Staci silverstone sex sex stories story

Staci silverstone sex sex stories story
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Beautiful bride-to-be Bella Murdock chatted with around a dozen of her friends. It was a special day for her. She had finally made the commitment, as evidenced by the sparkling diamond ring on her slender finger.

She was so excited! Bella was twenty-four years old, about five and half feet tall, slender build, with long glossy black hair and sensuous eyes that held enough passion to satisfy a dozen men. Or perhaps one of me. "Okay!" Bella said to the assembled gathering of friends and family, all female.

"Tell me what you think, but only if it's positive!" The gathered women laughed good-naturedly as Bella marched into the sitting room, clad in a long, flowing white gown. "I'm not supposed to wear this except on the big day!" She modeled the wedding gown for her friends.

She filled the dress out nicely: sumptuous breasts, slender legs and a trim waist made a tight, attractive package. "You look fabulous, Bella," said her pretty redheaded friend, her face lit up in a wide smile. "I can't believe I let you all talk me into this, Gwen!" Bella said.

"But I suppose that we have the time. After all, Don won't be back in town until Friday." "Then let's break out the cake and wine for a toast," a trim, thirtyish blonde announced, as she lifted her glass. "To Bella and Don: may their lives be full of happiness, children and lots of great sex!" All the women tittered and drank. Bella took a big gulp and then hurried to get the cake.

While she was gone, her guests started, one by one, to pass out. First her brunette mother, then the thirtyish blonde, and so on until all were asleep. Bella Murdock staggered back into the sitting room. It stood to reason that she was the last affected. Her excitement coupled with the adrenaline in her system would help her fight the drug. And she had only had a swallow. In wide-eyed disbelief, she stared at the passed-out guests and lurched for the door. She grasped the doorknob before she succumbed to unconsciousness.

I kicked open the attic door and extricated myself from the hiding place where I had spent most of the morning. I hurried down the stairs into the sitting room. I quickly locked the doors and pulled the curtains and shades shut. I had prepared everything meticulously, especially the wine that had been delivered, ostensibly by Don, the out-of-town fiancé.

I smiled as I surveyed black haired babe kinsley anne gets her shaved pussy screwed room filled with unconscious women.

It was time for a little me-time. Nearest to me was the blonde. I touched her hair, caressed her cheek and cupped her chin in my palm. My questing fingers found the suit-jacket and I unbuttoned it and the blouse to expose her fine chest; I playfully squeezed the melons that lay beneath. Excellent firmness and texture. Next was an older brunette: fortysomething. I thought it was the bride-to-be's mother. I'll be honest. I have a thing for forty year-old women.

They retained just enough of the beauty of youth, and combined it with the experience of a mature woman to create a package I found irresistible. My pants unzipped and in literally seconds, my cock was out and the brunette had a mouthful of my manhood. I probed her throat for a few more seconds and then moved onto the next woman.


In no time, I had sampled, in one way or another, all of the women in the house: asses, breasts, mouths and pussies. But it was time to get started, now. One by one, I propped them up on chairs and couches for the big show. I set my video camera to record and positioned it to catch the entire room of passed out women. I wanted to imagine that I was facefucking the bride in front of all of her friends and relatives.

I pulled the bride to her knees. It was difficult, but I managed to brace her between my knees, with my hands holding her long, luxurious hair. My cock steadied her as it went down her long soft throat, in and out in a piston motion, taking her completely. Heaven, pure heaven. I was in ecstasy. I thrust in deep and held myself down the unconscious girl's throat.

A minute with my cock buried in her throat, then another of fast facefucking, then repeat. That was my rhythm. Copious amounts of saliva dripped from the girl's mouth to wet the front of her immaculate wedding dress. Holding her hair one-handed, I slid my right hand down to her chest and felt her breasts through the heavy, wet material.

The saliva clung to my hand and I spread it over unblock proxy sites sister brother shoulders and neck.

Suddenly there was a sound at the door and I froze in mid-thrust. Someone was outside. My hand drifted back to my waistband, where the Glock automatic was holstered. I waited for the doorbell or a key in the lock, but there was nothing. Unwilling to take my cock out of Bella's luxurious mouth, I manhandled her to the door and peeked out the spy-hole. It was a mailman. Or, rather, it was a mailwoman who was on the front stoop. I peered at her, closely. She was a hot one.

Long blonde hair, tied back, blue eyes, an athletic physique, firm-looking breasts. I felt my cock get harder. I resumed fucking Bella's face, this time holding her head firmly against the front door, and watched until the blonde-haired woman finished sorting her mail, left it and walked away. Once she paused dark dick for white angel interracial and hardcore if she heard something, and part of me desperately hoped she would investigate, but then she shrugged it off.

Ramming my cock down Bella's sweet throat, I finished, spraying my come down her waiting gullet. I held her there for a long minute, dreaming of finishing her there in the sitting room in front of all of her family and friends, but a though occurred to me. This was a bridal shower. Quickly, I turned off my video camera, threw my bag on my back and hefted the lovely, unconscious bride into my arms.

Swiftly, I carried my love up the stairs like a groom carrying her across the threshold. I entered the master bedroom and crossed to the master bath.

I put Bella in the bathtub and set up my camera for a second show. Quickly, I ripped away the shower curtain and turned the water on. I leaned Bella, sitting up, at the far end of the tub and sprayed her with the shower until her hair and dress were sopping sax story sex stories xx 2019. I quickly undressed and got in with her.

I straddled her and rammed my cock back inside her mouth. I fucked her head against the shower tiles. It was a pure, glorious sensation, to have her head and her life in my hands.

I thrust my cock down her throat and held her there for several minutes. I pulled back, somewhat reluctantly. "Now," I thought.

"It's time to really get this show on the road." Slipping out of the shower for a moment, I recovered a syringe from my pack.

I quickly prepared it and injected it into Bella's neck. Several moments passed, as the drug worked and Bella cum swapping bitches get nailed in a threesome. I watched her sensuous dark eyes blink open and focus on me.

"What? Who are you?" The young brunette had a trembling voice, as sensuous and desirable as her eyes. "Where am I? What's going on?" "Sweet Bella," I said. "Why, don't you recognize it? This is your special moment, honey." Several seconds passed as I let her location and situation sink in. I reached down and plugged the drain with a rubber stopper. "What are you going to --? What are you doing to me?" "I'm giving you that much time, sweetie" I said.

"When the water level rises to the top, I'm going to drown you in your bridal shower." "No… please…" Her voice broke down. "I can't go like this, please. I waited for him.

I wanted only him." Her words caught me and my cock stood at full attention. I grabbed Bella by the throat and squeezed. "Oh, god," I breathed. "Are you telling me that you're a virgin, baby?" The gorgeous young brunette nodded and tears broke from her, running down her already wet cheeks. Her emotion swept me up and I couldn't help myself: I cried with her. I felt her tears splash onto my hand.

I smiled at her. "I can't describe how wonderful this makes me feel, Bella." "Will you let me go?" she asked. "No, baby," I said.

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"But I promise that I'll remember you forever." I rubbed my iron-hard cock on her face, up her cheeks to bathe in her virgin tears.

All around me the wet and wild cowgirl riding hardcore and blowjob was falling and I imagined that I was showering in Bella's tears. Her pain. Her agony. Her frustration. Her lust. Her desire. No, actually that was my lust and desire. I lifted the bride-to-be up with one hand. I tore at her skirt, ripping it away in my haste to get at her untouched love channel.

Bella pleaded. "Please. You don't want to do this." Without hesitation, I slammed into her, deflowering her with one powerful stroke. She cried, she struggled, she screamed, and when it got too loud, I choked her into silence.

No more than a few minutes passed, but they were glorious moments of passion. Moments that I knew she shared with me. She panted. She moaned like a whore. She orgasmed on my cock and I knew that I had pleasured her. I thrust into her. I pounded and released, filling her with a man's seed for the first and only time. I stared into Bella Murdock's eyes and I saw it. I knew what she was feeling.

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I had taken her, filled her with pleasure, given her the first manmade orgasm of her life and with that had come a degree of ownership on my part and obedience on hers. "That's what it feels like to live, Bella," I whispered and kissed her on the face. She responded, kissing me once, almost like a lover. "And this is what it feels like to die." I spun her and threw her down into the filling tub. Water splashed everywhere. She struggled, panicking even though the water couldn't cover her face.

I tore at her dress and the front parted, revealing her bouncing 34D breasts. I sat on her stomach, fondled her tits and ran my cock between them. "Please -- " she said, and then cut off as the water slopped over her lips.

I held her down and she struggled against me, gasping and spiting at the water. I straddled her head and pressed my cock to her lips. She took me inside. I had thought Bella's pussy was tight, but it was nothing compared to her conscious throat. I pressed hard and the inexperienced brunette blow-jobber gobbled me down. I was as long and as hard as I had ever been and I put all of it down her throat.

It was too much for her and, as she hacked and spit, I fervently hoped that would be enough to kill her right there. That would be so sexy. I pulled back from her throat, just enough for her to take a few quick breaths through her nose. And then, I thrust inside her, again. I had been down her throat twice when the water rose to cover Bella's ears.

After a third time, it covered her cheeks. After a fourth, it covered her chin. Each time, I held her longer, more desperately. The next time, the water covered her cock-stuffed lips. I looked down at her and her eyes were submerged, but open and staring at me in horror. Finally her nose was submerged and she began her last struggle.

I held her down, hands gripped tightly in her glossy black hair, my cock fully extended inside her mouth and throat. I held her there and watched the life and light go out of my Bella's eyes as she simultaneously suffocated on my cock and drowned in her bridal shower.

Long xxxxxxxxsexw ma aor bheta baggnla me passed. Finally, I could no longer feel any resistance from her. She was totally still, her eyes still open and staring. And that was when I felt it: the desperate drive in me and the need for release. I humped Bella's murdered head desperately and put my next load down her corpse's throat. I held her there for a moment and when I pulled back, I watched my sperm mingle with the shower water over her lips and face.

I would leave her there: glossy black head submerged, sightless dark eyes staring, clad in the torn remnants of her unused wedding gown, the water running over her for her girlfriends to discover.

I could just imagine the headline in the news, tomorrow: 'Bride Raped and Murdered at Bridal Shower.' I smiled. After a moment, I felt that it was time to clean up.

I had worn latex gloves the whole big boob fat xxx sex. No fingerprints would be lifted from the shower or the body. My DNA was a problem, but not an insurmountable one. I had a spray bottle filled with a certain compound that would break down DNA and render it untestable. As an afterthought, I took Bella's hand in mine and pulled the engagement ring from her finger. I longed to have her real wedding ring, but… such is life.

I quickly dressed, then sprayed and wiped down the bathroom. I left just as the tub started to overflow. I walked downstairs, still listening to the shower spraying down over the bride's corpse. My other victims were still unconscious where I had left them.

On the kitchen table was a set of car-keys, which I took. In the garage was a nice sedan, perfect for my getaway. On a sudden impulse, I popped the trunk.

Nice and xtra man cream ka story two would fit comfortably. I walked back inside to choose my party favors. The thirtyish blonde in the expensive suit struck my fancy. Besides, in her purse was a photo of twin sixteen year-old daughters.

I had a thing for mothers. I bound her, gagged her and threw her in the trunk. For my second choice, I picked the redhead who was friendly with Bella.

She was easily the prettiest of the thirteen, after the dearly-departed bride-to-be, and I also had a thing for girlfriends of my victims. I bound her and placed her beside the blonde. I did a quick once-over of the house and I was about to depart when my eye landed on the fortysomething brunette: Bella's mother, Regina. During the party she had been so proud of her daughter. It would be a shame when she found out about the poor girl's passing and suffering. I had the power to relieve her of that burden.

I stepped up to where she sat, passed out on a chair. I tore at the buttons on her blouse and revealed her sumptuous breasts. I fondled them excited honeys fuck with each other lesbian dildo a few moments. Forties or not, she was hot and probably a spectacular fuck. I caressed her cheek and slid my right hand behind her head, while I unzipped my pants and freed my cock with my left hand.

It would take only a few minutes. I pressed the tip against Regina's mouth and slid slowly past her lips and teeth and down the mature woman's throat. My girth made the throat as tight as a fist and cut off all possible breathing.


I struggled to get all the way inside and, when I finally succeeded, I mashed Regina's lips against my pubic hair and held her while flexing my cock in her throat. I sighed at the arousing pressure in my groin. My left hand went to the older woman's neck and I felt for her pulse; it was soft and steady, but quickly increased.

I closed my eyes, focusing on the beating of her heart. It was speeding up. 80… 90… 100… The eroticism of the moment made me harder, more engorged with blood. 120… 140… 160… I squeezed her head to me, fingers locked in her shadowy mane. Her pulse was pounding in her, so hard I imagined I could feel it in her throat.

180… 200… 220… Arrhythmia took her; her heartbeat fluctuated rapidly and she crashed: flat-lined with my cock in her throat. I held her for a few more minutes and then pulled my sticky cock from her dead, mature throat.

I looked at her. She was still, with a peaceful look about her. So erotic with saliva coating her murdered face. I sighed at the prospect of more clean-up, but finished it in record time. When I left, I had yet another ring for my collection. It was raining when I opened the garage door and drove away, my face obscured mexican girl loses virginity tmature and any cameras or onlookers by a quick disguise from my bag.

As I made my way to my waypoint, I played with my new engagement and wedding rings and smiled. Who said a women's get-together was no fun for a man?