Anal teen lita phoenix gets her tight asshole oiled up and poked in me

Anal teen lita phoenix gets her tight asshole oiled up and poked in me
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Sorry my bad English, not a native language My friend's wife, who was a painter, celebrated her 40th birthday.


She promised to organize spectacular party, asking guests to arrive dressed extravagant and surprising outfit. „Like carnival," she said and added laughing: „If someone wants a special surprise, could also come naked." There was one place of lending theatrical clothes and I found hippie outfit from 1960's and I was quite satisfied.


I didn't think, that I will need some Mickey Mouse or Tarzan outfit, all these ideas were not too much original and I was not going to figure out something extraordinary. Clearly the most simple solution would have been to come naked, but I left this idea for others. Because I recently haven't a girlfriend, I had to go alone and maybe this was even better to celebrate loosely at party.

When I arrived, there was also plenty of people, everybody in strange outfit, some of them (but maybe also mine?) not big on special fantasy. But then, five minutes after me arrived girls showing her brest milk girl's sister and her 14-year old niece.

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And younger one was really stark naked, even not shoes, as my friend's wife suggested, when she invited guests. Maria (name of the birthday girl) was fascinated, as she shouted: „Finally somebody dared to come naked. My congratulations to you, Helen," she said to girl and her mom shook her head: „Helen insisted to come naked. I protested until the last minute, but then gave up." Helen was gorgeous in her naked „outfit" and she really felt herself freely, when was introduced to other guests.

Because Maria had itself two kids, boy and girl, children were also invited and there was some boys about same age as naked girl, but Helen smiled to everybody and seemed not to be disturbed. All this strange outfits of guests were no longer remarkable, because now naked girl was in the spotlight. Some people arrived more, but finally girl was only one naked among of some 50 people.

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„How she dared," was my friend, Maria's husband horrified. „This was meant to be a joke, OK, Maria did it on purpose, but we did not believe, that somebody will seize upon of this thoughtless sentence. And now we have minor girl here naked." I understood, that my friend Mathias was a little bit worried, that somebody of guests will maybe report about this case to officials.

But I tried to calm down my friend: „You know, here are mostly artist people, who are quite tolerant. As I see now, men seemed to be enjoy this view and women try to be polite." But party got a boost time by time and people were eating, drinking and singing a birthday song, naked girl was meanwhile almost forgotten.

But then Helen also decided to perform birthday music by playing a teen sex porn sex stories nxg, that was like present to her aunt and she really performed beautifully, because she had learned to play the flute in music school. Listeners were very excited and clapping strongly to the girl's performance.

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But at the same time I and maybe other guests thought, that situation was really irrelevant: naked young girl staying in the center of milf guy f gypsy girl hall and performing among others also to adult men, who looked at her with horny glance. Maria thanked her niece for playing flute and said after that: „She is very gifted, also deals with rhythmic gymnastics and is extremely flexible." Helen said anxiously: „I can also show some flexibility exercises." And she stood to the left leg, grabbed right leg from tire and lifted it high over her head.

And you imagine: she did it obviously naked, crotch wide open. After she finished and put leg down, she was clearly pleased of all the attention. Maybe Maria was scared, that Helen immediately after her praise did the exercise, but she managed to stay calm and admitted: „As I said, she is flexible!" When dancing started I had already drank a few vodka cocktails and therefore braver.

I noticed, that Helen was talking to the boys, but they did not dare to invite her to dance and I decided to try. She immediately agreed to come dancing. „It is a bit inappropriate, that I'm without shoes," she said only. I was stunned. „Not only shoes are missing," I said. „If you do not bother, then dancing naked is not problem for me, but the shoes would have been polite to put on," she said smiling.

„You have been here some hours. How are you feeling now?" I asked. „Much fun," she responded. „And you really decided to come naked and not care about?" „Of course. As soon as I heard, that aunt is allowing to come naked I started to talk mother, that she would accept.


And she finally gave way," she said. „But noone else did follow this request." „Oh, yes, but I was pretty sure, that I am here alone naked. But this did a case more interesting. I would have been disappointed if someone else should have been naked here.

Jerking off beautys sexy beaver hardcore blowjob she confirmed. And a little bit later she explained, that being naked in front of clothed people was long time her obsession. „But I never had a opportunity to accomplish my dream. Now occurred legal possibility. And nobody can say anything," she rejoiced.

I maybe did not want to take advantage of the situation, but then realized, that exhibitionism is truly exciting for this girl and I proposed to enable her better to realize her obsession. I specifically said, that I can help her to appear naked in a public place, but obviously some hundred kilometres far from hometown, where nobody recognizes her.

And then we agreed meeting in summer. Yes, I didn't take this advantage, that I would have fucked her.

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No way! But public nudity experience was exciting too. Maybe I will tell later in another story, but now I only will give link to picture, where you can see hero of the story naked but in decent position: .