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Provocative transsexual paulinha lima masturbates with a banana
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Fbailey story number 305 When You Have A Boat And A Teenage Daughter Living in Lake George, New York is great. I own a house overlooking the lake just a few miles north of town on the west side. The east side was too crowded and there was too much traffic besides on the eastside I get to watch a beautiful sunset every night. Being a tourist town Lake George has a lot to do and is always full of travelers especially in the summer when the weather is nice.

Needless to say I have a few boats. I have a pontoon party boat, a boat just for water skiing, a fishing boat, and then I have some rowboats, canoes, and kayaks too. My dock is as long and as wide as is permitted. I have a diving raft anchored off shore a ways, a big deck for sunbathing, and of course I have a Jacuzzi big enough for a party of twenty. Needless to say we love living here, being around the water, and entertaining. My wife and I are both thirty-five years old but you wouldn't know it to look at my wife.

She hardly looks anymore that Emily's older sister. Emily is our fourteen-year-old daughter. Last year was Emily's awkward stage.

She shot up a couple of inches, her breasts grew larger, and she lost that baby fat that had been hanging on for savouring loads of dicks striptease and hardcore. Her braces came off, her face cleared up, and she let her hair grow. In essence she is a beautiful teenager. When I designed my house the basement became a huge family room that went right out onto the big deck.

It is practically all windows like a department store so that even in bad weather we still have an excellent view. I have a very good telescope on a tripod near the windows. A cabinet near there contains some binoculars and a camera that attaches right to my telescope. I get some very good pictures of girls that way.

Also in the family room are couches, a big screen television, and a bar. We have a very good collection of music and movies on disk. The good stuff is under lock and key.

Off to the one end is a large in-ground heated swimming pool where about ten feet in inside and the other forty feet are outside. That way we can use it in the winter too without going outside to jump in.

The one floor house above that contains our bedrooms along with two spare bedrooms, my office, and everything else that a family needs. We even have a craft room for my wife and a playroom for my daughter, although she uses it less and less the older she gets.

I run an Internet business and am able to work at home. My wife is with me constantly and our daughter goes to school for most of the year. This being summer, she is home a lot. Our normal attire is bathing suits.

I like my girls in as little as possible. My wife wears string bikinis and only puts her top on if company is coming or if we go out in a boat otherwise she goes out on the deck and sunbathes topless. This year my daughter decided to do the same. Wow! Other than seeing Emily's pussy slit I have seen everything that girl has to offer.

Emily is very popular because of our location, our boats, and the fact that we are not very strict. The girls can sleepover anytime they want too, stay up as late as they want too, and make as much noise as they want too. They can even sunbathe topless if they want too. Then with our supervision they can drink alcohol and watch dirty movies with us. My wife tries to limit them to two glasses of wine apiece. She also tries to keep the dirty movies to just normal sucking and fucking. She doesn't think that they should be exposed to gang bangs, anal, threesomes, double penetrations, or anything to do with animals.

However, we quickly realized that all of the girls liked movies where a father fucks his daughters. They also liked the lesbian movies too. So do I! Well one of my daughter's best friends is Kim. She is a beautiful little Oriental girl. She is only about four feet six inches tall, well under a hundred pounds, and she has jet-black hair to her knees.


She is a beauty! Her parents run a Bed and Breakfast down the road a short way. It is easily within walking distance. Every now and then she will bring up a girl that is staying there and is bored.

She doesn't want to go touring with her parents anymore and she is just plain bored to death. Recently Kim brought up a girl named Cynthia that was a stuck up rich bitch from New York City. She was older than they were and she wasn't about to let a couple of younger country girls show her up. Well Emily and Kim had certainly run into her kind before. As it turned out Cynthia had just had her sixteen-year-old coming out party and thought that her shit didn't stink.

Sixteen makes her a consenting adult in this state, if she wants to consent that is. My daughter met them up at the front door in her string bikini bottom and nothing else. She led them down to the family room where my wife and I were and then introduced Cynthia to us.

Kim asked to borrow a bathing suit and Emily told her to help herself. There is a bathroom slash changing room in the corner by the pool.

In there is a drawer full of bikinis of all kinds and stacks of towels. It is unisex so once you are inside there are two doors leading to toilets and one leading to a urinal. They are marks appropriately, "Stand to pee" and "Sit to pee." It gets laughs. Kim always wears just a string bikini bottom like my wife and Emily do. Well that New York City chick was not about to be shown up by them so she put one on too.

I could tell that she had never been that naked before in her life. All she was wearing was a string up her butt and a wide Band-Aid over her slit.

Surprisingly she wasn't shaved bald and most of her hair was showing. I looked at it and complimented her on such a nice bush. I told her that all I ever see anymore is shaved pussy and that I considered it an honor to look at her bush. She smiled and relaxed a little after that.

Actually it was true. Emily asked me if they could have a glass of wine. I looked at Cynthia and smiled and then I poured four glasses. Emily gave one to her mother. I got a nice cold beer for myself and sat back to watch the fun. Emily and Kim put on some music and started dirty dancing. Cynthia joined in and did fairly well. At least she let the girls rub their legs against her pussy and she did the same to them.

They bumped their titties and their asses together too. Cynthia copied everything that they did so…Kim sucked Emily's nipples.

That started a whole round of sucking every nipple in sight including my wife's nipples. Since I wasn't wear a shirt my nipples got sucked too. Then of course I got to suck their nipples. I had sucked my daughter's nipples before but never Kim's and certainly never Cynthia's nipples. Emily caught those with my digital camera. Kim just smiled but Cynthia frowned.

Emily told her that she could erase it shy oriental luscious hottie gets pussy smashed it offended her. Cynthia couldn't be shown up by a country girl, not her. But she made sure that my wife took a picture of Emily getting her nipples sucked by me too. Fair is fair! After they finished their drinks Kim asked if anyone wanted to go swimming and then she lied and told Cynthia that the rules were no suits in the pool.

She immediately removed her bottom and waited. Emily removed hers and then they waited for Cynthia. So did I. Meanwhile I looked right at my daughter's slit for the first time and just smiled knowing that it wouldn't be the last time. When Cynthia was ready they ran and jumped in. My wife smiled and started laughing after they went under the surface and came up outdoors. She said, "Oh my God! The nerve of those girls! That poor rich girl doesn't stand a chance with the two of them.

I bet you could mom aaliyah enjoys fingering aspens teen pussy from all angles lesbian orgasm away with murder right now if you want too." I asked, "What do you mean?" My wife said, "All you have to do is suggest something and those two will do it just to see if Cynthia does." I asked, "Like what?" My wife said, "Well like a group picture of the three of them naked or with me in it, better yet with you in it naked too.

I bet you could take open pussy shots of their pink insides, like you like to take of me. Hell, I bet you could ask for a blowjob and get three of them working on your cock. There is no limit." I just replied, "Oh my God!

I think you're right." About a half-hour later the girls got out of the pool, dried off, and came over to join us. That was when my wife told Emily and Kim that it was a good time to take their weekly nude photos.

Then she told Cynthia that she could join in if she wished. She continued to explain that once a week the girls posed nude together and separately for pictures to show how their bodies were developing especially their breasts and pussies.

Cynthia was a little hesitant so my wife told her that some of their other girlfriends had joined in before. That did it! Cynthia got right in the picture between the girls and smiled. After several group pictures of front, back, and both sides she had Emily go first for her pictures.


Emily smiled all the while as her mother had her do some very embarrassing things right up to holding her pussy lips open for me to photograph. Kim was next but she knew what to expect. Cynthia followed up the rear and posed even better just to show them up. When I asked for extra shots of her wonderful hairy pussy she told me to take all that I wanted too.

I did. After I finished Kim had to tell my wife that it was her turn. She had a wicked little devilish grin on her face. My wife smiled and out did the girls. Hell, she had been posing for me for years but when she squatted down on my half-full beer bottle they were impressed.

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When I finished drinking it they were even more impressed. So of course my wife told me to get another bottle to drink after the girls squatted on it.

I smiled and got another ice-cold beer and asked Cynthia if she would like to go first. Yes, she would. I took a dozen pictures full and close-up of that bottle in her pussy.

Then I held it as she got up and drank down a few swallows before holding it for Kim to squat on. Another dozen pictures, another few drinks, and it was Emily's turn. I took more than a dozen pictures because I wanted a lot more with that bottle in her pussy. I was also going to keep that bottle after the girls were done with it. I drank the bottle dry and asked them to sign the label for me. My wife wasn't done with them yet. She asked Emily if she wanted to get in a sixty-nine with her for pictures.

The look on Emily's face was precious. She swallowed hard and got on top of her mother. I looked at the clock and started taking pictures. I loved watching my wife eat pussy but eating her own daughter was even more special. Then of course watching Emily eat her mother was almost too much for me. My cock was straining to get out of my swim trunks. I probably took a hundred pictures in that five minutes. Then it was Kim's turn. She was so tiny that they had trouble licking each other at the same time.

Eventually my wife rounded her spine rolling her pussy right up into Kim's mouth. She held that position for a few minutes and had to stop.

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She just let Kim eat her until the five minutes were up. Cynthia was ready when it was her turn and practically jumped on my wife. Cynthia said, "My mother and I do this all the time, when dad isn't around." My wife asked Cynthia if she was a virgin. She said no but I think that was for the other girl's benefit. Anyway my wife asked Cynthia if she would mind taking care of my problem by letting me fuck her pussy.

My wife promised to suck it all out afterwards. Somewhat reluctantly she agreed.

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I handed my camera to Emily and got in position. My wife and I had done this a few times before during a threesome but never with a sixteen-year-old. First I poked a finger into her to see if she still had her hymen. Luckily it had been broken already. I poked two fingers in to test the width. Then I eased my cock into her tight hole. I heard her groan into my wife's pussy and saw my wife squeeze her tighter in an upside down hug.

I patted her side where the girls couldn't see. I also noticed that my daughter was right between my legs getting all of the action from my wife's chin to my asshole and everything in between.

Knowing that, I pulled my cock out of Cynthia's mom ava addams teachs stepdaughter dillion harper, put it in my wife's mouth, and then put it back in her pussy.

I could not believe that this girl was actually giving me her virginity just to show those county girls up. However, I loved every inch of it. I made it as enjoyable as I could for her too. My wife was certainly working on her clit and I was massaging her one breast and working on that nipple while I supported my weight on my other arm. I could see Cynthia's tongue dart into my wife's pussy. I whispered "Thank you for your virginity" in her ear and watched as the corner of her mouth turn up into a smile.

I knew then that everything was okay. She turned and whispered back, "You're welcome." Not long after that I cum deep inside that wonderful young girl. My wife rolled Cynthia over and actually told the other girls to clean her out. Then my wife kissed Cynthia so that they could each taste themselves on the other's tongue. Later I found out that my wife whispered in Cynthia's ear, "I know you were a virgin. Thank you for giving it to my husband. He is a wonderful man and deserves it." We never saw Cynthia after that but about once a week we get an email telling us all about her sex life.

She includes a nude picture for me too, so that I can watch her boobs grow. After that day the girls never wore anything around me. They also insisted on posing gals quinn wilde and sophia leone share cock week for nude pictures and to let me fuck them. Emily was my second virgin and Kim was my third. My wife will share me with Emily but not every night. Some of their friends stayed away knowing that nudity was now the house rule but other girls came over because of it.

I guess you just can't please everyone. As to the part about a boat and a teenage daughter well I guess you will just have to use your imagination. I can tell you that all of the girls that try to get up on skis while nude say that it is the best douche that they ever had.

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