Sexy ramming of a constricted pussy hardcore and massage

Sexy ramming of a constricted pussy hardcore and massage
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Melanie sat at the bar, carefully scanning the conversations going on around the room. That wasn't normally an fresh teen cunt first time what a mess you made thing to do in a loud, smoke filled bar, but Melanie Pullman wasn't a normal girl. She was a beautiful young redhead, gifted with more special powers than just the 44DD breasts on her chest. Her eye sight and hearing were twice as good as that of a normal person, and she had the ability to turn on super pheromones with just a thought.

She could have any straight man—or lesbian—crawling at her feet in a matter of seconds, and all she had to do was think it. And she had the ability to read people's thoughts and desires. She turned on her barstool and her short red dress rode up her leg, revealing soft, smooth inner thigh. The older man on the bar stool next to her nearly fell over as he caught a whiff of left over pheromones.

Melanie smiled at him. She read in his mind that he had suffered from erectile dysfunction for years, but the swelling in his pants was hard to miss. She patted him on the knee, and at once he was cumming, a wet patch spreading across the front of his pants. Melanie climbed down from her stool and leaned over to him. "I hope you had a good night," she whispered seductively in his ear. He just smiled back at her. Something in the crowd had triggered her senses.

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Melanie pushed her way across the dance floor, carefully scanning minds as she went. She caught olivia austin and quinn wilde nasty threeway session scent of the drug they called GHB, and knew that someone in the bar was planning something evil.

She followed the scent, scanning booths and tables as she went, until finally she found what she was looking for. A young woman, barely twenty-one, sat in the corner booth with a middle aged man. The girl had the look of an innocent school girl who had probably never tasted alcohol before, and the man with her looked like the type who did this sort of thing on a regular basis. The smell of the GHB was coming from the glass of soda that sat in front of the girl. Melanie read the man's mind, and knew what she had to do.

The scum lived in a loft apartment a couple of blocks from the bar. Once they had gone inside, Melanie slipped into an alley adjacent to the building and emerged a moment later as Strap Girl. Her red dress was gone; in its place was a black satin and lace corset with matching panties. She wore a black mask that covered her eyes, and she had let her red hair down to flow around her shoulders.

She stared up at the second story apartment for a moment, and then leapt, landing stealthily on the fire escape. The window was unlocked, and she let herself silently into the master bedroom.

Strap Girl watched quietly through the open doorway as the scum—she read in his mind that his name was David—eased a clearly intoxicated Lesley down on his couch. She knew he had done this sort of thing a dozen times, and most of the women had no idea, thanks to the GHB. He thought he had the perfect plan. He thought that no one would ever catch on. He was wrong. In the darkened bedroom she made a fist and thought that this would be the last time David tried anything like this.

In the other room David had worked Lesley out of her loose fitting khakis. Beneath them she wore white granny panties to cover an unkempt blonde bush.

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No man except her gynecologist had ever ventured this close to her pussy, and that made Strap Girl very angry. David slowly slid her panties down and lowered his face to her pussy. Lesley tried feeble to tell him to stop, but she didn't have the strength.

She moaned as her licked her clit. After a moment David stood up and unbuttoned his pants, pulling out a ten inch cock. He waved it in front of Lesley's unsteady face. "Suck it, bitch!" he yelled.

"But I don't want to," she said. "Shut up and suck my cock!" David ordered. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled, making her yell. When her mouth opened her shoved his cock down her throat.

Lesley gagged. "You'd better not puke on me or I'll beat you. Now suck my cock." Lesley started to suck his cock, and he leaned his head back in pleasure. He was too preoccupied to notice the masked redhead that moved quietly from his bedroom into the living room, a foot long strap-on swinging between her legs.

When she was directly behind him, Strap Girl leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Why don't you try that on someone your own size?" "What the hell?" Before David could do anything else, she grabbed him by the shoulders and slung him across the room. He hit the wall, breaking the sheet rock. He tried to get up, but she was on top of him before her could move. Strap Girl slapped him hard in the face. She grabbed his cock and squeezed.

"You like it rough?" "Please don't hurt me," David whimpered. "I'll only hurt you a little," she said. "Just like you've hurt all of those girls. Now get on your knees and beg." "Please don't hurt me," he begged as he got on his knees. "I…I'll quit, I girl one boy three sex vidoe my cock, bitch," Strap Girl ordered.

"But I—" "NOW!" David opened his mouth and slid the massive strap on in. Tears were streaming down his face as he started to suck on it.

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Strap Girl took him by the back of the head and pushed all the way into his throat. He gagged, but she kept face fucking him with the dildo. "You like sucking cock, don't you David?" He said something she couldn't understand because his mouth was full. "Oh yeah, you love cock. Little cock sucker." The would be rapist was practically sobbing as he sucked her strap on, and Strap Girl felt no pity for him.

He needed to know how his victims felt; used and violated. She wanted him to remember this the next time he thought about rapping some poor innocent girl like the one on his couch.

She jerked the cock out of his mouth and smiled down at him. "Please, let me go," he begged. "Now bend over," she ordered. "But…no, please no." She didn't wait for him. Strap Girl lifted David off the ground and spun him around with her super human strength. Then she pushed him forward so that his little virgin ass was up in the air. She pressed the giant cock against his asshole, and David started to begged and plead even louder.

She shoved the cock into his tight, virgin hole. He screamed and she started to fuck him hard. Beneath the strap on, Strap Girl was dripping wet. She slid a hand down her panties and started to rub her clit as she fucked the rapist's ass.


She orgasmed at once and kept rubbing and fucking until finally all of the strength seemed to go out of David's body. When he collapsed to the ground she pulled out and leaned back to finish herself. She pulled the strap on free and pulled her panties slightly down to reveal a fiery red bush.


With her eyes closed she finger fucked herself. She was near climax when she felt, warm, soft lips press against her own. A small feminine hand pushed her own aside and slid three fingers into her pussy.

Strap Girl stared up at Lesley as she started to cum hard. She hadn't even thought of her pheromones when she'd started masturbating because she hadn't realized that Lesley was into women—maybe the girl hadn't known it herself. She slid her tongue into the girls mouth as her hips spasmed. "Some guy slipped your friend some GHB," Melanie told one of Lesley's friends. "I saw it and managed to get her away from him, but you might want to get her somewhere safe right away." As Melanie left the bar and headed into the night, she couldn't help but feel guilty.

She hadn't wanted to take advantage of the girl, but by the time Lesley had gotten there, there hadn't been much choice. She was already starting to cum.

She frowned, but then she thought about David and smiled. Tomorrow night the world would be just a little two cuties banged by a guy with big cock safer.