, these ladies all looked in their late twenties or early thirties.

There was one waitress currently buzzing between tables taking drink orders. This girl was obviously just out of school, no older than nineteen, she definitely stood out with her incredibly toned backside and perky breasts that couldn't have been more than a size C. Aaron entered her mind to get her attention, registering Mandy on her name tag. It turns out Mandy had already noticed him as she walked in his direction without looking up from the order she was writing. Coming closer to his table she looked up, nervously tucking her brown locks behind her ear.

"Hi, wher-I mean, what can I grab you?" She stuttered. "Gin and tonic please" Aaron said with a smile. He inhaled deeply as the scent of honey once again filled his nose. Still in her mind, he registered the spike in her lust almost like a chart, at each of his words. She giggled cutely as she left. Watching her beautiful ass sway as she walked away Aaron thought of all the things he could do to her, and all the things she'd beg him for.

He jumped suddenly as a stream of information hit his mind. Thoughts of domination, bondage, anal sex and god knows what else suddenly derailed his thought process.

It took him a moment to realise that the fantasies that just invaded his mind weren't his, but Mandys! He had been focusing on her and thinking of a question and the answer had streamed into his head. Aaron gave himself a moment to digest this information. He then refocused on the student group, a pretty little blonde thing had just left to order a drink at the bar, Aaron focused on her, asking with his mind whether she had a boyfriend.

Immediately the answer came back, yes, they had been together for three years but the spark had almost blonde woman gets banged by pawn keeper. Aarons mouth hung open.

He quickly snapped it shut as she glanced over and winked at him. The depths of this power just kept coming, it was incredible. So now he could find out whatever information he needed. He found Mandy again, already deciding that she would be his target this evening.


He found her swerving through the mass of tables, holding out his plate of food and drink. She gave a jaw dropping smile as she walked over. "Sausage and mash?" She said, her cheeks held a slight tinge of red. She wore no make-up so Aaron could only guess it was because of him. "Yes, thank you so much" She bent forward with the plate and Aaron made sure to brush her fingers as she set it down in front of him.

He heard a small intake of breath as she quickly asked if he needed anything else before hurrying away. For a minute Aaron was consumed by hunger.

He gave his mind a rest as he restored his energy from his recent escapades and bodily modifications, demolishing the hot food in a short period of time Wiping his face with a napkin he sat back and sipped his drink. Focussing again on Mandy he delved into her mind.

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Within seconds he knew she was single, she'd had one previous sexual partner and the guy had been a bit of a dick. He'd taken her virginity and that was pretty much it, only having sex twice after this. He definitely had not satisfied her.

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Mandy craved to be dominated. It turned her on to know extent when she felt powerless to stop a man from taking what he wanted. And turned her on even more when she pictured Aaron doing so. Unaware he was currently reading her mind, Aaron smiled. His excitement built quickly, as did the tent in his pants.

He quickly finished his drink, before grabbing Mandys attention again, something not very difficult to do when every girl in the room is already watching your every move. She wandered over. Still sporting that jaw dropping smile and tucking her hair behind her ear in the cutest way. Aaron decided to set a plan into motion. He upped her libido and began to increase it the closer she came.

Her smile faltered slightly at each step as her body slowly became consumed with a mild orgasm. Careful not to make her drop the tray of glasses she had been collecting on her way over, Aaron eased off slightly to give her a chance.

Feigning innocence Aaron stood slightly "Are you ok Miss? You look pale" "Oh I'm ok!" Mandy shook her head, dispelling the remnants of her orgasm. "Would you like another gin and tonic?" She asked pointing at my empty glass. "Yes, and please" Aaron pushed another mild orgasm through her body. Her jaw dropped, but before she could even reply her body flinched, seizing up as she tried to mask the eruption of pleasure exploding inside her.

Unsurprisingly, Mandy dropped the tray of glasses. They smashed on the floor and they both immediately crouched down to pick up the pieces. Getting in close, Aaron whispered in her ear. "You want me Mandy. I know you do." A sharp intake of her breath. "You've been wet for me ever since I walked through that door, you think I couldn't see you drooling behind the bar?" "I.Uhh.Umm.

that wasn't uh-" She stuttered again. Aaron had a hold of her libido but was doing nothing to change it. Relying entirely on his voice and knowledge of her kinks to let his plan work. "Don't bullshit me, I can see right through you.

Listen, if you want me like I know you do then you'll find me outside in the carpark. Black mercedes" Aaron finished picking up the last piece of glass and gave her another smile. Mandy seemed shocked but her face was flushed.

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Aaron watched as she went into the kitchen through the double door, then a minute later came out, speaking in hushed tones to the older lady behind the bar. The lady seemed annoyed and Aaron didn't need mind control to know Mandy was pulling a sickie.

He gently nudged the elderly bartender in the direction of letting her go. It was only a weekday so the crowds will be gone soon anyway. Aaron stood and headed out to his car. Suddenly cursing himself as he got in. What was he doing? A girlfriend plays with boyfriends cock in the bathtub luring a girl into his car, neither of them knowing anything about one another, not even knowing her age!

He panicked a little, he understood the needs of his power and was starting to understand his mission, but that doesn't mean he loses his values. Never had he ever wanted to make a girl uncomfortable, force her to do anything she didn't truly want, nor make her upset.


He needed to make sure every girl he was with wanted this consensually. He spotted Mandy walking across the car park. She still wore her white waitress shirt and black trousers, although her shoes had been changed to more comfortable trainers.

He quickly checked her age and sighed in relief when he realised she was indeed 19. She looked nervous. Checking her mind he saw her libido had lessened with the rise of her panic. Either way she got in the car. There was silence for a second.

At this point Aaron could feel almost no extra lust on top of her general attraction for him. "Look, Mandy.I realised in there that we don't know much about each other. I stand by what I said picking up the glass." Her horniness spiked. ".But I want you to be comfortable and I want this to be consensual.

So how about I give you my full name, address and anything else you need?" Her anxiety fell largely, replaced with general nerves. "Thanks, god I have no idea what came over me in there" Her voice was tinged with admiration and disbelief "I can't believe I just waltzed into a strangers car, I don't even know your name-" "Aaron, Aaron Spencer" He interrupted. "-right ok, Aaron, nice to meet you…thanks for trying to not make this weird.

I had somewhere to be tonight but if it's ok with you I can call and let them know where I'm gonna be?" "Of course" Aarons own naughty college ndash the new girl double penetration and doublepenetration at the situation dissipated as he gave her the address to his home.

His dick began to grow a little as his mind refocused on what he was going to do to her. Mandy called her friend and explained the situation, telling her not to wait up because she might stay at a friends house.

As soon as the phone call ended, Aaron started the car and drove the 20 minutes home. They chatted as they drove back. Mandy wasn't a student, she was working at the pub to pay for travels, opting not to take the generic route of going straight to education.

She asked questions about his life, his age, partner situation etc. All the while they both grew more horny, Mandy getting wetter and wetter at each word he uttered. As soon as they were in the house, Aaron switched his demeanor. "Get on your knees, NOW" Mandy spun, falling to her knees, eyes looking up full of desire. "Undo my jeans, lick me like your life depended on blonde cutie cameron dee taking a large dick, or you'll be sorry" Mandy almost ripped his jeans off.

Gasping lightly as his newly developed penis sprang from his boxers, knocking into her forehead. She began to lick.

Starting from the bottom and moving slowly to the top. She spent time licking slowly around the helmet of his dick, paying close attention to the sensitive underside. "Hmm not bad. Swallow me bitch" Aaron had never taken this role before but was growing to it. He was inside Mandy's mind playing off her own fantasies of being dominated.

She began to try to swallow him, taking almost half of his dick deep in her throat. Aaron bent his head back as he groaned. Already feeling his load coming. Holding off a moment he grabbed Mandys head and began to fuck her face. Slowly pulling out and in, going deeper and deeper into her warm wet hole. She gagged hard as saliva started to drip from her mouth.

All the while Aaron increased her pleasure, sending waves of ecstasy running through her body the deeper she took his cock. Eventually Aaron could hold no longer, he pulled out and shot load after load of thick white semen onto her face. Mandy kept her eyes and mouth open as an orgasm took her body the same time the cum landed. "Uhhhrgg fuuuck" She shuddered. But Aaron wasn't done. He grabbed her hair, pulling her up from her knees.

Making her squeal in pleasure as he did so. Globs of cum still sticking on her face and dripping on her work shirt, Aaron bent her over, reached forward and ripped open the top of her trousers.

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In no time her black trousers and a deliciously innocent set of white panties were on the floor around her ankles.

"God you're so wet" Aaron said as he brushed a finger over her hot vagina. You could practically feel the heat radiating from her and the sweet pungent smell of honey filled his nose as he stepped closer.

He paused at her entrance. Rubbing the head up and down her slit. "Beg me for it" Mandy groaned, she was practically rabid. Her lust had reached such primal levels it was almost difficult for coherent speech. Aaron did not blame her, he'd given her almost 4 orgasms tonight already without actually touching her at all.

"Please.fuck me.please" She begged. "You taste so good, fuck me while I have your cum on my face" Aaron wasted no time. He rammed his cock deep into her pussy. Mandy screamed. Another orgasm wracked her body. "Holy fuuuu-uu-uuck" Aaron began thrusting. Fucking her hard and fast, pushing his entire 9 inches deep every time. He grabbed the back of her hair, pulling it hard as he simultaneously slapped her arse.

Impossibly Mandys screams got louder. Her moans now turning into one consistent stream of noise. She was on another planet. Aaron smiled as he watched her. He'd only just cum but his orgasm was building, he had an idea. "Listen you little slut" He wrapped an arm around Mandy in front of him, grabbing ahold of one of her glorious breasts.

"If you cum without my permission one more time…" Aaron got close to her ear and whispered ".Im sticking this in your ass" "Oh god, oh no please, I've-I-uh-I've never had it there before" She muttered in shock. In her mind Aaron could clearly see the desire she had. This was part of her kink, she wanted to be taken by force like this. "You do what I say bitch" He said back. So Aaron continued his thrusting. This time ripping open her shirt, pinching and rolling a nipple between each finger as Mandys moans became increasingly louder.

"Oh please, I'm gonna cum" That was quick, Aaron thought with a laugh. He stayed silent. "Please! Let me cum, please!" Aaron stayed silent.

He increased his thrusting, trying to ignore his own orgasm. Mandy began moaning more and more, begging with each wet slap of Aarons pelvis on her arse. But he stayed silent. Before long Mandy could do nothing.

She came. A long guttural moan escaped her lips as her body shuddered. Aaron smiled. He slipped out of her and roughly spun her around. Lifting her up he carried her to the sofa where he put her down, positioning himself in missionary.

"You heard what I said girl. You know what's coming" He positioned himself at the entrance to her butt. His dick was slick and soaked from their combined juices so he slowly wiped up and down her back entrance, lubing it up.

"Look at me slut" He ordered. She looked at him. Beautiful brown eyes filled with utter compliance, utter submission to his every whim. She needed this, wanted this. Aaron didn't have to say anything. She began to beg.

"Please put this in me. I need it in my ass. PLEASE!!" She cried. Aaron locked eyes with her and entered her mind again. He began to push slowly on her entrance whilst increasing the pleasure points of Mandys brain. He pushed more until the entire head of his dick fit inside with a pop. He took a minute to let Mandy's body accommodate his girth inside her.

Watching as a small tremor of pleasure visibly ran through her. This was her one true fantasy playing out. Aaron began to move back and forth. The tightness of her sphincter was incredible, pushing his own pleasure to new heights. He began to thrust harder and harder into her virgin ass. Pushing in time with Mandys shouts of pain mixed with pleasure. "Yes-Yes-Yes" She grunted in rythme.

Aaron grunted himself. Both their bodies slick with sweat as he began his final push. His climax building Aaron synced himself once again with Mandy, this time joining both their pleasure centers together as one. Aaron grunted. Mandy screamed. He thrust again and again as a huge crescendo of the most intense pleasure crashed down on the senses and minds of both participants involved. Streams and streams of hot wet cum blasted into Mandys bowels.

At the same time her body completely froze, no sound escaped her lips and wave and wave of pleasure coursed through her being. A sound like a burst water tap filled the room as the intensity of Mandys anal orgasm caused her to squirt. Leaking more juices across the floor and sofa. Neither Aaron nor Mandy could take any notice, brooke banner gets fucked by the customer extended orgasm still flowing through them until finally it stopped.

Silence filled the room as they each passed out on the sofa, dead to the world. Aaron woke sometime later. He had enough energy to grab a blanket from the back of the sofa and wrap it around the two of them.

Mandy moaned gently as he positioned her laying on his gal with nice butt fucked cumshots and creampie with the blanket over them both. He closed his eyes once more, still unbelieving that such an incredible thing had happened to him.