Cumforcover misha cross blowbang with cum spurting cocks

Cumforcover misha cross blowbang with cum spurting cocks
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Before I start I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to write a fictional story with character development and a long story line.

Therefore, in some of the parts there will not be that much sex. However, it is imperative that you read all of them so that in the parts when sex plays a large role, you will not miss a beat. This one, is the intro, so there's no sex Hey!

My name is Jack.


I am 5"11 a little skinny, blonde hair brown eyes. I am not so muscular but I still happen to be pretty athletic.

So despite my average body, I still get ogled by the girls in my junior grade. I've had some flings with a bunch of these girls back in junior high and in freshman year, but my sex life has been stunted by the intrusion of my twin sister, Amanda when we were sophomores. We never went to the same school, but after she was harassed by some drunken dude at a party in her school, my parents decided that she needed someone to look out for her in school.

So they transferred her to my school. Amanda in 5"7 skinny just like me, brown eyes and flowing blonde hair that goes down to her shoulder blades. About five years ago she began to sprout round tits that have since blossomed into, pretty cute breasts. I shouldn't know this, but when the cleaning lady put my sisters' silk black Victoria's Secret bra (which I never would have guessed she would have) in my hamper I checked it out and it was 32 B.

People have always said she was pretty attractive and I have to agree, after all we are twins so if she is hot, then I am too! Well since Amanda has been switched schools, she has become popular so quickly, that see with enjoyment this porn scene hardcore and blowjob somehow is good friends with all of the different cliques.

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They all know her and they all love her since she's just a sweet girl who always has a smile on her face, while at the same time is athletic like me and also pretty smart. It's fair to say that she was good at everything, which is why all the guys also wanted to get to know her.


Over the last two years she had been with a few guys, some o them my friends others not, but I had told her that she better not let me catch her with anyone I knew. She had been good with that as she didn't want to hurt me in any way. As for me, every time I'm getting anywhere with a girl, she always says that she wouldn't want to mess up her relationship with my sis, so we better stop there.

Somehow my sister still got laid, while I had to jerk off to satisfy my teenaged-horny attitude. Anyway, this particular story begins about two weeks ago; right about when winter became spring and the weather outside got a little warmer. As I cam home from school after basketball practice, I was in desperate need of a shower.

Obviously because I was all sweaty but also because I needed to jerk off after watching the cheerleaders perform their routine right next to our practice. There was this one cheerleader Jessica, I think the assistant captain, that I had been very into my entire life, but to no avail as she was always with another guy, or just too elusive from me. Most girls confronted me and enjoyed spending time with me, but she would always make sure that I wouldn't get to talk to her. At first I thought as a pompous guy that she was playing hard to get, but after a while I began to realize that she must have had something against me.

Anyway, after watching Jess flaunt her 5"6 skinny drop dead body with her ever bouncing 34 B/C cupped breasts for about two hours, I just had to get rid of all that semen building up inside of me. I thought I had seen her wink at me or thrust her body playfully at me in her practice, but I'm sure I was just imagining things.

Normally when I have to jerk off, I just go to my room, put on some porn and grind my hips into my clenched fists while standing on some towel. I love the feeling of jerking off in my bedroom, where you always have to make sure nobody comes in and that you don't make too much of a mess. Also, the carpeting feels so much better than the tiles in the bathroom. Occasionally, I also like to get fully nude and lie face down on my bed and pretty much fuck the bed.

But this time after practice, I couldn't do any of that as my parents, twin sis, and 2 of my other 3 siblings (all girls 13, 14, and 20, yet somehow I'm still athletic) were going to be home. My older sister, Kate, was in college out of state so I only saw her like once every two months. Dana, 13, was in 8th grade, and Nicole, 14, was in my school as a freshman. However, when I was pulling up to the house, my mom called saying she and my dad took the two little girls out for dinner and a movie and they'd be back like in 3 hours.

When she said they were going to be out I was so excited as I'd be jacking off in my room with the door open, but then she said that Amanda was still home, I had to again resort to doing it in the shower so she wouldn't here me. When I walked into my house, I could smell the delicious tuna casserole that presumably my mom put up for us, and was looking forward to having some of that later.

But first, I dashed into my room, grabbed a towel and my laptop and ran into the bathroom screaming to Amanda that I was home and in the shower. I locked the door behind me, slipped off my clothes and found a hot website on my computer with a video busty slut trixie cas is having some fun with sex toy before getting s girls kissing and licking each other that was supposed to an hour long. Very excited I jumped into the shower, positioned my laptop on the counter directly facing the shower, turned the water on and began to first rinse off all the sweat.

When I came down to my dick I realized that I was going to need a lot of TLC down there as it grew to seven and a half inches long. After washing my hair I soaped down my entire body paying extra care to my groin making sure it would be perfectly clean. As I was stroking it with my lathered hand, I heard someone ferociously banging on the door. I turned the water off; thankfully I had had the volume on my laptop off in any case, and screamed at my sister for disturbing me.

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I yelled at her, what the hell do you want, I told you I was in the shower, stop bothering me you idiot. We really did like each other but as normal siblings, we had to get mad at each other just because.

She said that she really had to pee and since the other bathrooms in the house had plumbing problems, I was in the only bathroom that was available in the house. I told her to wait as I had every right to be in shower, but she claimed that she had been waiting for like 20 minutes.

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I checked the time on the porn that was still running, and sure enough, a little more that 20 min had gone by. Wow! I thought to myself, I didn't think I'd be able to hold back for that long.

But as I was lost in my own thought, she kept on banging saying it was unfair and I had to get out. Having no intentions of stopping my pleasure-eliciting shower, I told her to go pee in the bushes or like in the kitchen sink. She wasn't too happy with this remark so she told me that if I didn't get the hell out of the bathroom, she was going to go into my room and start breaking all of my trophies and chucking all of my porn magazines which apparently she knew about.

I said that I really needed to shower because I wasn't feeling well, so she had no right to kick me out. At that point she started playing with the door knob, seemingly trying to get through the lock. Realizing that I would be caught red-handed, I first shut off my computer then told her to bug off again. At this point, she kind of sounded helpless when she pleaded to please let her use the bathroom, that I kind of felt bad. After all, as I've mentioned, I did like her and didn't want to piss her off that badly.

She was sort of whimpering by the door in pain of holding it in, when she said, hey Jake, can you just let me in to pee, keep the shower curtain closed and when I'm done you can continue? She knew that if I had wanted to take a peek, she'd be able to see me as well, so she trusted that I wouldn't look.

At this point, I thought, hey why not, it might even increase my arousal to hear a pretty attractive girl pee, especially knowing that her panties would not be on at that point.

So I told her that I could do that. I would come out of the shower, unlock the door, get back in and then tell her to come in. She seemed somewhat satisfied with this so I proceeded to get out and unlock the door. When I jumped back into the shower, I told her to come in. She ran in, threw the seat down and started peeing so quickly that I actually felt a little bad that I had made her hold that in.

All of a sudden I started to think about her peeing and taking off her panties that my dick got even harder than before. She didn't know, but the curtain was a little see-through if you were right next to it, so I took a glance at her. Unfortunately, from my angel all I saw was her upper torso which was fully clothed.

Too bad because she definitely could have been some good eye candy. It was a good thing there was a shower curtain real swinger home story outdoor gang bang2 us. Trying to make sure that she realized I wasn't enjoying the sound of her peeing, I told her that she pees like a guy.

She chuckled and told me that Adam, my best friend, always use to tell her that when they'd pee together.

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I lividly asked what the hell she was talking about as I would never let her be with my best friend, but she proceeded to tell me that after they would fuck, they would go pee together, she would sit and he would put his dick between her thighs and the toilet seat and they would in effect, pee on and with each other.

After she could tell I was pissed, she told me that she was just joking and I really wanted to strangle her right there. Now that she had finished, she washed her hands, and walked out thanking me. As she left, she said something that really turned me on even more; she said that she really enjoyed peeing with the door open and me in the room, saying it was kind of kinky.

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Of course she immediately began to chuckle again, but boy, was I really into my sister all of a sudden. After she closed the door I waited a few seconds taking in all that just happened and was debating whether I should go back and lock it or not.

Maybe if I left it open, she might walk in again and give me even more pleasure. When I realized that busty slut has her orgasmic twat hammered brunette and big tits was probably just playing with me and trying to annoy me for making her wait for so long, I jumped out and went over to the door.

When I was like a foot away, the door opened and my Amanda was standing right there with her mouth wide open looking at my nude body with my raging hard on. I tried to cover it and yelled at her while I got my towel but she was laughing through the whole thing. When I finally covered up, she apologized for walking in on me and she came in to get her ring that she had taken off to wash her hands.

At this point she knew that she was giving me an arousal, so she lingered in the bathroom a little more than usual. As much as I was into her, however, it seemed that she was only acting as she was to excite me, not however, because she was into my body.

I cursed her out when she left, slammed the door behind her, locked it, and jumped right back into the shower to jerk off right then. She must have known what I would be up as she knocked on the door right before I was going to cum to tell me that I should make sure to clean up the cum after I had finished jacking off.

Well, that put me over the top and I cummed to the sweet voice of my twin sister who I just began thinking of in a sexual light. Hearing my moans, she laughed again, and said, hey bro, you better hope I don't go telling your friend that you jacked off thinking about me! (To be continued)