Xxx com kompoz full sex stories

Xxx com kompoz full sex stories
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Hey Everyone, hope all is well with everyone. Well, to continue the entry with my ex's commander and wife, I had some time before the pill would not keep me childless and was seeing JAckie almost every day. We enjoyed each other a lot and when Bob got home he watched us and then I took care of his needs. My ex stayed drunk and so was usually asleep when I got home about 7 each evening. So, one morning Jackie called me and asked if I could go with her to another city near by for lunch and some fun.

I told her of course and then she said, "Just wear as little as is legal" and I felt myself getting wet as I hung up the phone. I decided on a pastel sun dress and nothing under it at all and some sandals.

No bra or panties and no slip which made the view very nice since the material was thin and almost qualified for a gown to wear to bed. Jackie greeted me and we kissed and got in the car and drove to the other town. She went to a house in the outskirts and drove down a long road with very few houses on it till she came to a driveway with a gate.

She pulled up and a voice came over the gate intercom. She said "Jackie and a guest" and the gate opened and she drove up a long drive to a beautiful house, 2 floors and a basement and pool along with a lot of other things and obviously a very expensive home. We got out and a lovely woman, tall and slim but not skinny came to the door wearing only a thong. Her breasts were firm and she had large dark nipples that stood out.

Her hair was greying and was down her back almost to her butt. Irene was her name and as I was introduced she kissed me firmly on lips as she hugged me. "You can take off the dress extremely hot xxx sexy youthful girls alexa nova and kendall woods take a trainride to hang it by the door" she said as she led us to the large sunny living room.

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Jackie held my hand as we walked and she had been stripped also, totally naked. We stopped and were given some wine (or so it was supposed to be) and we sipped it dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion sat on a low couch and Irene said, "Well, I hope you are ready for a fun day Susan." "Oh, I am ready for anything at all." I said.

"Oh, well, we shall see." Irene said and called out to the maid "Denise, show thee ladies to our guests." she said and we followed a lovley hispanic woman with a nice plump figure and long brown hair. She led us to a room that had about 10 or so women sitting around naked and in different states lovling embresses. None were so involved as to get to be near orgasms yet. Then I saw that each had a beautiful dog at their feet, sitting quietly and enjoying the company of everyone in the room.

Sheperds, Labs, Collies and other mixed breeds.

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I was introduced to everyone and then Jackie and I sat at a kind of bench near the midle of the room. I had been sipping the wine and felt very very good and soon found myself playing with my pussy and pulling my niples as I looked at the women and then at the dogs that seemed to know things were about to get wild.


Finally I leaned over and kissed Jackie and we laid on the bench and were in full lustful embrace. I was on the verge on going to my knees between Jackies adorable hottie is nailed by bandit hardcore blowjob and felt a rough tongue on my ass licking.

I do not know how many women were near me but hands began playing with my body, probing and pulling and licking and so I was in the middle xxxwife husbend play story english the floor on all four.

A woman brought a nice Lab to sit in front of me and he laid down, his legs apart and spread out and a nice cock sticking from the sheath. The tongue on my ass found my pussy as I leaned down to take my dog lover in my hands and play with his growing cock.

I heard someone say, "Help him in." and hands were on my ass and spreading my pussy and then a doggie cock slipped in with a thrust. I moaned and moved my legs open as much as I could as he mounted me and drove his growing cock into me.

My mouth found the doggie cock in front of me and his hips began humping as I sucked him in and out and the one in my pussy knoted with me and drove me through orgasm after orgasm. The women were all around enjoying the show and lining up the next dog to take me in either end. The knot in my pussy shrank and slipped out and another mounted me, humping deep into me and the one in my mouth slipped away as another repalced him.

I took the next one in my mouth and held his knot so that it would not bust my lips open as he humped my face and the one in pussy was going wild like he had never fucked a woman before. He finished and the next sofi ryan and her boyfriend fucked on couch was lining up and a woman (I think Irene) said, "Do the as this time." and I moved it some to get the angel right. Sure enough a cock slipped into the opening and then shoved as I moaned through more orgasms and then a sudden thrust and the knot locked us together.

I cried out "Oh fuck yes, more more." The women all laughed and some said things like, "Yeah, another dog slut, and the videos of this will be great." The line of dogs and cocks in my ass and throat seemed to not end and even after a dog had fucked my ass he was brought around to lay in front of me for a cock sucking. Doggie cum was guching from my pussy and ass as I was there and one after another took me.

I was geting limp and had to relax my legs and they brough a low well padded bench to lay across and the sex kept on.

More wine was given to me and I drank it down and felt myself glow with heat especially between my legs.

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I heard myself almost yelling, "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me really good, give me some puppies, give me more cum, fuck me." and on and on. Finally I was asleep or rather passed out and one was licking my dripping ass and pussy and I was so sensative it sent hot shots through my body making alarms go of.

"Wel Dear, you have worn out the whole kennal, Time to dress and go home, we will send a copy if the video to you later. It was the best we have had in a long time. Be ready next week, we have something really huge for you." Irene said as she kissed me and gave me my dress that I did not bother to put on. I got in and JAckie drove me home and helped me in the door. My ex was snoring on the couch and I stumbled to the bed and fell across it, naked and still dripping doggie cum and the next day there was a puddle on the bed under me.

I woke up about noon and the ex was gone and I was sore and had paw scratches on my sides where the dogs had mounted me, I cleaned them all up and put some band aids on a couple and after all that I ate lunch and Jackie called, "How is my doggie slut today?" she asked. "Oh, fucking great, but I think I am having pussies." We laughed and she came over later and we sat around till she left for home. "We will be going next week remember, and guess what will be waiting for you." she said.

I looked at her, "Do you normally milf bbw showing tits watch more of her at ulacamcom a saddle on it?" I said and she laughed, "You got it. There will be 4 of them for you." she said and I kissed her.


"Oh damn, do we have to wait that long?" I said and she laughed as she left. Well, folks, I had one more party time, and it was with the horses and then I kept myself for Bob to knock me up. He was great and even without him Jackie gave me all the attention I needed. Then one morning, you guessed it, I tossed up breakfast all over and it was Mommy time again.

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