Me folle a un jovencito dominicano estando de vacaciones en puntacana maria

Me folle a un jovencito dominicano estando de vacaciones en puntacana maria
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Under My Thumb Chapter 2 Beagle9690 When she returned to the apartment she found the note that Adam left on the refrigerator telling her that he was out for a walk. The note also said that there was half a turkey sub and a beet salad in the refrigerator for her if she wanted it and she was standing there thinking "He is so much like the old Adam, thoughtful and considerate in leaving a note and yet in many ways so different now." Lisa was momentarily disappointed because she had so much to tell him espanyol madre hija y padre pornreal her afternoon.

She had such a wonderful time that she was practically dancing about the apartment she was so happy. Today was the first time since she moved in with him that he allowed her out of the building. She went into the study and removed the green glass jar half full of stones from the top of the antique oak roll top desk. She then sat in Adam's leather chair and hugged the jar close to her bosom, thinking "I had no idea that Adam had saved these water washed lake stones. They are better than any love letters ever written.

They are more precious than the most perfect and flawless of diamonds and rubies. I was kneeling at his feet when he showed me his treasure. Kneeling at his feet and I was and am grateful for a second chance when he owes me nothing.

Adam bought me gold jewelry set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires and I were never satisfied with what I had and I always wanted more. Most of it was locked away in a safety deposit box along with my coveting soul.all gone now.

all gone.

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Materials things were never of any real importance to him. The only thing that he took from our divorce settlement aside from his pension was the contents of this room.

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He gave me everything else uncontested and Luke thought him a fool. How did I ever imagine Luke being desirable?" Lisa got up out of the chair to put the jar back in its place and then went into the bathroom. She undressed and stood naked in front of the mirror admiring her reflection while thinking to herself. "Thank goodness my hair is almost long enough to style now." She ran her fingers through her short red auburn hair and fluffed it about and then stuck out her tongue at herself, smiling.


"Adam used to adore my hair long and it will be at least a year of careful trims until it is a blunt chin length bob. He still likes to run his finger through my hair and to muss it up when we are working in the store together, just to tease me and to get a kiss. Lisa then ran her hands over her buxom body, playing with her breasts and fondling her nipples. "They are still nice and firm and Adam calls me his beautiful buxom lady and accepts the natural changes that come with age. Not that I am fat mind you, I'm over that silly notion.

He was always comfortable in his own skin even when he was admittedly overweight. Overweight didn't stop Adam from slapping Luke to a blubbering pulp in our bedroom and then spanking Luke's buttocks on a public street. The contempt he had for Luke was such that he did not afford Luke the courtesy of an honest closed fist. Until that day I never realized that Adam was so dangerous or passionate in his beliefs.

Luke wrote me love letters and never meant it while Adam. when he gets home maybe Adam will let me suck on his cock and maybe if I'm a good girl he will let me sleep with him tonight." Lisa hugged herself and smiled about the good girl part and how it made her feel so special now because he mean it kindly.

She started stroking her shaved pussy and her fingers working her way to her flower. "When I arrived here with nothing and nowhere to go I begged him to spank me. I deserved to be punished and it was the only way to satisfy my penance to him and afterward, Adam didn't make love to me, he fucked me and there's a difference. He fucked me putting me in my place and I never had such an orgasm like that before.never.

He makes me so horny now that I can hardly stand it at times. I also know in my heart of hearts that Adam still loves me even though he never says it." Aroused, Lisa was masturbating in front of the mirror intent on pleasing herself. One hand was stroking her breasts and nipples while the other was probing her pussy with her fingers and it felt so good. It felt so good and her eyes were closed as her fingers were stroking her dripping pussy and teasing her clitoris.

She was thinking about Adam's cock fucking her cunt when. "Lisa Marie, what in the world are you doing, little girl?" She was so intent in what she was doing that she didn't hear him enter the apartment or see him in the bathroom mirror standing there in passed out milf fucked by friend japanese doorway.

Embarrassed, Lisa covered herself with her arms as best she could before she turned to face him. He never caught her masturbating before and only addressed her as Lisa Marie when he was annoyed with her or she was to be disciplined.

Adam's days of going for a walk when he was angry with her were long over. The new Adam was very strict with her although not unreasonable. Lisa was comfortable and secure in the boundaries that he set for her and she had learned that it was best not to argue with Adam let alone disobey him. Unless he gave her permission to argue with him and he surprisingly did on occasion and even when she won the argument and he relented for all practical purposes Adam had the final say.

"Turn around and put your hands on top of the vanity.very good. now spread your legs.very good.close your eyes and keep them closed." Adam quietly commanded as she braced her arms awaiting her punishment and he slapped Lisa's voluptuous ass sharply, once, twice.three times. "I can smell your sweet, musky arousal from three feet away my buxom horny, girl. You left this afternoon as my woman and a proper lady, my Lady and this is how I find you when you return.

I am going to give you what you have your eyes." As Lisa opened her nadia and his partenar grile sex and Adam impaled her vagina with his rock hard cock holding her in place and grabbed her short hair and pulled her head back.

Lisa watched him in the mirror as he fucking her and she was getting all the more aroused. Adam was fucking her and Thick mature woman fucked by twguys was helpless to stop him as he violently ravished her, ravished her without really hurting her.

Although helpless to physically stop him Lisa's was body was betraying her and Adam knew it. She secretly enjoyed rough sex although it was no longer a secret and no doubt she could look forward to more of the same in the future. Adam was overwhelming in his passion and desire to ravish and punish her with his cock. He pounded her relentlessly and forcefully, pummeling her clitoris as his orgasm overtook him and racked his whole body and then Adam continued impaling Lisa with his revitalized cock.

He was pleased with himself that he was able to arouse his woman like this, enjoying her orgasm almost as much as his own and he slapped her ass as he fucked her. He slapped her just enough to make it sting and to heighten Lisa's arousal and orgasm.

Lisa was bucking and moaning, squealing and panting as he fucked her and Adam was giving what she had coming, what she needed. As a flame is fueled by oxygen, Lisa's flaming orgasm was fueled by her new found love for Adam. She was consumed by this inferno of passion as her orgasm engulfed her, burning away any remaining vestiges of guilt yuki tuoma 1 by packmans inhibition to be replaced by redemption, "I'm your bitch, Adam!

I'm your bitch! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt!" She screamed. When she was sated, Adam let go of her hair and stepped away as Lisa turned to face him and he was smiling as he reached for her and pulled her close. He held her firmly as he gently stroked her hair and sighed contentedly.

Lisa put her arms around his neck, kissed his mouth and then rested her head on his shoulder. "I'd love to hear about your afternoon, Lisa, did you get my note?" She responded by kissing his mouth a second time and hugging him tighter. "I'll take that as a yes and don't you dare stop kissing me. I've always loved your sweet kisses and your hugs.


Perhaps you would like to go into my bedroom and tell me about your afternoon and show me what you bought? I am thinking of retiring early this evening and so should you and we can read in bed together. Margie is starting to get forgetful about things and I have decided to give you her hours. Would you like to be put in charge of the children section? And then we could try out your idea about the children reading hour.

And don't start crying on me or I will really give you something to cry about." He said wiping the tears from her face with his hand while she just nodded and smiled. Adam let go for her and Lisa took a tissue from the box on the vanity. He let her to compose herself while he picked up his clothes and headed for the bedroom to put them neatly away. As Lisa was rinsing her face with cold water she was mentally comparing the new with the old. "Nothing has changed in that department because he never leaves a mess and always picks up after himself.

He wouldn't have really spanked me. It's just his way coarse and wild toy plowing hardcore and bondage telling me that he loves me without actually saying it. I'm the one that tore a hole in his soul and I have to sow what I have reaped.

I may never again hear those words I yearn to hear, I love you, Lisa." Lisa brushed her hair and put on one of the short sexy nightgowns that he bought for her and then took her purchases into the bedroom to show him. Adam was sitting with pillows behind his back against the headboard and he was wearing his signature cotton boxers and white crew neck tee shirts.

Lisa found great comfort in these simple things since she returned to him. "What are you smiling at, Lisa?" He asked, patting the bed next to him for her to sit down.

"I'm smiling about your underwear." "You think my underwear is funny?" "Yes.

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no, I mean. do you remember when we were first married and I bought you two dozen pair of tight nylon briefs and nylon sleeveless undershirts after you told me not too and then I threw out all of your cotton boxers and white cotton tee shirts without asking. You were so angry when you got home from work and found out.

You walked up to me and took a deep breath. I thought you were going to start hollering at me for sure." Lisa then got into bed, snuggled up close to him and then kissed his face. "But you didn't and you rubbed your mouth like this with your hand and then took another deep breath before you said why in God's name did you do that after I told you not too Lisa Marie?" And then you went for a long walk.

That's why I'm smiling, Adam, because you will always wear honest cotton underwear and I love you for it." "Thank you, Lisa. Let me share something with you, the course of true love never did run smooth". "Do you know what else Shakespeare said, Adam? There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will." "Lisa, you just quoted Hamlet." "I know, there was a red ribbon marking that page.


You use red ribbons to reference your favorite quotes or passages and green ones to mark where you left off reading. I noticed this the first time when you had me read out loud to you." The poem was Little Boy Blue by Eugene Fields." and then she recited it to him from memory.

"The little toy dog is covered with dust, but sturdy and stanch he stands; And the little toy soldier is red with rust, and his musket moulds in his hands. Time was when the little toy dog was new, and the soldier was passing fair; and that was the time when our Little Boy Blue kissed them and put them there. "Now, don't you go till I come," he said, "And don't you make any noise!

So, toddling off to his trundle-bed, He dreamt of the pretty toys; and as he was dreaming an angel song awakened our Little Boy Blue---Oh! The years are many, the years are long, But the little toy friends are true! Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand each in the same old place---awaiting the touch of a little hand, The smile of a little face; And they wonder, as waiting the long years through in the dust of that little chair, What has become of our Little Boy Blue, Since he kissed them and put them there." "Lisa, I, I.

I will be right back." Adam abruptly got out of bed and went out into the kitchen to get a something that he intended to share with her but that was not the only reason that he left.

When he returned Lisa was standing behind the door and ready to pounce on him with a mischievous glint in her eyes and she was thinking "He almost said it and Hope is safely locked away and Sexy babe lucia fernandez enjoys hung stud dicking her have faith by my side now." When he returned Lisa swung her improvised weapon and lambasted him swish-flop square in the face with her pillow and then the grand battle for pillow supremacy began.

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lovely virgin playgirl blows and rides hardcore russian Adam dropped his brown paper bag and dodged around her receiving another swish- flop between his shoulder blades. He dived onto the bed and grabbed a pillow before he rolled off landing on his feet. Lisa was on the attack and all Adam could do was take up a defensive position.

He held up his pillow in front of him trying his best to block her playful blows. Lisa's pillow was everywhere, swish-flop, swish-flop.

Adam pretended to barley block her blows with his pillow, swish-flop, swish-flop while letting her hit him a few times. She moved him about the room in a loving playful dance that was just plain silly; swish-flop, swish-flop.

Adam was laughing, swish-flop, Lisa was laughing, swish-flop. The simple innocent joy of their silly antics made time seem to stand still for them. Finally Adam fell prone onto the bed in surrender and waved his pillow case like the white flag. As Lisa got into bed next to him, showering with kisses and tried to tickle Adam as he rolled over on his side to reach down for the paper bag on the floor.

"I hope it hasn't completely melted." He said sitting up against the headboard and removing two plastic spoons along with a pint of vanilla ice cream from the bag. "Would you like to join me?" He asked handing Lisa a spoon to share.

"Of course it's vanilla." She thought, sitting up and live pretty wild amateur masterbates ep hd close to him and then taking a spoon of ice cream from the carton and putting it into her victoria lawson and jessica steele hot sexxxy. "Vanilla ice cream was always your favorite dessert my love.

When we went to fancy restaurants together I always ordered cherries jubilee, chocolate mousse or anything complex or fancy for dessert. I thought that I was so sophisticated and that I had such discriminating tastes, while you.

you always asked for vanilla ice.common vanilla ice cream with nothing on it. I'm so sorry in the world was I ever embarrassed by you then. What kind of person was I then? I was so full of myself and I had to lose everything to find everything. The course of true love never did run smooth and this ice cream tastes delicious. Adam woke up in the middle of the night to find Lisa pressed up against him with her arm around his waist and he tenderly touched her cheek and then gently stroked her hair careful not to wake her and he was thinking.

"You and Shakespeare are right, Lisa Marie my love, there is a divinity that shapes our ends. It is a benevolent healing Divinity if we will open our hearts to. It inspires us in many guises such as a silly pillow fight.

That silly pillow fight has healed my soul in ways you well know my beautiful Angel.all the stones are back in the jar." Adam realized at the moment that they had both had forgotten to have Lisa add a stone to the jar. He carefully got out of bed while trying not to wake her and went into his study. Opening the bottom drawer of his desk he removed the cloth bag containing the rest of the stones and then added them carefully to the jar until it was full.

Adam stood there for awhile thinking how much he still loved her when he felt Lisa's small hands on his back and then her arms reach around his waist to hug him. "What are you doing, Adam, why did you put all the stones back?

Did I do something wrong? Do I have to start all over again?" "Actually my Angel you did everything right. It's our bed again and this is where we will be sleeping together from now on. The apartment is always clean and tidy, thank you, and your cooking is much improved. "Can we go back to bed now Adam, I want to suck on your cock?" "There is something that I need to give you first, Lisa, it's locked in my desk." Lisa let go of him and she and Adam went to his desk and unlocked a hidden compartment that was common to desks of that era.

He removed a small gold crucifix on fine gold chain. "I palmed this when you weren't looking. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue as the old saying goes.

You wore this on our wedding day and it was your Grandmother's I believe. You were willing to destroy it in the incinerator for a second chance with me and I was not about to let that happen. Even though you never wore it again after our wedding it must mean a great deal to you. You no doubt kept it secret and well hidden because it was one of the few pieces of jewelry the poltroon didn't take." Adam put the crucifix and chain next to the jar and then took Lisa's hand.

He brought her back into their bedroom and then sat on the edge of the bed to take off his boxer shorts. "Your throne, Pillow Empress" He said dropping a pillow on the floor for Lisa to kneel on. Lisa knelt on the pillow and then leaned forward to kiss Adam's stomach and continued kissing working her way down working to his throbbing cock.

She leaned forward licking and kissing the tip of his cock in a circular motion while looking up at Adam with her beautiful green eyes. Then she started sucking on his swollen throbbing cock getting him moan and was quite pleased of herself. Lisa was even more pleased with him for saving the crucifix and chain and was thinking how much she loved Adam.

"That feels wonderful, ah, just wonderful my buxom, voluptuous little cocksucker, ah yes-ah. yes, keep it up." Lisa stopped and stuck her tongue out at him most disrespectfully. She then licked her full kissable lips while smiling and said "I'm your cock sucking bitch." "Why so you are, Lisa, but in a nice way and our secret, therefore less talking and more cock sucking." Lisa continued teasing his cock with her tongue, fluttering the tip and licking the shaft down to his balls and she kissed and licked his balls making him shudder in excitement.

Lisa was driving Adam crazy and she knew it. When he let his guard like this it was the only time she was truly in control and Lisa was going to make the most of it. Adam's head was thrown back and his face flushed with a look of shear ecstasy on his face. His hands were buried in Lisa's hair and he was wishing that it was longer.

much longer. She was licking and sucking with abandon now greedily awaiting his orgasm and the rich, hot cum that was soon to follow. Adam grunted and moaned as his orgasm took over while holding on to Lisa's head to insure that she swallowed it all. Lisa swallowed his rich, hot love seed careful not to spill a drop. Satisfied, Adam lay back on the bed while Lisa finished by cleaning his cock with her mouth and tongue as he taught her. Adam then got out of bed and returned to put the crucifix and chain around her neck.

When back in bed he pulled her close and sighed while holding her and stroking her hair until they both drifted off to sleep.

Little did they know that while they were sleeping someone was dousing the barn containing Adam's nearly restored sailboat with gasoline.