Bondage spanking anal and tied d bdsm hatefuck my hippie asshole

Bondage spanking anal and tied d bdsm hatefuck my hippie asshole
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In one month of Amy's sexual slavery in the Fucking chamber, she had always had cum in her belly. Full enough to impregnate several women.Her supple young breast has grown larger,making it a cup or two bigger. She was always on the constant urge of fucking, like all the women in the captivity. She even fingered herself if she doesn't have cocks inside her,and sometimes fists.

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Then two men came to her. She knew what to do and spread her long,lavish legs open and rubbed her clit and pussy while her toungue sticking out."Not now cunt, we're gonna test your bitch pussy whether you're pregnant or not.You'd better be,or we'll sell you off and worse things'd happen" and the two men laughed.

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One of them took out three identical items, what seems of a pregnancy tester. They shoved all three of it into her babybag,and it all fits since her pussy was loose enough after all the double fuckings in her pussy. They took all of it out after several minutes, and checked the signs. The first one was positive,but it doesn't mean she's pregnant.It maybe a fluke.The second one showed negative. If two third of the items are positive, it may mean she's pregnant.


And lastly, it came up positive. It was a high chance that she was pregnant.


The men then blindfolded her,gagged her mouth and cuffed her hands. The chain collar on her neck led her to another chamber, which smelled much better than her den. She were sitted on a cold,steel chair which made her cum a little as it touched her ass cheek and pussy lips.

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She tried to grind with the chair's ridges but a slap then landed on her right side of her face." Damn dirty cow, stay still!" " Fuck,I think she'll still be horny even if we put a gun in her mouth" the two men chuckled." Looks like I could sell the aphrodisiac and make even more money,huh boys?" laughed another guy and he smeared some lubricant on her belly and little in her shit hole.

Then she felt a pressure from something blunt and it moved around her belly." Look prof, something's moving" " Yeap, she's pregnant.Congratulations slut, you're on your way to be one of our cow in our milk factory" and then he laughed sinisterly.

Then, Amy felt a sting on her neck, only this told they told her it was some enhanced milk secreting hormone to increase the milk quantity and quality. She then felt hands fondling, massaging and pinching her soft tender breasts.Her merciless,vulnerable women organ were squeezed black haired babe kinsley anne gets her shaved pussy screwed twisted like it was being milked." Just imagining how much juice this delicious cow udders will give makes my cock go wild" and then a mighty push from infront penetrated her wall into her asshole.

Approximately an eight inch cock were pounding her bowels over and over again, which she was enjoying it so much that she moaned and groaned sound like " .uwaaah.ungh.unh.umh.hmmmh.hnnnngnh.hngghh"as over the period,only her yummy young vagina was double-fucked almost everyday to make her pregnant.

"Damn shit,cow's tight in the ass" as she convulsed her sphincter muscles and gave the man waves of pleasure.One guy was fucking her soon-to-use tits and another one was fisting her poor over-abused pussy. Then, her tits were bit and nibbed on both breasts, which instantly made her climaxed and love juices exploded around the fisting man's hand."Holy, milktank just cummed when I bit her tits.

She fucking deserves to be a fucking milk-slave." and the men laughed out hard. After several ravages of butt fucking, the man spurted his hot load deep into her intestine that she even came from the feeling of the sperm being shot.

Her nipple fucker squirted his onto Amy's cock hungry face, which was once a face belonged to some pure,innocent girl. Her nipples were erect and swollen after all the sodomy on her amazing set of woman hump.After they were done with her, she was too weak to walk on her own legs.


She was dragged alond until her nest in the chamber.They locked her collar's chain on the wall and did something before they removed her restrainers. A cold,pungent jelly was smeared and spreaded onto her udders, and the two men who dragged her massaged her milkbags gently and erotically, making her cum twice.

" Like that,huh bitch?That was some jelly that will make yer udders always tight and tits hard so you'd make milk faster." Her breasts began to feel hot and tightened. It felt like it were being steamed in a sauna and her nipples felt like being twisted 270 degrees, and it really made her body filled with pleasure and ecstacy." And don't worry, there will be something to replace us. Don't be sad cunt,'cause this 'guys' are bigger,stronger,longer,harder,faster u name it than us.We'll bring it to you soon.Don't worry." and the men chuckled in a sarcastic laugh.

It turns out that the 'guys' that the men talked about was a machine with four mechanical dildoes. They removed her appendages, and they would check on her progress every month until she secretes the warm,tasty white liquid that her captor was abusing her for. The mechanical dildoes were for her to pleasure herself as women's sexual appetite increases when pregnant. There were other girls to be fucked and impregnated, so there weren't enough men to satisfy the already pregnant women.

The mechanical dildoes mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck made the women's self-fucking there better, as machines fucks as long as they want, as hard as they want, and as deep as they want. "Hello Amy.We meet again." a familiar voice went into her ears. She then knew who he was." Look how magnificent your beautiful breasts has grown. It seems that you are one step further to know why you're here.And as a present for your pregnancy, congratulations by the way, I'll tell you a little the reason you were captu.,ahem,brought in." Amy stared at the man as a sign of curiosity.Although all there was in her mind was fucking, she has to know why she was held captive here."Looks like I got your attention." "Here goes."