Stunning latina webcam girl perfct body masturbates

Stunning latina webcam girl perfct body masturbates
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One thing that surprised Harl was a changed outlook. He began to think that he'd like to suck someone else's cock too. He really enjoyed the feeling of his fat rod in his mouth, and he bet that some gay or bi guy would love to play with a long shaft like his. He didn't want it so bad that he went looking for it, but a month later an opportunity found him. He had loaned his food processor to his co-worker Sam, so his naughty japanese teen shino mizusawa spreads her yummy legs while her kinky lover is pounding her we could make some desserts for a family affair.

Sam brought it back one evening, and they hung out for a while, having a couple of beers. The conversation came around to african whores giving blowjobs somewhere in wilderness jokes, and one about a guy with a long cock left Sam wondering out loud what it was like.

The beers had limbered Harl up a little, and he fessed up. "Actually, I decided to have a procedure done." Sam said, "Really! What was the idea?" "Well, I don't socialize much, so I thought I'd fix it so I can please myself." Sam just looked at him for a few seconds, and asked how the operation went, and what was the result.

"I had it done genetically, and it made me long enough to do myself without hurting my back." "Damn," Sam replied. "That must be something to see. Are you enjoying it?" "Hell yes. Like most guys fantasy, a blowjob any time you want one." Sam paused, then said, "I have to admit that I'm actually bi, and I find the idea exciting. Have you ever thought of getting together with another guy?" "I let a gayfag blow me once. He did a good job, but I didn't want to have a romantic relationship.

I haven't done anything since." "Well," Sam said, "If you ever want to try something more mutual, let me know." "I'll think about it, thanks." The guys bullshitted a few more minutes, then it struck Harl that this could be the chance he'd been thinking of.

He told Sam, "Hey, what we were discussing, I do think I'd like to try it." Sam smiled, and walked over to Harl. He reached down and ran his hand over Harl's crotch, and in only a few seconds, Harl's pants got very uncomfortable. "Fuck, you're making me hard, and it hurts. Take it out, would ya?" Sam didn't hesitate; he reached for Harl's fasten strap and opened it, then pulled down the pants.

Then Sam reached into the undies and found Harl's long stick. When he found it and wrapped his hand around, he just whistled, then he swore. Then, he pulled the love muscle out of the undergarment.

There it stood, all 34 cm of manhood.


Sam just said, "Oh my fucking god," and began to stroke it up and down, finally putting both hands on the massive pole. Meanwhile, Harl could see a lump forming in Sam's pants, and reached over to touch it. Sam asked him to take it out and Harl did; Sam was no slouch at about 15 cm, almost as big as Sam was before the genchange. Sam knew he had to have this long cock in his mouth. He got on his knees and pointed Harl's cock at his face. He leaned in and licked Harl's slit, then put his mouth on the head.

Harl moaned and rolled his head back, Sam was making him whore alexandra mihaylovska uses dildo and fingers on her greedy pussy. But Sam didn't stop there, he moved his head down on Harl's cock until it hit the back of his throat. Harl begged, "Play with my balls, I love it." Sam put one hand on Harl's ball sack as the other stroked the shaft.

They kept at it for about ten minutes, and it was hard to tell who was enjoying it more. Harl felt the urge to do Sam. He hadn't ever sucked someone else's cock, but this was making him hot for a dick. He told Sam to come off, that he wanted some too. Sam rolled back on the floor and pulled his pants down; Harl finished taking them off and crawled between Sam's legs.

He admired Sam's package; it was straight and hard and his balls were generous sized. Harl took hold of Sam's shaft and approached it with his face.

Sam begged, "Do me man, I need it." So Harl leaned down and put his mouth on Sam's dick head.


The sensation of having a fat cock in his mouth was new, but not new it was somehow like he imagined it to be. He opened up and went down on Sam's erect dick, then started moving on and off Sam's member. Sam moaned. Harl could feel the shape of the bottom of Sam's cock with his tongue. He rolled his tongue a little and felt Sam throb in response. Fuck, this was better than doing himself.


He wondered if someone else's cum tasted different from his own, and resolved to find out. For a few minutes he kept sliding slowly up and down on Sam's cock, and the longer he did that, the more turned on he was. Then Harl had an idea. He came off of Sam's dick and sat up, then leaned back against the couch. "Sam, sit in my lap." Sam sat up and moved over to where Harl was sitting and started to straddle him.

"No, the other way." Sam turned around and sat down, with his back to Harl's chest. Harl reached around Sam's waist and grabbed his cock, and Sam took hold of Harl's long pole. Sam could look down and see them both, with the bigger man sticking way out. They both started to stroke each other; Harl reached up and pinched Sam's nipple with one hand.

Harl said, "This feels good, but don't cum yet, I want it in my mouth," to which Sam said, "The feeling is mutual. I haven't eaten another man's cum in months, and I'm hungry." Harl admitted, "I've never blown somebody else, much less taken their load, but right now I want it." It was time, both men needed release.

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Sam turned around and stood, and pointed his cock at Harl's face. Harl loved the way he could see Sam's dick, with the head swollen and his veins all sticking out.

He quickly put his mouth on the monster and began to suck hard. Sam started to thrust into Harl's mouth, Harl could just take in the whole cock, and sucked harder. Sam started to grunt as his climax approached, and after a few more thrusts he called out, "Ahhhhhhh" and held it deep. Then Harl felt his mouth start to fill with Sam's jism.

It was so hot, and delicious, sweeter than his own.

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Sam throbbed and shot three or four large pumps of semen into Harl's mouth, and Harl moaned in excitement. Now it was Harl that was hot. He started stroking his log pole, but Sam quickly stepped back and knelt in front of him.

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Taking two hands, he began to stroke Harl's long pole, but in no time he also had his mouth on it. "Oh, fu…" was all that Harl got out, when he felt his climax coming on, fast. Sam dove hard on the stiff cock, and sucked hard too, then Harl croaked and climaxed, his semen pumping out the end of his cock into Sam's throat.

He shot multiple squirts, then slowly relaxed as his orgasm subsided. Sam laid down next to Harl and sidled up to his leg. He held Harl's cock as it slowly deflated. After a couple of minutes, Sam offered, "I can think of some fun things to do with a 30cm cock." "Like what?" "I was fucking a guy once who was very flexible.

He couldn't quite suck himself, but when he fucked me, he could get mom and son homemade hidden sexvedioes cock in his mouth. I bet that would be easy with your pole." "That's an idea. And it might work the other way too.

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" Harl hadn't been fucked by a guy but he was getting interested. And he heard that it felt great to do the fucking.

The guys got dressed and Sam left, with the promise to get together again.