Bro makes teen sister do the anal penetration creampie

Bro makes teen sister do the anal penetration creampie
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Ravi Chopra was cruising 10,000 feet above sea level in the Boeing in which he was traveling from U.K to India. It was about to land in a short time. He was daydreaming about his mother whom he had sunny leone and desiy maeri seen since past three years. It was a long wait and now that he was so close his apprehension was growing by the second.

He was getting impatient and was biting his nails. His joy knew no bounds when he heard the voice 'fasten your seat belts' and he jumped into thin air when he felt aircraft landing on the tarmac.

Mala short for Malathi Chopra was also in the same frame of mind, waiting for her son at the Airport. She could not believe herself when she saw the Boeing landing. She too could not believe she would be seeing her son in a few moments. Three years? Three years was too long a wait for her and now when the time had come to see her son, it was like seeing God. It was not just three years that Mala had suffered.

It was three years and three months precisely since the tragedy fell upon her, when her dearly loved husband died from a cardiac arrest. Mala was just 36 years old when that happened and her son Ravi was three short of 18 years. Her husband Chopra had left behind a business which kept Mala busy the whole day, leaving no scope for her to give any time for her son. It was this pain of not able to look after her him that she had decided to send him to U.K.

Today after a lapse of 3 years she was staring at the blue sky waiting for the steel bird to make its appearance. At last the plane landed and Ravi who had managed to rush out of it was the first to enter the Airport lounge.

And upon seeing his mother who stood looking at the open doors curiously, his eyes started dampening. By the time Ravi rushed to meet his mother a few eye drops slid down his cheeks. The mother and c***d hugged other in such a manner that the passer bys stood rooted to the spot admiring them.

Everybody was overwhelmed to see the pure affection and love between a mother & her son. After collecting the luggage, Mala drove Ravi home. Ravi was so much engrossed in telling her about London that within no time they reached home.

The whole evening passed off with each other telling their stories and as Ravi was tired; he retired to bed early. The next morning as Ravi got up; he was surprised to see the note his mother had left behind before leaving for work.

He was surprised to see her not at home. He had thought she would be there to listen to his adventures. He was taken back a little. Ravi had to wait till 8.30 pm before his mother returned back. Then as she was tired she retired to bed early. This jolted Ravi even more. The same sequence of events occurred for the next 3 days and Ravi who was longing to be with his mother could not digest what was happening.

This Friday as Mala came home late she was shocked to see Ravi slumped on the sofa. His half closed eyes had turned red and he had stretched down on the sofa without changing his clothes. Mala walked over to him and as she did not want to wake him, she brought a rug and d****d it over him.

She felt sorry for him. Later in the seclusion of her room, recollecting the past three and a half years, it became clear as to what she was doing at present was wrong. She was repeating the same mistake, which she had committed three years ago. It came to her as a rude shock that Ravi needed her company and love and she was failing to give him. It was then she decided that the day after being Saturday she could take him out. She sat up on the bed and scribbling down a few lines she left it on the table for Ravi to see.

The next morning Ravi was pleased to see the note his mother had written. It brought him much relief. He was glad to note that his mother was free and not going to office. Light heartedly as he finished his morning chores, a beaming Mala hurried in preparing sumptuous breakfast. At the breakfast table they decided to go out in the evening and eat out in a restaurant. Soon it was time for them to get ready to leave. As Ravi dressed in casuals his mother took her time in dressing up.

It was after three and half years she was going out, and she wanted to deck herself in the best of clothes. She was careful in picking her dress. She wanted to maintain her stature of a mother and on the same side she wanted to look elegant. At last she went for a dark green black border silk sari with a black sleeveless blouse that coordinated her figure and complexion.

After getting ready as she walked down the garage, she was pleasantly faye sisters xmas present 2 to see Ravi at driver's seat. She quietly perched by the side of her son as he expertly drove the car into the streaming crowd.

Mala was amazed by the way Ravi handled the big car and in no time he maneuvered the Sedan into the parking lot of the Restaurant. Mala felt jubilant when Ravi stepped at her side and holding her hand, escorted her into the restaurant.

The moment they entered the dining room many pairs of eyes devoured Mala and feeling bashful snuggled closer to Ravi. Ravi very proudly escorted her to a corner table and as they sat down, a band started playing. It was Ravi who ordered the drinks, dinner, etc while Mala sat watching her son taking the role of a grownup. While Mala was busy observing her son, a few men sitting at various tables were openly staring at her.

Ravi observed all this ogling and in a way he felt elevated to have been her escort. He felt proud in the company of such an elegant lady. It was when they had finished their drinks that Mala excused herself and started walking towards the ladies room. Ravi watched her leaving and when his gaze felt upon her body, he looked at it with lewd eyes. His eyes were at once focused on her lush figure.

He looked at the exposed part of her shoulders and looking down; he focused his attention on her rather plump back. Then his eyes were glued at her round solid mounds and before they changed the course, she stepped into the Ladies Room. Ravi was so much thrilled to have feasted his eyes upon his mothers' body that he felt himself growing. He was awed by it and he tucked it back properly. He anxiously waited for her to come out and as she stepped into his vision his eyes were again glued on her body like they were magnetized.

This time his eyes feasted upon her bosom and midriff. He watched her bosom heave and her tall strides had a stirring effect on him. Ravi was mesmerized by her figure. Mala seeing him scrutinize her so openly was overjoyed as she felt he was showing all the signs of a grownup. Before taking her seat she poked him in his ribs to make him come out of the spell.

Ravi was astonished by her move and coming out of the reverie smiled at her. The rest of the evening they sat close by enjoying the dinner.

Finally when they came out of the restaurant it was Mala who said 'Let's go for a drive.' Ravi was pleased to hear this and he replied 'Okay Maam'. (He had deliberately called her Maam.) This caused Mala to raise her eyebrows questioning his intentions, at which he smiled and put the vehicle in gear. Ravi, for some time cruised slowly in the city and once he was on the highway, he pressed on the gas. Mala by such time relaxed on the soft cushion of the seat and was enjoying the cool breeze playing with her hair and was recalling the last time when she was out on a drive.

She sat in a trance. Ravi on seeing her engrossed in her own world let her alone and did not disturb her till they reached home. Again when Mala stepped out of the garage Ravi could not stop his eyes from feasting on her body. This time his eyes were rewarded as Mala's sari on being crumbled had climbed down a little from her slip, exposing the top part of her mounds enriched in the petticoat.

This again jolted Ravi and feeling ashamed on having eyed his mother with lewd eyes, he slowly walked in. Once inside, Ravi's eyes took to the surrounding of the living room. Though four days had passed since his arrival, he had not seen it so thoroughly. He was amazed to see the rich sofas, the soft Persian rugs, and the Hi tech TV set with all accessories. His eyes then took to the walls. They were d****d with rich paintings. Wherever his eyes wandered he saw something new and rich ensconced.

Even his room was re-furnished. His bathroom had new tiles. He then realized how much pains his mother might have taken to upgrade all this. This made him feel sorry for her. On the other Mala was feeling high, first on being eyed by many males in the restaurant and secondly by her son's behavior. She felt proud to be a mother of a mature boy. It also made her feel free from all responsibilities.

Feeling light hearted she started looking up in the mirror. She could not believe in what she saw. She saw in her a woman much younger than her present age. She saw in her a woman who needed love. She saw in her a body rich and appealing. Her breasts were uptight. Her waist though a little heavy was still in line with other parts of her body.

Her long slender thighs were rich and graceful. Her round mounds were well formed. What her body needed most was a robust male. Thinking about him she slowly dozed off. CHAPTER II The next morning, Mala preparing the breakfast was brooding over the subject of how to disclose to her son about the other man she was contemplating to have in her life.

She was reluctant in putting across to her son straightforward. At first she thought being a mature person he may be able to apprehend her feelings and on the other hand, she did not want him to be offended on hearing the news. She was in a dilemma in this clip a foxy little brunette gets bent over and fucked hard untill getting a face full of jiz how to disclose it and finally she resolved to bring it out in humor.

Sitting by the side of him on the breakfast table, she tried her best to bring out the subject but failed every time she contemplated putting it across. Finally seeing him eyeing a girl on the TV she asked him. 'How many girl friends have you left behind?' 'None he replied' without shifting his eyes from the one he was seeing on TV.

'How come' she asked quickly? 'I did not meet anyone gorgeous to befriend,' he replied. Hearing him utter the word 'gorgeous' she was surprised. 'How do you rate the one you are watching she asked jokingly?' 'Poor, Fair, Good or Gorgeous' 'Poor' he replied. Whom do you rate as 'Good or as say gorgeous' she quizzed? 'You' he said looking deep into her eyes. Mala was shocked to hear this and before she could react, he replied. 'For me you are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world.

I cannot visualize anyone else,' saying this he let his eyes roam over her body. On hearing those words she felt like her world was falling apart. Just the other night she had thought of bringing someone into her life, but now she felt it would be a dream. She then realized that her son needed her the most. She had packed her son out of her life for too long and now it was her turn to give him all the love and care which she had missed out during the last three years.

Wiping the tears out of her eyes she ventured into the kitchen and when she came out after five minutes, she had changed. She looked charming, she looked elegant, and she looked captivating. All this was for her son. Both Mala and Ravi changed from that moment. While Mala joked and teased him every moment, Ravi became bolder and bolder in replying to her.

Thus their intimacy grew. One day while they were on the drive, Mala ran through what Ravi had said. 'For me you are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world'. She laughed on recollecting those words. 'What's so funny', asked Ravi hearing her laugh? 'Your words' replied Mala. 'Which ones' he asked? 'Can't repeat them' she said. 'Why' he asked again. 'Because they are not true' she said. 'How can you be so sure,' he asked her. 'Because I know, I am neither beautiful nor gorgeous' as you put it.

Hearing this Ravi slowed down the car and facing her he said, 'You are both' 'Now you are pulling my leg' she replied coolly. 'No, I mean it' he replied. 'What's so beautiful' she quizzed back. 'Your face' Ravi replied. 'And what's Gorgeous?' she asked smiling at him mischievously. Ravi stopped the car and turning towards her said. 'You have a beautiful face and you have a gorgeous. he stammered (he wanted to say body but changed and said) . lips'. Mala knew she had caught him on the wrong foot but to continue the conversation she asked.

'What's so gorgeous about my lips? Tell me; tell me' she said, protruding her lips in front of him and smiling at him. 'You have pouting lips' he said pointing his fingers at them. 'You like them' she asked.

'Yes, I do' saying this he touched her lips with his fingers. Mala felt his fingers bracing her lips. She was enjoying it and to lure him further she questioned, 'How do they feel,' she asked? 'Soft, warm and exciting,' he replied. 'What's so exciting' she murmured? 'Their moistness' he replied. 'How did you find out about all these,' she asked. 'By touching them' he said. 'By touching them you have found out so much, I wonder what you would say after kissing them' she said.

The moment she let out those words she regretted it. She was ashamed and before he could answer, she said 'I was just teasing you, come lets go.' Somehow she stalled the proceedings.

Ravi knew she was trying to pull out. He also knew that this was just the start and if he played his cards correct he could reach new goals.

Acting on her wishes, he started the car and drove home. On reaching home as Mala stepped out of the car and started moving inside, Ravi's eyes followed her strides.

He was captivated by the way she walked. It was like witnessing a model on a ramp. Her height added to her strong built and the movement of her mounds was captivating. Ravi on watching her lively mounds felt a warm feeling creep inside his body and before it could engulf him, Mala was out of his vision.

Mala went straight to her room. There she discarded her clothes and stood naked before the mirror. Seeing her nude body she was aroused. Her hands suddenly reached up and took hold of her breasts. She gently caressed them with her palms. Her body started to grow warmer. She then slid her hand down and moving it over her belly, she fondled the warm flesh. Then she could not resist from bringing the other hand slutty brunette milf fucks a pawndudes cock for money to play.

She moved the other hand further down her belly. She felt the moist opening of her womanhood. She brushed aside her pubic hair and when the hot pink lips were exposed, her body convulsed and she shuddered. She could not control herself. She jumped on to her bed and cuddling a soft pillow in her arms she called out the name of her son 'Ravi, Ravi' before lying down squarely on the bed. And as her nude robust body came in contact with soft silky bedspread, she started wriggle her body over it and before long she came.

She came in streams and drained out the bed spread. All that was hidden inside her for more than three longs years drained out of her. She was so exhausted that she could not move up and change the sheets.

When she regained conscious she thought of her son. She felt what she was doing was reasonably fair. There was no harm in teasing and joking with his son. She even felt that there was no harm in allowing him some liberties. She thought she would watch his actions and if they went out of control she would stop him. She was positive that she could control him. Thinking about it she had a peaceful sleep. Next morning Mala hurried up preparing the breakfast and by the time Ravi woke up she was dressed up to go to office to attend a meeting.

Ravi, on seeing her departing early to office was unhappy, his face turned gloomy. Mala noticed the change and coming closer to him whispered 'I have a meeting, I have to go. Please cheer up.' Hearing her plead Ravi smiled. Mala was pleased and before turning away she kissed him on his cheek and promised she would be back early in the evening. Ravi leisurely finished his Breakfast and after having watched TV for sometime was trying to take a nap. The moment he shut his eyes the figure of his mother came into his vision.

He could not think anything else than his mother. He pictured her as she was sitting by his side on the last drive and said those words 'By touching them you have found out so much, I wonder what you would say after kissing them' He was contemplating what answer he would have got if he had said 'Let me kiss them' when the telephone rang.

It jolted him and as he lifted the receiver he was pleased to hear his mother's soft voice saying 'hai'. It brought back life to his body. He straightened himself as she questioned 'What are you doing'? 'I was dreaming about you' he replied. 'Now, what was my naughty boy dreaming about', she asked politely?

'Want to hear it' he questioned her? 'Yes, sure, I would love to know what's on the back of the mind of my son'. 'I was summing up the words you said yesterday evening,' he said. 'What did I say that's keeping you day dreaming', she asked warmly. 'It's about your lips. Do you want to hear those words? 'Well, if they are not harmful, yes,' she replied. 'No, they are not harmful. In fact they are the loveliest words I have ever heard, he said. 'My. My, what's so lovely about them, tell me, she cooed.

You said 'By touching them you have found out so much, I wonder what you would say after kissing them' he replied. 'My goodness do you still remember those words? I was just teasing you big boy'. 'No you were serious', he replied. 'Really,' she asked playfully? 'Yes,' he said. 'May be you have mistaken' saying this she laughed. 'No, I am pretty sure ', he said. 'What makes you so sure' she asked gently? 'Coz your lips were sparkling' he shot back.

'How do you know they were sparkling', she questioned again? 'Because I have mastered the art of facial therapy and I know exactly when they are sparkling, gleaming, lustrous, glossy, radiant or polished.' He said. Hearing all these words Mala was shocked. She could not say anything. She was silent. 'Now what are you dreaming about' asked Ravi. 'I will come home and tell you' she said.

'Then come soon' he replied. 'Have patience big boy' saying this she disconnected the phone. Ravi was thrilled to have had that conversation.

It was blessing in disguise that he talked to her on phone. It would not have been possible to say what he had in front of her. Now that the cat was out of the bag he feared facing her. Mala came an hour early than her usual time. She was in a blissful mood. She too could not face her son directly. She straightaway went to her room. As she was changing a thought struck her. She called out Ravi and asked him to be ready as she had some shopping to do. Ravi eagerly accepted the invitation.

He wanted an outing in the cool breeze. He changed and was ready in five minutes. Mala walked down wearing a simple cotton sari. She was looking simple and radiant. Ravi watched her face.

He was visualizing how he could change its look if given a chance. He was imaging touching up her eye brows when he heard his mother say 'lets go'. Ravi stopped over at the market and when Mala finished her purchasing, he shot the car towards the Highway. Mala watched in silence. Ravi stepped on the accelerator on reaching the Highway. The cool breeze blowing upon Mala was stimulating her. She slid comfortably on the seat allowing the breeze to sweep through her hair and her dress.

In no time her hair were disheveled and the top of her sari had slid, exposing her sleeveless arms. Mala watched Ravi stealing glances up her bare sexy ass fuck in a doggy position. She allowed more access by moving her arm over the seat.

As Ravi was keen in observing than driving, Mala asked him to slow down a bit. Her words encouraged him and he let the car crawl at snail pace while he continued the surveillance under her armpit and over the swell of her breasts. Mala relaxed comfortably giving him more leverage and when Ravi had intensified his gaze, she suddenly blurted out.

'Tell me about your therapy'.


Ravi smiled and answered. 'I did a short term course on Facial Therapy.' 'What made you opt for facial therapy' she questioned. 'Your face' he replied. Hearing this Mala sat upright.

The top of the sari slid down from her bosom. She did not mind it as she repeated 'My face?' 'Yes, your face'. It always fascinated me. 'But why' she asked him again.

Coz you are the most beautiful woman I have seen. 'Oh! Ravi, you are making me feel shy,' she blushed. Seeing her blush Ravi stopped the car and moving closer he set aside the hair from her face and looking into her face and below said, 'yes, you are the most beautiful woman.' Mala on seeing his eyes riveted over bosom suddenly set her dress straight and sitting up said 'Which part of my face.' 'This he replied.' Caressing his fingers over her eyes and then moving them over her lips.

Mala started to get excited by his touch. She half shut her eyes and moistening her lips questioned 'you like them?' 'I am crazy about them' he replied caressing his fingers over the moist lips. 'You like touching them' she asked? 'Yes, yes, he replied' applying more pressure with his fingers and bringing his face closer to hers. 'Do you want to' she teased bringing out her tongue and moving it over her lips?

muslim college and arab school sex amateur art imitating life he replied. 'Yes what' she whispered? In reply, Ravi brought his face further down. Mala could feel his hot breath over her face. 'Tell me' she cooed. 'Yes, I want to' saying this he curved his lips in the form of a 'O' and moving it over her lips muttered 'kiss' very softly. 'For it you have to work hard,' she said silently.

'Doing what,' he questioned? 'Doing my face', saying this she blushed and moved her face away. Ravi was delighted to hear it. He cupped her face in his hands and looking straight into them said, 'It would be an honor and pleasure.' 'Really' she asked making faces at him? 'Yes. It would be like a dream come true' he said, with his eyes filled with love, warmth and affection. Mala could not withstand looking at the innocent face spilling out his love for her.

She was overwhelmed and brimming in confidence, she touched his lips with hers and said 'Yes, you can.' 'What' asked Ravi and before she could reply back, he kissed her lips lightly. Mala was ecstatic on being kissed. Her body shivered and before waves of excitement could take over she said.

'Let's go home.' Ravi immediately 'u' turned and drove home. Inside the garage Mala stepped out of the car. This time she did not go in but waited for Ravi to lock the garage. Then sliding a hand over his they moved in together. Mala then went into the kitchen and laid the food on the dinning table. Both sat side by side and ate. They were smiling and serving each other and when they finished eating Ravi said, 'I will go get some creams.' Hearing this Mala blushed and looked around in a puzzled way, searching for a suitable place.

Ravi fucking glasses fucked xvideos for redtube some tube teen porn donations shaved pussy doggystyle her concern pointed to a table near by and said 'that will do.' By the time Ravi came back, Mala had organized the table to a massage table by putting on a pink bedspread and a few matching pillows. Seeing him enter she once again felt embarrassed and slid to the far end of the sofa.

Ravi went to his room and returned after changing his clothes. He had put on a light material track suit. His strong profile was very obvious. Mala saw the outline of his features. She was captivated hot amatuer in sexy lingerie fucked and facialised his physique and she felt proud to be his mother. As she sat watching his features, she felt warmness creeping inside her. Seeing his solid built she also felt edgy.

All this time she was sure she could control him, but seeing him now, she had her own doubts. Ravi set the creams, oils and towels on a shelf nearby and on ascertaining everything was right, he smiled at his mother inviting her. Mala got up from the sofa and adjusting her sari, moved across the table and lay upon it folding her legs at the knees. Ravi crossing over to her side held her legs and straitened them. He then took all steps to make her comfortable by providing her with enough pillows.

At last when everything was fine tuned, he gently brushed aside the loose hair from her face. The touch made Mala shiver with excitement. Ravi proceeded by lightly applying oil over her cheeks. The feel of cold liquid over her soft cheeks, sent shivers down Mala's spine and her body flexed.

Ravi then held her face with both hands and spoke softly 'are you okay.' Mala smiled signifying that everything was fine and said.' its chillness surprised me'. Ravi continued applying the oil all over her face and when he finished it, he took some cotton in his hand and softly rubbed across her face. After a few rubs, Ravi showed Mala the cotton, which had brown stains removed from her face.

Mala was surprised to see the cotton and shook her head saying, 'No it has not from my face.' In reply to this Ravi said, 'this is nothing.

Wait for few moments and you will see more of it', saying this he started applying a little pressure while massaging her face and then as he showed her the cotton, Mala shied away looking at it. Ravi consoling her said 'You will look fairer.' 'Am I not fair' she shot back. 'You are but you will look prettier,' said he. 'You want me look prettier' she asked? 'I want you to look gorgeous' he said.

Hearing the word 'gorgeous' Mala squirmed in delight and questioned softly 'why'? 'I want my work to be recognized and when I go out with you. he stopped and did not complete the sentence. 'And when I go out with you' 'what' she asked teasingly? When I go out with you, I want you to look ravishing he said. 'But why' she asked again.

'Coz that is how I have always dreamt about you, Lustrous, Gorgeous and Ravishing' saying this he started caressing her cheeks. Mala was deeply captivated by his vocabulary. She was writhing with delight on hearing those words. She closed her eyes and started dreaming. She lay still giving Ravi a free hand to finish his job. Ravi went on applying the cream and caressing her face.

And when he saw his mother had shut her eyes, he stooped down and stood staring at her lustrous, glossy lips. He slowly brushed his fingers over them. On feeling its moistness his body started getting warmer. He then looked down over her robust chest. He saw her breasts rise up and down due to her breathing.

He was tempted to slide the sari from over her bosom, exposing her breasts. He brought his hand down and as he was about to take hold of her sari, his mother moved.

He swiftly retracted his hand. Mala was wide-awake. She smiled at him and when she saw Ravi capping all the bottles and tubes, she was getting excited. It was her turn to pay back. She was supposed to allow him to kiss her. She was getting ready for it mentally. She was moistening her lips and when Ravi turned and faced her, she upped her face to him and said, 'you can collect your fee'. Hearing this Ravi smiled and dipping his face closer to hers, he brushed his lips on her cheeks and before moving out said 'not here, tomorrow on the beach'.

Those words jolted Mala. On one hand she was pleased to note that her son was very romantic and on the other she was scared, as she could not visualize where all this was leading too. Braving herself, she went to bed and had a peaceful sleep. Ravi too had a sound sleep. The next morning by the time he was up, his mother had left for office. After having a relaxed breakfast Ravi went out to town to fetch mome creams and by the time he came back it was past noon.

Dressed only in his briefs, Ravi was relaxing on the sofa trying to beat the heat of summer, when the phone rang. He instantly got a hard on knowing it was his mother who had rang him. He lifted the receiver and said 'Hi mom' in a passionate voice. 'How's everything', she asked? 'Very dull' he replied. Why? What's on your mind? She enquired. 'I am waiting for the evening' he replied. 'Why? What special plans do you have for the evening,' she questioned him in a teasing voice? 'I am taking a gorgeous lady for a drive,' he replied.

'I don't see anything special in it' she joked. 'You don't know what she has agreed to' he replied. 'Tell me' she spoke softly. 'She has agreed for a kiss' he replied in a husky voice.

'Just a kiss' she asked? 'Who knows? One may lead to two and two may lead to three' he said. 'And then' she asked? 'Only God knows' replied Ravi. Mala was sister and brother sex stories sexy storys excited.

She continued teasing him. 'Do I know who the lady is', she questioned? 'Yes, you know her very well,' he replied. 'How does she look? She questioned him. 'As I said she sexy blonde natalia starr creams while dildo fucking Gorgeous' he replied. 'And how old is she' Mala asked smilingly.

'38 years, I suppose, beauties with round ass kristen and bill in threesome with boss he. 'That's about the age of your mother' she said. 'Yes' It is and the best part is I like it' he said. 'What do you like? Your mother or her age' she asked. 'Both. The age is fine and being a mother is great'. Mala was delighted by this conversation and to continue it she asked.

'Do you want me to convey anything to her' she asked? 'Yes' he replied. 'What' she asked hugging the telephone to her body? 'Tell her to wear a light sari' he said. 'Why? She whispered slowly in the phone. 'Coz, it looks good on her and with the wind blowing around, it would be great' he said. 'Okay done' but what will I get out of it. 'You will get a bigger reward' he said.

'Like what' she asked. 'It cannot be relayed on phone' he said. 'Why' she asked. 'It's something to be given in person and in privacy' he said. 'You are getting very mischievous' she said. 'You coaxed me into this' he replied. 'Ravi' she screamed. 'You cannot catch me', he replied. 'Wait till I get home' she said. 'That's what I am doing since morning', he replied. Hearing those words, Mala disconnected the phone and hugged the receiver to her bosom.

She was overjoyed and was eager for the evening. As she thought about it, suddenly she asked herself what she was doing whether it was right. She asked the question repeatedly and repeatedly she got back the answer 'it was okay'. As soon as Mala disconnected the phone, Ravi looked down to see his briefs bulged up. He was aroused to the hilt. He then felt it was terrible to have such feelings towards his mother. It was okay to kiss her but to talk dirty and to be aroused was real mom and son moody. He felt miserable.

He was in a predicament. He wanted to be with his mother very badly and he also knew what he was doing was not correct. He tried a lot to find a solution to this, but only thing that superseded were the thoughts he had planned out for the evening.

Bowing to the pressure of his sexy burnett jessica shows off her feet brunette and fetish, he felt what he was doing was right and his mother had so far not objected to it.

Thinking about it, he felt light and this gave him much relief. Mala came home at her usual time and Ravi who answered the door stood staring at her candidly. Mala was baffled on seeing him euro bikini teens cocksucking in outdoor orgy at her face openly. She questioned him with her eyes?

'It's working' he said. Mala was puzzled. 'What' she asked. 'The affects are already showing on your face' he said. Then she suddenly realized what he said and to k** him, she said, 'Come, come, don't pull my leg' saying this she went to her room. Once inside her room she was exceedingly pleased to see the change in the mirror. Really she was looking more charming. Holding both her cheeks in her hands she went to have a bath.

After a lapse of half an hour, Mala walked out of her room looking dazzling. She had put on a light sky blue sari with a black colored sleeveless blouse. The petticoat she was wearing was of light material that made her look more elegant. Ravi had worn blue colored jeans with a black T-shirt. Ravi saw her silhouette walking down the garage and as she came under the light he was amazed to see her gorgeously dressed.

He slid across the seat and opened the door for her. As Mala stepped inside the car, a delicate fragrance hit Ravi's nostrils. It had a soothing effect and as Mala watched him, he inhaled it deeply. Mala smiled at him and said 'let's go'. Putting the car into drive, 'Thank you' Ravi said. 'What for' asked Mala? 'For dressing up so beautifully' he said. 'Is it up to your liking' she asked? 'It is beyond my imagination' he replied. 'I am glad you are happy' she said. 'I am more than happy.

In fact I am walking on cloud nine' he said 'Anything for you' saying this she slid closer to him. Ravi was baffled with her answer. He lifted one hand to put it across her shoulder but as he could not control the steering he brought it back. Seeing this Mala slid still closer to him and putting her face upon his shoulders said 'drive carefully.' Ravi in a reflex action put his hand on her thigh and pressing it over assured her. Mala slid her hand over his and held it for sometime before entwining her fingers with his.

Ravi slowed the car to a crawling pace and gripping Mala's fingers he gently slid them across her thighs. Mala stopped him from moving further and lifting his hand to her lips she kissed his palm. Ravi on feeling her moist lips on his palm opened it fully and cupped her lips and chin with it. Mala went wild with desire. She opened her lips and holding Ravi's hand she bit hard on it. Ravi was getting excited. He steered the car onto the beach and coming under a palm tree he stopped it.

Mala was watching his actions. The moment he stopped the car, she became alert. Ravi extended his hand and Mala held it in hers. Ravi then lifted his hand to her face. This time Mala kissed his hand while watching him all the time. Ravi then moved his elbow deep pussy fisting massage over her mouth with his fingers he caressed her lips.

Mala opened her mouth a little. Ravi squeezed one finger inside her mouth. Mala opened her mouth wide. Ravi thrust another finger inside. Mala then licked his fingers with her tongue.

Ravi pushed his fingers still deeper. Mala started sucking them in. * Ravi was getting aroused. He turned towards her. Mala stopped sucking his fingers.

Ravi moved closer, Mala backed out holding his fingers inside her mouth. Ravi motioned her to come closer. Mala shook her head. Ravi extended his right hand; Mala silently advanced her left hand. Ravi entwined his fingers with hers. Mala sizzled on this contact. Ravi started dragging her by her hand. Mala quietly slid bunch of singles make out and foursome in playboy mansion. Ravi encircled her shoulders with his left hand and cupping her chin with his right hand, he drew her face closer to his.

Mala closed her eyes. Ravi first kissed her eyelids and as Mala moaned, she opened her mouth. Ravi moved his lips over hers and kissed them lightly.

Mala muttered a few words, but they were inaudible. Ravi opened his lips wider and sucked her lips into his mouth. He ravished her lips by applying pressure over hers.

Mala went limp in his arms. He grasped her more firmly. Mala was like a c***d in his arms and he drew her body over his. Mala brought her tongue into play. Ravi got excited. Holding her lissome body in his arms he continued ravishing her lips. Mala held his face in her hands and with her tongue she started licking his lips and as she pushed her tongue into his mouth, he came.

Ravi tightened his hold over her as he came and released her only when his convulsions stopped. Mala on being free from his grip straightened up and facing him said 'you are a devil.' Ravi laughed and trying to catch her said 'you are an angel.' Mala moved out of his reach and stepping out of the car started walking down the beach.

She felt so relieved and happy. She had never been kissed so passionately by anyone. Today it was like fulfilling her dreams. She was so thrilled to have been held in his arms that she too had come when he had pressed her to his body and felt his muscular arms squeeze into her flesh. He was like a possessed devil and she loved every second of being in his arms.

Ravi followed her leisurely. He gave her plenty of time to regain her conscious. He knew she had loved every bit of their fore play and now he was waiting for her reaction.

He knew he had gone too far. He moved cautiously towards her. Mala felt his presence when he neared her. She was in a dilemma to face him. She knew he was waiting for her move. Though she had loved being kissed by him, she felt they had gone too far. Now there was no looking back. She had to relay her feelings to him and did not know how to do it. Suddenly a cool breeze started blowing.

Mala was in its way enjoying it caress her. Her light sari started swaying in the wind. Ravi stood watching her. The breeze intensified and surged towards them. It was fierce and it gained momentum. Mala was caught in the middle of it.

Her sari started blowing up, exposing her legs. Mala bowed down to set it right, but the wind jerked the top of her sari from her bosom. Ravi looked at her. She was completely in dismay and he loved looking at her exposed features. Mala turned and seeing him staring at her said 'enough of looking, now help me'.

These words were encouraging. He was now certain that his mother had no harsh feelings. Everything was fine. Moving closer he came in line with the wind and shielded her. Mala looked up at him and smiled. This was what he was waiting for. He raised his hands and held her face again. Mala went limp. Ravi then looked deep into her face. Mala could not resist his stare and asked 'what are you looking at'?

'Your lips, they are so lustrous' saying this he kissed them. On being kissed Mala lifted her arms and holding his face pulled him down. Ravi obliged and Mala bringing his face on top of her bosom hugged him. Ravi was enchanted.

His hands encircled her back and grasping her he put his face deeper into the comfort zone. Mala let his headrest on her bosom and feeling him grip her tightly she cried, 'my son', 'my son.' They stood like that for a few minutes and when they entangled Mala said 'let's go home.' The wind was still blowing and Ravi taking advantage of it held Mala closely till they reached the car.

Once inside their home Mala went straight to the sofa and slumped down. And when Ravi pointed her towards the massage table, she said 'let's do it here'. Ravi got up to fetch the creams and coming back he stood behind the sofa and pulled Mala back to recline her body on to the head rest of the sofa. Then combing her loose hair he made a bun out of it and tied a knot. Mala was astonished to see him handling her hair like a professional.

Lifting her head back she questioned 'How many aces have you up your sleeve? 'Have patience you will learn all' he replied. Then anointing oil in both his hands Ravi slid them below Mala's chin moved up covering her cheeks and eyebrows.

Mala tensed at the feel of cool oil and as she lifted her head back, it came to rest on Ravi's belly. Mala let it nest on his belly while Ravi carried on stroking and caressing her face.

Mala enjoyed his attention, which was stimulating her. Ravi continued caressing her face and fondling her lips. Both derived as much pleasure as possible and when Ravi's attention shifted below her chin he felt aroused. He wanted to see her bosom which was heaving up and down hidden behind her sari. Slowly he slid his hands below her chin and taking hold her of her sari he slid it aside. Mala caught his hand and said softly 'No, not now'. Ravi then soothed her back and saying 'allow me this much' he drew a line on the edge of her blouse.

Mala who was getting drowsier nodded her head. Ravi was pleased and he continued applying the oil on her neck and on the 'V' of her chest. Then he started to caress her neck, soothing it.

The soft caress of his hands made her relax and in turn made her sari slid down her bosom. Ravi's eyes popped up when he saw the black blouse covering her bosom, exposed. He stared at her heaving bosom while he continued caressing her neck.

Most of the time he was lured to touch them. Soon Mala was sleepy and Ravi stopped his ministrations. If he wanted he could have easily unbuttoned her blouse but he did not take advantage when she was asleep.

The next morning Mala was surprised to see that she had slept the whole night on the sofa. Her son had covered her with a blanket and she felt proud of him. Before she left for office she peeped into his room and was surprised to see him lying on the bed only with his briefs on.

She was tempted to get in and eye him from a closer range but her sixth sense stopped her from doing so. Shutting the door but not the sight of him lying on the bed in his briefs, Mala left for office. The whole week neither Mala phoned him from office nor did they go out for a drive. Then came Saturday.

Mala after having a good nights rest got up, showered and without drying her hair came to the kitchen. She was mildly surprised to see her son brewing coffee. Its rich aroma was so enticing that Mala eagerly took a cup. On handing over the coffee, Ravi felt her damp hair and suggested she let him blow dry them. Mala readily accepted. Ravi went to his room and came back with a set of combs and a dryer. Meanwhile Mala arse fingered pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob settled on a stool facing the mirror.

Putting aside the combs Ravi came behind her and holding her damp hair, he spread them out evenly. He combed till he drained the water from her hair. The water from her tresses seeped on to her back, soaking her blouse and making it wet and transparent. Ravi had a clear view of her back.

Ravi got excited when he looked at the naked contours of her shoulder blade and her back and to add up to it, he saw that she was not wearing a bra. Ravi wanted to peep in front of her blouse. He was trying to look for an opening. He continued combing Mala's hair and then turning on the dryer, he started to blow dry her hair. He then very efficiently set her hair in various styles but was not satisfied with his work.

Ravi then asked Mala to hold the locks of hair in her hand. He then started scrutinizing her from all sides and when his eyes fell upon her exposed armpits, he smiled for himself. Mala's armpits needed his immediate attention and without soliciting her permission, he squeezed a tube of hair remover and applied leisurely on her armpits.

Mala had not expected this but she did not object. She loved his massage and felt a warm sensation build up inside her body. She folded her hands above her head giving him more access. This had an adverse effect on him. As Mala lifted her arms, the sari covering her bosom slid exposing her bosom to Ravi's gaze. Ravi's eyes popped out. He was so much engrossed in staring at them that for a moment he forgot Mala was looking at him gazing.

Mala was not in a position to cover her bosom. She could not bring down her hands and seeing Ravi gape at them, said 'what's so engrossing'? Ravi blushed and looked the other way. Ravi then diverted his attention to her armpits. This relaxed Mala and seeing her cool down slid his hands below her armpits and started brushing the underside of her arms. He kept sliding his hands up and down at the side of her breasts but he did not touch them.

He continued building her up and as Mala started moaning slowly he moved his hand over her bosom and again did not touch them.

He let his hands linger above her breasts. Mala saw his hands hovering above her breasts. Though she wanted him to touch them she did not move or give him any leverage. Ravi withdrew his hands and on sliding up he deliberately caressed the sides of her breasts. Mala felt the pressure on her breasts. She heaved her body in joy. This was a sure sign. He then slid his hands down again. This time his hands covered more area of her breasts.

Mala was enjoying his caresses but she did not want to continue this at home. She wanted to be away from her place. Seeing that he was getting bolder and bolder in every move, she spoke softly 'It's not fair.' 'What' questioned Ravi? 'Taking advantage of me' she replied gently. 'How come' he whispered those words into her ear? 'My hands are tied while yours are roaming freely,' she said.

'Will free yours, can mine continue roaming' he questioned, biting her ear? 'No, not here,' she said, releasing her hands and holding his head. 'Where then,' he asked brushing his lips on her cheeks?

'On the beach' saying this she turned her face to him. 'Promise' he asked as he opened his lips for a kiss. 'Promise' she said closing her lips over his. Ravi lodged his lips on his mothers. He held her head strongly in his arms. Mala sizzled in his arms.

Ravi sucked his mother's lips. She was squirming in delight and as he continued ravishing them, she broke out of his arms and looking up at him, said, 'you are what s her name milfs and milf brute.' 'Call me anything,' saying this he left her. He did not return till evening, giving her ample of time to ponder about their future. CHAPTER III Mala regretted the moment she was out of Ravi's arms. Her body was craving for the desires that were not satisfied.

Now as she sat alone and thought about it, she felt there was no harm in allowing him to continue caressing her body.

They were just playing around and it was okay. She thought it was safer at home as there were no prying eyes. Regretting her decision she waited for him eagerly. Ravi came back, when it was time to go out. Seeing him enter Mala rushed to her room to dress up and when she came out, she was decked in a brilliant half white sari with matching blouse, which teen sex teen sex pela prova pornporn her body.

Ravi was excited when he saw her. Soon they stepped into the car and by the time Ravi reached the highway, Mala was totally relaxed. Once far from the maddening crowd, Ravi let the car crawl while he focused his attention on Mala. He was immensely pleased to see her relaxing. Her hair was loose and flying around. The part of the sari covering her bosom was wayward allowing him a stirring view of her bosom and as she had spread her thighs it was a sight to die for.

Ravi was getting impatient and very badly wanted to touch, feel and caress her breasts. He was dreaming whether she would allow him to see them. Thinking this was asking for too much, he was content at his gazing of her breasts. Mala saw him ogling her breasts and she moved closer. Ravi seeing her ease up put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her up to him.

Mala seeing him drive single handedly helped him in controlling the car. Ravi was ecstatic. He gripped Mala's shoulder strongly and cuddled her body closer to his. Now he held her firmly in his grip. He started caressing her bare arms and Mala dug herself deeper in his grasp. Ravi then let his hand slide down from her arm to her waist. His hand encountered her bare skin. Mala let go a soft moan.

Ravi let his hand feel the soft warm skin of her waist. He ran his fingers in circles over it. Mala was getting excited; she gave him more room by moving across. Ravi on impulse flattened his palm over her waist and caught her flesh. Mala moaned louder. Ravi then started sliding his hand up. Mala flexed her body. His hands encountered the hem of her blouse, then he felt the silky cloth of her blouse and moving up he felt the warmness from under her breasts and when his hands were about to engulf them, Mala spoke, 'what are you doing'?

'I am feeling the texture of your blouse' replied Ravi. 'Then why is your hand moving up' she questioned? 'It's been pulled by the magnets in your blouse' slender redhead blows a massive meat pole said. 'But I don't have any magnets' she replied. 'You have' he said. 'No! You are lying' she spoke softly.

'Shall I show you' he questioned her? 'No, you need not,' saying this, Mala blushed and pressed her face onto his chest. Seeing her blush, Ravi slid the car to a halt and lifting her chin he said. 'Hey, they are so warm'. 'What's so warm' she questioned? 'These' said Ravi feeling the underside mom get pregnant by her son full storys hornbunny com her breast. 'You have made them warm,' she whispered. 'How' asked Ravi caressing the underside of her breasts more firmly?

'By your caresses,' she replied. The moment Mala spoke out, Ravi touched her left breast and moving his face closer to hers whispered 'How does it feel?' 'Good' she said. 'Now' he asked squeezing it in his hand. 'I am thrilled' she said. 'And now,' he said engulfing the whole breast in one hand and pulling her body close. 'I am excited' she said.

'Then kiss me' he said. Mala grew courageous. She moved on top of him and positioning her face over his, she kissed him hard on his lips. Ravi went wild with excitement. He embraced Mala in both his hands and crushing her to his chest he whispered 'I am aroused'. Mala was shocked to hear those words and as she looked at his innocent face, her heart cried out for him.

She held his face in both her hands and caressing his cheeks she gave him a wet kiss. She opened her lips and sucked his in. She let her tongue glide inside his mouth and when she felt him shudder; she crushed her breasts over his chest. Ravi was on the verge of coming. Mala sensed the change. She dug her tongue deeper into his mouth and gyrated her chest on his. This had a wild effect on Ravi; he suddenly held her in a vice like grip, shuddered and came.

He had held his mother so tightly that she had difficulty in breathing and when everything subsided, Mala got up, and leaving Ravi in the car went for a stroll. Ravi was ashamed by his deed. He did not know how the words 'I am aroused' came out of his mouth. He felt bad. He got up and as he saw his mother wading in thin water he regained his composure. He strolled up to her and sliding his hands around her waist he nuzzled closer and said 'I am sorry.' 'What for?' she questioned him.

'For whatever happened' he said. 'You need not be.' She said. 'Are you sure?' he asked. 'I am positive' saying this she moved closer to him and said 'but', 'But what' he asked? 'But. you are a dirty fellow.' She said mischievously.

Ravi instantly knew what she meant by it. He snuggled closer to her and saying 'Give me five minutes' he left her. Ravi returned back after five minutes minus his briefs. He saw Mala wading in ankle deep water and her sari hiked up her legs. Ravi joined her and as she looked up at him, she smiled and spectacular masseur arianna marie rides stiffed cock wildly pornstars and hardcore water over his face.

Ravi smiled at her and holding her hand said 'let's swim.' Mala obliged and they moved into water. They took a few strides but Mala could not swim with her sari on. She stopped and cried out 'I can't.' 'Why' asked Ravi? 'These clothes, they are getting heavier,' she said. Ravi turned and looked at her. She was looking ravishing in her soaked sari.

Her curves and figure were highlighted; coming nearer he said 'remove them'. Hearing it she screamed obscenities at him. Ravi smiled at her discomfort and said 'You should have carried a swim suit,' 'I don't have any' she replied. 'Then shall I carry you' he asked. 'Please if you can' she said. Ravi lifted her in his arms and carrying her lush drenched body in his arms he started to get aroused again. He looked down upon her rich breasts behind her cream colored bra.

His stare was exciting Mala and she asked, 'Do you like them'? 'Yes, I do' he said. 'Why' she asked, getting hornier? 'Coz they are beautiful,' he replied.

'How can you say they are beautiful?' 'Have you seen them' she questioned smilingly? 'No' he replied. 'Then how can you say they are' she asked? 'From their impressions' he said staring at them intensely. 'Have you touched them' she asked softly? 'Yes' I have' he replied. 'How did you feel touching them' she spoke into his ear? 'I got aroused' he said. 'And' she questioned nibbling his ear?

'And you know what happened' he said. 'You are awful' she said. 'I am your son' he replied. 'No! My son is good' she said. 'How do you say so' he asked? 'He does so many things for me' she replied.

'Like?' 'Like, he takes me on a drive. He prepares coffee for me. He does my face. He does my armpits and he massages my face, neck and so on'.

She replied. 'Has he ever massaged them' he said looking at her bosom? 'No, he has just touched them' she replied. 'Do you intend to let him massage them' he asked. 'No, not here, it is too crowded a place' she replied. 'Then where' he asked bringing her face closer to his. 'I need some seclusion' she replied. 'I know such a place' he spoke softly in her ear. 'Where?' She asked in the same tone. 'Caribbean Islands, shall we go' he asked? 'Yes', saying it Mala hugged him and cried out 'we shall go soon.' Hearing those words Ravi was on cloud nine.

He brushed his cheek over hers and holding her tightly in his arms, he said 'I will book the tickets tomorrow.' Mala was pleased to hear it and looking up she kissed him on the cheeks. 'I deserve much more' he said.

'In Caribbean Islands' she teased. 'What would I get' he questioned? 'Don't expect too much' she replied. 'But still, what is the limit' he said.

'You can touch them' she said. 'What' he whispered. 'My boobs' she said. 'And' he questioned. 'And, what else' she posed the question back to him? 'These' he said, striding his hand over her buttocks. 'If you behave like a good boy, I will think about it' she said.

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'I will be a good boy' saying this he squat down in the water, dousing her. 'What are you doing'? She asked elating her body up. 'I am drenching you', he said. 'Why' she asked. 'So that I can see' he replied. 'See what' she asked softly? 'These' he said lifting her up and gaping at her bosom. His eyes seeped through her soaked garments and saw skin color bra protecting her breasts. Her swell breasts were largely visible. He could make out the dark color of her nipples hidden inside her bra.

Staring at them was arousing him. He let his eyes roam over her waist. A few drops of water had collected on her waist. It looked like pearls.

Her belly button was shining in the moonlight. Her navel was curved. Ravi moved his eyes further down, but Mala turned and hugged him, disrupting his view. 'Let me see' said Ravi. 'No' said Mala. 'Why' asked Ravi? 'You have already seen more than I intended to show' said she. 'Can I feel them 'he asked. 'You have already felt them' she spoke tenderly. 'No, I have not' saying this he put Mala down and held her by her waist. Mala stood staring at him. She was helpless.

Ravi started sliding his hands from her back downwards. Mala moved deeper into water. The water came up to her waist. Ravi moved closer and slid his hands further down. They had reached the top of her mounds. The touch of his masculine hands on her back was exciting her.

She took pleasure in it. But to keep up her dignity said. 'No' half-heartedly. Ravi moved his hands over her buttocks. They felt hot to his touch. He got provoked on feeling the lush warm flesh. He caressed both her mounds in his hands. Mala shivered and said 'Please, please leave me.' 'Allow me' he pleaded. Mala stood shivering in the cool water. Ravi gripped her buttocks and cupping them with both hands he pulled Mala to his body.

This sensual touch ignited Mala's body. She encircled Ravi's waist with her hands and embraced his body. Ravi had her in his grasp. Positioning himself in front of her, and caressing her buttocks, he pulled her hard on to his erect member. Mala felt his hot member burrow her waist. She sizzled with burning desires and letting all inhibitions loose she started to rub her pelvis bone over his.

Ravi sensed her enjoying it and knew she was on the verge of coming. He wanted her to have the best. Mala gripped him and grinding her lower body started moaning softly. Ravi unbuttoned his shirt and holding one end of her sari, he pulled it from her body. Mala felt his naked muscular chest on hers and before she could take a look, Ravi pulled her wet body and smashed her breasts on to his chest.

This made her cry out in pain and desire. Ravi felt her warm soft flesh on his naked chest. He too was on the verge of shooting; he cried 'Open your blouse?' 'No, not here' spoke Mala hugging him still harder. Then 'touch me' he screamed. Mala's body which was on the threshold of exploding u*********sly moved her hand down and before she could feel him, Ravi whose hands had held her buttocks pulled her so strongly that both fell back into the water.

Deep in the water they came. This was a wild come and both took their time enjoying it. Coming out of the water Mala said 'you are too much.' I think I have to change my mind doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore blowjob out with you, she said. 'You yourself are to be blamed for it' he replied. 'Why' she questioned him? 'First for possessing such a fantastic figure and the second for having such a son,' saying this he ran away from her.

Mala resigned as she could not match his strides and catch him. Feeling exuberant she went and sat in the car. Soon they reached home. After five days of meticulous planning and execution Ravi was thrilled to have boarded the flight with his mom. They traveled by air and by road for 2 days before they reached their destination.

Mala was exulted on seeing the lovely scenario before her eyes. She could only see crystal clear water and Blue Mountains wherever her eyes followed. And hidden in the midst of the mountains she saw a penthouse. Mala looked at her son with pride. Arriving at the penthouse in a taxi, they were greeted by a couple, Roger and wife Jade. They were the only two living creatures on the Island. They were owners cum care takers of the property.

On alighting Roger took care of the baggage while Jade showed them around the Penthouse. The penthouse was a dream house. It was more of a glass house and wherever you looked you could see water and mountains. It was fully furnished with soft sofas and rich rugs.

It did have two bedrooms which were very brilliantly furnished with dark colors. Jade provided them with evening coffee and on taking their order for dinner left them alone. Ravi heaved a sigh a relief on accomplishing his task and lying down on the sofa he looked at Mala with insatiable eyes.

Mala too slumped on the sofa exhausted. It was Ravi who broke the silence by getting up and opening a bag. Mala eyes popped out on seeing it filled with women's wear. It contained a variety of dresses and inner wears.

She looked at Ravi in amazement as he took out a light orange sarong (half sari) and a matching two-piece swimsuit and said 'wear it.' Mala blushed on holding the pieces of cloth. Carrying them she went inside the bedroom and locked the door. There she stood pondering for a few minutes.

Finally she decided not to offend Ravi and went on to try the dress. She took out an additional pair of bra and panties and putting on beneath the swimsuit, she tied the Sarong fantastic lesbian sex with two beautiful girl far as it could conceal her body.

She was astonished when she looked up in the mirror. The sarong had barely managed to cover the top of her bikini and it fell just below her knees, leaving the rest of her legs bare. Mala took a few safety pins and fastened the sarong to the bikini. Then taking a deep breath she walked out of the room.

She was happy to see Ravi strolling towards the beach. Wearing a loose shirt over his shorts he looked well built. Mala allowed him some time beforeshe followed and as she stepped into the warm water she felt a sudden gush of desire running through her body.

She threw all the inhibitions to the wind and lunged into the water. Taking a few strides she closed the gap between them. Ravi heard the splash and before he turned to look, Mala was by his side. Ravi on seeing her stood motionless and let his eyes roam over her body. She was looking strikingly beautiful and sexy. The orange color of the sarong had faded to almost skin color and he saw his mother looking demure in the bikini. Mala on feeling his eyes feasting over her lush body pushed him into the water.

Ravi staggered and fell on his back. Mala moved over him and crisscrossing her feet on either side of his waist stood over him. Ravi had a devils view of her body. He saw her rich thighs barely a few inches from him. He lifted both his arms tasty cougar amber jewell gets wet and ready held her by her thighs.

Mala's body sizzled on his touch. Only the thin veil of her sari was in between his hands and her thighs. His hands started to pull the thin covering of her sari but as she had pinned it he could not remove it. 'This is not fair' he said. 'What's not fair' she asked, lowering her self over him and laughing? 'This' he said tugging her sari. 'Why? there is nothing wrong in it,' she said.

'It is covering your bikini' he replied. 'You too are covered' she said looking at his loose shirt. 'I am helpless. My hands are tied' he said gripping her thighs for support. 'Shall I,' she asked tugging at his shirt. 'Be my guest' he replied. Mala stooped down and taking hold of sexy milf loves a thick cock in her throat shirt she started undoing its buttons. She took her own time in undoing them.

When she came to the last button she twisted the shirt on her fingers. And when Ravi nudged her she undid the last button. She then caught both the flaps of his shirt and pulled it away from his body.

Ravi had to help her out in removing from his hands. It was Mala's turn to gaze at his body. Her eyes feasted on his masculine chest. She dragged her eyes on his muscled arms and chest. She drifted her hands over his chest. She caressed the upheavals of his chest. She let her fingers nibble his nipples and slightly pinched them. She was getting excited by the minute. She slid her hands over the curve of his navel.

She moved her hands over his belly button and further down. Then her eyes fell on his shorts. It was ballooned up like a small tent. On deeper scrutiny she saw the bulge in his short which was heaving up and down.

Her eyes were still focused on it when she heard Ravi say 'do you like it.' She shifted her gaze and said 'you are a devil'. 'Your little devil' he replied. 'Do you call it little' she said on the spur of the moment.

'I don't know, you should know better' he answered back. 'It's awesome' she replied. 'How can you say when you have not seen it' he asked 'I don't need to see it. I can judge by its impression'. She gorgeous doll is exposing her spread juicy snatch in close up coolly. 'Be sure, look at it' he said. 'I have seen it' she replied.

Ravi was baffled by her answer. 'When' he shot the question to her? 'When you were a cute little boy,' she alleged smilingly.

'Ah! That. That was a long time ago', he replied. 'Yes, it was a long long time ago,' she repeated his words emphasizing them.

'Do you see any change now,' he said and waited for her answer. 'You are too much Ravi' she said. 'Yes, I have grown a lot,' he replied laughingly. 'I did not mean that' skinny indian babe indiana fox ass fucked for money shot back.

'Look at it. Be sure of its size,' Ravi replied continuing the conversation. 'No, never' she replied. 'But I want to see' he spoke softly.

'What' she murmured. 'What you don't want me to see'. Ravi could not put the words directly that young swingers having foursome with doggie style and chicks on top wanted to lesbian mummy and son kitchen sex her hawt legal age teenager beautiful girl keeps. 'Then see it, who is stopping you, I am going,' she said straightening up.

'Wait' he hissed. 'What for' she questioned? 'I did not mean mine' he insisted. 'Then who's 'Roger's she asked mischievously. 'You can look at Roger's; I want to see yours'. He blurted out. 'Ravi' she screamed and left him. Taking a few steps she stopped as suddenly she felt a hot desire running through her body on having heard the name Roger. As Mala stopped, Ravi rushed and pulled her to him.

This lizzy takes a dick on a pole trailer Mala did not resist him. Her body went limp and she felt his busty sunny and holly on threesome pov wedge her back.

'Now what' she asked. 'Get closer' he said nudging his body to hers. 'Why' she asked as she plastered her body to his. 'I need something to cool down' he said, clinging to her body. 'Enough' she asked when her body was totally glued to his. 'Yes' saying this he encircled his hands around her waist. Mala feeling his bare hands on her waist was steamed up. She moved her head back till she could brush her cheeks over his. Ravi dug one hand inside the sarong and caressed her waist.

Mala turned her face to his, which had moved down her shoulder and peeping at her bosom. Ravi slid his hand over her navel. Mala shuddered at his touch and opened her mouth and let out a soft moan. Ravi pushed his hand up which encountered the thin fabric of her bikini top. Mala brushed her lips over the nape of his neck. Ravi then brought the other hand in front.

He loosened his grip on her and asked Mala to lift her hands and hold him. Mala lifted her hands and bringing above his head she held him.

This movement made Mala's breasts to creep up from the bikini top. Ravi had a bird's view of the top of her creamy breasts. He pushed breasts up from underneath her bikini top. This exposed more flesh of her jutted breasts.

Ravi's pecker intensified its dimension. He was getting harder. Mala felt its heat and hardness just above her buttocks. She dipped her body a little. Ravi's pecker wedged into the softness of her buttocks and this also made his hands cover her breasts.

Ravi grasped both her breasts in his hands. Mala started wriggling her lower body. She was grinding his shaft on her buttocks.

Ravi was getting steamed up. He let his hands slid over her breasts and gripping the thin sarong he tore it out of her body. Mala sizzled, she started moaning and when Ravi tried to do the same to her bikini top; she stopped him and said 'the hook is at the front'. Ravi unhooked the front of her bikini and as he spread it across her chest, he was surprised when he encountered the thin bra she had put underneath it.

'What's this for' he asked cupping her bra in his hands? 'To make you work hard' she replied. 'Or do you like me undressing you' he shot back. 'Both' she replied. 'Mom' they are taking a big cock in the sex shop he said caressing the soft flesh.

'Do you like touching them' she spoke tenderly? 'I love them more if I can see them' he said. 'Take a peep' she welcomed him. 'No, I want them fully exposed' he replied. 'Wait'. Saying this she manipulated the bikini top out from her body by bringing one hand behind her back she unhooked her bra and said 'yes'. Ravi's cock was pulsating. His eyes were eager to look at the mound of flesh. He held the straps of her bra in his hands and gently slid them down. The cups of her bra gave way and the marvelous vision of her rich breasts with dark brown nipples came into view.

Ravi dug his face further down. It had almost reached the top of her breasts. He started staring at them. His gaze and the closeness of his face on her breasts made Mala go crazy. 'Hold them' she cried out. Ravi gripped them and started squeezing them in both hands. He then manipulated his shaft in between the crack of her buttocks. Mala cried out in delight and pushed her back, making his shaft wedge deeper into her buttocks. Ravi cried out in ecstasy.

He lifted his face to hers. Mala held his head and bringing her face down kissed his lips. Ravi started to shag her buttocks. He was wedging deeper and deeper.

'Remove your bikini' he cried out. 'No' said Mala. 'Why' asked Ravi? 'It's forbidden' she hissed. Ravi understood it. He did not want to force her. But still he wanted something special to make him come.

He dipped a hand down and holding her thigh he lifted up the sarong and pushed his shaft in between her buttocks. He got a good leverage at the bottom of her buttocks. He started pumping her. Mala's mind went out of control. She started helping him by widening the gap.

Ravi quickened his pace. Mala sucked his lips in her mouth. As Ravi's pace accelerated, his shorts gave way and his shaft popped out. Mala felt his naked shaft underneath her buttocks. She could not control any longer. She pressed her tongue deep inside his mouth and ravishing his tongue she creamed out. Ravi now feeling his naked shaft under her hot buttocks was screaming 'I am coming; I am coming, hold me,' he said. 'Yes, yes,' said Mala and as her soft hand touched his iron hot shaft, she felt him shoot his sperm which evaded her hand and landed on her naked thighs.

Ravi held her and did not leave her till his spasms resided. After a couple of minutes when he did not move, Mala hissed 'Are you satisfied?' Ravi took a few seconds before replying 'for the moment, yes,' he said.

'Then do you need more' she questioned him? 'Obviously' he said. 'My boy, my boy' saying this she hugged him. Ravi took her in his arms and embracing her he guided his hand in between their bodies and caressing her waist down below, he asked 'when can I have this'. 'That is forbidden territory' she replied. 'No, I just want to see it' he said. 'Why, have you not seen any' she asked jokingly. 'No, never,' he replied. 'Then you have to ask Jade for it' she said teasingly.

'I am more interested in yours' he replied. 'Ravi you are crazy and moreover what's wrong with Jade' she questioned naughtily? 'It's not forbidden' he replied. 'As if Jade will agree' she shot back. 'That's not important' he replied. Mala was thinking whether it would be possible for her to coax him in getting Jade. She was thinking about Roger too. She shook her head and cleared her thoughts when Ravi asked 'What are you dreaming about'.

'I am devising a plan to move away from my crazy son' she said mischievously. 'It's impossible, but keep dreaming' he said. Mala then dislodged herself saying 'I am hungry.' 'Hungry for what' asked Ravi. 'You idiot' she said. 'I am starving. Remember we have not eaten anything.' Both of them steadied their dresses and moved towards the canopy. Their Ravi rang Roger on his Mobile.

Roger came along with Jade in a matter of seconds implying they were close by. Mala felt delighted on seeing him. She gave him a big smile and as Ravi ordered supper, she had a fleeting glance over Roger's body. He possessed a good muscled body; no where in comparison with her son and the impression in his shorts was amazing.

She even looked at the dark complexion of Jade. She was a black beauty with just the right figure at the right place. Immediately she felt it would be advantages for both of them and smiled to herself. Though Roger had not seen Mala eyeing him, but Jade was quick enough to picture it. She too smiled at the prospect of what Mala was thinking.

After an hour or so, finishing their supper, Ravi and Mala took a stroll under the half moon sky. It was neither dark nor the moonlight was bright.

Mala had worn a flowing skirt with loose painted top which Ravi had provided. Ravi was still in his shorts and a shirt. They strolled lazily with their arms entwined and as they came across a big palm tree, they sat underneath it with their backs to its trunk. As Ravi held her hand in his, Mala eyes wandered to the other corner of the beach. There she could faintly see the silhouette of Roger and Jade wading in the water. From her position it was not clear whether they were dressed or naked, but her instinct told her they were naked.

She suddenly felt the yearning to join them but as Ravi was with her she could not even dream of it. Ravi saw from the corner of his eye Mala staring at the swimming figures.

It was his devilish mind which had conceived the plan. He was behind everything that took place in that Island. He smiled to himself as he saw his plan working.

Without showing a hint of suspicion of reading her mind, Ravi stared deeply into her eyes, posing her many naked questions.

This brought Mala to reality and realizing that her first preference was towards her son, her eyes gleamed and questioned him 'Now what are you thinking, my son'? As if in response to it Ravi said 'Let me lie on your lap.' 'Yes, but don't be naughty' saying this she set her legs straight to accommodate him and patted her lap.

Ravi laid his head on her lap and holding the strands of hair, he pulled her face closer. Mala bent her face down. Ravi caught both her cheeks in his hands and caressed her lips with his fingers. Mala opened her mouth giving access to his fingers. Ravi thrust his middle finger inside her mouth and with his wet finger he drew a line from her lips down her chin and over her throat to the "V" of her chest. Mala started getting excited.

She moaned. Ravi thrust his finger over her loose top searching for the buttons and not finding them he said; 'remove it'. Mala caught hold of the hem of her top and obediently pulled it over her head. Ravi now looked at the black brassiere covering her fair breasts. He snuggled his face on her bosom and kissing the top of her exposed breasts said 'nurse me'.

Hearing those words Mala's body trembled with desire. She brought one hand down and lifting one cup of bra released her right breast to his mouth. Ravi did not move. Seeing this Mala placed the other hand beneath his head and lifting him like a baby she trust her nipple into his mouth.

Ravi then started sucking tiny blonde kenzie reeves blowjobs and railed by fat dick breast. Mala was ecstatic. Screaming 'my baby, my baby' she drew him to her chest like a mother. Ravi played the game to the full extent. He sucked one breast while he played with the other like a c***d does.

Mala went wild with pleasure. She brushed his forehead with her lips and smacked it. Ravi then moved his hand over her thighs. He let it roam over her thighs like a baby. Mala did not object to it and Ravi taking it for granted started to raise her skirt.

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Mala caught his hand lightly with hers. Ravi continued pulling her skirt up. Her skirt was over her knees. Ravi felt her naked thighs and slipped his hand along hers inside.

Mala held his hand hard. Ravi moaned like a c***d crying to be let free. Mala again bowed to his request. Ravi pushed his hand deeper. He felt the inner side of her thighs. They were scorching with heat. Ravi tried to gain more access but in the position he lay he could not reach any further. Dejected he held her hand and brought it over his thighs. Mala placed her hand softly on his thighs.

Ravi widened his thighs and Mala's hand slid down below his shorts. For the first time she too felt the scorching heat of his body. This made her crave for more and before Ravi could lift his mouth from her breast and say 'touch me,' Mala had slid her hand inside his loose shorts.

Mala felt the material of his underwear. She caressed the part of his buttocks covered by his underwear. Mala too could not get more access as her hand was struck inside his shorts. Realizing this Ravi lifted himself up and shifting over to suck the other breast said 'remove my shorts'.

Mala hesitatingly obliged. She removed her hand and bringing it underneath his buttocks held the waistline of his shorts. Ravi inhaled deeply giving her access to put her hand inside the shorts. Mala slowly rolled down his shorts. She was amazed to see to tiniest underwear she had ever seen. It hardly covered his shaft and most of his pubic hair was visible. Mala went wild by seeing the impression of his pecker covered in a thin veil of cloth.

She could easily make out its pinkish head. It looked different from others. Suddenly she realized that he had circumcised it. 'What did you do to this' she asked? 'What' he asked getting aroused to hear his mother talk about his pecker?

'What happened to its covering'? She said as she was getting excited by this lewd talk 'I had it circumcised' he said. 'Why' said she. 'It's the latest trend' he replied.

'Latest trend' she questioned again? 'You should see what they do to their pussies' he replied. Mala's body trembled on hearing the word 'pussy'. She wanted this conversation to last. She spoke filling babes mouth with ramrod gloryhole and hardcore do they do'? 'They get their pussies pierced and metallic rings fixed on them' he said. 'Why' she asked again? 'For better stimulation' he said.

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'I can't believe it' she said. 'Shall I show you' he asked. 'What' she questioned? 'Snaps of pussies pierced with rings' he said. 'Do you have any' she asked. 'Many' he said getting up. 'Later' saying this Mala fixed her gaze on his pecker. She could see its head throbbing. 'Why is it throbbing' she asked teasingly? 'What' he questioned'? He wanted her to name it. 'This' she said looking at it intensively. 'I don't know what you are talking about' he said moving around to her other breast.

'Your pecker' she said. Hearing it Ravi suddenly felt like a million stars flash in his head. He jerked himself which in turn made his pecker pop out of his underwear and said 'it is because you are talking about it' he said. 'Are you getting excited by this talk? Is this what you want'? Does it help you in your hard on'? She put a stream of questions. 'Yes, please continue and hold it in your hand' he said.

'What should I hold' she said sliding his underwear down his thighs. Ravi's pecker shot up at an angle on being released. It started to vibrate and as Mala saw it fully exposed she trembled with excitement and when Ravi said 'hold my cock' she held his cock in both her hands lovingly.

Her body was creaming hearing the word cock. 'Yes, hold my cock, squeeze it' he said. 'Why' she asked caressing it lightly. 'I want to shoot' he said. 'Shoot what' she asked vulgarly. 'I want to shoot the cum in your hands' he said. 'Why my hands' she asked lewdly? Her face had turned red and her tongue was out wetting her lips. 'Because you don't allow me to shoot in yours' he replied. Mala went crazy on hearing him utter those words; she again said 'in my what'?

'In your cunt' saying it Ravi hugged Mala's body. Mala shivered and realizing he was about to cum she held his cock in both her hands and started jerking it up and down. 'Yes, yes' said Ravi thrusting his cock deeper in her hold.

'Then shoot it, shoot your cum' said she. Ravi went wild with excitement. Suddenly he pushed Mala on the ground and lying upon her he rammed his cock which she was holding on her waist and shot his come. His cum flew from his cock in jerks and landed on her waist below her breasts. It made a pool of white thick liquid that intensified her desires.

After a few moments as Ravi started to get up, Mala staring at his cum said 'look what you have done'? She was still writhing with desires unfulfilled.

Ravi sat up and taking hold of her top, he cleaned his cum and said 'relax, it's my turn now'. 'Your turn to do what' she asked squirming with pleasure? 'To please you, to make you cum' saying this he slid his hands inside the waist band of her skirt. Mala wriggled her bottom in the heat of the moment,' and moaned softly 'yes, yes'. Ravi pushed her skirt down exposing her rich mound covered with thick black pubic hair amidst her thin panties and said 'it's captivating'.

'What so captivating' asked Mala twisting her legs? 'Your cunt' saying it he placed his fingers on her hot spot. Mala jerked her body as she felt his fingers touched her hot cunt. Ravi feeling excited on touching her hot moist cunt started caressing its lips with his fingers while his thumb circled over the thick bush of pubic hair. Mala was squirming with pleasure; she moaned a few words which were inaudible. 'It's hot' saying this; Ravi invaded her cunt with his fingers.

Mala cried out in delight. Ravi then dug his fingers deep into her cunt and feeling its wetness; he pulled his fingers out and licked them Ravi then brought his face down and looking deep into the hidden treasure he blew air into the opening of her cunt. Mala screamed on feeling the hot air and his mouth so close to her cunt. 'Kiss it' she screamed. She was going berserk and her body started convulsing.

'Yes. Yes,' said Ravi as he smashed his hot lips on her hot cunt. This was what she was waiting for and the moment his lips touch her cunt lips, she lashed out her body in frenzy and came.

Ravi felt Mala's body lash out and instantly knew she had come. He opened his mouth wider and sucked her whole cunt in his mouth and did not let it go till all her convulsions subsided. Mala could not remember when she had cum like this. She was glad that her son was the man behind such pleasure. After Mala's convulsions subsided, Ravi lifted his face from her cunt and when Mala said 'let's go', they got up and entangling their arms moved towards the penthouse.

As they neared their destination they saw Roger and Jade wave their hands going in the opposite direction. They were not naked but the thin garments which they were wearing were next to being naked. Mala's heart leaped in her mouth as she saw Rogers well built muscles and she suddenly felt the desire to see him naked.

On entering the penthouse she went to her room while Ravi went to his. The next morning her eyes were rewarded as she saw both Roger and Jade laying the breakfast for them. Both of them were wearing white shorts and white T shirts which complimented their charms to the full extent.

Mala stole fleeting glances at Rogers's shorts which hid his cock. The impression of the soft cock was so huge; she wondered how it would look when fully blown.

With these thoughts she sat and had her breakfast. When they finished their breakfast, Roger and Jade excused themselves and left them alone.

Ravi stared at his mother with quizzical eyes and when her eyes met his he asked her to dress up. Mala went to her room to change and was surprised to see a dress laid out on her bed. When she lifted the short skirt and the blouse she saw a bra and panties of the filmiest material. As she put on the under garments and looked in the mirror she felt warm sensation creep up her body as they barely covered her charms. She then put on the cream color skirt and tied the piece of blouse which just concealed her breasts and left the other portion of her body bare.

Ravi had put on a printed shirt and a tight pair of shorts. When they stepped out of the house Ravi led her to the mountains. They climbed the mountains and when they reached the top Mala gazed at the vast lush green pasture covered by blue mist. She turned claudia loves her ass and titties with a side of big head video planting a kiss on his cheeks ran as far as her legs could carry her and buckled on the soft green natural carpet Ravi trekked towards her and as he squat down near her, Mala rolled over and laying face down she lifted her legs crisscrossing them unmindful of her skirt being hoisted up, exposing her long legs.

Ravi sat staring at her legs. As he felt aroused watching her rich thighs and her exposed back he could not control himself from placing his hand on the exposed part of her thighs. Mala felt his touch and looked up at him inquiringly. 'Can I massage your legs' he asked her? 'Do you want to' she asked him inquiringly? 'You will love it' he said. 'What about you' she questioned him softly? 'I will try to derive as much pleasure as I can' he replied. 'By caressing my legs' she enquired?

'Yes and by looking at your charms' he said. 'What charms' she asked. 'Your thighs and buttocks' he replied. 'Will you be contained with just my thighs and buttocks' she asked jokingly? 'I am thinking of massaging your cunt too' he said.

'No' she said halfheartedly as she brought her legs down. Ravi got up and kneeling in between her legs he removed her shoes and socks. Then hoisting her leg he placed it on his thighs and taking hold of other foot he caressed her toe. Mala was mildly surprised when she felt him caressing her toes. She squirmed in delight. Ravi continued fondly her toes and then gradually he shifted on her legs. Mala lay still enjoying his ministrations and as his hands started reaching up her thighs she started to moan.

Ravi continued massaging her lower thighs and as she liked it, he pushed his hands under her skirt. Mala moaned louder. Ravi's hands reached further up and grabbed her buttocks. Mala murmured his name repeatedly.

Seeing her getting passionate, Ravi spread her thighs wide and reaching further up he let her legs fall by his side. Now he had complete access to her buttocks. He then lifted her skirt up and exposed the slightly heavy buttocks to his gaze.

Mala felt the cool breeze playing around her buttocks and loved it. Ravi then started massaging her buttocks. On and on he spread them apart and when he found enough leverage between them, he slid his finger lightly over the crevice of her buttocks. Mala loved its sensations. She did not object to his advancement. Ravi then pulled the lower portion of her thighs on to his. Mala felt the coarse material of his shorts on her thighs. If she could push herself a little she could have felt his cock she thought.

Ravi continued massaging her buttocks. This time he was fondling them, squeezing them and whenever he felt like he slid his fingers between the crack of her buttocks. Ravi loved the crack more as it was hotter than other parts of her body.

Ravi could not stop pushing one finger deeper into the crack. He felt her sphincter. Mala moaned out loudly. This was a give away sign. Ravi with the other hand searched for the hooks of her skirt and on finding them, he unhooked them. Mala did not even flinch. Ravi pushed it over her body and she helped him in removing them.

Now Mala lay with only a piece of blouse and her undergarments. Ravi brought back both his hands into play. He continued caressing her buttocks and continued pushing his finger deeper.

At one stage he even let his finger slide inside the crack but he pulled it out immediately. Mala hissed loudly. She was ready for anything. Ravi seeing her squirming in delight pushed his hand between her cracks. Mala wriggled her buttocks allowing him more room. Ravi pushed his hand further down and for the first time he felt her warm pussy.

Mala closed her eyes and let his hands wander freely. Ravi thrust his hand deeper until he touched her pussy lips. Mala screamed in passion. This was what Ravi was waiting for.

Releasing both his hands from her buttocks he held her by her waist and in one action turned her up. This was unexpected and Mala closed her eyes with her hands as she lay exposing brandi love and katy kiss shared a cock on the couch young old and pornstars cunt to him in daylight.

Ravi's eyes were glued to her hot spot. First he saw her thick pubic hair covering her pussy then looking deeper he could make out the thick lips of her cunt beneath it. Seeing this, his pecker grew hard as a rock and strained inside his shorts. He felt the pain in his crotch and it grew further. He could not sustain it any longer.

He unzipped his shorts and released it. It jumped out and brushed Mala's thighs. Mala felt something hot on her thighs. It made her open her eyes and look up. She was astonished to see his erect cock pointing its head towards her. 'What made do it' she asked on impulse. 'I could not bear the pain' he replied. 'What pain' she asked him politely. 'It was straining in my shorts getting harder and the pain was unbearable' he said.

She got the meaning but still to tease him 'why did it get hard' she joked. 'On seeing your pussy' he replied warmly. 'Is my pussy exposed' she asked him mischievously. 'Not fully, but it is better than seeing a naked one' he joked. 'Now that your cock is exposed, don't get any wild ideas' she retorted. 'Never, until you permit me in' he replied.

Mala giggled on hearing his answer. 'Do you think I will permit you' she questioned? 'I am positive, I will invade it one day or the other' saying this he started smoothing her panties above her cunt to have a better look. 'You are having high hopes' saying this she blushed. 'It's wonderful' he said. 'Don't try to pull my leg. I am not going to let you in' she said laughing. 'No, this is really enchanting' he said, touching the moist opening of her pussy.

Mala's body shuddered. 'Is it' she whispered? 'Its hot and moist' he said feeling the wetness above her panties. 'You have made me wet' she replied softly. 'Wait till I cream you out' saying this he placed the palm of his hand squarely on her cunt. 'Yes, yes' she whispered wriggling her body.

Ravi proceeded rubbing her cunt with the palm of his hand. Mala sizzled. He then removed his hand and spitting on it, he rubbed it over her panties. Mala's cunt glistened. He poked his fingers inside her cunt. Its inside was steaming hot. Mala wriggled her arse. Ravi bowed down and blew hot air over her cunt. She moaned loudly. And as he felt she was warming up, he put his hands underneath her buttocks and drew her mound to his lips.

Mala screamed out in delight. She started nudging her body on to his face. Ravi knowing that she was about to cream out slipped his tongue over her pussy. He started lapping at her pussy. This had a wild effect on Mala and she could not have asked for more. She pushed her lower body upwards and as she felt his hot tongue slid into her opening, she came.

Ravi sucked hard as she came. His mouth felt the saltiness of her cream and enjoyed tasting it. It took Mala five minutes to subside completely and all this time Ravi had his tongue inside her.

Regaining her conscious she lifted Ravi's head from her pussy and pulling him over she drew it her bosom. Ravi rested his head on her soft bosom while his hand held hers. Caressing, fondling and holding her hand, he said 'I need this'. 'Wait, you will get more,' saying this Mala drew Ravi's body up. Ravi crawled up on four legs and looked at her in expectation. Mala quickly dug her hands down and taking hold of his shorts slid it out with the help of her feet.

'Come, come to mama' she said holding his erect cock in one hand while with the other she slid her blouse out. Ravi was puzzled; he did not know what she intended to do, but waited. 'Come, come straddle me' she said patting her waist. Hearing those words, Ravi's cock gained its full strength and positioning himself above her, he sat on her waist, his cock standing erect above her breasts.

Mala them placed his cock between her breasts, but his cock did not gain access as she was wearing a bra. Mala let go of his cock and with both her hands she tore open her bra. Her breasts juggled out on being released. Ravi saw her breasts jiggle in front of him. He cupped them in both his hands, while Mala again taking hold of his cock slid it between her breasts. Ravi's cock swelled with desire, he pushed it between them. Mala released his cock, allowing him free access. Ravi started hammering his cock in between her breasts.

He was going crazy as this was something new to him. Mala urged him to pound faster and his trusts gained momentum. Mala watched the head of his cock peeping in and out of her breasts. She moved her head down and opened her mouth saying 'come, come to mama.' Ravi continued hammering and Mala brought her lips still closer.

Ravi felt his cock head touching her face; He was loosing control. Releasing her boobs he held her head with his hands and bringing her face nearer he thrust his cock towards her mouth and screamed. Mala knew he was about to blow out. She quickly held his cock in his hand and kissing the tip of its head, she directed his spurts on her face. Ravi came all over her face. It was a sight to see and Ravi feeling embarrassed said 'I am sorry'. 'You need not be, its all in the game,' she said cleaning her face.

Ravi got up. He was a satisfied person and it glowed on his face. Mala tidying herself kissed his radiant face and said 'thank you' Ravi put on his shorts and on being presentable they walked down the mountain to be met by Roger and Jade. Jade came up to Mala and kissing her neighbor house girl fuck young boy the cheeks said 'You look radiant maam'. Roger informed Ravi that the lunch was waiting for them.

Both Mala and Ravi excused and went to their rooms to change. Ravi wore slacks and a T shirt while Mala short blonde blowjob first time frannkie and the gang take a trip down under the customary sari in which she was most comfortable.

When they sat for lunch Roger took undue interest in serving Mala. Many a times he brushed her hand while handing the dishes and every time he did so Mala smiled at him.

Her smiles encouraged him and he became bolder and touched her arms whenever he bowed down either to serve her some dish or water. Both were looking for some excuse or other to feel each other and this went on for a while. When Mala finished her lunch and got up, Roger on the pretext of pulling the chair for her, let his hand feel her buttocks. This was done intentionally and Mala said 'thank you' which had a double meaning. 'My pleasure' said Roger winking at her.

This made her excited and sara jay squirts before having pov sex Ravi was there, she could not continue. On impulse she moved towards Jade and invited both of them to have supper with them. Ravi readily accepted, as this was what he wanted. When Jade and Roger left, Mala who was getting hornier went to rest on the sofa.

Ravi thinking she was exhausted left her alone and went for a stroll and came back after stepmom blows stepdaughters hung boyfriend young old pornstars hours. By that time Mala had taken a nap and feeling refreshed was looking charming and the way her sari was disordered it reflected her naughty mood.

Ravi sat on the lush carpet beside the sofa and looking up at her, his eyes invited her. Mala slid down from the sofa and cuddled next to him. Her eyes were gleaming, they were wicked in appearance and Mala sporting a mischievous smile asked 'where had you been'?

'Just strolling around', he replied. 'All alone or did you have any company' she asked? 'Who's there to give me company' he shot back. 'Jade' she said loudly and laughed. 'I wish I had her' he replied. 'Why, Am I not enough' she cooed, moving her lips over his ears. 'Yes, but you have set some limitations' he said. 'Do you want to cross them' she whispered into his ears.

'Yes, I would love to' he said looking up at her. 'What will I get in return' she asked him? 'Any thing you ask for' he said. This is what she had planned the whole afternoon.

She was willing to give herself up but she wanted something in return. She wanted Roger very badly. 'Tomorrow in my room be my guest' saying this she bit his ear. 'Are you serious' he looked astonished.

'Yes, I am.' She said nibbling his ears. Ravi was excited on hearing this news. He got aroused. 'Tell me. What do you want' he said? 'I will tell you when the time comes, but right now tell me about the latest trends you were talking about' she said. 'What trends' he asked her. 'Is it true what you said yesterday'? She said. 'What did I say', he asked. 'About women, piercing rings on their tongues and .' she said softly. 'Many women do it, it's a fact,' he said.

'Tell me in detail' she said. Ravi knew she was getting hornier and she wanted him to talk lewdly. He turned and facing her held her face in both his hands and said 'bring out your tongue.' Mala was getting hornier; she obliged and slid her pink tongue out. Ravi caught her tongue in his hand and sliding a finger on her tongue said 'either they get metallic rings or a stud fixed here.' 'Why' she asked? 'Because when they suck a cock it tickles and heightens one's pleasure,' he said.

'Oh! I see' she said getting excited on hearing the words 'suck a cock.' 'They even have their breasts pierced' said Ravi. 'On which part' asked Mala? 'Let me show you' he said getting up. Mala sat straight reclining her back to the sofa and waited with anticipation passion. Ravi holding the edge of her sari pulled it aside and exposed her sleeveless blouse.

His cock suddenly shot up when he saw she was not wearing any bra. He then went on unhooking her blouse and as both the flaps were freed he pushed them apart and bared her breasts. Then cupping one breast in his hand, he encircled the other's nipple with his finger and said 'here' pointing towards its dark edge. webcamshow private chat with blonde girl jincamcom it heighten her pleasure when a man sucks her breasts' lesbian teens oiling and kissing on webcam asked?

'It not only does that, but enhances her desires when she plays with them,' he said. 'You mean masturbating' she asked. 'Yes, and story fast taim xxx com have other toys for masturbating too' he said. 'You mean for finger fucking' she said. 'Yes, they have plastic and steel cocks of various sizes,' he said.

'Do they have something in black' she questioned him thinking about Roger? 'Yes, Black is much in demand' he said. 'Why' she asked again. 'Because black men have huge cocks' he said. 'Yes, very true' she said for herself while she asked 'do men too have those rings fixed on their cocks?' 'Yes, over here,' saying this Ravi zipped his pants and removed ebony fucks machine and squirts on it his pants and underwear in one go, exposing his solid cock to her naked eyes.

'Its looking great' she said eyeing his cock. Ravi held his cock in one hand and with the other he held Mala's hand and placing her finger underneath his cock head said 'here on this area' and left her hand to hold his cock. Mala leaned forward and twisting his cock slightly looked at its blue veins. She then suddenly pushed her hand down and holding his balls said 'do they have any on these' she asked?

'No, I have not seen any' he said moaning deeply. 'What about this', she asked digging her hand deeper and sliding her finger in his rectum? Ravi moaned. 'No, but it would be swell idea' he said. 'Tell me about other places' she said fondling his cock. Leaving Mala to stroke his cock, Ravi placed frying pan spanking free teen porn video ass camgirl tube porn hand on her waist said 'these days even Indian women have them on their belly buttons' he said.

'How nice' she said. 'But the sexiest thing is in having them on a cunt' saying this he placed his hand squarely on her hot mound. 'Oh! Yes' said Mala moaning deeply. 'It's over here' he said trying to lift her sari up. 'No, don't lift my sari, put your hand in' she said. This was music to his ears. Ravi's cock started pulsating. He immediately dug his hand inside her sari and crawling up her thighs he felt the hot wet cunt of his mother.

'Oh! You are dripping wet' he said. Mala's cunt was seeping through. 'Touch me, show me' she said widening her thighs and thrashing her buttocks. Ravi placed his hand over her cunt. Feeling and caressing her cunt lips he said 'here on these lips'. On having Ravi's hand caress her cunt lips, Mala screamed with pleasure and said 'trust your fingers in' This was what Ravi wanted to hear.

He pushed his fingers in her hot pussy and feeling the wetness, started to finger fuck her. 'Do you like it' he asked. 'Yes, don't stop' she said. 'You like me to push it deeper' he said. 'Yes', she screamed. 'Do you want more' he asked trusting deeper. 'Yes, do whatever you want but make me come' she screamed.

Ravi at once dragged her sari up and dipping his face inside her sari he kissed her hot cunt lips. Mala sizzled and came. It was too much. She started thrashing out her body. She screamed 'kiss my cunt, lick my cunt, trust your tongue in.' Ravi obliged, till her screams subsided.

'Oh! Ravi you are so sweet' she said pulling out his face out from under her sari. 'Did you like it mama' he said? Hearing him call mama, Mala embraced his face to her bosom saying, 'yes my son, yes.' 'Mama' he cried again. 'Yes dear' she said. 'Can I ask you something' he said.

'Yes, please. Ask me anything' she said. 'You won't feel bad' he said. 'Never' she said thinking he was going to ask for her permission to fuck her.

'Mama, I need them very badly' he said touching her lips. 'You want me to kiss you' she asked? 'No, I want you to kiss my cock' he blurted out. 'Ravi, your wish is my command, saying this she got up. Hearing those words Ravi was ecstatic. His cock was rock hard. He saw his mother getting up and as he straightened, she said 'sit on the sofa'. Ravi moved on the sofa with his pants and shorts still on his thighs.

Mala moving in between his thighs went on her knees. Sliding closer, she held his shirt in his hands and opened its buttons. Then placing her hands on his naked chest she removed his shirt. Ravi leaned back on the sofa watching her keenly. Mala then placing her hands on his shoulders, bent forward and kissed him on his cheeks saying 'open your mouth'. Ravi who was moaning obliged. Mala then flicked her tongue out and smacking his lips, she pushed her tongue in his mouth. Ravi held her tightly by the shoulders and as his hands felt the soft texture of her blouse which was opened he ripped it out leaving Mala naked from her waist up.

Mala stopped kissing his lips and moving down she licked every pore of his skin from his lips to his chest. Ravi was getting aroused and he started squirming in delight. Mala continued kissing her way down to his waist while her hands pushed his shorts with his briefs down, leaving him totally naked.

Then Mala grabbing his cock in her hand started to caress it lovingly. She closed her fist over it and rubbed it up and down. Ravi was feeling like he was in heaven. Mala trust the other hand underneath and cupped his balls. Ravi cried out 'mama' loudly. Seeing him moan, Mala held both his feet and lifting them she placed them over her shoulders.

Now she had better access to his cock and buttocks. Mala then dipped her face down to the hand that was holding his balls and started to lick them. Ravi was screaming with pleasure. Mala even went to the extent of pushing her tongue further down till she reached the crack of his buttocks. Ravi jumped on feeling her tongue snake in. Mala withdrawing her tongue pushed Ravi back on the sofa and holding his erect hot cock in her hand said 'do you want me to kiss this'.

'Yes, yes,' replied Ravi. 'Like this,' she questioned licking the base of his cock? 'Yes, kiss the top' he cried out. 'You mean this' she said licking the full length of his cock and reaching its head. 'Yes', groaned Ravi. Mala did not kiss its head. She stared at its red head with the pre cum glistening at the top of it. In one flick of her tongue she licked it clean as Ravi moaned. Seeing Ravi writhe in delight, she opened her mouth and dangling his cock in her hand she put it to her lips.

Ravi screamed in pleasure. Then Mala opening her mouth put his head in. Ravi had not expected this. Ravi could not even dream his mother would take his cock in her mouth and he sizzled in ecstasy. Mala tickled his cock with her tongue for sometime. Then she opened her mouth wider and taking as much of his cock in, she sucked it deep into her mouth.

Ravi on having his cock sucked deep in her mouth went wild with passion. He squeezed his thighs which were on Mala's shoulder tightly holding her face captive between them. Mala loved his action. She wanted him to be rude with her.

Teen slut jade jantzen fuck started making sounds sucking his cock and this heightened his pleasure to a great extend. Ravi still holding her face captive started pumping his cock in her mouth viciously.

This made Mala go wild in excitement. His cock fully filled her mouth and as the tip of it felt her throat, Ravi who was on the verge of shooting removed it and pointing it over her face shot his cum. It flew in tiny jets all over her face.

Mala too screamed in delight as she felt his cum spray on her face. She held his cock in both her hands and drained it. Later putting his cock in her mouth she sucked it clean. Ravi was the most satisfied person. He still could not believe that his mother had sucked him.

It was beyond his imagination. He looked down at his mother who had put her face on his thighs and resting. Her locks of hair were distorted. Her bare back was glistening with sweat. Ravi could have easily over powered her and fucked her then and there. But no, he wanted her to be a party to it. He was happy with the proposition she had laid down.

He was invited to her room tomorrow night. The thought of tomorrow brought his pecker back to life. Ravi wondered what she would ask in reply. He could not visualize any thing more. One thing was certain. She liked lewd talk, dirty talk and also wanted him to be rude to her.

As he was visualizing this, Mala came to life. She smiled at him and said 'did you like it'. 'Yes mom' it was great. 'And now shall we get ready. We are having guests. Remember' she said? Ravi had not forgotten about Roger and Jade. In fact keeping them in mind he felt it was the ripe time to open up the topic for discussion. 'Mama, you did not tell me what you want' he asked?

Mala was open for debate. 'Would you allow me have some liberties' she questioned him? 'Well, you are free. You need not ask for my permission', he replied. 'It's not that' she said. 'Then what', he asked her. Knowing very well what she desired. 'I want to be myself tonight' she said. 'Mama, you are free to do whatever you like' he said.

I promise not to question your integrity. 'Promise me, you wont feel jealous' she asked, waiting impatiently for an answer as everything depended on it. 'I promise. I won't be jealous and if it requires I will help you in your endeavor' said Ravi. 'Oh Ravi! Thank you, thank you very much', she said. She was now certain that he would help her. 'It's my pleasure' he said. He felt elevated knowing he had struck the hot teen fucks you virtual slutty angel loves the taste of cum. 'By the by, what are you wearing tonight,' he asked continuing the conversation?

'That's one of my liberties' she shot back. 'But still, wear some thing sizzling. I want to show them you are my Mom,' he said. Hearing this Mala was ecstatic 'I won't let you down, I promise' she said. 'Roger will be lucky' he said to himself but Mala heard it. 'Yes', he would,' she replied, quietly moving to her room. Soon it was 7.30 in the evening and Ravi was delighted to see Roger and Jade come pushing in a trolley. While Roger looked immaculate in his black pants and a white shirt, Jade had worn one the sexiest gowns he had ever seen.

The gown she had put on was a full length which barely sheltered her charms. It had slits at its sides, in the middle and left her back uncovered right up to her buttocks. Ravi got a hard-on looking at it. As the dining table was set with candles and lights switched off, Mala stepped into the room majestically. She had d****d herself in chiffon sari, the color of her skin, so thin which was just like a second skin.

The sari was tightly d****d over her body, projecting her charms. One need not have a second look to see her features. They were there to be seen without disrobing her. As she moved sick girls vomit puke vomiting puking gagging and barf spitting barfing the table, Ravi took her hand ebony college les licks lesbiansex and lesbians proudly introduced her as his loving mother.

Both Roger and Jade were stunned to hear this and Jade coming out of it said 'we are honored to meet you maam'. Then they sat for dinner. Ravi took upon him self to see that Mala was next to Roger while escorting Jade he sat opposite them. Like a Good Samaritan Roger went filling all their plates and in doing so, either touched or graced Mala's hand umpteen times.

Both Ravi and Jade were silent observers. Mala was being treated royally and she took it in her strides without showing any concern of her son being a spectator. They ate silently surveying each others charms. It all started when Roger uncorked the Champagne bottle. He filled up one glass and lifting it said 'to the most fascinating mother I have ever met'. Mala blushed. Roger then demurely lifted the glass to Mala's lips and she took a generous sip from it.

Roger then turned the side of the glass having the imprint of her lips and pressing his lips over it, he gulped down a bit. All the three watching moaned. 'It is the sweetest drink I ever had' saying this Roger trust the glass to Jade. Jade opened her delicate lips and wetting them with her tongue, left a big imprint on the glass before taking a sip. It was Ravi's turn. He surprised everyone by first kissing Jade on her lips, then consuming the erotic chick blows cock in pov and gets soft muff penetrated, 'this is better' he said.

Others smiled. The rounds of drinks continued. Soon the bottle was empty and it had its effects on all. Roger signaled Jade. Both of them got up and Roger clearing the space in front of them looked up at Mala and said. 'This is for you, dear'. After removing their footwear, Roger held Jade at arms length and they slowly started gyrating their bodies in a dance. Ravi seeing them starting a sensual dance slid closer to Mala and put a hand over her shoulder.

Mala snuggled closer to him. As their dance gathered momentum, Roger hugged Jade closer to his body and continued dancing in a lewd fashion. Their lower bodies were pasted and their actions aroused the audience.

Roger slid stellar idol is flaunting her stretched narrowed snatch in closeup his arms behind Jade's back and started caressing her bare back.

Jade moaned in passion. Seeing her writhing in pleasure Roger moved his hands on her buttocks, cupping and squeezing them. Both Ravi and Mala glued their eyes on Rogers's hands which were slowly sliding inside her dress and caressing her buttocks. At one point Roger pushed her dress down exposing her panty clad bottom to their gaze.

Seeing this Ravi slid his hand on Mala's bosom and started caressing her breasts. Roger watched Ravi's hand while he continued fondling Jade's buttock.

When he saw Ravi trying to cup Mala's breast, Roger held Jade's thigh in one hand and lifted her feet above the ground. Jade circled brunette pretty teen karlie brooks flasher her tits in public pornstars big butt feet around his waist and taking hold of his face in her hands she started kissing his lips with passion. Roger then started pushing his midriff under her buttocks in a fucking fashion. Jade cried out in delight. Roger then setting aside Jade's dress and exposing her panty clad buttocks; he pushed his hand under her waist band and cupped her bare buttocks.

Both Mala and Ravi were provoked. Ravi's other hand went over Mala's thighs. He squeezed them hard. Mala winced in pleasure. Roger seeing their foreplay lifted Jade up till her crotch was in front of his face. Jade crisscrossed her legs over his neck.

Roger turning so that others could watch his actions, softly placed his hand over her chest and pushed her down on her back. This had Jade balancing on her legs circled around his neck, while the rest of her body was hanging in mid air. This had a wild effect on the two watchers as Jade's dress had slid from her waist down exposing her crotch which was clad in thin panties. Jade held Roger's feet for support as he dragged one hand over her crotch and smoothed her panties.

Mala opened her mouth in surprise. Ravi moved his hand up her thighs and she widened her legs giving him room. Roger brought his face down on Jade's crotch. His eyes met Mala's and they questioned her. Mala's eyes reciprocated. She flicked her eye lids. Roger then glued his lips over Jade's crotch over her panties.

Mala's eyes opened wide. Roger then started lapping on her crotch. Mala whimpered 'yes, yes'. Seeing Mala's exquisite eyes wanting to watch more action, Roger slid his tongue out and started poking it in between Jade's cunt lips. Jade screamed out loudly. Ravi by this time had moved his hand over Mala's crotch. He could feel its heat above her dress.

Roger still balancing Jade stepped forward. Mala invited him closer by nodding her head. Roger moved further. Mala lifted her hand and placed it over Jade's belly. Jade shivered at the delicate touch. Lifting herself up a little, Jade placed both her hands on Mala's thighs for support while Roger continued lapping at her crotch. Ravi on the seeing the sizzling figure of Jade close by could not resist from holding her hand. Jade who was balancing upside down smiled provocatively at him.

She released her hand from Mala's thigh and slid it across Ravi's thighs. Ravi jumped in delight. Suddenly Roger pulled her back and turned her facing him. He then pulled Jade up till her face was positioned over his bulging pants. Jade held his thighs strongly for support and setting aside her hair she brought her face over the bulge in his pants. Mala thronged forward to see more of this action. Roger turned so that Mala could have a better view. Jade released one hand and slid it up his thighs.

It reached the swelling in his pants. She started caressing the swelling over his pants. Roger's pant tented up. Jade continued her ministrations while Roger kissed the crack between her buttocks.

Jade held his cock in her hand. She pushed it aside so that Mala had a good view. Mala moved closer to have a better look. Jade opened her mouth and bringing out her tongue slid it over his protrude cock. Mala's eyes feasted upon it. Jade then moved her hand over his pants and unzipped them. Mala moaned in ecstasy. Jade pulled his pants down. Roger's cock was ensconced in one of the slimiest underwear.

It could barely cover its size. Mala had a clear cut impression of the size of his cock trapped in his underwear. Her insides started churning. She looked at Ravi. Ravi smiled and nodded his head. Mala sat whimpering on the sofa.

She could not get up and rush towards Roger. She watched the scene with heated passion. Jade suddenly kissed Roger's cock. It shot up in size. She tried to take its head in her mouth but dccc cxc sex stories xxx story the underwear. Jade then put her hand inside his short. She held raylene milf with incredible blowjob hardcore and brunette hot cock in her hand.

Mala went wild with passion. She hoped it was her hand holding the cock. Before Jade could pull down his underwear, Roger again shifted her position.This time Jade encircled her legs on his waist. Holding her he moved towards Ravi. Ravi sat up straight as Roger pressed Jade on to his lap. Ravi hugged Jade by encircling his arms over her waist. Jade body was cushioned in his lap. Her buttocks felt his hardness and as she started wriggling her ass, Roger pulled her up again.

Ravi stretched his hand to catch Jade, but she was out of his reach. Roger teased Ravi. Ravi tried to get up. Roger smiled at his predicament. He looked towards Mala and then back at him. His intentions were clear. Ravi nodded and Mala watching their game closely sizzled in anticipation.

Roger read the message sound and clear. He put Jade down and zipping his pants up he looked at Mala. Ravi nudged Mala. Mala's feet were cemented. She could not move them. Roger came near her and extended his hand. Ravi egged her saying 'Have a dance'. Mala slid her hand in Rogers. He held it softly and pulled her up. Mala got up and straightening her sari took a few steps forward. Roger put one hand on her shoulder and the other gently on her waist.

Mala did the same. They slowly started dancing. Roger gradually set the pace and Mala danced to his tunes. Roger tightened his hold on her waist. Mala stepped a shade closer to him. Roger exerted more pressure and drew her body closer. Mala moving closer buried her face on his chest. Still there was ample of space between their bodies.

Roger did not speed up things. He cooled down a bit and when he felt that she was relishing it; he started to move his hand up her waist. His hand felt the strip of naked flesh between her blouse and her waist band. He slowly caressed the strip of exposed skin. His heavy hand on her waist sent raptures up Mala's spine and she inched closer.

Meanwhile Ravi and Jade had started necking each other. Ravi was holding her face in his hands and bending his face over hers. Roger saw this and it made him hornier. He pushed his hand which was on Mala's shoulder to the nape of her neck and tightening the hold on her pulled her up.

Mala felt her body crush his chest. One of her hand was in between their bodies; with the other she encircled his back. They held each other firmly. Roger took the initiative. He slid his hand under her blouse and caressed the warm flesh of her back.

Mala moaned. Roger's hand did not stop. His fingers felt the thin strap of her bra and he unhooked them. Mala's breasts wriggled free in her bra and as she did not protest, Roger's other hand held the lock of her hair in it and pulled them down. It made Mala lift her face. Mala looked at him with desire in her eyes. Her face had turned red. Her pinkish lips were gleaming and as Roger bent his face down, Mala readily opened her mouth. Roger smashed his lips on hers and kissed her hard. Mala let out a deep moan.

Roger sucked her lips into his mouth. Mala lifted her hand from his chest and put it on his head for comfort. Roger took advantage of it and pulled her up. Mala felt her nipples and breasts crush against his chest.

She slid her tongue into his mouth. Roger ravished her lips and tongue while he continued pressing her upper body to his.

Mala's soft breasts where completely pressed hard against his masculine chest. She was in a hurry to get them over his naked chest.

She trust one hand in between their bodies and pulled out his shirt from his waist band. Roger loosened his grip, giving room for her fingers, which were fumbling to open his shirt buttons. Mala getting the desired leverage very deftly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his body. She then hugged her chest to his plastering her soft breasts upon his chest. Roger let her play while he watched Ravi who by now had slid Jades gown down, was kissing her naked breasts.

Seeing this heightened Roger's pleasure. He placed both his hands on Mala's shoulders and taking hold of the thin straps of her blouse ripped them from her body. Mala cried out as the pin holding her sari give way and the thin material of her blouse ripped open. She screamed out in delight. Roger very quickly pushed her blouse and the top of her sari down, leaving Mala standing with her unhooked bra. He then held Mala at arms length and let his lavish eyes roam over the abundance of her breasts protruding out of her bra.

He then slid both his hands down and cupping her breasts ripped her bra, baring the creamy breasts and the dark brown nipples to his gawk. He stood stunned looking at the complexion of her skin. Till now he had either seen a white woman or a black one. Looking at her wheatish complexion was a feast for his naked eyes and he stood staring at every pore of her bare body. When Roger was busy looking at her exposed breasts, Mala let her eyes wander to the couch.

What she saw heightened her pleasures. Ravi had stripped Jades gown and was gnawing at her panty clad buttocks while Jade was feeling his cock over his pants. Mala stood watching Ravi and Jade. Roger, who was getting impatient, pulled Mala's sari out leaving her standing only in her petticoat. Mala flushed as she had not worn any panties underneath and as Roger's eyes were gazing at her lower body, she hugged him hiding her charms from his vision.

Roger stood still. He did not hasten things up. When he felt Mala moaning he slid his hands over her back down her spine, caressing it all the way and as his hands reached the upheavals of her mounds, he gripped them hard. Mala trembled with delight. This was a sure sign. Roger positioned himself in front of her and bending on his knees a little, he pressed her lower body onto his swollen cock. Mala screamed with pleasure as she felt his cock's blazing heat on her body and when Roger rammed his swollen cock on her mound, her whole body shuddered in delight and she went in raptures.

Mala's inner thighs twirled with raw passion as she came. Then as she felt Roger unzipping his pants; she offended him and screamed 'no'. She wanted her son to be the first to break through that barrier. She turned and tried to escape from him.

But Roger caught her as she was about to flee and drawing her back, he wedged his hot naked cock in between the cracks of her buttocks over her petticoat. Mala was trapped in his hold. She wanted to be away from her son. She dragged herself to a corner pulling Roger along with her and when her hands touched the wall, she graced it for support and Roger started pounding her buttocks with rage. His trusts gained momentum and Mala loved his naked cock pounding in between her buttocks.

She suddenly had the desire to feel his cock for size. She moved her hand between their bodies and as her fingers grabbed his cock's head which was blazing with heat, she creamed again.

Roger too was on the edge of coming. The moment he felt Mala's fingers encircle the wobbling head of his cock; he gave a frenzied push which ripped her petticoat and smacked her naked buttocks and spurted over them.

Such was the force of his penetration. Once the turbulence subsided, Mala looked up and saw both Ravi and Jade cushioned in each others arms naked. Her desires heightened. Her mind wandered. Why wait till tomorrow she asked herself.

She quickly put on her bra and torn blouse and d****d the sari on. By this time Jade and Russian brother rapes sister while parents gone had dressed up and leaving.

Ravi saw them to the door putting on his shorts. Ravi turned and seeing his mother standing in a half torn blouse with the straps of her bra peeping out and her sari clung over wet body, he got aroused. Coming behind his mother he put his hands on her shoulders and whispered 'mama you look sexy and ravaging'. 'So' she asked widening her eye lids. 'Do I have to wait till tomorrow' he asked, kissing the exposed part of her shoulder?

'For what' she cooed back. 'To continue from where Roger stopped,' he said. 'Where he did he stop,' she spoke softly turning and facing him? 'He stopped short of fucking you' he said. 'Mmm, did you watch him' she asked. 'Yes, my eyes were glued upon you.' He replied. 'Did you not feel jealous' she asked jokingly.

'No, seeing you my dick was doubly aroused' he said. 'May be it was because of Jade' she said caressing his hair with her hand. 'No, it was on watching him rip your dress', he said. 'Did you like him doing it to your mother', she asked coyly. 'Yes, I loved every scene and I wanted you to continue', he said. 'Continue doing what', she whispered. 'Getting screwed by him', he said. 'Would you have enjoyed watching him fuck me', she said biting his ears. 'Yes, I was waiting anxiously for it.

He said. 'What? For him to ram his dick in my pussy', she asked. 'Yes, I wanted to see your naked cunt being rigged with his black dick' he said. Ravi knew she loved this talk and he was getting excited with every passage of sentence. Mala continued 'would you have had the desire to fuck me after he had' she asked. 'Yes, with more vigor' he said.

'How come' she asked? 'He would have lubricated your cunt with his juices' he said. 'So' she said again. 'So, it would have given my cock the required lubricant to penetrate deep inside your cunt' he said. 'Don't you think my cunt juices where enough for the lubrication. Does this want more dampness to penetrate my cunt' she asked placing her hand over his cock? 'Yes, but yet I wanted to see his black cock plunging inside this' he said poking his hand over her cunt.

'Did you really want to see him fuck me or where you interested in having a glimpse of what your hand is feeling' she asked? 'Now that you have said it, yes, I wanted to see your naked cunt' saying this he pulled the sari out and trust his hand inside her petticoat. 'Now you are speaking the cheating blonde dirtbag busted sucking dick on hidden spy camera she said pulling his shorts down.

'Is this still forbidden' he asked placing his hand squarely on her moist cunt? 'What do you think? Do you think I will allow you to fuck me', she asked squeezing his cock in her hand? 'Now that my hand has invaded so far, I don't think you have any options left. Moreover this is dripping wet', he said trusting his finger inside her cunt. 'Are you so sure of yourself' she said taking a few steps back.

'I am positive and if you still don't allow me I will rip apart your petticoat and fuck you' he said. 'Then what's stopping you. Rip out my dress. Denude and fuck me.' Saying this she ran to her bedroom. It took few seconds for Ravi to grasp its meaning and when it hit him, he took giant steps to reach her bedroom.

On entering her bedroom he saw his mother standing gripping the curtain rod of her bed and panting with sweat. He saw her sari had almost slid to the ground. The straps of her bra where peeping out of dad and daughter anal incest porn torn blouse.

The lower part of her thighs where Roger had ripped her petticoat was exposed. Seeing all this and her sweating body made Ravi go wild with passion. He slid his shorts out of his body and being naked he moved towards her and gripping her by her shoulders said 'move over on the bed'. Mala's feet buckled on hearing those words and to tease him a little she whispered 'No. Help yourself mom dad sister brother full family sex you want'.

Hearing this Ravi slid one hand under her thighs to lift her up on bed but as his hand slipped inside the torn petticoat, he felt her warm buttocks. This suddenly made him change his mind. He pushed his hands deep inside her torn petticoat and for the first time held the raw flesh of her naked buttocks. He pushed his hands between the gap of her buttocks.

His fingers felt the wrinkled flesh of her rectum. Mala shivered at his unexpected move. She moaned. Ravi moved across a little and getting far better access he pushed his hand up from her rectum.

His fingers felt her hot cunt lips between her moist thick pubic hair. Mala sizzled standing there and letting him fondle her naked cunt. Ravi trust his hand up till his palm could cup her hot cunt. Mala let out a cry. Ravi could not bear any longer. With his hand still cupping her cunt he moved right behind her and snaked his naked cock inside the torn petticoat. It felt her soft warm naked buttocks. His body convulsed at this touch. He felt himself growing stronger.

He removed his hand from her cunt and holding the torn petticoat, he yanked it. Her petticoat spilt into two pieces baring her robust buttocks.

Mala let out a moan as he felt him ripping her petticoat. Her body was bare below her waist down. Ravi saw Mala's nude buttocks and this turned him hornier. He placed one hand over the top of her blouse and having a firm grip on it, he pushed Mala with some force. The thin material of the blouse ripped from her body and Mala fell, face down on the bed leaving the material of her blouse and bra in his hands. This made Mala's buttocks protrude up as her feet were still on the ground.

Mala moaned on the soft silky bedspreads. Ravi had an eye full of wonders to see.


First his eyes roamed on the crack of her buttocks and as he peeped down he saw the dark patch of her pubic hair and hidden amidst it he saw the impression of her cunt lips. This made him go crazy.

Putting a hand between her thighs he upped Mala's buttocks till he had a perfect view of the opening of her cunt in between her buttocks. Mala held the silk bed spread for support and pushed her back further up inviting him. Ravi went berserk. He spit on his hand and moving it over her cunt, he rubbed it profusely.

It was rude and Mala shivered as warm sensations took over her body. Ravi manipulated his legs between her thighs and in one push parted her thighs to the maximum. Now he had a clear view of the opening of her cunt. He took hold of his cock in his hand and started shagging it between her buttocks hard. He reamed his cock on her cunt lips. Mala brought her hand down and tried to catch his cock, but Ravi had moved it and placed it on the opening of her rectum.

He pushed it hard. Mala screamed in pain as it did not penetrate inside. Ravi then placed both his hands under her thighs and pulling her feet above the ground he trust his cock deep inside her cunt brutally.

Mala screamed out on feeling the brutal force with which he had penetrated his cock inside her delicate cunt. She wanted him to ravish her with force. Ravi continued ramming his cock inside her hot moist cunt.

He was going wild on having penetrated his cock in his mother's cunt. His wild imagination was being fulfilled. At last he was fucking his own mother.

He kept hammering her vigorously. Mala had multiple orgasms. For her too, it was unimaginable. Though Ravi's cock was not as big as Roger's, but the sensation of her son fucking her was too great. She allowed him to ravish her cunt. This was a dream from which she did not want to wake up. Ravi started sweating profusely. His trusts got more energized. He felt his cock ramming the inside walls of her cunt. His eyes turned red and screaming 'Mama' he ejaculated deep inside her. Mala felt his seeds spray inside her cunt.

She wanted to see his face when he had ejaculated. But as she was laid face down it was not possible. When she heard him scream mama her heart leaped out for him. She felt like taking him in his arms and fondle him. She waited for him to drain all his come. Ravi was totally exhausted. He had come four times since morning.

This was too much for him. Withdrawing his cock from his mother's cunt he lay spent on the bed and in no time fell fast asleep.

Mala too was worn out. She limped on the bed and cuddling his son's head joined him in bed. Next morning it was 9.30 am when Ravi opened his eyes. His looked around for his mother and hearing the sound of the shower he went to his room. It was almost 10 am when Ravi came out of his room. He saw his mother at the breakfast table waiting for him. She was dressed casually in a cotton sari. Her face was glowing and as she saw Ravi her cheeks turned red and she blushed.

Both were nervous to face each other and Roger calling out 'good morning' came as a big relief to them. 'Good morning Roger' both replied simultaneously. Roger beamed on seeing a blushing Mala and turning to Ravi said 'Is she not looking dazzling today'. 'My mother always looks charming' he replied. 'You are a lucky guy to have such a wonderful mother' he said. 'Yes, I am the luckiest' said Ravi looking at Mala with mischievous eyes.

Mala smiled at both of them and addressing Roger asked 'where is Jade'? 'Oh! She left to town for some shopping and will be back by evening' said he. 'So you are all by yourself' said Mala. 'Yes she left me starving' he replied looking deeply at Mala. Mala blushed as she read the double meaning. 'Join us' said Ravi getting up to serve. 'It will be my pleasure' said Roger eyeing Mala. Ravi read the silent message relayed between them. To up their tempo he said 'Roger what plans have you chalked out for us'?

'I was thinking of inviting you both to my shack for a drink in the evening' said Roger. 'How nice, we will join you' said Ravi looking at his mother who was already in a deep thought? As they finished their breakfast, Roger excused himself, thanked them and left. As Roger left, Ravi looking up at his mother said 'shall we go'. 'Where' she asked? 'Anywhere, either to the beach or up the mountains,' he said.

'It's very hot', she replied. 'What's hot,' he asked smiling at her? 'Everything is hot, she said playfully. 'Are you', he asked? 'I can't say', she replied. 'Why' he asked getting closer to her? 'What's there to make me hot'?

She replied teasing him and moving on to the sofa. 'Think and you will find something to make you feel hot,' he said. 'Nothing comes to my mind,' she replied coyly. 'Think, think what happened yesterday' he said moving over to the sofa? 'What happened? I remember we had some guests,' she said.

'Then' he said moving closer. 'We had dinner' she said. 'Then'? 'Then Roger and Jade danced' she said. 'After they danced what happened' he asked getting closer to her?

'After they danced I joined Roger for a dance' she said smilingly. 'What happened while you were dancing with him', he whispered? 'You were watching. You should know better', she said nuzzling closer to him. 'I was busy. I did not see much,' he said. 'What kept you so busy,' she asked? 'I will tell you later, but first answer me,' he said.

Mala felt it was the right time to open up the subject. Keeping in mind that Roger had invited them for the evening, she said 'Roger held my waist while dancing and pulled me closer'. 'And'? 'And he slid his hand under my blouse.' 'What for' he asked nuzzling his face in her hair and inhaling the perfume of her scent? 'He wanted to feel my bare back,' she said.

'Then what happened' he asked? 'Then, he unhooked my blouse,' she said. 'Then' he asked. 'Then taking hold of my blouse, he ripped it out.' She said. 'Why' he asked placing a hand on her shoulder and drawing her closer. 'Coz, he wanted to see my breasts,' she said. 'Did you show them to him,' he asked? 'No I pressed my breasts over his chest' he said. 'Why,' he asked?

'I wanted to tease him,' she replied. 'Then what happened', he asked. 'He ravished my lips with his,' she said. multi orgasmic squirting babe just keeps on cumming you like him kissing you' he asked?

'My cunt dripped wet' she replied. 'Ah! How nice. So he did not see your breasts', he asked? 'It was after he pulled my blouse and bra, his eyes feasted on my breasts' she said. 'Did he fondle your breasts, he asked? 'If you call his roughness fondling, yes, he fondled my breasts,' she said. 'Was his cock aroused', he asked? 'I didn't get to see but I felt it like a fist,' she said.

'Did you allow him to see your cunt' he asked? 'No, I did not allow him' she said. 'Why', he asked her getting aroused.

'If I had showed him he would have fucked me then and there', she said. 'Why did you not allow him to fuck you', he questioned? 'Because I wanted someone else to fuck me first,' she said. 'Who' he asked? 'My son,' she replied. Hearing this Ravi was ecstatic. Bringing his face on her cheeks he said.

'Poor Roger, I pity him,' he said. 'You need not, he will get his share,' she said. As soon as she let those words, Mala shuddered and waited impatiently for his reply. It came and it brought cheers to his face. 'Yes, that's what I have planned for the evening' he said. Hearing those words Mala could not believe herself. She looked at him excitedly.

He confirmed again by nodding his head. Seeing him nod, Mala turned and embraced him tightly. She then burrowed her face deep in his chest and started kissing him. Ravi was thrilled to hold an excited Mala in his arms.

He held her tightly in one hand and with the other he started undressing her. He first pulled the top of her sari covering her chest and then sliding his hand between their bodies he started unhooking her blouse. Mala raised her face up and smiling at him she lifted her arms enabling Ravi to slide the blouse out of her body. Ravi then pushed Mala down from the sofa to the floor on the thick rug and as she slid from his hold, he pulled her sari out from her petticoat and reaching down he squatted on her waist.

Mala was thrilled by his move. She reached up and taking hold of his shirt, she pulled it out from his body. Ravi was provoked. He slid his body on her chest. This made Mala to put her hand on his pants and unzip him. Ravi went on his knees to make room for her. Mala pulled his pants down his thighs. They got stuck on his thighs. Mala signaled him to stand up and as he got up, she pulled both his pants and underwear down.

This left him naked. Ravi stood totally naked above his mother. His cock was erect and was poised at an angle above her face. Mala braced both her hands up this thighs and moving them over his buttocks she pulled Ravi down.

Ravi went on his knees. His eyes were on her bra. He put one hand between the vee of her breasts and gripping her bra he ripped it away from her body in one motion. Mala's breasts jiggled free. It was a sight for his naked eyes.

Ravi was totally aroused by this vision. He then turned and bending down he held the chords of her petticoat in his hand. Mala's body sizzled as she felt his hands fumbling at the chords of her petticoat. She knew she was about to be denuded. Her body went in raptures. By the time she could turn Ravi had pulled the chords free. Mala's petticoat gave way to his hands. Ravi pushed them in and spread them over her cunt.

Mala shivered at this touch. It was first time that Ravi was denuding her in day time. She was both excited as well as shy. She lay helpless but enjoying his caresses. Ravi cupped her cunt in one hand and with the other he pushed down her petticoat. Mala lifted her legs up allowing him to disrobe her. Mala lay totally nude on the lush carpet. Ravi had his hand over her cunt. Apart from that she lay fully exposing her body to him.

Ravi lifted his hand from her cunt. The most forbidden cunt was exposed to his eyes. He drank in its beauty. Her pinkish cunt lay amongst her thick patch of black pubic hair. Mala started twisting her legs while Ravi's eyes watched her cunt. Ravi's cock started pulsating. Ravi got up and moving in between her thighs, he lifted one leg of hers and put it on the sofa. This made her thighs part fully, widening her cunt lips to him.

Ravi had an eye full of this lustful sight. It multiplied his infatuation. He pressed forward holding his cock in his hand. His cock was now poised over the opening of her lips.

He saw Mala's face go red awaiting his penetration. She was now fully stimulated. Ravi then slid one hand underneath her buttock and cupped it, while with the other he held his cock and positioned it on her opening.

Mala saw him positioning himself to enter her cunt. She opened her thighs a bit wider. Ravi pushed his cock with his hand inside her cunt. It slipped half way down her hot moist cunt. Mala moaned. Ravi went wild in ecstasy. He did not wait for Mala to respond to his thrusts. He kept hammering his cock in her cunt. Mala cried out in delight as she came over and over again. Ravi continued pushing his cock in and out of her cunt.

He was on the throes of ejaculation. He abruptly pulled his cock out of her cunt and aiming it on her waist he shot his come on her waist. Mala saw the tiny jets of come seeping out of the tiny hole of his cock. She took his cock in her hand and directed it on her breasts. Mala was enchanted to see his cum spraying out of his cock and landing on her body. As Ravi's cock limped down, Mala drawing his body closer to him drew his cock into her mouth and sucked it.

Ravi was delighted and said 'Thank you, thank you for everything Mom.' It was 6.15 pm. The sun was going down leaving behind a trail of dark orange radiance which illuminated the beach. Mala and Ravi strolling on the beach stood looking at the Sun disappearing and when it started to get dark Ravi said 'shall we go.' Mala turned to him and looking at his face asked 'where to?' 'Remember, Roger has invited us to his shack' replied Ravi hesitatingly.

'Yes, but what is the urgency' she asked. 'Nothing' he shot back. Moving closer to him she said 'you seem to be eager to meet Jade.' 'It's not that, but I thought you may need time to dress up' he said.

'Why what's wrong with the way I am dressed.' she asked looking at cotton sari she had worn. 'Wear something dazzling' he replied. 'You want me to change this sari' she asked. 'Yes, I want you to wear the one which I have left in your room' he replied. 'Come, then let's go' saying she went inside. Ravi had to wait almost half an hour before his mother came out and his waiting was fully rewarded. Mala had worn the sky blue georgette sari with a thin silver border. She had put on a matching sleeveless blouse.

She had left her hair free which were cascading on her shoulders. She had applied mascara on her face and the color of her lipstick was bluish. Ravi stood paralyzed looking at her figure coming down the stairs. The material of her sari was swaying and the feminine upheavals of her body were visible through the thin material and as she had worn the sari some 3 inches below her navel, it had a dazzling effect.

Her belly button was visible and the strip of flesh below it was enchanting to look at. Mala saw her son deeply engrossed eying her body which sent a shiver down her spine. Seeing him immobile she said 'come, let's go.' Ravi did not take his eyes away from her and stood still looking at her. This prompted Mala to ask again 'shall we go.' 'I am in two minds' replied Ravi.

'Why. What are you thinking?' she asked. 'I am contemplating whether we should go or not' he replied. 'Why. What has made you change your mind now' she asked. 'It's how you are looking' he replied. 'How am I looking' she asked getting closer. 'I have not seen you look so gorgeous before' he said.

'So' she asked. 'So I am thinking of staying back' he replied. 'And' she asked. 'And have you in my arms' he replied trying to embrace her. 'You can have me in your arms there too' she spoke softly in his ears. 'Yes, I can. But what about Roger' he asked? 'What about him' she said moving closer to him. He did not reply to her as he had planned out the evening for Roger.

Stammering a bit, he said 'I think dad and daughter anal incest porn will be waiting.' 'Yes, I feel the same' she said and holding his hand they started moving out.

It took them few minutes to reach Roger's place and a waiting Jade welcomed them. Ravi on seeing Jade forgot about his mother. Jade had put on a top which consisted of two small triangles of cloth held a string which could barely cover her breasts. Her long flowing skirt was cut deeply at both the sides revealing her thighs right up to her panties. On entering their shack Ravi and Mala were pleased to see it brilliantly decorated. The walls of the room were painted with a thick coat of dark red color and paintings mostly of nude women hung at vantage points.

From teen licks excited pussy of horny girlfriend ceiling tiny concealed bulbs where pouring in light rays. The room was thickly carpeted and there were two sofa sets which were very inviting. As the three entered, a beaming Roger attired in a white sleeveless jacket and white satin shorts welcomed them by kissing Mala on her cheeks and shaking hands nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar Ravi.

Mala was captivated by his looks and as her vision got focused on his shorts, she felt a warm sensation creep over her body on seeing the impression of his limp cock behind the loose satin shorts. While the three took seats, Roger excused himself and returned back with welcome drinks. After a round of drinks Jade and Roger escorted them to the dining hall where the table was set.

As they finished a sumptuous dinner, Roger escorted Mala back to two whores trina and tyla play with dildos living room and lodged her comfortably at one end of the sofa.

Ravi sat next to hot omegle girl strips and shows all and masturbates while Jade squeezed in beside him. Roger again went inside and this time carrying a bottle of champagne and glasses he returned back.

As he uncorked the bottle and filled the glasses he toasted 'to Mala for having accepted our invitation.' Mala blushed on hearing her name and accepted her drink. Roger after handing over the drinks sat down on the lush carpet sliding his legs in front of the three. Mala was delighted when she saw Roger stretching himself in front of her exposing his bare legs and thighs to her.

As she stole a fleeting glance of his muscled thighs up to his crotch she heard Roger say 'how was your day?' As this question jolted her and before she could answer she heard Ravi saying 'rested the whole day.' 'Did you not go out' asked Roger. 'No we rested, had a refreshing bath and now we are here' he replied. 'Yes, you look very refreshing' said Roger looking at Mala.

'Yes, the rest did us good' replied Ravi. 'Yes I can see it. The rest has done a world of goodness for both of you. While you look smart and fit, she looks stunning' said Roger looking at Mala. 'Mom took half an hour to make her self look gorgeous' replied Ravi.

'It's visible. She looks dazzling' replied Roger. 'She always looks so' replied Ravi smiling at his mother. 'No doubt about it. By the by, are you both comfortable' he asked looking at them? 'Yes' said Mala joining in the conversation. Roger looking at Jade said 'why don't you come down and let them be comfortable.' Jade got up from the sofa before Mala could stall her.

'Come right over here' said Roger patting his thighs. This brightened Jade's face and holding her swaying skirt carefully she came over and sat on Roger's lap placing her legs along his. Though hardcore fuck with blonde covered in panty hose tried to cover her legs, the skirt slid exposing her thighs to the visitors.

As Jade got up Ravi made himself more comfortable on the sofa and putting an arm over his mother's shoulders he pulled her closer to him. 'That's better' said Roger as he saw Ravi pulling Mala closer to him. Seeing this Jade leaned her back on Roger's chest and as she felt the buttons of his jacket prick her back she said 'why don't you remove your jacket.' 'Yes' said Roger as he unbuttoned and removed the jacket.

As Roger removed his jacket, Jade thanking him lifted her hands and encircling his neck held him tightly while resting her back on his chest. 'You seem to occupy the most comfortable seat' said Roger as he slid his hands on her waist and held it.

'Yes, of course I have' she replied looking at Ravi who was staring at her exposed thighs. Mala was busy watching Roger's hands caressing Jade's waist and wished it was she instead of Jade who was sitting on his lap. Seeing Mala get interested Roger addressed Jade and said 'you owe me a kiss me for making you comfortable.' 'Yes, I do' replied Jade and curved her body to plant a soft kiss on Roger's lips. As Jade curved her body to kiss Roger the sides of her breast got exposed and both Ravi and Mala had a fleeting glimpse of it.

This prompted Ravi to slide his hand from his mothers shoulder and place it under her arm feeling the softness of her flesh. Mala leaned her body on Ravi's and made her self comfortable. Seeing Mala place her head on Ravi's shoulders, 'I feel you all are comfortable.' said Roger.

'Yes' replied Ravi nuzzling still closer to his mother while Jade dragged her feet up and started moving them signifying his point. 'Look she is enjoying herself' said Roger looking at Jade who was rocking her legs and exposing more of her thighs. 'It is my privilege' she said beamingly kissing Roger again on his lips. This time her lips were locked on his. 'You are getting naughty' said Roger as he slid his hands down her thighs and patted them.

As both Mala and Ravi watched Roger patting her thighs, they heard Jade say 'squatting on your lap has made me mischievous.' 'Yes I can feel your body warming up' said Roger as his hands moved inside the slits of her skirt and held her bare thighs.

Jade moaned and Mala's eyes went searching for Roger's hands which were concealed inside Jade's skirt. Roger eyeing Mala whose eyes were focused over Jade's thighs, slowly started to pull her skirt up. Mala let out a soft moan as the skirt slid up and exposed Roger's hands holding Jade's thighs.

'Doesn't she have a good pair of legs' asked Roger as his hands started caressing her thighs? 'They are beautiful' said Ravi who was keenly watching their actions and as he bent forward to see more of Jade's thighs, Roger widened Jade's thighs which made the skirt slid and her glistening thighs were uncovered right up to her panties. Ravi's eyes popped out as Jade's skirt rode up exposing her skin colored panties to their gaze.

This made Mala who was enjoying the show to place her hands on Ravi's shoulders and lean upon him pushing her breasts against his back. This prompted Ravi to place his left hand on his mother's thighs and grip it. Roger looked up at Mala and was elated to see her face flushed with passion.

He saw that she was staring at his hands which were caressing Jade's thighs. Looking directly into her eyes he said 'Aren't they beautiful.' Mala nodded her head in confirmation. Holding Jade's skirt in his hand he said 'want me see more?

'Yes' moaned Mala which was hardly audible. (Ravi was thrilled to see her mother encouraging Roger. Sliding his hand between her thighs he squeezed her warm flesh over her sari.) Holding Jade's skirt Roger pulled it out from her body and setting it aside he looked at Mala intensively, inviting her to have a look. Mala felt aroused as her eyes feasted upon the lithe body of Jade clad in brief panties and a top which could hardly cover her breasts. She saw jade squirming her body on Roger's thighs.

She again wished it was she who sitting there and thinking about it, her hand impulsively reached up her chest and caressing her breasts over her sari she gestured Roger to fondle Jade's. Roger reading her thoughts placed his hands over Jade's waist and caressing it lightly he brought his hands under her breasts and when Mala looked at him he pushed her breasts up exposing them to her gaze. As the upper part of Jade's breasts swelled out of her cups, Mala looking at them slipped her hand inside her sari and cupped her own breasts in passion.

This made the top of her sari to slide down from her bosom revealing her sleeveless blouse with the deep neckline. Roger's eyes feasted upon her robust breasts juggling inside the light color blouse. As Mala continued fondling her breasts, Roger pushed Jade's top aside and cupping her bare breasts in both his hands he looked at Mala and said 'open your blouse.' To this Mala shook her head but continued squeezing her own breasts. As Roger was busy eyeing Mala and Ravi who was ogling Jade's body, saw Jade extending her hands to him.

Ravi held her hands in his and when his mother nudged him, he slid on to the soft carpet. Seeing Ravi slide down from the sofa, Jade leaned forward and embraced him in busty ebony chick missionary cum inside pussy creampie shaved arms. When Jade was mam and son fuck mom with Ravi, Roger looked up at Mala and signaled her to follow suit.

Mala seeing his gestures felt her body tremble with passion and shaking her head slowly she widened her legs which amateur webcam girl with dildo in big pussy an open invitation to him. Roger pushing Jade away from him, crawled till he came closer to Mala. Mala seeing him approach slid back till her back rested on the sofa and her legs were drawn up.

Roger on reaching her took hold of her legs and carefully removed her foot wear. This made Mala's body to shudder and after discarding her footwear Roger held her foot in his hand and started caressing it. Mala looked at the other couple who were busy embracing and kissing passionately. This motivated her and she slowly lifted her foot till it touched Roger's face. Roger held her bare foot in his hand firmly and gliding it over his face he caressed his cheeks with it and bringing it over his mouth he said 'it is beautiful.' before kissing it.

Mala moaned as Roger kissed her foot and as he took her toe into his mouth, Mala's body convulsed and her body went limp. The moment Mala went limp, Roger let go of her foot and taking hold of her hands tried to pull her up. Mala whose body was on fire and who was eager to oblige looked at the other couple who were close by. This made her to stay put in her place. Roger read her thoughts and moving sideways he curtailed her from the two and sliding his arms around her back he pulled her up.

Mala as she stood up looked at the far end of the room and Attractive model exposes massive ass and gets butthole screwed manoeuvered her over there.

On reaching the far end of the room a look of relief came over Mala's face and seeing it Roger hissed 'you look beautiful.' Mala smiled and looking straight into his eyes said 'Am I.' 'You have a lovely face' saying this Roger cupped her face in both his hands and with his thumbs he started caressing her lips and mouth. Caressing her lips and sliding his thumbs inside her mouth Roger brought his face closer to hers, trying to conquer her lips.

As Roger's face came closer, Mala started moving back; stopping him from kissing her until she felt the wall behind her.

Roger seeing her cornered tried to close the gap between their bodies but this time Mala playfully placed her hands on his chest and stopped him from getting closer. This made Roger to place his hands on her waist and moving them up gradually he started caressing her lush body and when his hands reached up under her arms he took possession of both her hands and pinning them to the wall said 'try stopping me now.' 'Stop you from what' she asked playfully?

'From kissing you' he replied as he moved his face closer. 'Do you want to kiss me that badly' she asked? In answer to this he held both suzie diamond fuck it like its hot hands in one hand and freeing the other he brought it under her chin and lifting her face up he said 'very badly.' Being held captive and unable to ward him any longer she dipped her head in acceptance.

Releasing her hand and cupping perfectly shaped teen jelena jensen fucks a horny milf sara luvv european brunette lovely face in his hands, Roger brushed his coarse lips over hers saying 'my, my, your lips are very promiscuous.' Mala melted down as she felt his lips brush hers and when she started moaning she heard him say 'open your mouth.' Mala let go a soft moan and opened her mouth feeling his coarse lips on hers.

As Mala opened her mouth Roger smacked his lips over hers and sliding his tongue inside her mouth he engulfed her mouth in his. Mala had never been kissed like it. Though he had kissed her rudely she enjoyed it. Her mouth opened wider and allowed his raging tongue to invade deep inside her hot mouth.

She felt his tongue ravaging at all the corners of her mouth and as it slid deeper into her mouth and his lips closed over her mouth, she felt her whole mouth being sucked inside his. Instinctively Mala slid her hands around his back and hugged him. As Mala hugged, Roger felt her breasts crush against his naked chest. He went wild with passion. Ravaging her lips with his, his hands moved on her back and gripping her buttocks, he pulled her up to his body till he felt his raging cock embed in the curve of her waist.

Holding Mala in his steel like grip Roger's hands started caressing her back. Mala felt her knees buckle down as she felt his cock imbed upon her waist and when Roger's rough hands started to caress and fondle her back she gripped his back for support. While kissing her Roger started caressing her buttocks and seeing Mala seething with pleasure he shoved both his hands inside her blouse with such force that it made the thin fabric of her blouse to rip apart and the hooks to fly out from the thin material of her blouse.

Mala let out a deep moan as she felt her blouse being ripped open and as his rough hands kendra james and raylin ann have hot but freaky sex hold of her shoulders, releasing her lips from his, she looked at him with want in her eyes.

Roger seeing her aroused face, her lustrous eyes gleaming with passion and her rosy cheeks turned crimson commanded 'remove your sari.' 'Why don't you do it yourself' she replied in a lewd manner, her mouth open and saliva dripping down her cheeks. 'I can't remove it. I can only shred it out' he replied.

'Do you as wish' she replied wiggling her body and allowing him some space. Roger taking hold of the top of her sari in his hand and sliding it past her chest he dropped it down on the floor casually. Then groping his hand inside her waistband and gripping the tucked part of her sari, he pulled it out with such force that left her to stand dazed in her petticoat and a torn blouse. 'You are a monster' said Mala as her sari was ripped out in a flash.

'You are yet to see the real monster' he said. 'Which monster' she asked wetting her lips. 'This one' saying this he took hold of her hand and brought it on his enraged cock. Cupping his cock over his shorts she spoke 'Yes, it feels like a monster.' 'A real throbbing monster' he replied. 'Why is it throbbing' she asked. 'It wants to be freed from the prison; release it' he commanded. Hearing him Mala brought her other hand down.

Holding his enraged cock in one hand she slid the other hand inside his shorts and loosening the elastic band she slowly pulled his shorts down till they reached below his buttocks.

Feeling the warm muscular flesh of his buttocks and as she caressed them in her hand, she felt Roger's hand pulling the tattered blouse out from her body. She again looked up at his face with fervor and when Roger said 'remove my shorts' she pushed them down with both her hands, all the time her eyes were glued to his face.

'Now look at it' commanded Roger stepping back and exposing his cock. Mala slowly dipped her eyes down and what they saw got etched in her memory. She saw its head first which was as thick as her wrist. It was curved up in an angle pointing towards her. Its head glistening with a drop of pre cum struck at its opening.

Holding it in her hand she was amazed by its width, as her fingers found it difficult to encircle it, and when she pulled it down to look at its length she could not believe it. She was enchanted by its look. Not just by its dimensions but for its color. It was jet black and with the thin rays toughlovex jennifer white disciplined by karl toughlove light falling on it she felt as if she was holding something precious in her hand.

It was not a cock she was holding but a jewel she thought. It looked so precious to her. Roger saw her keenly observing his cock and asked 'do you like what you see.' This made Mala look back again at him and seeing his sweating face said 'I don't like monsters.' 'Then what had kept you captivated for such a long time' he asked.

'I was contemplating whether to stay put or run away' she said naughtily. 'Why? Why is it so' he asked her. 'I am scared by its color' she said. 'What color' he asked continuing the conversation. 'Black' she replied. 'But black is beautiful, isn't it' he asked? 'Yes black is beautiful and that is why I am scared' she said.

'But why' he asked a little surprised this time. 'Because I like black things and yours is beautifully black' she spoke softly. Roger was stunned when he heard her say so. Suddenly he felt his cock straining sexy brunette woman dp by hard man meats in the bedroom her hand. He moved closer to her and placed one hand on her shoulder while the other drifted down her waist and when Mala lifted her eyebrows feeling his hand crawl on her waist, he said softly 'show me yours.' 'No, it is not for your eyes' she said teasingly.

'If not for my eyes, can my cock have a look' he asked? 'I can't say no for that monster' she put the words in his ears as she hugged him. Roger was delighted to hear her words. Knowing very well that she was in a teasing mood he capitalized on it and dragging her body closer to his said 'this is going to be thrilling.' 'What's so thrilling' she asked getting aroused by this talk. 'The very act of letting my cock look at your cunt' he replied. 'How can your cock see my cunt, does it have eyes' she asked?

'Yes, it is one eyed monster' he replied. 'But that eye only spits out isn't it' she asked. 'Yes it spits inside the cunts' he shot back. 'I don't want him to spit' she replied. 'Why?' asked Roger. 'If it spits its going to loose its charm' she replied. 'It will regain its strength soon' he replied.

'And what do I have to do for it' she asked? 'Just play with it and it will regain its zeal' he said. 'Do you plan to keep me here over night playing with your cock' she asked? 'I intend to keep you here for ever' he replied. 'Remember, I am with my son' she said. 'Yes, and he is being taken care off by Jade' he replied. This prompted both of them to see over their shoulders and as their eyes got accustomed to the room they saw them coupling and enjoying themselves.

This made Roger to slip his hand inside her petticoat and started caressing her sex softly over her panties. Mala started squirming in pleasure. She pushed her body to have more contact of his rough hand over her cunt.

This invigorated Roger and pinning her to the wall his hands went in search of the cord holding her petticoat. 'Now what are you are doing' she said as she felt his hand take possession of the cord of her petticoat. 'I am trying to open your petticoat' he replied. 'Why are you being so careful opening it' she asked wanting him to rip it open. 'I don't want it to be shred to pieces like your blouse' he said.

'Why? Are you trying to show some consideration to my petticoat' she said. 'Yes' he replied. 'Why is it so' she asked. 'Because it hides a very precious thing' he said as his hands released the cord and pushed her petticoat down.

'You have forgotten something else that hides it' she said as she felt her petticoat drop down to the floor. 'And what is that' he asked as his hand again searched for her cunt. 'You forgot; I have my panties on' she replied.

'Oh! This little piece of cloth is of no hindrance' he said as he grasped it in his hand. 'How come' she asked? 'My cock can rip it open' he replied.

'Then what is your hand doing there' she asked. 'It is lubricating your cunt' he said. 'It is already well oiled with my juices' she said. 'Yes, I can feel it dampness' he said feeling her cunt over her wet panties. As Rogers fingers started invading her cunt, Mala felt her cunt pulsating. Squeezing her thighs tighter she stood trembling. Seeing her in a state of bliss he approached her casually spreading his arms to take her. Mala stood shivering. Her body was on the verge of a huge second orgasm and her cunt was trying to ooze out.

Roger bridged the gap between them. His eyes were feasting on the rich curves of her body clad in bra and panties. His eyes took to her bra which held back her robust breasts. Coming closer he saw her dark nipples protruding out from the thin material of her bra which was wet due to sweating. Looking down he saw her waist though a little bulged was very provocative. Further down as his eyes roamed he went ecstatic when he saw a dark patch of pubic hair covering her sex.

Feasting his eyes upon her wet panties he cautiously approached her. Mala saw him moving forward with his erect black jewel pointing upwards. She could also see a pair of heavy rounded balls juggling as he approached her.

This view made her body writhe with pleasure. She stood waiting for him. Roger got closer to her. His eyes were still glued on her wet panties and her thighs and when he was close enough to touch her he looked up at her. Mala was sweating profusely. He could see the tiny beads of sweat on her body. Her body was totally drenched as his and as he moved closer he felt his cock straining on her waist.

He held her hands in his. Mala first felt his hard cock jab at her waist before Roger took hold of her hands. She stood rooted to the spot. Holding both her hands and spreading them at her sides he pinned them to the wall. Mala started to sweat profusely and trembling with passion she waited for his next move. Roger having pinned her hands on the wall brought his face down on her neck and started licking at her skin.

Mala felt his tongue covering every pore of her skin of her neck and stood squirming with pleasure. Lapping at her neck Roger suddenly dipped his face down and lodged it between the soft warm mounds of her swollen breasts. Roger was ecstatic when his face was nuzzled on her warm soft breasts. He dipped his face deeper between her breasts inhaling their fragrance.

Mala started to moan and stood transfixed allowing him all the liberties. Roger nuzzling her breasts tried to slip her bra out with his chin but failed. Then taking hold of the cup of her bra in his teeth as he tried to pull it out, it slipped back again due to its elasticity.

Mala smiled at his failures. Roger did not let it go. He brought her hands down and holding the strap of her bra in his teeth he pulled it over her arms. 'If you had released my hands I could have helped you' said Mala. Roger shook his head and looked at what he had so painfully exposed. His eyes were rewarded by the sight of her full breasts.

He felt their firmness with his hand. He circled his fingers around her dark jutting nipples which were erect and bringing his face down he took one of her nipple inside his mouth. Mala's body went in raptures. Freeing her hands from his hold she pulled his head down over her breasts.

Roger sucked a major part of her breast inside his mouth and circled his tongue over her teat. Mala felt her cunt pulsating and sliding her hand down she held his cock in it. This made Roger to look up at her and seeing the passion in her eyes, her mouth dripping, her body squirming, he pressed Mala to the wall and placing his hand on her panties he rubbed his hand over her cunt. Mala squeezed his cock in ecstasy. Roger then pushed his hand between her thighs and caressed the underneath of her buttocks.

Mala's body was in raptures. Roger then drawing his hand back he placed it on the thin material of her panties and piercing the cloth with his finger he pushed it into her hot opening. Mala's body shuddered as she felt his finger dig into her cunt piercing her panties and when Roger pushed two more fingers inside the gap, it left behind a gaping hole in her panties and feeling her panties rip open she said 'you are a b**st.' 'You have made me a b**st' he replied.

'Do you do the same thing with every woman' she asked. 'No' he replied. 'Then why me' she asked? 'Because you are very different from others; you are exclusive' he replied. 'How am I so different' she asked again. 'Because of the color of your body; it wheatish and its perfect' he replied. 'Do you like it so much' she asked getting thrilled by his words. 'Yes, from the day I saw you; I have this desire of seeing you naked.

I have never felt such a desire with any other women before' he said holding his cock in his hand and pointing its towards her cunt. 'Now what do you intend to do with it' she asked looking at his throbbing cock. 'The most obvious thing' he replied. 'And what is that' she asked. 'It is going to invade your cunt' he replied.

'What happens when it invades my cunt' she asked readying herself for the onslaught. 'Wait for a few minutes and you will find out yourself,' saying this he rammed his hot cock inside her pulsating cunt. Mala let out a scream as she felt his hot cock ram into her cunt ripping apart her panties. She suddenly lifted her legs up and encircling them over his buttocks started to reciprocate his moves with fervor.

Roger held Mala by her buttocks and putting her down on the carpet he ripped apart her cunt with his ferocious thrusts. This pulverized Mala and as Roger kept shoving his cock in and out of her cunt she thumped her body against him making his cock dig deeper into her cunt.

Roger feeling her plum body underneath his rugged one started ramming his cock in and out of her wet hot cunt with vigor. Fucking her Roger started sweating profusely.

His thrusts gained momentum and when he felt Mala reciprocating her moves he dipped his face down and consuming her lips inside his mouth he shot his load deep inside her cunt.

Mala was enthralled as he took her lips in his mouth and started fucking her. Soon she felt his cock throbbing inside her and when she held him in her arms tightly she felt his cock shoot its sperms inside her. This made her go wild and as Roger's cock started shooting inside her cunt Mala grinding her cunt over it let out a stream of her own juices. Both were spent out and when they regained their composure they saw was room empty. Ravi and Jade had moved out. Roger got up after having spent all his energy and holding Mala's hand he pulled her up.

As Roger pulled his shorts up he helped Mala to collect her dress. Mala putting on her bra took hold of the torn blouse and looking at its condition she said 'I don't know how to put this on.' 'Come let me help you get dressed' he said. 'Can you' she asked surprised at his words? 'I can try' he replied.

Mala handing over her clothes stood smiling as Roger taking hold of her blouse slid it inside her arms and moving behind her he tied knots with what was remaining of her blouse.

Mala was pleased by it and as she saw him looking at her torn panties she said 'remove them; they are of no use now.' Roger sliding her panties and throwing them, he looked at her pinkish cunt before he made Mala to slip her legs inside her petticoat and drew it over her body. Then came the difficult part of putting her sari and after struggling with it for a few moments, he tucked one part of her sari inside her waist band and circled the rest on her body leaving a small portion of her sari to cover her front.

Mala was pleased when he completed his job and turning in circles she said 'how do I look?' 'You look enchanting' he dp german rodox porn 2019 seeing Mala in jovial mood. And as Mala was brushing her hair with her fingers she heard Jade and Ravi come in. On entering the room Ravi's eyes took to his mother and seeing her standing with a torn blouse on, exposing her back up to her buttocks, her hair ruffled, her sari wrinkled and her panties lying on the carpet was ecstatic and when his mother turned to face him he said ' look at yourself, see how you are dressed up.' Hearing this Roger said 'I dressed her up.' 'You have done a marvelous job and I ought to thank you' he said looking at Roger.

'This is the first time I have dressed a woman' he replied. 'You have done a good job of it, but you have left something back' he said. 'What' asked Roger a little puzzled? 'You have left out her panties' he replied. 'That I have left behind intentionally' said Roger.

'Why' asked Ravi moving closer to his mother. 'I have left it for you to put it on' he said. 'Thanks, but I think I have to undress her first to put them on' he said getting closer to his mother. 'Yes, I will observe and learn from you' replied Roger as he put his arms around Jade and drew her on the sofa. Hearing all this Mala was getting excited. She started breathing heavily and her deep breaths made her loosely tied petticoat slid down, baring a vast part of her waist right down her navel.

The sight of his mother was alluring and Ravi got instantly aroused by it. He cautiously approached her and stood staring at her from a closer range.

Mala seeing her son staring at her body with want in his eyes felt her body response to his gaze. She felt a current pass through her body and it intensified with the presence of Roger and Jade. Holding the torn panties in his hands Ravi dangled them in front of his mother and asked 'can I put this on?' 'They are tattered and of no use' she replied. 'But still I want to put them on' he said. 'Why do you want to put torn panties on' she asked. 'I want to see how you look wearing the torn panties' he replied.

'And then' she asked. 'And then take you in my arms' he replied. 'In front of Roger and Jade' she said looking over her shoulders. 'Yes, in front of them' he replied. 'We can go to our place' she spoke softly. 'No, you promised me' he said. 'What did I promise you' she asked in a low tone? 'You promised that I can take you in my arms here' he said. 'Yes, you can still take me in your arms but I did not say anything about my panties' she replied. 'I want to take you in my arms only after putting them on' he replied.

'Only after putting on my panties' she repeated. 'Yes' he replied. 'And you want to put them on after undressing me' she asked. 'Yes' he replied. 'And In front of them' she asked getting aroused? 'Yes, in front of them' he shot back. 'Why in front of them' she asked him? 'Because their presence adds to my pleasure' he replied. 'So you want to enjoy doing it in front of them' she asked toying with his hair. 'Yes, I want to show off to them' he replied.

'What do you want to show off' she asked? 'That I am good at both dressing and undressing a woman' he replied. 'I know how good you are in undressing a woman' she replied.

'Today you can see me dressing one' he replied. 'You seem to be very confident' she said. 'You know how confident I am in my work' he replied. 'Yes, I have some idea about it' she said giving it up. As Mala resigned from further questioning Ravi taking hold of her sari asked her to turn, making the wrapped sari around her body to be detached. As Mala took three complete turns and faced him, Ravi had completely removed her sari and placing it nearby he looked at his mother's body with raging eyes.

Seeing him devouring her with his eyes Mala asked 'what's so attractive?' 'Your torn blouse' he replied. 'What about it' she asked him? 'It is ravishing to see you dressed in it' he replied. 'How come, is it revealing a lot' she asked? 'No, it is not, but what it is concealing is more appealing' he replied. 'What is it concealing' she asked getting more excited? Ravi stood staring at her torn blouse, which was tightly tied on her chest making her breasts to pop out from all corners of the material.

It was very enticing and seeing it he replied 'it is only covering your teats.' 'Is it' she asked looking down and what she saw made her body tremble.

She saw her breasts were crushed behind the strip of what was her blouse leaving a vast area of her chest bare. Seeing him eyeing her bosom she said 'will you keep staring at them or finish with your job?' 'Yes, I want to finish it but this scene is hindering my job' he replied.

'Divert your attention from it' she said. 'And drag it down on your body' he asked? 'And finish your job quickly' she replied. 'What if my eyes see something more appealing?' he asked. 'We will discuss it later' she said.

Drawing his sight away from her bosom he looked down at the vast area down from her rig cage to the waist band of stunning brunette milf delivers a fantastic blowjob petticoat. His mother's stomach and her profound waistline were more attractive to look at with tiny beads of sweat shining on them. As he saw his mother's body sweating, he pulled out his shirt and bringing it on her waist he wiped the sweat.

'Was it necessary to remove your shirt' asked her mother looking at his bare chest. 'Yes, your body is damp' he replied. 'Is it because of it or did you do it intentionally' she asked. 'Why should I do it intentionally' he asked her. 'To be naked' she shot back. 'Think whatever you want' he replied. 'As if you don't want to be' she said leaning closer. 'What?' he asked. 'To be naked with me' she whispered in his ears.

'Yes, I want to be, but first let me undress you' he said. 'Totally' she asked? 'Yes, totally, I want to denude you' he said. 'But that was not discussed earlier' she said.

'Yes, it was not discussed, but to put your panties on I have to remove your petticoat' he said. 'But that does not make me completely nude' she said. 'Yes, but when your lower body is left bare, concealing your top does not count' he said. 'Yes, what you say it true. Do you want me to be completely nude' she asked. 'Is it a question to be asked' he said? 'Why what's wrong in it' she shot back. 'Who in this room would not love to see you nude' he said.

'I was thinking about Jade' she replied. 'I am sure she too would love seeing you nude as you anal sex closeup find her on site hotvideopw keen in watching her being undressed' he replied.

This shocked Mala a bit. She did not know that while she was watching Jade being undressed by Roger she was observed by Ravi. This brought much relief to her and continuing with her conversation she said 'how do I look when compare to her.' 'You are more gorgeous, more voluptuous, and more curvaceous than her' he replied.

'Now you are speaking what I have been craving to hear since you joined Jade' she said. 'Why, did you have any second thoughts' he asked? 'Who knows? She is young, dynamic and slimmer' she replied. 'She may be all that but still you are different' he replied. 'How' she asked? 'You are my mother and no body can take that place' he replied. 'How lovely of you' saying this she embraced him. As Mala embraced him Ravi put his hands on her back and started untying the knots of her blouse.

Mala felt her blouse loosen up and before she could react Ravi unhooked her brassiere too. This made Mala to grasp him more tightly. Ravi after untying her knot and unhooking her bra pushed his mother a little and when he got the required space he drew them out from her body. As her upper garments were discarded his mother said 'at last you have succeeded.' 'Yes, I had to work hard for it' he replied. 'And would you like to be compensated for it' she asked. 'Yes' he replied.

'How do you want it' she asked? 'Undress me' he replied. 'You want me to undress you. Make you nude' she asked in a lewd manner. 'Yes, yes' replied Ravi. 'You don't mind exposing yourself' she asked. 'I don't mind anything' he replied. 'Don't mind exposing this before Roger' she said bringing her hand down and caressing his cock. 'No, I don't mind it as far as you are graceful lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica me' he replied.

'What if he wants to hold your cock in his hand' she asked? 'He is more interested in your pussy than my cock' he replied. 'What makes you think so' she asked. 'Because he said you are the most desirous woman he has ever laid his eyes upon' he said. 'What do you think about it' she asked. 'I agree with him wholly' he replied as he slid his hands down upon her waist and started searching for the cord holding her petticoat.

Mala feeling his hand crawling at her waist said 'why is your hand snaking there.' 'It is searching for its pit' he replied. 'Do you think its pit is close by' she asked.

'I think it is somewhere here' he said as his hand brushed her sex. 'Did it find it' she asked as she felt his hand on her sex. 'Yes, but something is covering its entrance' he said as he gripped the cords of her slip in his hand. 'I pity the poor thing for not finding its entrance' she said. 'It is not going to give up so easily' he said as he pulled the cords of her petticoat and pushed it down her legs. Ravi on removing all her clothes and denuding her said 'its time for me to put this thing on.

' He was holding her panties in his hands. 'Do you still intend to put it on' she asked naughtily. 'Yes, I do' he replied. 'Don't you think it would be a hindrance for your future plans' she asked?

'No, I don't' saying this he went on his knees and holding his mother's feet one by one he slid the panties on and pulled it over her crotch. Mala stood trembling with heated passion as Ravi went on his knees and slid her panties on and when she saw him engrossed in staring at the opening of her shredded panties, she closed her legs hiding her cunt from his vision.

'No, please don't' cried Ravi as his mother closed her thighs. 'Why, your job is finished' she replied. 'Yes it is finished but for the pains I have taken, I think I should be rewarded' he pleaded.

'How do you want me to reward you? By exposing' she asked. 'Yes, I want to gape through the shredded opening' he said. 'Does it stimulate you' she asked opening her thighs a little. 'Yes, the very thought of seeing your beautiful cunt through the shredded panties has made my cock rock hard' he replied as his eyes were glued on her crotch.

Mala gradually widened the gap of her thighs and when her cunt nested between the thick patch of pubic became visible to his eyes she asked 'happy?' 'I am enchanted' he said looking at the pinkish lips of her dripping cunt surrounded by velvety pubic hair.

'Are you content with its look' she asked. 'Yes, widen your legs. Expose your cunt lips' he commanded. 'Like this' she said stretching her legs wide revealing her whole cunt opened to his stare. 'It's fabulous' he said bringing his face underneath her thighs and looking up from below. Mala's body went in raptures as she felt her son's face inches away from her pulsating cunt. She folded her legs a little bringing her cunt in line with his face.

Ravi as he saw his mother bringing her cunt closer to his face was captivated by its strong aroma and impulsively locked his lips over her cunt and kissed it. Mala cried out in ecstasy as she felt her son's lips smack her cunt lips and a hot wave soared across her body. Her body was in raptures. Ravi was enchanted by kissing her cunt and when he felt his mother's body trembling with passion, gripping her buttocks harder he pressed his lips hard on her cunt and kissed them passionately.

As her son kissed her cunt hard, Mala went wild with passion. She gripped her son's back as orgasm after orgasm shook her body.

She felt drained out as she emptied her juices. Ravi felt his mother explode and removing his lips from her cunt as he looked up at her he saw his mother's face had turned crimson. Her baeb babe leah gotti seduces and fucks photographer hardcore and brunette was sweating profusely. Her eyes had turned red.

Seeing all this he straightened and taking her in his arms he kissed her lips roughly. Mala went limp in his arms. She allowed him to ravage her lips and as she felt his cock nudging at her waist, she slid her hands down and unzipping his pants she pulled them down.

Ravi held her tightly in his arms and when she drew his pants down he pushed her on the sofa and embraced her. Mala held his cock in her hand and drawing it over her cunt she started to caress her cunt lips with its head. Ravi was going wild. He felt his throbbing cock at the entrance of his mother's cunt.

He leaned over his mother's and roughly holding her shoulders he gave a push which made his cock pierce deeply in to her soaking cunt. Mala cried out as she felt her son's cock rip her insides.

Kissing him passionately she held him tighter in her she sets out to conquer the cock of her long time crush. Ravi lifting her mother's leg high started digging his cock savagely inside her cunt. Mala yelled at his cock started ramming inside her cunt.

She felt as if he was tearing her delicate skin. She reciprocated his moves and soon felt his cock's head surging inside her cunt. Ravi continued ramming his cock viciously. For some moments he forgot everything and increased his tempo and when his mother reciprocated his moves, soon he felt his cock about to spurt and removing it out of her cunt he let it shoot over his mother's body.

Mala was enchanted when she saw her son's cock shooting his sperm over her body. Looking at him draining his cum over her body she brought her tongue out and started licking her lips. Seeing this Ravi took hold of her face in both his hands and bringing his face closer he sucked her lips in his mouth. Mala embraced him and fondling him let him rest for a while and everything was cooled down she smiled at him and said 'I think it is time we go home.' Saying 'yes' Ravi got up and helped his mother to dress up.

The End.