Ally berry throated and boned real hard by maniac dude

Ally berry throated and boned real hard by maniac dude
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Fbailey story number 566 I'm Not Wearing Panties My firm hires summer interns that have graduated from high school and about to enter college.

One of those young ladies bent over in front of me to pick up a paper that she had dropped on purpose. Needless to say, I stopped to help or more precisely to gawk at her. Her blouse rose up a few inches and her pants slipped down a few inches.

There across her lower back was the top portion of her very sexy black thong panties. My cock jumped to attention. I really liked a american mom son incest storys with english subtitles butt crack in the morning with my coffee. When she finally stood up I said, "Nice panties." Diane replied, "Oh, I'm not wearing panties. I had that tattooed on. Want to see the front?" Oh my God, this gift to man was offering to let me see her tattooed pussy.

I would had to be dead a week before I could pass that up. I replied, "I'd love too." She walked me to my office, looked around to make sure that the coast was clear, then went in and closed the door behind me.


She locked it and said, "To get the full effect, I'll need to stand up on your desk so that my wet and very juicy cunt is at your eye level. Do you mind?" I managed to say the word no as she cleared an opening on my desk and then climbed up on my chair to stand on my desk. She held my head, pulled it toward her crotch, and said, "Perfect.

Just perfect." Those were my sentiments exactly. Diane unhooked and unzipped her pants, and then she lowered them to her ankles and stood before me. There was not a single hair on her pussy, not even a stubble. She explained that she had it all removed with some laser treatment. I looked closely at the intricate lace pattern that must have taken hours or days to accomplish. The thin lines around the sides joined in the back and then ran down her ass.

Diane gracefully turned and bent over for me. The black line went straight to the most perfect asshole that I had ever seen. I followed it from there to her pussy slit. Without thinking I leaned in closer and kissed her asshole. She giggled and said, "I like that." I then kissed it again and poked my tongue into her brown pucker ring.

She giggle and said, "If you keep that up I'll have an orgasm and then I'd be forced to let you fuck me." I was not sure what 'forced' was but I knew that I wanted to give that young woman an orgasm so I held onto her hips and licked away. True to her word she had an orgasm and had to cover her mouth to keep from crying out.

She sat down on my desk, removed her pants, and lay back saying, "Okay now you have to put it in me and cum too." She was way too good to pass up. I slipped my cock into her and then I asked, "Why were you forced lick me fuck me and cum on my latin pussy let me fuck you?" Diane said, "Daddy told me that was the way life was.

If someone does you a favor you have to do one as good or better for them." I had heard that phrase many times over the years. My boss, the company president, says it all the time. I asked, "Diane, what's your last name?" She giggled and said, "Randolph." I knew it. I worked for Phil Randolph at Randolph Industries. I was fucking the boss' daughter.

Fuck it. I grabbed onto her waist and fucked my cock into her wonderful cunt. Diane was the fuck of a lifetime. She was beautiful, sexy, and oh so full of life. I only wished that I could have lasted longer inside her before spilling the contents of my balls into her. Diane reached for the box of Kleenex on my desk and wadded up a few to use as a dam to hold back the flood gates when she stood up.

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She then knelt down and licked my cock as if it were a Popsicle. Once she felt that I was clean enough she put her pants back on, kissed me, and said, "We need to do this again. But first I need to get to the lady's room before I leak all over the place." She unlocked the door, opened it a crack, and looked out to make sure that the coast was clear.

She smiled at me and then she was gone.

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My secretary came in right after that and asked, "Do you know who she is?" I replied, "I do now, Diane is Phil's teenage daughter. Did you know that her thong panties are tattooed on?" My secretary smiled and said, "I do now." Then she laughed and asked, "Was she any good?" I said, "One of the best that I have ever had. Her pussy was completely hairless, some kind of laser treatment, and some lucky guy got to tattoo a lacy pair of panties on it." My secretary asked, "Was she wearing a tattooed bra too?" I replied, "I never saw her tits but her asshole could hang in the Louver in Paris, it's that perfect." My secretary walked out of my office and just as she hurried off said, "You've never seen my asshole." The next day Diane was assigned to my department to help my secretary.

The two of them seemed to get along well, a little too well if you asked me. At lunch they took off together and told me that they might be a little late getting back, they were. Then about five minutes before the end of the day they both stepped into my office, closed the door, and locked it.

My secretary said, "Okay mister, you are going to look us over and tell us which one of us has the perfect asshole. I contend that I have.

I may be twice her age but that doesn't mean that my thirty-eight-year-old asshole isn't perfect." I watched in awe as Diane and my secretary undressed until they were completely nude. Then they passed a bottle of Wild Cherry Brandy back and forth. It was less than half full. Must be my secretary needed the encouragement because Diane hadn't needed any the other day.

They were certainly feeling good. They stood about the same height but my secretary weighed more. She was very well built too. I had no idea how big her breasts were and how well they defied gravity. They were firm and they had very little jiggle to them. I had just seen my idea of the perfect breasts. The areolas and nipples were the perfect shade of color and xxx negrbulu film sexi mothar and five others out proudly.

She did not have a freckle, mole, or bruise on her entire body. Her tummy was flat and solid, she definitely worked out. Her ass looked wonderful.

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Diane was young, her breasts were smaller but still firm, her tummy was slightly rounded, and her ass was just what you would expect on a teenage girl. Looking at the two women standing there I realized that I was looking at two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.


They were entirely different but equally as beautiful. Diane had that young Miss America quality while my secretary had that mature statuesque beauty of a movie star like Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, or Marilyn Monroe…only better. With their beauty, their intelligence, and their mannerism…they were both equally a ten.

Bo Derek may have played a ten but she certainly wasn't one. My desk was cleaned off and both women climbed up onto of it on their hands and knees. Their knees were near the edge and their heads were down looking at each other. Their butt cheeks opened up so that I could see their assholes perfectly…and perfect they both were. How to hell could I choose between them? And choose I must! I looked closely, I smelled of them, and then I licked them.

They both passed every test. I licked them and then I blew on them to see them crinkle. I rubbed my thumb over them, then I got the bright idea to slip two fingers into their pussies and press my thumbs into their assholes. Diane clamped her asshole shut while my secretary opened hers up to my assault.

My thumb slipped in and my secretary moaned with delight. My thumb came out clean and her beautiful hole closed up slowly.

When Diane relaxed her death grip on her asshole, a fart escaped. She said excuse bleeding during in sex first time and then giggled showing her true age.

I then said, "Marjorie I have decided that your asshole is truly the most beautiful. Diane I'm afraid that you have slipped into second place." Diane asked, "Why?" I took in a deep breath and said, "Simply put, you are young. Most girls your age have equally good-looking assholes.

Unfortunately I have had very little experience in looking at teenaged assholes and quickly decided that yours was extra special…which it most certainly could be. Plus you wouldn't allow my thumb to enter it and you farted. Marjorie on the other hand really does have a superior asshole, my thumb went in easily, and it came chubby busty big ass blonde german masturbates clean.

I also have a little more experience with older women to base my decision on. To top it off Marjorie has a superior body and is in much better shape than you are. Her skin is flawless, her beauty is apparent, and she has taken the test of time and passed with flying colors. You should strive to be like her in nineteen years." Marjorie said, "Thank you. Now I would like to help you with that problem. Pick a hole, any hole." I pulled her off my desk, turned her around, and said, "In that case I'll pick your wonderful pussy and I want it in my bed." Marjorie asked, "Care to make it a threesome?" Then she pulled Diane to her and they kissed very passionately.

The women got dressed and I drove them to my house. We went straight to my bedroom where the ladies became naked once again. I put Marjorie on her back, lifted her knees, and inserted my cock into her moist pussy.

I then had Diane sit on her face, facing me. Then Diane and I made out like two teenagers in lust. Quickly I discovered that we had fallen into a pattern, I would thrust my cock into Marjorie, her tongue would thrust into Diane's pussy, and then Diane's tongue would thrust into my mouth. It was magical the way we made love in a triangle then burst into a star right at the end. That first three-way climax was the best. We repeated it often that summer but we never quite meshed as perfectly as we did that very first time.

Diane moved on to college and I became a vice-president taking Marjorie with me. That way my new bride could make sure that no other secretary got her hands on me.

The End I'm Not Wearing Panties 566