Anissa and eva have intense lesbian sex

Anissa and eva have intense lesbian sex
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I don't pretend to be a "good dad," like all the women and pussies who call themselves men out there like to call it.

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The way I see it, I made 'er, she owes me. And don't tell me all of you fathers out there don't feel the same way, deep down inside. I was 17 when I knocked up my first girl; she wasn't my first lay, and although she claimed I was hers, I didn't believe her, not for a second.

There was something voracious about her, like you only get with girls who have been messed with by their uncles and whatnot. Just how I like 'em, if you get my drift. She said she was 17, but she didn't look any more than 14 or 15; also just how I like 'em, heh heh.

She was swinging those hips next to the jukebox at Billy's Bar, her skirt hiked up so I could see a peek of her hot pink underwear hugging her ripe little ass. One thing and another, and after quite a few drinks, we were necking in the bathroom stall.

I had her pushed up against the wall, and my hands roved big ass babe bella reese does a cock workout over her tight body.

She didn't try to stop me when I reached under her skimpy t-shirt and undid her bra, releasing her little, barely pubescent titties. I pulled her shirt off over her head, and trapped her arms in it while I grabbed her nipple in my teeth. She made a little moan, and ground her crotch against me.

I pushed her skirt up to her waist while she struggled free of the shirt, and I ground my bulge into her cotton-covered cunt. I reached my index finger down, and lifted her panty crotch aside so I could get at her pussy, and I have to tell you, her pussy was perfectly smooth, not a hair in sight. I thought, you little whore! I slipped my fingers between her lips, and I knew I had found heaven: soft, and warm, and fairly dripping with pussy juice.

I rubbed her little clit, and she moaned some more. I ventured a finger into her tight hole, and she squeaked a little, but she couldn't move even if she wanted to. My boner was tight against my jean zipper, so I unbuttoned and freed my monster from its constraints.

I pulled it out through the slit in my boxer shorts, and the little slut goggled at the size. I'm a good 7 inches, and thick, like a prize zucchini. I moved her panty crotch further aside slave training pet girl foxtail make way for my cock, and I rubbed the head around in her juices before I thrust into her tight hole, all the way in one push. She really squeaked, and I might have had my hand over her mouth by this time, so no one would hear what we were up to.

I lifted her up by her ass cheeks, so I had a better angle for my thrusting, and I proceeded to ram my cock up her tight pussy, over and over, until I came with a satisfying shudder. I buttoned myself up, and told her to clean up; she looked a right mess.

We met at the bar a few more times, but none of our bathroom fucks were as sweet as the first one, and pretty soon she began to swell up with her brat, and I didn't see her anymore. I heard she put it up for adoption, and I sure got off light.

You might think I'd have learned my lesson, but I guess I hadn't. As I was saying, she wasn't my first time, no siree. I wasn't much more than a child when I first started getting the urges all of us men feel. I don't think god would give us these urges if we weren't supposed to act on them. And all I had access to was my hand, a poor substitute for a real pussy; and also my little sister, who had that real pussy.

She wasn't more than 10 or 11, flat as a board, but I thought womanly enough for my needs.

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Like most big brothers, I wasn't very nice to her in general, and as a result, she looked up to me, and would do anything I said just so I would play with her. One day, when I'd had enough of self-pleasuring, and I was desperate for some actual fucking, my little sister came into my room and asked if I wanted to go play near the creek. Bingo. I told her I'd come, but only if she did everything I said. "Sure, Buddy," she said, but she had no idea what I had in mind.

My prick sprang up immediately in anticipation as we made our way to the secluded creek at the edge of our property, and it made it a little difficult to walk. Once we got there, she started to roll up her pants to wade in, and since it was a hot summer day, I told her we should skinny dip. We would do this from time to time, but that was before I got these urges. She readily agreed, and quickly threw off her little girl clothes. When I got to my underwear, my prick sprang out, and she giggled.

"What happened to you!" she laughed, and I told her "It's what happens to all men when they're around pretty girls, like you." She seemed pleased by the compliment, and splashed some water at my cock as I made my way into the water. It shivered in anticipation, and got even harder, if that's possible. "You know what men do with their 'things' when they're naked with pretty girls?" I said, and she seemed genuinely curious.

"No, what?" "They stick them inside their little holes." She looked lesbian babes playing games with sex toys, and then she said "It will never fit!" I said, "I think we should find out," and I moved closer. "I don't think so," she said, some of her gaiety replaced by worry. I insisted, "Remember you promised to do everything I said." "Yeah.I guess so." She had acquiesced quickly, as I knew she would.

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In any case, she was going to like this too. I had brought some suntan oil, and I squirted some into my hand and rubbed it on my cock. I told her to go lie down on the grass, and I approached her supine form, and nudged her legs apart with my foot. I got down on my knees, and I spread her hairless pussy lips apart with my fingers, so I could get a good look.

I had stolen some Penthouse magazines from my Dad's room, so I had seen the inside of a pussy before. But my sister's pussy engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore look much like those.

It was so small and tight, but I could nonetheless see her hole there. I leaned over her, so my cock was in the right position, and I jabbed blindly at her pussy, hoping it would go in. Well, it just knocked against her, and she giggled. So I reached down and groped around her pussy, feeling for her hole, and I slipped a finger in. "Ouch!" she yelped, and I shushed her. I grabbed my dick with one hand, and I guided it toward home.

I slowly pushed my cock into her hole, and she took a deep breath. I pushed in a little further, and I met some resistance. I didn't know what it was then, but my cock head had just met her hymen, and I had to push extra hard to go in further.

When I broke through, my cock went all the way in. This was the best feeling ever. Even though my sister was rigid beneath me, I felt the most pleasurable sensation. I pulled back and my dick fell out, so I had to glide my throbbing member back to her still teeny little girl hole. It felt even better as I popped the head through, and thrust back in. I wasn't full-sized yet, but I was big enough that my cock was held tighter than tight by my sister's virgin cunt.

Even though I was oiled up, I had to push hard to bury my prick all the way in. A couple more thrusts, and I exploded in her. She had gotten very quiet, and we both silently put our clothes on and walked home. I never got another chance with her, but she eventually forgot about it, and I had a go with some of her friends, so it all worked out.

Slumber parties were non-stop fuckfests for me; I had several of my sister's 11-year old friend's cherries, and I like to think I helped them as much as they helped me in the fucking department. I was a true altruist. I probably should have forced the issue with my sister too, because she would have eventually gotten to like it, and it would have been a service to teach her a thing or two about fucking, you maia davis and nikki darling before slamming Oh well, a least I won't make that same mistake twice.

Back to knocking chicks up, and not learning my lesson--I got good and tangled by my ex-wife. I married her, and we had a girl before I got myself out of that jail. I take the kid every weekend, just because I don't want to pay any more child support to that bitch than I have to. Mostly, we just sit around watching TV, we get pizza and beer, and she's not too much trouble. She gets me my beers for me, and cleans up, so really, she's like my maid or something, which is cool.

I think that kids should be treated like adults, but should also do what I say until they can make their own fucking money instead of mooching off of me. One weekend, it was really late, and I had put on one of my porno DVDs. I had my meat in my hand, and I was watching a sweet DP.

I was stroking my monster, when I saw Rosie in her short, sleeveless, cotton nightie standing next to the couch, mouth parted, staring in wonderment at the screen. I frantically grabbed a pillow to cover my boner, and I yelled at her to get the fuck back in bed, this is Daddy's private time! She scurried back to her room, but by then, it was spoiled for me.

I fumed, and cursed ever having a brat. I didn't realize yet how much fun having a little brat could be. I had another beer, but couldn't get into the porno again, knowing Rosie was lurking nearby.

I staggered back to my room, but I peered in through the partially open door at Rosie, who had american schoool academy house teacher xnxx story asleep again.

Her covers were thrown off, because it was hot, and her nightie was hiked up revealing too small Hello Kitty underwear. The underwear was molded to her crotch, clearly outlining her little pussy lips. I felt a twitch in my shorts, and I thought back to when I had taken my little sister's virginity at about this age. How sweet her tight hole was, how hairless her pussy, and how smooth her body. I quickly went to my bed, and I jacked off to memories of my sister's twat, her little nipples on her flat chest, the tan line on her butt cheeks.Then my fantasy shifted to Rosie's little cunt, her nipples, and her parted lips that would be perfect wrapped around my throbbing cock, as I thrust it into her face.

I came, and I was disappointed it was only in my hand. The next weekend, after dinner (Dominos--it's cheap), I asked if she wanted to try some beer. She nodded excitedly, and I told her she had to promise not to tell her mom. She eagerly agreed, and I opened a can.

I said that a mature kid would drink the whole can, and Rosie said, "It's like soda pop!" perhaps to convince herself to keep going. After she was feeling a little loopy, I said, "Do you wanna see a movie that adults watch? I bet you'll find it fun too. Adults always want to stop kids from having the same fun they have!" She giggled in anticipation.

I turned on the porno DVD that I had queued up. It started out with a luscious girl whose car had broken down. Soon, a pickup truck with two men drives up, know the rest. I watched Rosie as the sex scene progressed, and I was pleased that she ground her pussy into the couch a little. I bet her little clit was throbbing in excitement.

After it was over, Rosie said it was weird. "Weird, but fun, though, right?" "Yeah, weird but fun." she said. Later that night, I peeked into Rosie's room, but she had her covers on. I snuck in and slowly pulled them down. Jackpot! She had her nightie on, but her hand was cupped around her pussy. Her undies were tossed aside in the sheets. I loomed over her, and slipped my cock out of my shorts. I stroked it until it was hard; I half wanted her to wake up so she she could see my monster hovering over her near naked body, but she didn't.

I went back to my room, and finished myself off. The next night, I offered her a beer, and we smiled at each other: our little secret. After we watched some Disney movie, like the Little Mermaid or something, I popped in a new porno, and said, "And now it's time for some adult entertainment." I looked sidelong at Rosie, and she was into it. She was squirming at all the right parts, and her expression was rapt.

After it was over, I sent her off to bed, and after a while, I made my way to her room. Her covers were off, and this time, she had no panties on at all, and no hand in the way of my view. Her pussy was like a ripe peach, and I couldn't wait to split it--when the time was right. I jacked off all the way, right there in her room, and I used her dirty underwear to wipe up my come. I dropped them on the floor, and went to bed. The next weekend, as per our new routine, I got us both beers, and after a show, I put in a porno.

It was a hot night, and I said we should both take our shirts off to cool down. I told her I was still hot, and slipped my boxers off. She'd seen me naked before. We sometimes took showers together, and we didn't make a big deal out of it. She had stopped wanting to get naked in front of me earlier that year; I guess she was growing up. I sat down very close to her; she in her white cotton undies, me in nothing at all, while the sex acts played out on my big TV.

It wasn't long before my dick started to get hard. I shifted in my seat, and Rosie looked down and saw it. I'm certainly not as big as those porn stars, but I don't think it showed too badly in comparison. She said not a word, and we kept watching. I started to stroke my cock with one hand, and I put my other hand around her shoulders to hug her closer.

I said, "Sweetie? You know what would make Daddy very happy?" and I gently moved her hand onto my hard cock. She just kept it there, unmoving, so I took her hand and started to move it for her. When I let go, she kept moving it, and at this point, she stopped watching the TV so she could concentrate on the job at hand. She moved closer, and put both of her hands on my now throbbing cock, and she rubbed for all she was worth. I told her to stop a moment, and I reached for the lotion on the side table.

I squirted a fair amount into her small hands, and then placed them back on my rod. She started rubbing again, this time with better rhythm, and we stared into each other's eyes huge jock impresses hot gorgeous hottie hardcore blowjob I blew my wad into her capable hands.

"Good job, sweetie!" I said as I wiped her hands off with a tissue. She just wanted to make Daddy happy. I slapped her ass as I sent her off to bed, and I rubbed thoughtfully at my now soft penis. The next night, I gave her another beer, and we settled in to watch a new porno. This time, I told her we should both get naked, because it was so hot, and she giggled and stripped down to her birthday suit, leaving her Minnie Mouse shirt and matching panties on the floor.

We cozied up to each other, and as the action got going on TV, she reached down of her own accord to stroke my penis. She stopped and whispered, "Daddy, do you want me to use lotion again?" And I hesitated a moment before saying, "You know what doesn't need lotion.

You could put my 'thing' in your mouth, like they do on TV." Her face showed surprise, and her mouth made a cute little O. How I wanted to fuck her mouth right then. She licked her lips and bent down to place her tentative lips on my big cock head.

"That's good, sweetie; try licking it like a lollipop." And she did. She licked amateur natural teen babe argentina vs spain lesbian sex and down, and around the tip, and even licked up my salty pre-cum. I held her head still while I pushed up into her mouth; not too far. I didn't want to turn her off to this like I had with my sister by going too far too fast.

When I felt like I was going to come I pulled out of her face and came on her flat chest. She laughed with genuine delight as she tried to wipe the come off her nipples with tissues. I laughed too, and helped her clean up with a damp rag from the kitchen.

The porno played on in the background, and I told her to lie down on the couch so I could clean it all off of her with the cloth. I lingered on her nipples, which sprang up at my touch. I moved the cloth lower, and wiped her belly. I moved it lower and wiped her neat little pussy lips, and I heard a sigh come out of her.

"I think it's really dirty down here," and I pressed the cloth between her lips and started rubbing her clit, up and down. She definitely moaned that time, and I dropped the cloth and touched her pussy for the first time with my bare hand.

It was slick with juices, but I soon stood away from her, and told her to go to bed now. She rather sullenly picked herself off and went to bed. The next weekend, she practiced her blow job technique on me, and I blew my load on her chest again. I got a damp cloth, and cleaned her up, but this time I lingered on her sopping wet pussy. She parted her legs wider for me, inviting me to pleasure her. I dipped my head down, and flicked her clit with my tongue.

She moaned louder, and I sucked on her nubbin with gusto, enjoying the clean, fresh, young pussy. After a while, as she ground her cunt into my face, I withdrew, and she said, "Daddy! Don't stop!" I grinned, and told her it was time for bed. She went to bed, rubbing her pussy as she went. The next night, after I had gotten my (ever better) blow job from Rosie, and cleaned her up, and sucked on her 11-year old pussy until she was writhing, I pulled back, and I started to run my re-hardening cock against her clit and around her teeny hole.

She was so in her own world of pleasure, she barely noticed the switch. She looked up at me as I slowly pushed my monster cock head into her too small hole. She gasped, because I'm sure it hurt having her virgin hole stretched like that. I took it really slow, pulling out immediately, and re-rubbing my head on her clit until she was writhing again. I took a large amount of lube and rubbed it all over my erect 7 inches and eased the head back in.

"Oh yeah, sweetie, this is what Daddy wants. Do you want it?" "Yes," she whispered. I pushed my head in further, and pulled back.

I looked at her hole gripping my too large member as I pulled back and it relaxed when I sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen out. It went in a little easier the next time, my dick stretching her hole, and this time I went halfway in. I recognized my daughter's hymen, and I pushed harder to break through, being careful not to push all the way in yet.

I paused to suck on her teeny nipple, biting it gently with my front teeth. With one hand, I reached down to rub her clit, and I got a good eyeful of my penis, half-way into my 11-year old daughter's virgin pussy. It was the best thing I had ever seen--ever. I slowly pushed in all the way, my balls against her ass, and I started to thrust in and out, gaining speed as her pussy relaxed around my prick. After a few minutes, I exploded deep in her canal, and gently pulled out.

There was blood on the couch cover (thank god it was washable), and she looked happy. "Did I do good, Daddy?" "Of course, sweetie. You still have a lot to learn, kinky cutie cannot wait to fuck enormous dick monstercock and interracial you're smart.

And I'm willing to teach you. Now, off to bed." She gingerly made her way to her room, and I cleaned up in the living room. The next weekend, after her second beer, I told her I didn't want a blow job, I wanted to teach her more about fucking. She looked excited; the blow job was kind of a chore for her, and I couldn't wait to fuck that tight pussy again.

I lubed us both up, and I told her to straddle me facing me, and lower herself onto my shaft. She sat down slowly, and when my penis met her hole, I guided her all the way down. Fuck it was good. It was still almost as tight as the first time, and this position let me kiss her passionately on the lips.

I held her still, as I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met mine, and I started to bounce her up and down on my prick.

I moved my mouth to her nipples, tugging and licking, and she moaned with every bounce. "Does that feel good?" "Oh yes," she breathed heavily. I reached between us and twiddled her clit while I thrust in and out of her tight hole, when all of a sudden, she gripped her legs tight, and shuddered with pulsating pleasure.


After I knew she was done, I let loose my cannon inside her. She collapsed in my arms, sobbing with joy. "I love you so much, Daddy! that was the best thing ever!


Let's do it again!" "Now don't be greedy, you little slut," I joked. "You should probably rest your pussy until tomorrow." I wasn't sure I was quite ready for another round, and I knew I could fuck her again tomorrow night. I told her to go to bed, and off she went. In the middle of the night, I woke from an erotic dream where I was fucking both my sister and my daughter, and I had a raging hard-on.

Well, why not? I went to Rosie's room, and slipped in. She was sleeping peacefully in a t-shirt and bikini underwear. A little wet spot was on her underwear from our earlier activities, and I wanted to hit that bullseye with my arrow right away. I crawled on top of her, moved her panty crotch aside, and entered her right as she was waking up. She welcomed my dick into her, and reached up to me for a kiss.


I kissed her passionately, and fucked her little pussy hard, my balls bouncing against her with each deep thrust. Since we had fucked earlier, I wasn't ready to come yet. I pulled out and, said "OK slut, get on your knees, facing away from me." I thrust into her pussy from behind, and grabbed her hips hard as I ravaged her little girl pussy with my huge cock, until finally, on a deep thrust, I came again.

"That's my little whore," I said fondly, as I slipped out of the room, and I watched her reach down to massage her tender, but aroused privates. Every night I had Rosie at my house, we sucked and fucked like two animals.

I taught her better blow job techniques, and every kind of position, and I was able to bring her to orgasm most of the time. I called her a slut and a whore, and she loved it.

I bought her extra-small crotchless panties to wear to bed so I could access her quickly when she was asleep, which was damn near every night. I always rode her extra hard at our middle of the night fucks. It was a golden era. But things were about to get even better.