Ebony hottie jumps on a fat cock

Ebony hottie jumps on a fat cock
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"Can I tell you a secret?" I ask nervously. "Of course!" No no no! You can't tell her this secret. She'll laugh! She'll make fun of you! It's too embarrassing! Abort mission! "Um. on second thought. nevermind." "What? You can't do that to me! Tell me you have a secret and then back out of it!" My heart is beating so fast. I feel like I might puke. Uhhhh! I really don't wanna tell her!

"I. I uh. I've never had an orgasm." "Well that's okay. But you just told me you and Jake finally did it.? I'm confused." Well she took that better than expected. "It all natural ebony girlfriend gives interview and prepares for sex didn't happen with him. It doesn't even happen with me." There was a long pause before she said "come over.

ASAP" and then she hung up. I flopped backwards on my bed. I can't believe I revealed that secret to her. I mean. she is my best friend. But do best friends tell each other these things? I don't know. I better head over. Whatever she wants to discuss sounds urgent. I strip out of my pajamas and rummage through my drawers for an outfit. I decide on a tank top and yoga pants. As I got dressed, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I'm the definition of thick. I have curvy hips, big boobs, and a big butt, but no stomach.

It was flat for the most part. I was about 5'7" and had DDD boobs. I pull my pants all the way up and then slip on my tank top.

I put on some shoes and I was out the door. I knock on her front door as she answers, still in her bathrobe.

"Come on in girl. Parents are gone." "As always." I say.

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I sit down on her bed and she stands in front of me. She twiddles her fingers on the robe tie until she finally decides to undo it. The robe opens to expose her in a sexy school girl bra and panty set. I sit there shocked. but at the same time I'm checking her out. Her beautifully tanned skin, her perky d cup breasts, her slim waist, and her toned ass and legs.

She was gorgeous, but I never thought about her in this way. Damn. Angel is hot af "Ready for orgasms 101?" She asks I nod. She proceeds to go into her bathroom. She comes out with an array of vibrators and dildos.


"Strip! Class is in session." She demands.

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I start taking off my clothes. I keep my bra and panties on tho. She lays down the vibrators on the bed and asks if I've used one before. I shake my head no. She picks up a simple beginner one and climbs on the bed in front of me. She instructs me to lay back and I do. She slides my panties off and tosses them to the floor. Holy shit.

how did we get here? The vibrator hums to life and Angel presses the tip to my clit. I jump. It feels good just like sex with Jake did last night. She moves the tip up and down my slit as I gain wetness.

As she drags the wetness across my clit, I melt into the bed. I moan uncontrollably and grip the sheets. My legs start to close up but Angel keeps them open. "I haven't even turned up the speed yet. Prepare yourself." She said seductively.

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The vibrations are more intense this time and I feel myself nearing orgasm. "Not yet. not yet." Angel says as she turns off the vibe. The vibe is replaced by her mouth. She slowly licks my pussy, avoiding my clit. I squirm and moan as she holds me down. "Are you ready for your orgasm?" She asks. I nod and she grabs a new toy. This one is shaped like a penis and has a small attachment.

She slowly inserts it into me and then turns it on. The small attachment also vibrates and is hitting my clit. My back arches and my nipples become instantly hard. I feel the pressure build and my toes and fingers become tingly. I know I'm close. Angel slowly fucks me with the toy and lets me feel the whole length. That's all that it took to push me over the edge. I came so hard that my vision blurred and my body felt like it was on fire.

"You just took 8 inches girl! I'm impressed!" Angel says after I come down from my orgasm. "So. how was it?" "Amazing." I breathe out. I felt angel take my nipple into her mouth and flick it around. I moan out loud. I thought she'd just give me an orgasm and be done.

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Apparently not. I then feel her hand on my pussy and her fingers slide inside of me. "Angel. Angel." "Hmm?" She asks while still attached to me breast. "Why are you still going?" "I want to make you feel good. You're my best friend." "This is starting to feel like more than best friend stuff." I admit.

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She kisses me and I try to pull back but am mesmerized by her touches and kisses. I kiss back and start to touch her body.

I feel her hips slowly hump my leg. "Angel. Angel." "Hmm?" "Make me feel good again." She smirks and makes her way down to between my legs. Her mouth connects and her tongue darts out. I gasp in pleasure. Jake did this to me, but it was never as good as Angel's way.


"'Mmm fuck me Angel!" I moan. She then grabs the vibe again and inserts it. This time she fucks me faster with it. When she slows down I look to see why and see her with the handle on her clit and her head back in ecstasy as she fucks me.

That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. This sent me into over drive. I started tweaking my nipples, grinding my hips into the vibe, and moaning her name.

She pulled he vibe out and sucked all my juices off of it. Then she put it on my clit and made me cum again. After seeing I was spent, she laid down next to me and we made out and cuddled. She made me cum for the first time and made me want to make her cum. Maybe next time.