Cute blonde housemaid playing with her pussy

Cute blonde housemaid playing with her pussy
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Fbailey story number mom and son sxa in pake Girl In High Heels When I first saw her in those shoes I was amazed that she could even stand up in high heels.

She couldn't have been any older than eleven or twelve at the time. I still called her 'Brat' but in an affectionate way of course. Brat is actually an acronym for Betty Rachael Ann Turner my pretty little niece. She is my sister's daughter. She had two annoying little brothers that are several years younger than she is, so she became the built in babysitter.

She hates it and tells her mother that all of the time. Now at fifteen, Brat is becoming quite the young lady. As I watched her run across the room to me in those high heels and fling herself into my arms I just smiled. I also got a good feel of her breasts smashing into my chest, her arms going around my neck, and her pussy grinding into my crotch as she jumped up on me to give me her usual kiss.

I say usual but she doesn't do it front of her father just in front of her mother or if we are alone. I reached down with both hands to cup her ass and hold her up, otherwise I might fall down from the offset weight of her. Normally she is in a pair of tight blue jeans because she likes the way that her legs and ass look in those high heels. Like mother, like daughter. However, that particular day she was wearing a micro miniskirt and my hands were holding bare flesh.

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My fingertips were resting in her ass crack. One fingertip was touching her tiny asshole and the thin string from her panties that was bisecting it. She giggled and said, "Oh! That feels good." I said, "I'm sorry." Then I quickly moved my fingertip. She giggled and said, "Not your finger silly, your hard-on is pressed into my pussy and it feels good rubbing against my clit like that. I'm so horny that I might have to go masturbate again.

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Want to smell my finger afterwards?" I said, "Yes." Then I let her drop to the floor and went into the kitchen to find my sister. There standing in front of the sink doing the dinner dishes was my beautiful thirty-eight-year-old sister Connie.


Connie asked, "Did you see her new skirt? She insisted on me buying it for her. She said that you would like it." I replied, "Oh, I liked it all right." Connie then explained that her husband was stuck at work again. Then she speculated that he might be fucking his new secretary. Brat came into the kitchen, turned me away from her mother and then she put her finger under my nose.


God she smelled good. Then that little brat rubbed my cock until I had to push her hand away and adjust it in my pants. My sister heard the commotion and turned around asking what the problem was. Brat said, "I saw a bugger in his nose and was trying to get it out." Connie said, "Don't let her do that, you never know where her fingers have been." I laughed and said, "Who cares where they have been, they smell pretty good.

I wish my fingers smelt that good." Connie then walked to us, grabbed Brat's hand, and held it up to her nose. I watched as she inhaled Brat's sexual odor and smile.

Connie said, "I know where that finger has been. Do you really want your finger to smell like her pussy?" I leaned in and kissed my sister like the lover that I was, then I said, "I think she smells as good as you do, but I really should do a comparison test to prove it." Connie looked at her daughter and asked, "Your bedroom or mine?" Brat just doxy prefers fucking during massage hardcore and handjob and said, "Your bed is bigger." So I followed the two girls up to Connie's bedroom and watched as my sister got undressed and lay back on her bed with her knees up and her feet apart.

She looked at Brat and asked, "What's taking you so long? Wasn't this what you wanted all along…your Uncle's fingers in your pussy." Brat blushed and removed her blouse, her tiny bra, and then her miniskirt. I reached out and hooked my thumbs into the waist string of her panties and pushed them down her legs.

As she stepped out of them I told her to leave her high heel shoes on. She smiled as she got up on the bed next to her mother, raised her knees, and then opened them up for me. I undressed and positioned myself so that I straddled their legs that touched one another.

I sat my hairy balls down onto their feet, and then I stretched out my hands and inserted a finger into each of their pussies. I smiled as they both inhaled sharply and then let it out with a soft whistle.


I rotated my fingers inside of their love holes for a few moments before pulling my fingers out and smelling of each one several times. I told them I couldn't make a decision and leaned in close to smell of Brat's pussy, then I smelled of her mother's pussy.

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I went back and forth several times before I told them I needed a better smell. That was when I sank my tongue in Brat's pussy and rubbed my nose into her clit as she squealed in delight. Connie looked at her daughter and said, "I love it whenever he does that to me." Moments later I did do it to her and it was her turn to squeal in delight.

They both smelled and tasted so good that I wasn't going to tell them who's pussy was best. Eating Brat's pussy got me more excited but that was probably because it was new to me. I had been smelling, eating, and fucking my sister's pussy since she was Brat's age. I told them, "I need to fuck you both until you cum.

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Your scent isn't strong enough yet." Brat said, "I'm a virgin. Is it really necessary?" I told her, "That is what you have wanted all along. Have you changed your mind?" Connie said, "This sure would be an interesting story to tell your daughter someday." Brat asked, "How did you loose your virginity, Mom?" Connie smiled and said, "Exactly the same way." She let that sink in for a moment and then continued, "Lying naked next to wild student sex friends party on friday th scene mother with him trying to figure out which of our pussies smelled the best." I continued, "I had been fucking my mother for a year or so when Connie became fifteen.

I wanted to fuck her real bad so Mom suggested that I talk her into a contest to see which of their pussies smelled the best. Connie won hands down after I took her virginity." I let that sink in then asked, "How much do you want to win this contest?" Brat smiled and replied, "Bad enough to let you fuck me in front of Mom on her bed." I slipped up the bed a little closer to her and kissed her as Connie moved over slightly to give us more room.

I teased her nipples with my fingers and my tongue, and then I teased her clit again before I placed my cock against her pussy. Brat said, "That's what started all of this when you came in. Stop teasing me and slip it in. I want to give you my virginity and I want to win the smelling contest so that I can brag it up to grandma." I placed the head of my cock at her opening and pressed slightly.

It slowly slipped into her. When I hit bottom she smiled and I started fucking into her.

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Connie rubbed my back and gave me encouragement. When Brat started her up hill climb to her first cock induced orgasm it was her mother telling her to relax and go with it. When she started that fast downhill roller coaster ride right into a full-fledged orgasm I joined her on the ride of her life. After that first wave hit her I started emptying my load of cum into her.

That caused her sarah loves playing up the black on blonde start her second wave of pleasure. When I finished and pulled out of Brat her mother reached down and started fingering her ultra sensitive clit and kept her going in the longest string of multiple orgasms that I had ever seen.

That fifteen-year-old beauty had to have endured at least a hundred orgasms before her mother finally gave in to her daughter's wished and stopped giving her pleasure. When her mother stopped torturing her, Brat closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep exhausted. Connie licked her fingers clean and then said, "She really does smell and taste better than me, damn it." I countered with, "Yes but you still smell and taster better than our mother." Connie said, "I know. I ate her out yesterday before you got there and fucked her.

Oh yes, Grandma says that you haven't been around to fuck her for over two weeks either. You better get busy big brother now that you have added Betty to your stable of fuckable relatives. How does it feel to be fucking four generations of women?" I patted her pussy and said, "Wonderful." Then I reached down and removed Brat's high heels and covered her with a blanket. The End Young Girl In High Heels 405