Horny pussy is ready to get fucked

Horny pussy is ready to get fucked
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I woke rather early as the sun still wasn't up yet. My father was passed out next to me in a drunken coma. Breathing heavily and smelling of gin. I lay next to him still trying to get a grip on nude girl hard suck clips free down had occurred only a few hours prior.

I lifted the blanket to reconfirm that we were still infact naked as if it had all been some twisted little dream. It was wrong what had happened. Like therapy for me, prison for dad wrong. But those thoughts quickly escaped my mind as I rubbed my fingers over my puffy little lips recalling how good my father felt between my thighs.

I needed more and I was determined to get what I wanted. Only child syndrome I suppose. I drifted back to slip while still rubbing my wet little love hole. I slowly came back to consciousness as I heard my father begin to stir. I pretended to still be asleep when I felt him sit up in bed. He was muttering to himself and it didn't sound good for the home team. I decided I better help get this day on track.

I slowly began to stir and gave out a big yawn and stretch as I appeared oblivious to my surroundings. I sat up and looked at my father who was staring at me. "Sara" he said rather sternly, "we gotta talk." "Ummmm. Okay then" I replied "Listen honey, about last night." he struggled to get the words out.

I just sat and stared up at him with the puppy dog eyes. Waiting for him to continue. "I don't know where to begin" he continues. "It was wrong and I am so very sorry." I interrupted "Sorry for what?" I tried to sound rather aggravated with him.

"Sara c'mon. You're not making this any easier" he pleaded. "Should I be making this easy? You have sex with me and then try to freakin' apologize? What's that?" I snapped back at him. At this point I knew I had him where I wanted him for the time being. I got out of bed without another word and went to shower.

I finished my shower and began drying my hair. I opened the door to see my father still sitting in the same spot. He looked like someone who just woke up in jail after a DUI. "Dad!" I snapped and he quickly turned my way. "You need to get ready. It's almost time for the calling hours". Now I was playing the adult. He had better snap out of this because I still had a few days of him to myself and I would be getting what I wanted.

"I'm going" was all he managed to get out. He climbed out of bed trying to cover his limp cock with his shirt I had on the night prior. I didn't say it but was thinking what's the point. We both continued to dress in silence. Down to the car and off on the road with not so much as a word. Finally I had to break the ice so we could get past this. "Daddy?" I decided to go with the sweet tone. "I'm not sorry about what happened and don't think you should be either" "I really enjoyed it.

You're a great lover!" I said very direct. My father sat quiet dump this loaded condom down your throat cei masturbation instructions cei jerk off instructions a minute. I continued to stare. He looked perplexed over my statement. Finally he spoke. "Sara, this can't happen again. It was wonderful but it's wrong.

We are father and daughter. It's incest, it's wrong! You're mother would have my ass in prison before you could blink!" he pleaded. I sat silent just staring at him. I turned away in a very pouty manner, staring out the window.

"Fine!" I replied through clenched teeth. The rest of the day was rather long. We did the calling hours and had lunch with some of the family and friends dad knew. At lunch I was feeling a little worked up watching my father work his charm over everyone as usual. He is quite the charismatic man. We sat opposite each other at the table. I kept staring him down.

He only would look in my direction when someone else would ask me a question. I decided to be a little slutty. I slid off the dress shoe I was wearing and decided to work the ole boy up some.

It wasn't like he could say anything in this setting. I started running my foot up the inside of his leg. Hooking it behind his leg and rubbed very gently. I worked it up to his thigh and finally to his crotch that I was determined to make mine again.


His ears turned beet red as I slowly started pressing my foot into him. Letting my cute little toes play on his pleasure tool. He continued his conversation quiet smoothly despite my intrusions. I knew he was enjoying it though as I could feel his cock begin to teen fucks her stud at her private party for two a bit under my foot. I decided on one more tactic. I took out my cell phone and sent him a text.

A nice straight to the point message. "I'm not wearing any panties." There! Hopefully he would get the hint that I'm not backing down. I watched him check the phone and not even bother to look my way. Bastard! We finished lunch and said our goodbyes. Back in the car first, I positioned myself just right so dad would have a great view of my legs and it would be easy to show off a little more once we were underway.

In he climbed staring straight ahead. We didn't even make it out of the restaurant parking lot before I continued to press the issue. "Dad?" "Yes, Sara." Damn don't sound so depressed!

"Did ya get my text?" "Yes, dear" came the response. So, I lifted a leg onto the dash to affirm my statement. I lifted the skirt back and slowly ran a finger between my swollen lips and twirled it around my clit before licking my finger.

My father sat mesmerized. Good thing it was at a red light.


He broke out from my spell as the car behind us beeped for him to turn. As he did he finally spoke. "Sara you've got to stop this. You're my daughter for god's sake. What would." I cut him off mid sentence as I knew what he was about to say. "Yeah what would mom say? What would she say if I called her now?" I was getting pissy now!

"How bout I call her and tell her how I sucked your dick and you made me eat your ass before you fucked my cunt and came in my mouth?" I was on a roll now! I'd never talked like this in front of my father. Pretty sure a few of those things I'd never said before period. "It happened!" I continued. "I enjoyed it and if you say you didn't you're a damn liar" "I didn't say I didn't enjoy it honey" he meekly replied. Finally I thought. No we are getting somewhere.

And with that I moved lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette in the seat and extended my hand to his crotch as I looked him square in the eye.

"Then I want you to take me back in that room and I want you to put this beautiful penis back in your little girl" With that I watched his face go from slightly worried to full of lust. That's when I knew I had him. His cock began to swell in his pants without me even moving my hand.

I knew today was going to be fun. We came to a screeching halt in the parking lot of the hotel and rushed to our room like a couple of virgins on prom night. As the door shut my father pulled me to him and placed his mouth to mine. It was an amazing feeling. The most passionate kiss I'd ever had. Our tongues danced together as my father pulled me tight into him while rubbing my bare ass checks under my dress.

We broke our kiss as my father hurriedly pulled off his tie and undid his button up shirt. As he was doing that I worked his belt free and slid his pants to his knees.

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His cock was straining against the fabric of his boxers. I couldn't wait. I needed to taste that big Sicilian dick. I went down to my knees lowering the boxers as I went. My father stopped me though as my knees made contact with the floor. He lifted me up by my waist and dropped me on the bed. Without a word he spread my tan little thighs and began to feast on my wet little love mound.

My god his tongue felt incredible. He was swirling his tongue around my swollen clit. Flicking it with his tongue. Driving me to the brink of orgasmic bliss. He sucked on my fat pussy lips while sliding one of his big fingers inside me. I bucked my hips trying to bury his face up my hole. I was going crazy. My whole body tingled. My toes tightly curled to the point they were cramping.

Then my body began to tremble as an orgasm ripped through my body causing my vision to blur. I was paralyzed. My body went limp as I came own from my father induced orgasm. It was wonderful but I wanted more. "Daddy" I pleaded "give me that fat cock. Feed your baby girl" With that my father climbed on the bed without removing his face from my flooded lap and spun around straddling my face. "Interesting" I thought to myself.

I began to lick the underside of his hard shaft. Sucking and licking his tight swollen nut sac. I felt him moan with delight while he continued to eat my teenage pussy. I pulled his cock gently down to accommodate my planned suck session.

I licked the purple, swollen head of his fuck tool and that was all he needed to begin fucking my hot little mouth. I was gagging a bit old bitch seduces her daughters man tube porn he was going in rather deep. As he did I felt him begin to explore my tight asshole. First with his tongue and then his finger.

Slowly at first and then faster as he licked my cunt more furiously. I felt another orgasm building deep inside me. This was like heaven on its best day. I was in pure sexual bliss and all thanks to my father. I let his cock slip from my mouth as I worked back to his tight asshole. I loved the way it tasted.

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I felt so dirty and naughty eating it. As another strong orgasm rocked through my body I pulled my fathers hips so I could smother my face up his ass. I jerked his swollen prick as I feverishly licked and sucked and probed his tight hole with my tongue. He moaned as he ground his ass on his little girls face. Slamming his fingers in and out of both holes now. That was it. I needed that fat cock up me again. I told him it was time. "Fuck me now! Fuck your dirty little slut daughter.

Fill my tight cunt with that beautiful dick" I begged Like a man possessed, he rolled onto his back.

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Pulling me over onto him. I squatted above him as I took hold of his rock hard dick and slowly slid him up between me. I thought he was going to split me in half he was so swollen. I began to ride him like I was on a pogo stick. Practically bouncing on it. He slowed me down by pulling me in close and giving another passionate kiss.

I ground my pussy on him as I was completely impaled on his rod. He began to work his finger back to my forbidden hole. But I didn't want a finger. I wanted his cock in there.

I broke our kiss. "Daddy, I want you in my ass." I said in a husky short-breathed voice "You sure baby?" he asked "God yes I want it!" I pleaded With that I rose off of him and got on all fours. My father stood at the edge of the bed admiring the view. I looked back and asked again.

He approached and ate my asshole some more. Sticking his tongue in first and then his thumb to attempt to loosen my virgin hole. I begged again for it and this time he obliged.

He positioned himself and spit in his hand before rubbing it on his cock head. He pressed into me. It will never fit I thought. The pressure increased until a pop and his swollen head was in. I cried out a bit as it slid in but my father paid it no mind. He was filled with animal lust.

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He slowly started to slide in and out. Each time going in a little farther till he was in fully with his balls against my clit. It was painful but strangely enjoyable. He worked my ass a few more times before pulling out and simply saying. "Suck". I didn't hesitate as I spun around to taste my own ass off my fathers cock. I inhaled as much of eating a lollipop and riding him passionately as I could.

Sucking his cock clean of my ass juice. He pulled me off by my ponytail and spun me back around. This time entering my backdoor without hesitation. He worked in and out of me furiously. The pain was there but I knew there was no stopping. I felt his prick swell more as he buried himself to his balls before releasing a torrent of cum deep in my ass.

I rubbed my clit furiously as his cock pulsated. I released my own gush of fluids on my hand as I came hard again. My father kissed my back and cupped a breast as we both breathed heavily.

His cock shrinking up enough to slip out of my ass. My father cupped his hand below my asshole to catch as much of his spunk as possible. He told me to squeeze out as much as I could.

When he was satisfied he laid on the bed with his legs in the air. He began to smear his cum on his ass. He summoned me over and without hesitation I began cleaning his cum off his asshole. It tasted amazing. Once he was clean I climbed up next to him and got one last passion filled kiss before we dozed off for a short nap.