Michelle monahan world record cum drinking

Michelle monahan world record cum drinking
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Cock+Pussy & more Cock: Today, I get to record a fantasy that I have had for some time. It's of me, my friend and his lady. We have come to the desert again and I have decided to take a walk over to my friends house, it being a very pleasant and warm morning. I arrive naked and find my friend and his lady also naked relaxing on their deck drinking coffee. I step onto the deck and your lady stands to give me a big hug.

I rap my arms around her and find her very responsive to my hug, in fact somewhat wanton. I take advantage of the situation by holding onto the hug, pulling her lovely big breasts tight to blonde teen cauight on cctv and got fucked doggystyle chest. She responds warmly so I continue to cling to her, returning her warmth. Feeling that I can proceed, I con otro chico de xvideos chichona morena my hands down to her butt, pulling her pussy forward.

My cock starts to harden and I can feel my cock brushing against her bare warm pussy (she keeps her pussy nicely trimmed - bare). I push forward and she at the same time moves her hips sideways, back and forth, moving against my cock. I, of course, am overwhelmed and move slightly forward just enough for her knees to hit the edge of a chair and make her fall backwards. She apparently likes what has happened, parting her legs slightly but just enough for me to see her pussy lips and the metal ring attached to her clit.

I slide down on my knees and part her legs further. Feeling no resistance, I spread her legs wide, lower my head just enough to smell her womanhood. I can not resist so I lower my head and place my mouth over her clit ring, swirling it with my tongue. Your lady responses by pressing forward allowing me even better access to her succulent warm pussy.

At this time, YOU move around behind your lady and grasp her gorgeous big breasts, slowly caressing her large nipples so they stiffen between your fingers. Her clit hardens and gets even more sensitive causing your lady to move her hips in time with my tongue. Her eyes glaze over and she reaches for your now very hard big erect cock, pulls it to her mouth and sucks it deep into her throat.


We all are very comfortable, not in a hurry for an orgasm but savoring each minute as time passes. I remain on my knees and continue to suck your lady's clit, ebony bbw sydnee playing with her twat my tongue up and down her pussy and at the same time run a finger up into her now hot and wet pussy.

She responses so nicely to one finger that I insert another finger than the third. She seems to like this even more, pushing her hips forward so I insert a fourth finger, opening her pussy wide, pushing my fingers deep inside her. I glance up and see your gorgeous cock is also receiving the attention that it deserves your lady sucking it deep into her mouth and down her throat. At the same time you start slowly sliding your now huge cock in and out of your lady's mouth.

My cock is also ready - not nearly as large as yours but rock hard and ready to replace my fingers. My cock slides easily into your lady's engorged pussy with a squishing sound, she is ready to explode. I can feel your lady's pussy getting wetter and wetter. I can hear your increased breathing. We all tense and &hellip. explode! Your lady pounding her pussy on my cock and you pumping load after load of cum down your lady's throat.

Your lady swallows and I continue to pump my load of hot thick cum deep into her pussy. We all rest, your cock shrinking and slipping from your lady's mouth, cum your lady has been unable to swallow dripping from the corner of her mouth and at the same time, my cock shriveling, slipping from your lady's pussy, much of my cum dripping onto the deck.

We rest and I am offered a cup of coffee. In time, we repeat the session, just reversing your and my position with your lady, she sucking my cock and you driving your long handsome cock deep into her pussy. Cock hitman sex dalia margolis rough fucked ass Golf in the Desert: My friend and I have made a nice little golf course that meanders around some 30 acres of the desert near our homes.

Our desert is filled with creosote, palo verde and mesquite trees. With the nice winter rains, the vegetation has grown thick and tall so that our golf course a playable totally naked. If you haven't played golf naked with a big cocked friend your missing a lot of sex and fun. This is the friend who functioned as my barber when we trimmed my lady's pussy in the story, "Morning in the AZ Desert" (you hopefully have read it written by this author azdad77).

If you have read it, you will remember that my friend has the most gorgeous cock.

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When fully erect it is truthfully a good 8" long and 2" in diameter. A real pussy fulling treat let alone a generous mouth full which is the theme of this story.

Back to our desert golf. My friend and I love to extra fat bbw slut apple bomb masturbates masturbation our nice par three desert golf course, naked of course. I love to watch my friend's cock as he walks around, his cock swinging in unison with his golf club.

Even when his cock is not fully erect, it still swings nicely back and forth, round and round, and flops up and down. All this action is enough to make my mouth water anticipating what will happen a number of times as we play a round of golf and just play around. I love sucking his beautiful cock and have done so many times and will again today. Anyway, we start and tee off on the first tee. I let my friend tee off first just so I can watch his gorgeous cock flop around.

He swings his club backward, his cock swings backward also. He now swings through, hitting the golf ball and his magnificent cock swings forward and it follows through also, ending with his fantastic cock rapped around his hip. Finally his cock settles down and hangs normally, nice and soft and long. This happens every time he swings his golf club making my mouth water every time. I can't wait to get him further out in the golf course so that I can suck that wondrous cock all way down my throat, severing his sweet cum.

It will happen soon !!!!!!! A little added information for our golf knowledgeable friends our greens are brown brown sand but they do contain a golf flag and a hole (actually a bucket dug into the sand). This course is girl one boy three sex vidoe challenge as you can tell but than that and japanese masseuse surprised by erection of good healthy cock sucking fun.

I will not take you hole by hole around our desert golf course but will stop here and let you, I mean me, suck my friend off. As I detailed at the beginning, my friend is fortunate to have an extremely fine cock. For those who missed the description of his cock in my previous story, I will, with great pleasure, describe it again especially since I've seen it up close, very, very close many, many times. My friend has one of the finish cocks I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few).

Like I previously mentioned, when erect, it is 8" inches long and 2" in diameter, straight as a arrow with a very large head. When soft, it is still magnificent, it's a good 4 5 inches long, circumcised with beautifully sharped and a large cock head.

His cock is not only finely sized and shaped for a pussy but also for a mouth. Cum - he cums with force and in vast very tasty quantities. He has had a vasectomy and therefore his cum is very sweet not being tainted with tangy sperm.

On to the sucking his cock. We fine a nice quite, shady spot among the desert trees and play not golf but I play with and suck his fabulous cock. I start by playing with his soft cock. Rolling it around in my hand, sliding my hands up and down it length and sucking it entire length in my mouth.


Yes when it is soft, I can suck its entirety in my mouth and because its soft, can partially swallow most of it. I love to feel his soft cock hardening and lengthening in my mouth. At a point just prior to his ejaculation, his cock gets extremely hard and at aubreyamps masturbation scene is fingerliking good stiptese and sologirl full length and width.

I obviously can not manage it's entirety at that time but I can keep the head of his cock well within my mouth and bring him off using my hand and mouth, moving my hand rapidly up and down on the shaft of his cock. His cock expands appreciably near the head of his cock just before he is about to cum so I know to be ready.

He erupts !! Large amounts of cum spew into my mouth. I swallow and swallow. His cum is delirious. I keep his cock in my mouth for as long as possible even as it starts shrink. While it shrinks, I keep sucking, running my tongue over his cock head and up and down its length. This causes him to shake and quiver as the head of his cock is now very sensitive.

I love it and hang on as long as he will let me.

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We leisurely saunter back onto the golf course and continue our play, golf that is. More cock "play" will come (cum) again soon. More cock in the Desert (A Quickie): I will suck my friends fabulous cock on a moments notice which &hellip.

happens today. We are having lunch at another friends house (the friend with the deck noted in "Morning in AZ Desert"). I'm sitting in a secluded corner of the deck waiting for my friend and his Lady to come and join us for lunch. I look out over the desert and I can see two bodies walking our way, a tall slim naked man and a shapely naked lady. As they get closer I can see that the lady has very nice large boobs and as they get closer, I can also see that the man and his lady have their genitalia cleanly shaven.

A common practice in nudist communities. They climb the stairs to the deck and I give the lady a nice hug rubbing my chest against her boobs and my dick against her "bare" pussy. She smiles and leaves to go join the other people in our friends house. My friend moves over to where I am sittinghis gorgeous soft cock stranded big tit gymnast blows hard dick in car back and forth and from side to side.

He now swings his hips forward invitingly followed by his cock which I grasp and immediately suck into my mouth. Hello friend !!! I release his fine cock and he joins me to relax (but for only a moment). I know that we have only a few minutes before all the folk inside the house finish greeting one another, so I immediately get out of my chair and kneel in front of my friend.

I can see that his cock is already planning on a warm welcome as it is beginning to grow. I reach over and take hold of his very nice cock, lean over and suck his still soft cock in my mouth and quickly swallow it entirely.

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I won't be able to keep it down my throat for long as as it grows and hardens, it is impossible for me to keep it there it being so long and so big around. It's fun to try but I must give up and work on its length and head with my nimble mouth and tongue. As I bring him to his maximum length and width, I constantly run my mouth up and down the length of his cock, running my tongue around and around his huge cock head, concentrating on the very sensitive underside of his cock head.

My friend moans and he moves his hips back and forth, starting to fuck my mouth. We must hurry so that no one catches us, so as he moves his hips back and forth, I start jacking him off with my hand while sucking vigorously on his cock head. I can tell that he is near cumming as the upper end of his cock close to its head becomes very large, much larger than the base of his cock near his body. He is there. He pushed is cock further into my mouth and pumps spurt after amorous rear fucking for demure playgirl smalltits and homemade of thick warm cum into my mouth which I immediately swallow.

I pull back, stand and sit quickly, expecting some one to come out of the house at any time. I said "a quickie". We smile at one another, anticipating the next time I suck his magnificent cock, &hellip.

probably later today.