Big black cock for a kinky blonde

Big black cock for a kinky blonde
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After a few minutes Mike sat up and looked at the two girls lying naked on his bed, smiling at them he said 'are you ready for more?' the girls smiled back nervously not knowing what he had in mind.


'I seem to remember a little show you put on for me on cam. it was so hot but someone got left out.' both girls blushed and Susan quickly went to sit up to get closer to Mike, 'no you're the one that got left out Susan, you pleasured Anna but didn't get any in return' Mike said. Blushing even more Anna asked 'what must I do?' 'You have to give Susan's pussy a thorough licking and make her cum hard' came Mikes reply.

Slowly Susan moved so that she was laying with her legs wide open towards Anna and Mike, Anna moved and lowered her mouth to Susan's waiting pussy and with her first lick Susan moaned loudly, moving so she was comfy Anna found herself with her legs off jenna haze enjoys a huge black dick end of the bed. She slowly went to work on Susan first licking the length of her pussy and slipping the tip of her tongue inside Susan's pussy lips bringing moans and gasps of pleasure from Susan.

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Suddenly Anna felt Mike's hands on her bare arse and his fingers running up and down her pussy lips, shuddering with pleasure Anna increased her efforts on Susan's pussy, a gasp from Susan made her look up but Susan was looking past her and what Mike was doing behind Anna, Anna's pussy was soaking now with what they had done and Mike's attention but she was still unprepared as Mike slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy rubbing it up and down the length of the lips. Anna cried out almost cumming immediately.

gina carrera stacey wells gary west in classic xxx site theclassicporn and vintage stop eating Susan' was Mike's command, Anna could only obey as she lowered her face to the other girls bald pussy burying her tongue inside and this time only working on her clit, Susan was almost sobbing with pleasure as Anna made her clit hard and throbbing. Anna found it hard to concentrate with Mike's cock tip rubbing her own clit, without warning Mike moved it down and instantly finding Anna's hole pushed the tip inside Anna couldn't stop herself as she had her first orgasm from penetration, crying out even as she ate Susan's pussy.

Mike wasn't finished though, feeling Anna's hole loosen slightly he pushed deeper inside and this time he started moving he cock in and out slowly building Anna's continuing orgasm almost ignoring her now vocal cries, Anna had long since forgotten Susan's pussy but watching transfixed Susan was masturbating hard as Mike took Anna's virginity.

Again Mike pushed deeper into Anna getting almost all his 9 inches of cock inside, Mike started fucking Anna harder now building his speed with each thrust with Anna crying out his name 'Mike! God please Mike!' He ignored her almost seeming pleas and kept fucking her making her cum harder and longer that she would have thought possible, suddenly Anna felt Mike stiffen and she knew he was going to orgasm, thinking he was going to pull out when he did Anna was shocked when he thrust one last time and she felt his hot cock buck and her pussy flooding with his cum, Anna screamed with the final huge orgasm and collapsed shaking onto the bed, she didn't feel Mike pull out of her and was amazed at the feel of their combined juices running down the inside of her thighs.

Shaking she tried to move but could not until Mike lifted her to the bed and lay her beside Susan. Standing at the foot of the bed Mike looked at the two girls, feeling his cock stirring again as he saw their young tender bodies there for him to use, Anna had collapsed onto the pillows and unconsciously let her legs fall slightly apart, looking closer Mike could see Anna's cum covered pussy almost throbbing still.


Looking at Susan he saw that she was flushed with masturbating and had opened her legs almost wordlessly inviting Mike to take her virginity. 'Susan come here' Mike ordered, blushing hotly Susan moved to the bottom of the bed and started to position herself as she had seen Anna do, stopping her Mike told her 'no on your back young lady'.

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Susan lay on the bed and moved down so her feet were on the floor and her arse was almost hanging off the bed. Mike slowly got down and pushed Susan's legs open baring her soaking wet pussy, leaning down he could feel the heat coming off it as he licked her from hole to clit, Susan moaned loudly, standing up Mike let her see his now erect cock standing straight up.

Susan gasped as she saw it was gently throbbing in time with Mike's heartbeat, kneeling now Mike moved between her legs and as with Anna rubbed his cock up and down Susan's hot pussy, eliciting another gasp and cry of pleasure, slowly he slipped the tip into her open waiting hole and Susan cried out louder.

Mike reached down and taking one of Susan's legs raised it up and on to his shoulder, slowly he pushed further in and again Susan cried out.


Mike raised Susan's other leg and with one hard thrust entered her tight pussy, Susan cheerleader stepsis got fucked by her nasty stepbro as she felt the pain of his penetration and almost immediately started orgasming, Mike thrust again deeper this time, almost pushing Susan up the bed as he did, with each thrust Susan cried out louder and louder as wave after wave of orgasm hit her, thrusting continuously now Mike fucked Susan harder and faster, watching as her pert 15 year old breasts bounced with each thrust.

Almost screaming now Susan was orgasming hard unable to stop herself she cried out ' fuck me, god please fuck me daddy', hearing those words Mike could not stop himself as he came hard in her tight hot soaking pussy. Glancing at Anna Mike saw her mouth wide open at what she heard her friend call Mike. Unable to stop Mike poured his cum into Susan's pussy again and again making her orgasm repeatedly, when he finally stopped Susan was crying with pleasure.

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Dropping her legs Mike pulled out and their combined juices flooded out and down Susan's legs, running down her arse to drip onto the floor. Looking at Anna he heard her whisper 'you're not Sue's dad really are you?' smiling Mike nodded, 'Sue's mum and me split up when Sue was very young, Sue contacted me months ago and we started chatting, it was her idea to take it further.' Anna started to smile 'can I call you Uncle Mike then?' Mike realised this was the beginning of a new and exciting period in his life; these girls were going to be very entertaining.