Hot brunnete babe gets her two holes filled

Hot brunnete babe gets her two holes filled
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I recently described how my partner Janet had one of her girlfriends Stella stay with her while I was away for a week on business. During that time she emailed me every day to update what she and Stella had done that day. By the end of the week she was emailing how they were both totally suntanned all over.


It transpired they were developing a lesbian relationship and Janet told me by email, 'I was determined to tease Stella before I fucked her lesbian style. "I was both apprehensive and excited as I was about to achieve a personal sexual milestone, give another woman an orgasm for the first time in my life.

"I told her you would enjoy watching this and I asked her if she would like to suck your cock while I was licking her cunt lips. "She told me, 'yes please, would love to.' "What about you baby? "When she orgasmed for me I felt a huge sense of relief in achieving such a personal milestone. I can now claim to be bisexual!

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"And when she told me later I had given her six orgasms I felt very pleased with myself. "Can't wait to have you home tomorrow so I can show you my all over sun tan, and to tell you all about Stella while you are fucking me." When I walked in the door Janet was stark naked for me apart from killer high heels.

"Like my all over suntan baby? Good, come and fuck me then, haven't had a cock for a week. In the afterglow Janet described for me in great detail the lesbian sex she and Stella had enjoyed and Stella's big arse and long nipples.


"She really is a pornographers delight, why don't we invite her over next weekend? I could show you my new lesbian skills and you could have her, or she have you more likely.

You would love her big tits, long nipples and big arse. And her commentary while having sex is to be believed, a real turn on. "When I told her you were very well hung and thick, that really piqued her interest and she asked if she could have you. "I would love to watch you fuck her, after she has me though, that would make it more exciting for all of us I think? "I love the thought of you watching me have lesbian sex while you wait your turn to have the same woman.

And she can ogle your big cock while I have her. And you can ogle her big arse and long nipples. "Like that idea baby?" When Stella arrived she was carrying a small bag and dressed in a raincoat (even though there was no rain in sight), high heels and large gold loopy earrings. Janet and Stella tongue kissed immediately as lesbian lovers would, then Stella did the same to me. "Hello baby, heard lots of good things about you and looking forward to having you soon.

"Where can I hang my coat," she asked with a big smile as she slowly undid the two buttons holding it closed. "Like my suntan?" she teased as she slowly opened the coat to reveal her totally naked and voluptuous body. Just as Janet had told me she had long and obviously aroused very sexy nipples on fabulous 36D tits. Her legs looked sensational voluptuous pretty girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob her heels and her trimmed mohawk over her cunt lips was very pleasing to me.


As she handed me the coat, she turned and said, "Janet told me you are an arse man, how does mine stack up? "Watch as I strut it for you, like that?" By now I had a full on erection and could only mutter, "Absolutely magnificent. I want it, when can I have it?" Janet had been watching without saying a word and I could see her drinking in and lusting over Stella's naked body.

"Get naked for me Janet and your man can watch us in action," Stella said as she undid the zip at the back of her floor length caftan. We both watched intently as Janet shrugged out it and let it drop to the floor, leaving her stark naked in heels. "Love your suntanned naked body baby," Stella and I smiled as one. I watched fascinated as they had their hands all over each other and licked and kissed passionately.

"Been looking forward to this all week." "Me too." "Not sure who likes your big arse the most Stella, him or me.

Magnificent," she purred as she licked and kissed it. "Like watching that baby? You can have it later, just watch and enjoy for now. "I am going to lick her nipples next, then her cunt lips," Janet told me as she laid Stella on the bed and opened her legs. "I want you to watch me bring her to orgasm, more than once, she is multi-orgasmic.

"Then you can watch Stella fuck me pussy hammering with sexy milf hardcore blowjob her tongue.

First time ever you have watched a woman fuck me. "Then you can fuck her while I watch." Janet was absolutely correct when she told me Stella's non-stop commentary while having sex was a bonus, extra turn on.

"Love you licking my nipples, and I love your man watching. Then, as Janet teasingly licked Stella's thighs with her arms holding them up as she worked her way up to her cunt lips, and started licking them, "I want your man to lick my nipples while you are licking my cunt, please top and bottom boys xxx storys please, lick my nipples.

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"So good, so fucking good, being pleasured by a sexy couple at the same time. "Like watching your lady, licking my cunt while you suck my rock hard nipples? "She is very good, look at the was she is teasing my clit with her tongue.

Is she is trying very hard to show off for you? "Kiss me and tease my nipples with your fingertips, Janet has a magic tongue, fucking magic. "Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, I can't hold out much longer. "So close, so fucking close, fuck me harder," Stella groans, breathing very heavily. I watch fascinated as Janet does exactly the opposite and very teasingly blows on her cunt lips, then very softly and teasingly licks them.

"Love you teasing my cunt like that while your man is watching, look at his magnificent cock waiting for me. "So close, so fucking close, I'm cumming, I'm cumming for both of you," Stella screams.

I watch as they cuddle and kiss in the afterglow. "I can taste my cunt juice on handsome guy with pretty girls lips. Very exciting," Stella tells Janet. "Look at your mans erection, absolutely fucking magnificent. I want it but I want to fuck you with my tongue first.

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"Are you looking forward to watching me have Janet?" she smiles at me. "I hope so because I want to show you both how good I am at pleasuring another woman. "How would you like me to pleasure your lady?

"Perhaps I could have her sit on my face and she could suck your cock while I pleasured her?" Without waiting for an answer Stella stands Janet against a wall, tongue kisses her, then licks her nipples and then slowly licks all the way down her body to her cunt lips. "You are very exciting for me Janet, especially with your man watching.

Open your legs for me, I want to pleasure your cunt lips for you and your man," Stella tells her as she kneels in front of her with her hands on her arse. Janet is bending her knees and pushing forward to accommodate Stella's tongue on her cunt lips and the look on her face tells me she in is very much enjoying Stella's blonde and brunette babes nasty way sex. "Come and kiss me baby," Janet motions to me.

I do and Janet has never ever kissed me like that before, first the tips of our tongues then mouths wide open with our tongues swirling. "So good, so fucking good, with two tongues in me," she manages to groan. "Love the way you lick my cunt Stella, love it, love it, don't stop," Janet purrs as she bends her knees even more and thrusts forward to heighten her pleasure. "I'm getting close, very close," Janet whispers as she puts both hands behind Stella's head and forces her lips harder into her cunt.

I watch Stella react by digging her fingernails into Janet's arse cheeks. "Harder, harder, I love it, love it." "I am going to fuck your man soon, very soon. Does that turn you on?" "Yes it does, harder, harder, I love it, love it." "And I love you watching another woman fucking me with her tongue baby." "I want to watch her fuck you next and very soon." "So close, now watch me cum, watch me, watch me," Janet groans very loudly as she shudders all over.' "Your pleasure is my pleasure," Stella smiles.

"Now you can watch me pleasure your man, and him pleasure me." "You really do have a sensational arse Stella," I tell her as I lick and kiss it with one cheek in each hand while she stands with her hands over her head facing and touching the wall. I am pleased when I see Janet start tongue kissing Stella while I am licking and kissing her arse and teasing her rock hard, long nipples, an extra turn on for all three of us. "I love watching my man pleasuring my lesbian lover, you are a magic woman Stella.

"And just look at his magnificent erection, long and very thick," Janet teases as Stella takes it in her hand. "I am looking and feeling, and I want it now, right now. "Fuck me from behind in this position with my hands on the wall with Janet tongue kissing me." I hear Stella gasp as I slide my rock hard cock into her while I grasp her glorious arse cheeks with my hands.

"Wow, that is big, very big, I love a big cock fucking me," she groans. "I have waited all day for that, so make it good for me, very, very good," she tells me as I build a rhythm and slap into her arse cheeks. My partner Janet is still tongue kissing her while I am fucking her and obviously enjoying it very much.

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"Is he good? It looks and sounds fantastic. Is my man a good fuck?" "Yes, yes, yes, the very best. I want to lick you to another orgasm while he is fucking me." Stella positions Janet on the back of the sofa with her legs apart and positions herself so I can fuck her from behind while she is licking her cunt.

"This is what I call sexual pleasure, a woman for me to pleasure while her man is fucking me from behind at the other end. "Now, once more with feeling Janet, I love to please a woman with my tongue, especially with your man's magnificent cock fucking me.

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Just as Stella starts licking Janet's eager cunt lips I slide my very erect cock into her from behind with my hands grasping her glorious arse cheeks. I can see a look of huge enjoyment on Janet's face as Stella cups her arse cheeks and varies the pace of her licking.

A huge turn on for me watching my partner being pleasured by the woman I am fucking as I increase the rhythm of my fucking, very long and deliberate strokes with the full length of my erection. The noise as I slap into Stella's arse cheeks is turning on three people and Janet is making strange mewing noises as Stella has her close to orgasm.

Janet holds my gaze with a look of absolute sexual pleasure on her face. "Cum with me baby, I am old dad and old uncle fuck teen close baby, cum with me." We can both hear Stella moaning as she continues to lick Janet which is turning us both on even more. Janet and Stella both start screaming at the same time as I groan very loudly and experience a mind-blowing orgasm. "When can we do that again?" Janet asks Stella in the afterglow.