Busty teen love it form the back from dirty old men

Busty teen love it form the back from dirty old men
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Laying flatten on my back, listening to soothing noise of my ceiling fan, blankly staring at the blades continuing spinning. I couldn't help myself but to think back home too Indiana. I never understood how could that place enter my warped mind. The place of nothingness, where folks only go to live their routine lives until falling out of existence.

My darkened room lit up, as I turned my head towards my cell, I read "Are you still coming? Lol". Her name is Tia, we met at the local mall when she was working. Her hair is long and black, her body is slim built with massive tits that's was busting threw her T-shirt. Her skin is pale but she still had such an emo beauty to her. I manage to be the lucky big black motherfucker riley knows how to get what she wants snagged her number.

I shifted my myself up and pulled the sun blocking curtain away from my view outside my window. As I made my way out my room into the barracks. I could hear the other off duties soldiers speaking of the tons of alcohol and bitches they're getting for tonight.

I smirked give them a friendly pat on the back and wished them luck. I started my car that was an green SUV and beat to hell, I made my way to her house.

I saw the blinds flicker with her suddenly rushing out the front door with an brighten gaze in her eyes.

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Her tits rapidly bouncing up and down in her low cut tank top as she's running down the front steps She climb my my car with a little laughter she shouted beautiful ravenhaired babe gets her pussy drilled brunette big tits. Im not one for taking orders from someone who arent in my chain of command but thinking to myself with how beautiful is she I asked no questions and floored it.

She openly said, "Sorry about that my dad was trying to find out who I'm going out with" "I guess that's the most pleasant way of my meeting a father" She giggled a bit, "So where are we riding too?" With me not actually having a plan, I replied "I'm actually hoping you could show some of Alaska's special food I hear so much about".

"Thai food it is!" She gave directions to her favorite thai cuisine dinner, we parked on the side of a homely building. As she stood up to get out of my car I could see the backside of her thong that was white with blue lining. I felt the of my pants bulge up thinking about her round ass. We strolled up the wooden ramp to the front door. She rushed into of me and grabbed the door handle and opened it. After we walked in, the place filled with plastic good and amber pieces for the authinic look.

Tia gave me a hip bump "I see you're not the prince charming I'm looking for, that's strike one" Puzzled I couldn't comprehend to what she was talking about. "You let my open the door for myself, that's strike one" she repeated. I gave her a quick smile "I'm in a good mood because of you let's not ruin it with the fairy tales". We was guided to our table by the hostess.

She was of Asian decent. Cute face small tits and small butt. But I couldn't bring myself to stop looking as we was going to our table. I pulled a chair from underneath it and made an open hang gesture for Tia to sit down.

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She then patted me on my chest and inch in to my face "That's better" I sat across from her reading off the menu "Thai Curry, Spicy Curry, Jerked Curry, Beef Curry, you know I'm starting to see a trend" "That's the point, I love curry" "What about sushi? I've heard that was some good shit". "Good thing tonight is about you impressing me, I bet next you're going to tell a bunch of sweet nothings to get in my pants".

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"That's tempting but I'm a man of self respect and morals". "Said no guy ever". "Said only guys who obviously told a bunch of sweet nothings to get in your pants". I replied as I winked at her. Tia gave me an opening grin while she was noggin my legs under the table with her black boot. I reach across the table and grab her hand.

As we're handing hands and fondling each other fingers I stared into her deep green eyes as we talked about the goals of each other life. We finished and at the restaurant and made our way to the theater. During the ride I couldn't remove my eyes from her big tits inching closer and closer to popping out of her tank top with every bump in the xnxx 2019 porn folder story. Too bad we arrived at the theater.

She asked "What kind of movie?" "Scary of course, that is the traditional genre for dates" "Still trying to get in my pants I see, that gets you no where with me." I wrapped my arms around her pulled her in tight, pelvis to pelvis.

"If I wanted in your pants then I'll make it happen babygirl". She pushed away from me and started walking away from me, a few steps ahead "You know, just looking at my ass isn't enough, you're wasting sweet daylight".

We made our into the movie, as we took our sits, she bury her head in my chest. I didn't care for whatever movie was in front of us. I could only feel her head on my chest rising up and down.


I only thoughts that was running through my mind was her big tits, her round ass with the white and blue thong and all the nasty dirty things I wanted to do too her. After the movie ended as we was walking out she said too me, "I give you props for not being another guy trying to take advantage of me" "Slept threw the whole thing, barely noticed you".

As she attempted to slap my arm I quickly turned her around.


"Now I got back you where I want you". "Right behind me" she said with a smile. I released her but step mom nylons fucks companion playmate first time horny step mom gets slammed had her in my grasp. We gave each other that long stare like we just imagined our whole life together. My eyes bounced down to her smooth red lips and back up to her eyes.

My hands was gliding up and down her hips. Her hands rubbing my chest then she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck. We slowly moved in for that sweet first kiss. As our lips puckered against each other I felt her slim body move in closer to mines. I felt my cock swole up against her stomach, she moved her hand down and rubbed my cock outside my bugled pants.

She softly whisper "Is prince charming going to sweep me off my feet?". I grab her hand and hastly made our way to the car. During my way back to the barracks she unbuckle my belt, reach down into my boxers and pulled my cock out. She wasted no time putting her mouth around it. I hear her spit onto my cock and felt her hands jerking it up and down.

My cock sloppy and wet, "Gosh you're so thick, it's making my jaw sore I'll just put this back and save the rest for later".

I pulled up to the barracks, hand and hand we suddenly made we way to my room. "You finally got me where you want me. All alone, I guess I'm all yours." I picked her up and tossed her on my bed, she eyeing my bulge. I took off her black boots, I unzipped her tight black pants and I then pull out my thick black veiny cock. She grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip between her wet pussy lips. She smacked her clit with my cock a few times before sticking it in her.


I shoved my big black thick cock inside tight pussy inch by inch. By each inch she let out singa pur six xxx vido moan sexier then the last one. She grabs with big tits as they was bouncing along her chest with each thrust I gave her.

I could feel her tight pussy tighten up as she's ready to cum. "DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP!!" she yells. I arch back and rammed my cock in her even deeper as she cums all over me. I pulled my black cock out of her pussy. She grabs it and licks off all off her cum. Her hand gliding along my shaft as she sucks the tip and caddling my black balls. She deep throats until she smashes her face against my pelvis.

She feels my cock throbbing in her throat and takes it out. As she jerks my off I bust on her face. She then brings my cock to her lips again. I feel myself shooting off a giant load in her mouth.

With a smile she says "Thank you Prince Charming", while she wiping my cum off her face and licking it with her tongue.

She redress herself and left, shut the door right behind herself. Leaving me in the darkened room with the darkened curtains and the spinning blades.