Oiled blondie gets muff rammed hardcore massage

Oiled blondie gets muff rammed hardcore massage
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Intro/background: This story is a fantasy with true elements thrown in. The names have been changed, but some parts are real. Hope you enjoy it. This is my first story, by the way. For the longest time, I've felt that I liked women only. I never thought I had any interest in guys. Granted, I went through high school and never had myself a girlfriend, which really sucked.

I tried dating girls, but nothing seemed to work for me, so I just gave up and graduated. I really am not good looking and that's obviously why no girls liked me; That and I had very little self-confidence.

Anyway, it was summer, one year after I'd graduated, and I was sitting around on the computer. I was chatting with my one buddy, James, and we were just talking about general stuff like always. Then I told him I'd recently begun to feel sort of curious about guys. He didn't freak out or anything because he has gay friends and, as it turns out, he had an experience with a male friend of his when he was younger.

He told me what they had done and it really interested me and turned me on a little. James and I couldn't be any different, though, feeling the step daddy inside me I knew he would never be interested in experimenting with me; He was a singer, actor, dancer, and was quite attractive, but never had a girlfriend either.

I, on the other hand, was not one fit for any of those things. I was a gamer, I liked to write, and didn't do any school-related activities. He and I were never that close and hadn't seen each other in a really long time.

I decided to tell him, in our conversations, that I sort of had an interest in him specifically. He said he wasn't interested but that we were still friends.

I was disappointed and thought it was just me. One day, we talked again, and I said to him "James, I'm kind of curious about something", to which he replied "What's that?" I said "Well, I sort of wanted to know if you'd maybe be ok with at least showing me your penis. I want to see what it looks like and I'll show you mine, to be fair." About a day later, he emailed me a picture of it. I immediately got excited and wanted to see it in person. It was about 6 inches and absolutely perfect; Mine is only about 4 inches, but isn't that bad looking.

I talked to him that day and said that I wanted to hang out and see it for myself. He said "Ok, you can come by on Friday night, since my parents won't be around." I said "Really? Alright, I'll be there. I can't wait." So, I waited two more days until it was finally Friday. I packed stuff to sleep in and clothes for the morning at about 12 in the noon.

I got ready to leave my place at 6 pm, after dinner. I arrived at his place and he opened the door (my heart was thumping and my dick was erect). "Hey Ray, how are ya?" "Good, good. Sup, James?" "Nothin' much, dude, just watching a little tv.

You wanna head upstairs to my room?" "Yeah, man. Let's head up." We went to his room and he closed big boobed black quinn coco riding on dick point of view door and locked it.


"My parents won't be home for about three hours, so we're alone. Locked the door just in case, ya know." "Good call, dude. I'm a little nervous, are you?" "Ehh, a little. I've done this before, but it's been a really long time." "Well it's my first time, so I'm a lot more nervous than you are." "You shouldn't be. There's no pressure, I mean, we don't have to do anything.

We can just chill, it's fine." "Na, I think I'm ready. I want to try this out. You big daddy fucking boy hard it was fun when you did it before, so I might like it." "Oh, well, yeah it was fun. I enjoyed it, but I never thought I'd do it again." "Well.does that mean you don't want to?" "No, no, I'm doing this cause I want to help a friend out.

I'm here for ya anytime you need me." We shook hands and hugged. I suggested we just get used to being around each other at first, since we hadn't seen each other in such a long time. We chatted about things like music and movies, nothing special. Then I looked over at the clock and it said it was already close to 8. We'd been chatting forever, but it was fun. James bravely spoke first about the business at hand. "So, Ray, um.what do you want to do exactly?" "Well, I figured we'll just do whatever we're both comfortable with." "Alright, how about we take off our shirts for right now?" "Ok, but don't laugh at my ugly body." He chukled at that sarcastic remark.

Truth be told, I did have a very not so nice body, but James.he had a great body. He sported somewhat moppy black hair, which I absolutely loved, caring eyes, and a nice toned chest and abdomen. I was average, had wild brown hair, deep blue eyes, and not toned at all.

He didn't seem to care what I looked like, though, which was really good. We sat there looking at each other and not talking very much. I then said "Do you want to take my jeans off and I'll take yours' off at the same time?" He shyly said "Sure, that would be fine with me." We both stood up and put our hands on the other's belts and unbuckled them slowly. Then, he carefully slipped my jeans down, and I nervously removed his after. We ended up standing there in our boxers until he said "I'll go first, if you want." I nodded my head in agreement.

He pulled his red boxers down to his ankles and kicked them to the side. I gazed down at his semi-erect dick, which was covered in a healthy amount of dark hair. It was quite beautiful, but I did not want to touch it just yet. It was my turn to remove my own blue briefs, which I did with some hesitation. My little dick sat there behind a bush of brown hair and was barely peeking out. We just stood there and looked at each other's units and sort of bit our lips in anticipation.

"So, James.can I touch it?" He looked up at me and said "Sure you can, Ray. Can I touch yours' too?" I nodded yes and then we reached over to each others' semi-hard penises. The moment he touched me, I was in heaven. I had never had someone else touch me there, just myself. It felt good in his hand. He pulled on it slightly and it became hard in an instant. When I touched his, it felt so amazing. It was so much bigger and nicer than mine, but he said that he liked mine as it was.

This made me smile and gave me the desire to kiss him, but we'd decided there would be no kissing. I was ok with that because I was happy just doing this with him.

"Yours' is really nice, James. It's as amazing as it looked in that picture you sent me. I'm glad we can do this." "Thanks, Ray. Yours' is nice too, it isn't that small. I'm happy to help you." We got a little closer and our dicks rubbed agaisnt each other. It felt a little odd, but both of us seemed to like the sensation. James took his own and I took my mine and we rubbed them voluntarily together. It tickled but felt so damn good to us both.

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"Ray, this is cool, but do you want to go further?" "Yes I do. I want to try sucking your cock." "You do?

It's big though. You sure you can do it?" "I'm sure. I want to give it a shot." I got on my knees and took it in my hand. "Ok, if you're ready. Why don't you start by just licking?" With that, I stuck out my tounge and licked the head and part of the shaft. It tasted a little strange but wasn't awful at all. "Damn, dude, that feels good. You're not too bad at this, afterall." "Thanks. Can I suck it now?" He simply nodded and then he started to guide it into my waiting mouth.

I was able to fit almost all of the 6 inches on the first try. It was all I could take, but my God, it tasted good. It was a little weird webcamshow private chat with blonde girl jincamcom me, but not so bad.

I sucked up and down, stroking at the same time. "Oh, Ray.shit. It's been years since I've gotten sucked this good. You're a natural at this." This made me get really hard and so, I started to stroke my own dick while sucking James'.

I went for at least 7 minutes before he stopped me and said "Alright, let's get to what's imporant here.you. I'm gonna get on my knees and suck yours', ok?" "Ok, I'm ready. Go for it. I trust you can make me feel good." "Yeah, I can. I've done it before and the guy loved how I did it. He started by licking, as I had with him. This drove me insane.

It felt like nothing else I'd ever felt. "Holy shit. This feels amazing.and you haven't even started sucking yet." "I know, but I'm about to. You ready?" "Yes, yes I am." He took all of me into his wet mouth and began to suck diligently.

It was pure euphoria and pleasure for the next ten or so minutes. "Wait, James, can you stop for just a second?" "Why, don't you like what I'm doing to you?" "No, no, I love it. It's just.I thought maybe we can try kissing a little." There was quite a long pause before anyhing was said, but James finally spoke up, "I.I guess we could try that if you really want to.

But no sex, agreed?" "Agreed. This is the only thing I've fine ass sexy blonde leila hardcore big dick from you." He stood up and our eyes met.

I leaned in gradually for our first ever kiss, and he followed suit. James pressed his lips to mine before I could make the true first action. We kissed rather passionately for at least two minutes, then broke, but went back for more, shortly after.

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I'd never kissed anyone, male nor female, but I certainly enjoyed what was happening. James pulled away and smiled at me. "That was nice. I didn't think I'd ever enjoy that, but I really did." "James.wow. You're a really good kisser. I think you'd satisfy any girl or guy." "Ha, thanks, Ray. So.what do you want to do?" "Well, I want to.make you cum.in my mouth." "Seriously? Are you positive you want me to cum.in your mouth?

I mean, you've never taken that before." "I know that, but I also know it would make us both feel good. You get to relieve yourself and I get to taste your delicious hot cum." He needed no more encouragement from me; He just told me to lay on top of him, facing his beautiful cock, on the bed. I reached for his throbbing dick and it grew in my hand. I immediately began to stroke it, as I had earlier. He moaned in pleasure right away, as it didn't take much mam and son fuck mom make him feel good.

"Ray, yeah, keep jerking my big cock. Don't stop." That made me want to stroke harder, but I kept my pace. I knew he was enjoying every second and would surely have to cum soon enough. I played with his nice set of balls and stroked his cock at the same time.

"Does this feel good, James?" "Ohhh, yes, Ray. I think I'm gonna cum really soon." "I'm ready for it. Tell me when you're gonna cum. I want to taste it." "Just keep going, dude. I'm almost there." I stroked faster and rubbed his balls even more. I then licked his dick a little, for lubrication. It drove him over the edge and he yelled out, "Shit, shit.I'm gonna cum right now.

Open your fuckin' mouth, Ray." I opened up my mouth, still laying over him, and he shot an amazing load right in my mouth. I let some run out because there was a hell of a lot of cum. I ended up licking the rest off his now soft member. It tasted almost sweet and I loved it so much. I crawled over, closer to him, and we hot samantha parker takes a mighty huge cock for cash again.

Nearly breathless, he said, "Oh, shit. That.that was insane. It felt so damn good, Ray. I've never cum that hard in my life. Guess you really did want it bad." "Hell yes, I did. I'm glad I was able to please you. I thought I'd be awful at it." "No, man, you're really awesome. But, now, guess what?" "Ha, what?" "It's your turn.

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I'm gonna make you cum this time. Do you know where I want you to shoot it?" "Hmm, nope. Where at?" "Well, since you seemed to like my cum in your mouth.how's about you do it in mine?" "Get the fuck up and trade spots with me." He laughed and stood up, as I layed in his original place on the bed.

James hovered above my dick and began to play with it, so it would get nice and hard. It instantly grew rock solid in his warm hands and soon he was jerking it with determination.

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"Damn, that feels good, James. Can you lick it big ass interracial gangbang and girl gets fucked first time punish my yearold culo little?" He said nothing and just gave it a good tongue bath. It felt like I was riding pleasure waves. "Mmm, you like that?" "Fuck yes. You're making me feel incredible right now." So, he continued to jerk me and occassionally, he'd rub massage my balls (I really liked that done to me).

Before I knew it, I could feel my cum building up. "Um, James, I'm going to.I'm going to cum hard in like two seconds." He told me to stand up, as he got down on his knees. I didn't have any time to think, so I just jerked one last time on my cock and shot a big load in my friend's mouth.

He swallowed nearly all of it and then sucked the excess from my no longer erect dick. "Shit, James. That feel so fucking great. I really want to do this again." He stood up and said, "Anytime you want to, I'll be here. I'm more than willing to go again sometime. Next week sound good to you?" "Wow, next week? Hell yeah. Same time and same thing or?" "Well, maybe, Ray. But perhaps next time, I'll be cool with doing a little more with you.

I mean, hey, this all for you, buddy." "Thanks, James. You're the best friend I could ever ask for. I can't wait to see you again. Only another week away." "Yeah, man. It's not that long. I'm excited too, believe it or not." "I believe you." We kissed one last time and decided to head off to bed.

That night, we shared his bed and slept forever. I had wonderful dreams about what we'd done earlier. I masturbated to every single memory and I felt the vibrations from James' body as well.of course that was from his own self pleasuring.

Hope you all enjoyed that.


I know it was lengthy, but it's my first story, as I said. If you want a sequel, leave good reviews and comments. Thanks, guys & gals.