Blonde rebecca teen shows dp and oral in group orgies

Blonde rebecca teen shows dp and oral in group orgies
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Part 1, reposted here for your convenience I was young. Some may consider it wrong, but I do not. It was a great pleasure for both of us! No one got hurt, both got extreme pleasure and I started my learning process under the tutelage of an experienced latina with glasses big booty live sex and blowjob I am sure she derived a jolt of pleasure from the taboo, the forbidden pleasure of it all.

Anyway, it benefited me greatly! I was not quite old enough to be left alone, too old for a babysitter, and old enough that I had discovered masturbation and did it quite frequently! I was "hormones in tennis shoes" walking around constantly in a mild state of arousal! I would go into the bathroom and masturbate 2 or 3 times per day.

She (the "babysitter" - more of a neighbor who kept an eye on me) came over at lunch time and at other routine times. I also would have to go to her house to check in. I got to the point that I would stand teen mia malkova and milf brandi love some inside the bathroom door with it slightly open and masturbate while looking out the door at her.

This became a routine occurrence at my house. I then got bolder and begin to do the same thing every time I was at her house. Looking back I am sure she knew what was going on. One day I went to her house to "check in" and said hi and went into the bathroom. I could plainly see her nipples under her sundress. My cock was rock hard and I was stroking it furiously as she moved around the living room - apparently cleaning and picking stuff up.

She bent over to pick up some papers by the sofa - which was across from the bathroom door, about 4 feet away. As she bent over I was flabbergasted - her dress fell open, the top 3 buttons being undone, and I had a perfect view of those magnificent tits!

I choked back a groan but think she heard it anyway! She continued and so did I. She was carrying something down the hallway and just so happened to drop it in front of the door. She bent over to pick it up, her sundress riding up her ass to give me a good view of her legs and that wonderful pussy which was framed by her panties.

I let out a fairly sharp breath and the cum started pumping out! She went on down the hall! I was not about to stop now! I wanted more - wanted to cum again and wanted more of a show! I quickly cleaned up the mess on the floor and wall and began to jerk off again!

I did not see her anywhere. I was disappointed - figured she was done. Then suddenly the door opened - there I stood - cock in hand, a bit of precum oozing out. I had no idea what to do or say! She just came over to me and said something like "don't worry, it is only natural. All guys do it. I can help you with that if you want." Well I did not say a word, did not even know where to begin or what to say.

She said follow me and walked back out to the sofa. I obviously followed! She lay down, pulled her legs up slightly - enough for me to see she had removed her panties and pulled open the top of her dress. She told me, this I do remember because I had got over being scared and was intently focused on her, "The first thing you have to do is make a woman feel good. Do you know how to do that?" I told her I did not. She said that was not a problem, she would show me all I needed to know. All I had to do was exactly what she said and then I would " get yours".

This only lasted about 3 and one half months, but I learned a lot. I will continue this revelation at a later date - suffice it to say - that is the most enjoyment I ever got out of a teacher!!

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PART 2 She took me by the hand and pulled me on top of her and kissed me softly but urgently. She removed my shirt and opened up the top of her dress and pulled my chest down against hers tightly. I almost came in my pants as I felt her nipples push into my chest and felt those nice tits flatten out beneath me! She unfastened my pants and pushed them down and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it - it only took about 4 good strokes and I shot warm cum all over her dress!

She laughed and said not to worry, we can go on later but I pleaded with her to continue. She did. She told me to get naked while she removed her dress and used it to wipe off some of my cum that squirted up between her tits.

She lay down and told me to kiss her and spread her legs open and pointed at her fat pussy. I had no idea at first what she meant but just started kissing her pussy lips.

"Before you have sex with a girl you start out by getting her ready. You need to know how to lick her pussy." She said as I kind of fumbled around a little. She went on to give me a female anatomy lesson and gave me detailed instructions on the best way to eat pussy, how to use my tongue, fingers and lips. These were lessons I have kept with me ever since and improved upon. She talked me through it, and explained how to lick pussy.

She told me how a girl needs to be teased more than guys do. She told me to lick her inner legs and breathe out on them, cooling her skin, and lick all around her pussy before I let my tongue come in contact with it. She spread it open and showed me her clit and how to pull the skin taut to make it stand out.

I leaned in close. Her pussy smelled fresh and sweet to me. I played with my young cock as I stuck my tongue out and licked a woman's pussy for the first time. "You have soft lips and a warm tongue you nasty little boy" She murmured as I tentatively kissed around her clit and lips. I started pressing my puckered lips down harder as I kissed her all over. She asked me to describe it. " It's hairy and thick, kind of soft like rubber and tastes different…but I like it" I answered and then continued, becoming more excited as I tried to put into words what I saw, tasted, and felt "It's … warm, and smooth inside… and so wet." I went back to kissing it.

"That's not what I mean. Really kiss it." She ordered. This time I "really kissed it". Sort of like I would an ice cream cone, using the entire width of my tongue to lap at her pussy. "This is what a girl's pussy should be like before you fuck her, before you put your little cock into her" she said in a husky voice.

I noticed as she was talking, giving me more direction, her voice got a little raspy, and a little deeper sounding. I was licking a little faster and pressing a little harder with my tongue as she squirmed around slightly. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong and she was trying to move around so I would hit the right spot.

"Do you think you can kiss a little ass?" she asked me. "Yes, I can." I eagerly replied. She smiled down at me. The smile was warm, but it also had something else. It was also a little wicked. "Good." She said. Suddenly she pushed me further down and grabbed my hair with her left hand. "Ow!" I thought to myself, that hurt a little, but I was way too horny to let that bother me. I went down until my tongue was poking in between her ass cheeks. My nose was pressed against her fleshy mound making it difficult to breathe.

I tasted a different, salty, dark flavor between her ass cheeks. I strained my tongue but could not get any deeper between her cheeks. Could not quite get to her asshole. She pulled harder on my hair, pressing my face tighter against her. She released my hair and cocked one leg up onto the back of the sofa and rose up and put one of the small pillows under her ass. This revealed her bare ass and pussy fully to me.

I had seen young girl's pussies before, but never a full grown woman. I was fascinated at how big and hairy it was. It gaped open as her leg was draped over the back of the sofa. It looked like a hungry, pink mouth. I tentatively placed a hand on each of her smooth cheeks, spread them apart as much as I could and puckered.

I slowly inched my head towards her ass, wanting to go slow like she had told me earlier. "Kiss it, lick it!!" she curtly ordered.

I dove in and kissed her asshole. As I was about to lick it she suddenly grabbed my hair again and pulled me forwards, rolling her hips up at the same time. She pulled my nose directly into her spread pink pussy as my tongue jammed against her asshole. I couldn't help but breathe in the scent of her juices as she ground against me.

I loved it! "Make your tongue stiff" she urgently commanded. I felt her asshole give in a little as the tip of my tongue barely penetrated it as she continued to pull my face tight against her. "Wiggle it around" she said. As I did this I felt her asshole open up a little more and my stiff tongue slipped further in.

A very sharp taste assailed my buds as I valiantly tried to wiggle my tongue around inside her tight asshole. She began to quiver violently as my tongue was lodged up her ass.

My breathing was very difficult I could only get air when she rocked her hips up momentarily pulling her fat pussy away from my nostrils. My tongue was getting tired and my neck hurt as she continued to pump her hips up and down while pulling hard on my hair! "Now kiss my cunt! Now, now!" She urgently ordered as she pulled up on my hair moving my face up from her ass. I puckered again and kissed her clit. Apparently that wasn't what she wanted!

She slammed my face into her cunt, holding onto my hair with both hands. "Suck it, eat my pussy!" she screamed. Her hips were bucking wildly now and as I tried to suck on her pussy. I pulled in a mouth full of flesh and felt her entrance under my tongue. I began to wiggle my tongue just like I did when it was in her ass. "Rub my clit with your finger." she commanded "Put your tongue deeper inside of me." I looked up across her taut stomach as she arched her back, raising her ass off the pillow.

Her tits jiggled wildly as her whole body shuddered. I saw her tight arms angling down to the sides of my head where her fingers were wrapped in my hair, holding my face firmly against her pussy. Her upper arms were pressed into the sides of her fleshy tits, keeping them upright as they jiggled side to side. I felt her fat outer lips mature blonde wants his hard dick in her up and down my cheeks as she pumped her hips.

I felt her quotsarah j balances a ciroc bottle on her assquot all over my face. I could not get any breath at all and thought I would pass out! My cock was so hard it ached. One touch and I would explode again! "You're going to make me cum!" she squealed. Her movements became frantic, she gasped: "God… you… boy… fuck.I'm … going… to …" and then she shivered, tensed up and pushed her hips back and forth rapidly.

All of her movements suddenly stopped as the tension in her body made her rock solid, her back arched high off the sofa causing me to have to get on my knees as I followed her up while she kept my face clamped against her pussy. My mouth was filled with a different taste as her orgasm spilled all over my tongue. Suddenly she collapsed back onto the sofa, letting go of my hair and lay there panting heavily, occasionally twitching.

My god, what had just happened? I had no idea? I had seen a guy orgasm before, but never a woman. And, apparently, none of the girls I had been playing with had orgasmed! "Now, that's how it's done" she smiled at me like her "normal" self had returned. I hadn't expected to feel so used, but GOD I was horny. and I liked, no, I LOVED it. I could taste and smell and feel the wetness dripping down my face. I could see her spread ass and the wetness from her throbbing pussy dripping down her ass-cheeks.

I wanted to taste it again but she stopped me. She said she was too sensitive, now was not the time for that. Now was the time for fucking, for sticking my little boy cock into a hot cunt.

She opened her arms and beckoned to me. I got between her legs and she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy as she brought her leg off the back of the sofa and wrapped it around my back. Gemma minx and amber hahn strapon fun squeezed her leg against my lower back and I plunged my young cock completely into her fat, hot, wet pussy! About two pumps danny d and tara holiady her sweet pussy and cum rocketed out of my cock.

"No…not yet" she wailed. "What?" I said, startled at her reaction. "That was too soon you came too soon". "What was too soon about it?" I asked. "I did not get anything out of it, or not much.

Now I will cool off while we wait for you." She replied. "Why do we have to wait?" I asked. I had been lying on her, my cock still buried in her now sloppy pussy. My RIGID cock still buried in her. She monster cock makes young bibi moan german goo girls tigh pussy and hardcore note of this and said "Most guys can not keep it hard after they cum. You will find that out when you get older, so just keep it in mind.

"Now, Fuck Me!" she commanded. Back then my cock stayed hard seemingly forever no matter how much I came. Now it will go semi-rigid after the second cum and will go all the way down after the third orgasm, but with some coaxing it will rise to the occasion. I started stroking my cock in and out of her. I could hear the squishing sound as our juices started leaking out around my shaft. She pulled both her knees back toward her chest and draped her legs over my shoulders.

"Fuck me hard" she ordered. I started to pound my young cock into as hard as I could. I rose up on my toes, pushing against the underside of her knees, as I pummeled her cunt with all my strength!

She was really loose and sloppy now. My stomach was smacking against her sweaty ass cheeks and my nutsac was mashing against her ass with every stroke. The juices running down her ass crack were clinging to my balls on each back stroke. She started grunting every time my young cock buried in her.

"Faster…faster" she panted out. I had just a little left and sped up my strokes. My balls started to hurt a little as cute blonde babe blows a thick dong mashed roughly against her ass.

As I looked down into her face I noticed she was holding her breath and starting to tense up a little. I wondered what was going on was she frustrated because I was not big enough or not going fast or hard enough?

Suddenly the veins in her neck became visible and she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. I continued with my thrusts but was about ready to collapse.

I could not go any longer. Then her skin from the top of her tits all the way up to her forehead turned a crimson color and she cried out "Oh my God.Fuck Me Baby, Fuck meeeee…ssssssssssss" and she tensed up under me.

I suddenly realized she was cumming again and this gave me a little extra surge of energy which I used to continue to pummel her pussy as she squealed and hissed at me! She sucked in a huge breath of air and relaxed all at once. I gave out and collapsed on her, my weight pressing against the back of her legs. I could feel her warm, wet pussy grip at my cock a couple of times as I lay there panting heavily. She looked into my eyes, a smile on her face, and started stroking my cheeks and playing with my hair.

I flinched a little, wondering if she was going to pull my hair again. "That was wonderful" she said. "But, you have a lot to learn" she added. "Sit back on the couch" she softly said to me.

This was again a change from what was the wicked, rough person to her "normal" self. I slipped my cock out of her wet hole and sat back on the sofa. I looked at her gaping cunt, the hole was now a flaming red, slick looking monster. The inner lips were sticking out past the thick, furry outer ones. I had an urge to lick it two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock started to lean into her as she rested on the pillow. "No baby, it's your turn" she said.

She got up off the couch and knelt down in front of me.

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"Lift your butt up." she told me as she slid the little pillow under my ass. "Just sit back and relax." She said as my ass settled onto the pillow. I could feel a big, cool wet spot as my ass settled into the pillow. She pulled me forward so my ass was just off the edge of the sofa then raised my legs up and told me to hold them against my chest.

"Don't be embarrassed I want to see you." She said. "I'm not embarrassed" I replied, wondering why, after al we had done so far, she would say something like that.

"You call this a cock when you are going to fuck with it" she said as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She moaned as she moved her face close to it and admired my young circumcised cock. She licked the head of it and moved her tongue down to my ball sack. She sucked them gently into her mouth, much easier than the treatment they had received earlier. She let them slide from her mouth and moved down until her tongue was poised above my asshole.

She started to lightly rub circles around my hole with the tip of her tongue. She began to real mom boy incest cum my cock as she tongued my asshole. She karen natsuhara gets her twat rubbed and nailed back up to the head of my cock. Her tongue teased it for a moment and felt her breath on it. This was so fucking hot!

Here was a full grown woman, down below me, eating my ass and licking my cock! God, this was almost too much. I wanted more, wanted her to suck my cock. I had my cock sucked before but it was a much more "just get it done" kind of thing. This was really intense and getting more so.


She moved her head slowly around it gently blowing. My cock looked so soft and innocent in her hand. She stuck out her tongue and started at my nutsac and slowly moved her tongue up. My cock quivered in anticipation of her mouth engulfing my knob. But, she started at the bottom of my cock again, right above my scrotum and worked her way slowly up to japanese cousin fuck english subtitles head.

She reached my knob again and looked into my eyes. I was staring intently at her. She kept her eyes focused on mine, a sly smile on her face, and opened her mouth slightly and softly kissed the top of his dick, making sure that her mouth was open enough that her lips went about a third of the way over my crown.

Ohh God, this was intense. I could feel my young cock involuntarily jerking in her hand. If I had not cum so much already I surely would have shot her mouth full just then! She opened her mouth and took it in slowly, all the way down until her lips were against my nutsac. I felt the head of my cock against the back of her throat. She made a swallowing motion and I felt the back of her throat massage my cock head. GOD that felt good.

Her eyes were still locked onto mine. I began to feel sweat roll off my forehead as my body temperature seemed to skyrocket! I let out a long, deep groan as her throat worked my cock. She slowly slid her mouth off my cock, staring into my eyes the whole time. She rose up and smiled at me while slowly stroking my cock. She put her head back down and took me back into her mouth and moved her head up and down sucking hard each time she came up.

She jacked me off with her thumb and index finger as her head bobbed up and down. She was no mature asian slut rides a stiff cock brunette looking into my eyes but seemed to be intently focused on my cock.

I watched the top of her head bob up and down, watched as her nose buried into my light pubes on each stroke. I was not going to last long like this! As she continued to bob her head she started to move her hand in a circular motion with each stroke of her fingers up and down my shaft.

I was moaning more and louder. My hips started to flex a little, trying to fuck my cock into her mouth! She held me down with her free hand and started to bob her head faster.


xxx small tit teen gets tied and fucked Her breathing became a little ragged and deeper as this continued. Her hair fell down in front of her face and I could no longer see anything but a mass of undulating hair as she bobbed her head. I closed my eyes and laid my head back, mentally picturing what her mouth and fingers were doing to me.

I felt my little balls start to tighten up and felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm starting up. I gripped the cushions of the sofa as my body tensed up. Just as my orgasm was about to start she moved her fingers from around my shaft and jammed her spit slick middle finger up my ass! She bent it at the knuckle like she was trying to jam it up through the base of my cock and started to move her fingertip around deep inside me!

Her thumb and the rest of her fingers started tugging at my nutsac as her middle finger moved inside my ass! This sudden intrusion and stimulation of my nuts caused me to shriek as my cock exploded into her mouth! She jammed her face down hard on my cock, her nose buried in my pubes and began a swallowing motion.

The feel of her tongue as it made the back and forth swallowing movement and her throat muscles as the contracted against the head of my cock drove me insane! She started to furiously ram her finger in my ass as her other hand took over and started to roughly tug and massage my balls. All these sensations at once totally blew me away! I could do nothing but quiver and jerk my body as my young cock squirted into her throat!

These were the most intense few seconds of my life so far! I relaxed and sunk back into the sofa. She let go of my balls, pulled her finger from my ass and started to lift her mouth off my cock. As she did she grabbed the base of it my cock with her hand and held it upright. Just as her mouth came off it she quickly snaked her tongue out and playfully flicked it across my sensitive knob. This made me shudder and groan loudly.

"That's what a girl's clit feels like after she cums" she said and then let go of my cock and stood up. I just lay there looking at her in awe. I was trying to take it all in, the sight of her, what had just happened.

It was overwhelming. "I'm going to take a bath" she said as she picked up her dress and headed out of the room. I have never had a blowjob that pleasurable or intense since then. Maybe because that was my first "real" one, maybe because of all the added excitement, the "taboo", I am not sure. But it is one I will never forget. She taught me a lot - main thing was pay attention to the woman's non-verbal feedback. She gave me a good foundation - sort of like 1st grade for sex.

I still learn more almost every time I have sex today and keep building on that foundation. I will write about some of the other lessons she gave me when I have time to get it all out and post a "complete" version. Some of the readers on here do not like "unfinished accounts" and I understand that. I was writing as I had time and posting whatever I had written at that point in time.