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Rae hart mature amp huge dildo fullhd
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Mary wasn't sure how she found herself in a black leather corset with three, inch wide straps, that wrapped around her slim waist and fasten themselves into highly polished silver buckles.

She was also confused on how she came to be wearing matching thigh-high stockings with leather knee-high boots and no panties. But regardless of how she ended up being dressed in such slutty manner, she took time to admire herself in the full length mirror that was mounted on the wall beside the door that led to the basement and was pleased by what she saw reflecting back at her.

Mary felt that she had to have everything done to perfection or there would be dire retribution for her antiquated performance. She looked into the mirror and made sure that her auburn hair was clean and pulled tightly back into a neat bun.

Mary also took the time to insure that her make-up was on her face properly. Her full lips were painted a deep red, which made them look even fuller and pouty. Her mascara made her eyelashes long, flirty and free of clumps. As for the rest of her cosmetics, it gave her I'm a high class slut and ready to get fucked look. After Mary checked her make-up, she made sure that the corset she had on made her large breast look even and provide ample cleavage so if anyone desired they could probe deeply inside of breasts with anything they wanted, be it a toy or cock.

The last thing she checked was her stockings. She made sure that each of the six garter strap's silver buckles clasped the silky nylon and securely held them in place. After Mary finished checking herself she felt that she was ready, ready for what she wasn't sure but she felt—no she knew that she had to open the basement door and go down the wooden stairs. With the slightest hesitation Mary turned the brass doorknob and began her slow decent down the stairs.

Why am I doing this? Mary thought to herself. She tried to think of a good reason she allowed herself to become a slut, a dirty girl, but she couldn't think of one good logical reason. She just knew that there was an unseen force driving her down the stairs. A force that made her want to be dirty and she couldn't resist the urge any longer. When Mary reached the bottom of the long stairwell, she had to wait for her eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room.

Once her eyes grew accustomed to the low light she was terrified and excited by what she saw. The room looked like a dungeon from the Spanish Inquisition, complete with iron shackles on the stonewalls and various devices of punishment like an iron maiden and a wall mounted rack. But what drew Mary's attention was the large wooded table with straps in the middle of the room. Something about that table made Mary excited. Maybe it was the size of it or the busty blonde lesbians big dildo pussy licking fingering that once on it there was no escape, but for whatever reason it excited her she felt that she was going to become very familiar with it.

A voice rang out from a dark corner of the room and it startled Mary slightly, I see that you followed my instructions so far, now let's see if you can follow the rest of my demands. The unseen man's voice was deep and firm. It caused a tingling sensation to race throughout her body and then flooded her smooth pussy with lustful desires. Mary wanted this unknown presence to control her and her heart began to race.

Before she could stop herself she said, I will do whatever you wish of me. I know you will, replied the deep voice. Now present yourself to me. Without guidance or knowing why she knew to how to present herself to the strange man, Mary timidly walked towards the center of the room, to the table and giantess fart punishment poor lil jade jantzen she just dreamed to have a fun vacation face down onto the hard surface.

As her breast pressed down onto the wooden surface, she automatically stretched her arms down the side of the table and rested her chin just on the very edge of the tabletop. The sensation of the pretty brunette babe london keys masterfully suck cock wood surface touching her bare skin of arms and the sharp edge digging into her hips was both painful and erotic for her. She wanted to be used like a whore, she wanted to be fucked hard, she wanted to feel cocks inside of her and she couldn't understand why she had these feeling.

Mary was confused, scared and turned on all at teen fucks her big oiled ass pov same time, and for the first time in her 28 years of life, she found herself truly excited. While Mary laid on the table, she heard from the unknown man move behind her. She began to shake on the table, not from fear but from anticipation. While Mary waited for the strange man's next act, her mind raced. Is this man going to beat me?

Is this man going to use cruel punishment on me? Is he going to fuck me? All those questions ran through her mind and more. But still she found herself being impatient for the answers and she could feel her pussy becoming wet. Mary could hear the man's footsteps stop and she could tell that he was standing behind her.

Then she felt his leather clad hand slowly run up her stocking clad leg and onto her smooth skin of her rounded bottom. To Mary, his touch felt hot like a branding iron but instead of burning it felt full of passion and wickedness and she let a soft moan pass through her red painted lips.

No sooner than she made her noise of lust, the burning touch was replaced with the sharp sting of a strong hand slapping her bottom hard. Did I say you may make such filthy noises?

the unknown man asked. Mary bit her lower lip to keep from crying out in pain, or was it pleasure? Mary wasn't sure which one it was, all she knew was that she had done something that mysterious man didn't like and she didn't want to make him unhappy in the fear he might stop what he was doing and leave her in the dank room, alone.

Mary then shook her head in a no reply in the fear that she wasn't allowed to talk as well. Don't forget that. He said in a calmer tone. You may only speak or make filthy noises if I say so, do you understand?

Mary, learning from her first mistake and while keeping her chin against the hard wood surface, she nodded her head. The grinding of her chin against the table caused a sharp pain to spread from her chin and down the sides of her face. Again she didn't know if it hurt more than excite her. Good girl, I think you might have potential, the man said as he moved to the left side.

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Mary couldn't fully see the man at her side. She was afraid to turn her eyes towards him in the fear of another swift knotted by great dane black guy but she could see out of the corner of her left eye and tell that he was a large powerful looking man, a kind of man with large strong arms and a powerful chest that could easily tear her apart. The man reached over Mary's body and began to strap her down to the table.

One strap went over her shoulder another went across her back and the third one was snuggly strapped across her hips. Then he tied her arms down to the side of the table and Mary was secured tightly and unable to move. So why are you here? He asked as he finished tying her down. To be your slut, Mary replied.

The man laughed loudly then walked serving big ass ebony teen lola amor front of her and knelt down so he could look into her eyes and grab her chin firmly. Mary was able to see him for the first time and confirmed that he was a large man with a chiseled body.

But she couldn't see his face since he wore a black leather mask. All she could see was his deep dark eyes that looked like they could penetrate deep into her soul and read everything about her. She knew at that very moment that she could never lie to this man. While the man held her chin tightly, he peered into her eyes and said, I don't need a slut. Those are dime a dozen. Besides that isn't why you are here, is it? Mary's mind raced and uncertainty flooded her. Then in a shaking voice she replied, No.

She wasn't totally lying to him but she really didn't know how or why she was there strapped to a table. By the time Mary had answered him the masked man had moved behind her again and pushed her legs apart and secured them to the wooden post of the table, just like he had done with her arms. So I'll ask you again, why are you here? Mary thought hard to try to please the mask man and started to blurt out anything that came to her mind. To service your thick cock, she said more as a question rather than a statement.

Again the masked man struck her bottom hard. No that isn't it. To be used by you, She said through gritted teeth. Once again the masked man let his gloved hand fly onto Mary's reddening bottom. You need to quit lying to me, he said coldly. Mary tried several times to figure out what he wanted her to say and each time he struck her hard causing tears to well up in her eyes. Finally after the eighth stroke of his hand Mary cried out in pain and screamed, I don't know why I'm here!

I don't know why I'm allowing you to punish me! All I know is I want to be here! Then she sobbed softly. This time the man didn't strike her but instead softly caressed her red checks.


Now you are telling me the truth. Tell me what else do you want? Mary sobs were muffled by the table she tried to bury her face in then she controlled herself long enough to say, I want you to make me cum, I want to feel you inside of me. please, please I'm begging you to fill my pussy with your cock. From behind Mary could hear the man softly laugh and then he said, All you had to do was ask. Then Mary felt soft lips kiss her sore bottom. The sensation was a strong contrast from the sting of his leather-covered hand that it made her body shiver in delight.

The masked man spent several minutes kissing Mary's sore bottom but then replaced his lips with his tongue and ran it down the crack of her firm cheeks. When his hot wet tongue reached her asshole, her body tightened and she had to bite her lower lips from moaning. Instead, she breathed heavily through her nose and fought the urge to make filthy noises back.

His tongue tickled and probed her ass for what seem liked forever but then he worked his way down further and used his strong hands to spread her cheeks apart, Mary almost cried out in lustful desire. She wasn't sure on how he was able to do the things with his tongue that he was doing but she knew that she loved it. His sucked her clit with his lips and used the tip of his tongue to slide around her clit. It sent wave after wave of pleasure to wash over her and she was finding it harder to keep quiet.

Mary felt her orgasm building deep inside of her and she fought hard to keep from cumming but the masked man's tongue wasn't going to allow her to hold out.

The man stopped long enough, sensing her urge to cum, to say, Don't make any filthy noises or you won't get my cock.

Mary did her best to keep from moaning out but his tongue dancing on her clit and probing deep inside of her aching hole was too much for the handle. Mary felt a warm burning sensation build inside of her stomach and radiate outward, spreading throughout her body.

Then she felt the entire raw untamed energy flood her pussy causing her to dig her nails into the wooden posts of the table and forced her to bite her inner cheek hard to keep from crying out. But as her pussy began its rhythmic convulsions and pour her sticky cum out of her and onto the masked man's mouth, she let a small soft yelp out. As Mary's body shook from the talented tongue of the masked man, he stood up and went to where her face was.

Aww you didn't obey me. I guess you don't get to feel my cock bury itself deep inside of your dirty fuck hole. Mary opened her eyes and saw that he was completely naked, except for his mask, and his cock poking out at her. Like the rest of his body, it was hard and chiseled. His cock was thick, covered in veins and could easily stretch her pussy fully. Now even more she regretted making those filthy noises and begged with her eyes for his cock. The man looked back into her eyes and saw her pleading face.

Techer and student fuck story tell you what; since this is your first time and I'm feeling generous I will give you some cock. He said with coldness in his voice. Then he looked away from Mary's face and over her body and said in a stern voice, Boy! Get the leash! She had no idea that there was another person in the room with her and the masked man.

Mary heard a heavy chair slide across the concrete floor and then heard the sounds of a chain being removed from an unknown source. Where was this other man hiding? What is he going to do? Is he mean or kind? Mary thought to herself and again a flood of beauteous babes share ramrod at legal age teenager casting hardcore and blowjob washed over her body. As she wondered about her situation, the other man had reached the masked man and handed him the small leash.

He wasn't as big as the mask man but was equally chiseled. He wore nothing but a small pair of leather briefs and a mask. His mask wasn't like the leather hood the first man wore but rather a mask that looked like a demon, the kind that a child might wear on Halloween.

From that point she called him demon man. If Mary hadn't been so scared of the unknown she might have laughed, but instead she lowered her head in the hopes that his mask didn't reflect his nature. The masked man put a choker on Mary and then attached the leash.


While the masked man leashed her, the demon man was busy untying her body. Once demon man was finished releasing her body he stood her up and placed silver shackles on her wrists. Masked man then pulled on the leash and moved her towards a wooded frame that had a large metal hook in the center of the cross beam.

Once there he took Mary's wrists and lifted them over her head and looped the chain that linked the cuffs into the hook. Mary had to stand on her toes in order to relieve the pressure and pain in her shoulders and elbows. Again pain course through her body but to her it felt divine and she found herself growing wet again. Now, are you ready to have your pussy fill with cock?

the masked man asked. Mary said in a quivering voice, Yes. please fill my pussy with your cock. I want it.I need it! Again the masked man laughed evilly. Oh no my pet you aren't getting my cock. Then he looked over to the demon man and said in a demanding tone, Boy, remove your shorts! Demon man complied with the orders and promptly removed his shorts off his muscular body. Mary was stunned to see his cock. It was large, larger than the masked man's cock.

To Mary it had to be at least 11 and it had four piercings that ran along the bottom cop fucks mindblowing blonde hardcore big tits his shaft. Oh god! No that is too big! I won't be able to handle it! Mary cried out in fear. The masked man moved behind her and lifted her legs off the floor and spread them apart. Oh I think you can handle it, a matter of fact natural wonders 50 constance devil he is done with you, you'll beg for him to never stop fucking you!

The masked man said with cruelty in his voice. Without a word the demon man moved forward and took Mary's legs from the masked man and hooked her legs over his shoulder and then drove his massive cock deep inside Mary's filthy hole.

Fuck!! Mary cried out as she felt her being stretched out by demon man's huge cock. Oh god, please no! It hurts! she cried again. The demon man didn't stop his onslaught and drove himself deeper into Mary. I'm begging please stop! It's too much! Mary screamed. The masked man slid the top of Mary's corset down, exposing her breast and began to pinch her nipples.

Do worry my pet, it is always too big at first but I know you will grow to like it, he whispered in her ear. Demon man began to thrust his hips faster into Mary's pussy and she began to feel less and less pain with each stroke of his cock.


After a minute of his driving Mary began to enjoy his large member and could even feel his piercing rub places inside of her pussy that she never knew that could be rubbed before. See, I told you that they all love it and I know it won't be long before you will beg for more, said the masked man to Mary. The pain in Mary's pussy was now being replaced by the best fucking she had ever had. The demon man's cock filled her fully and it made her wetter with each stroke but yet she stayed quiet in the fear that the masked man would make him stop.

Do you like his cock inside of you? the masked man whispered in her ear. Yes, Mary replied. Do you love his cock inside of you? the masked man asked. Again Mary replied louder, Yes!

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Mary realized that the masked man was right. Within a short amount of time, she had gone from being scared to a greedy cock slut and wished that the moment would never end. Oh yeah, fuck yeah pound my pussy! Mary cried out, not caring if the masked man got upset or not. She wanted the demon man's cock deep inside of her.

The demon man drove his hips harder and faster into Mary's pussy, causing sticky fluid to ooze out of her and spill onto the concrete floor. While demon man pounded Mary, masked man continued to pinch and pull on the nipples, making them grow and point outward. Then Mary felt masked man's cock press against her bottom from underneath and begin to probe her tight anus. Tell me you want cock! Tell me you want to be filled completely!

the masked man demanded while demon man continued drilling her pussy. Mary looked over her shoulder towards the masked man and replied in short gasping breaths, Fuck yeah.

Fill me completely. Ram that cock inside of me! Masked man released one of Mary's breasts and reached between his legs and guided his cock into Mary's anus. Mary felt the pressure of masked man's cock pushing into her.

At first, it was just a heavy pressure then a quick popping sensation followed by a quick stabbing pain, but within seconds the pain was washed away by pure sinful desire. Mary was now suspended by her wrist by a hook over her head and being fuck hard by two well endowed men. She felt the two cocks rubbing against each other inside of her body and she wanted more.

Fuck me you bastards! Fuck me julia de lucia psycho anal-ysis hard as you can, you sons of bitches! she screamed out. The two men drove their cock as hard and as fast as they could into Mary's body. Demon man pinched her nipples while masked man slapped her ass as hard as he could.

Mary screamed, cussed and loved the mixture of pain and pleasure that assaulted her body. Her pussy came over and over leaving a large puddle of cum on the floor.

Both men began to make hard grunting sounds and Mary knew that the two wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. No longer afraid of repercussions from the masked man she started to order the two.

That's it, fuck me hard! I want you to fucking cum and fill my body with your hot sticky load! she demanded. The two men pounded her body hard until the demon man's grunts were replaced with one word, Fuck! Then Mary felt his thick cock throb and release its hot load of cum. A wave of lust came over her and she began to cum as well. Her pussy flooded and sprayed the demon man's cock with hot cum. While Mary came, her tight ass convulsed and milked masked man's cock that as buried deep in her.

For him that was the final thing he needed to push him over the edge. His cock did on massive jolt and Mary felt his load fill her. While the masked man came, he continued to plow deep inside of her ass. He load was massive and Mary's body couldn't hold it and it began to ooze out of her, slipping past his thick cock and spilled onto the floor. The three of them shuttered and convulse cursed as one as their shared orgasms washed through their bodies.

Mary woke up screaming out and shot straight up in hairy pussy beauty squirts on fucking machine bed. Her sheets and blankets had been thrown off the bed.

She was stun and confused and realized that she was sitting in a large wet spot on her bed. Her panties were soaked through and her body shook from little orgasmic aftershocks. It took Mary about a minute that doxy prefers fucking during massage hardcore and handjob was all a dream and that mask man and demon man only existed in her mind.

Then she fall back into her bed and retrieved her cell phone of her night table and a small vibrating silver bullet from inside of her nightstand. With one hand she pushed the speed dial button for her boyfriend's number and with the other utilized the toy and traced the outline of her cummed soaked panties. Hello? Bob said groggily. I want you to listen to me as hard as you can, I'm horny and I need you to come here now! she said forcefully over the phone. Do you realize what time it is?

Bob complained. Listen to me, you come over now or I will call your friend Steve to come over. Either way I'm getting fucked! she said with more force in her voice.

I'll be over there in ten minutes, he replied. Good, make sure you bring hand cuffs and Bob, this weekend we are going to do a little work in my basement. Bring Steve, he can help, Mary said than pushed the end button on her phone. Mary put the phone back onto her nightstand and then teased herself with the small vibrator thinking about her dream and soon to be reality and waited for Bob to come in her house and give the aughty girl the fucking she so richly deserved.

The End