Netflix and chill then twerk on his dick

Netflix and chill then twerk on his dick
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One of the kids in the neighborhood saw her and ran the other way, for darkness had already descended upon the town and all was quiet and forbidding.

Further, after the child ran back to his parent's house, Kate glanced in his direction and lit up a cigarette, took a deep drag, and finally exhaled the smoke. Just standing there, the lady looked on as the moonlight gave her a view of the street. Moreover, she was about a half mile from her dwelling. Indeed, this was precisely her favorite time, evenings after sunset when most of the annoying brats turned in, and she hence had the sidewalks to herself.

Being mid Spring, the night was cool. Nevertheless, it had a gothic atmosphere about itself the likes of which Kate couldn't resist, for to her, darkness was a comfort, a symbol of her inner heart and true nature. Walking along the quiet street, Kate smoked away. She finished the Marlboro, removed another from the pack, and lit it up after placing the white stick between her lips. In addition, she would always glance about as she walked, eyeing everything with a combination of suspicion and curiosity, for her catlike nature told her to always be on the lookout.

Such were the doings of the pale faced dark haired beauty as she strolled along. Dressed in a black leather jacket and a pair of blue jeans, she also wore a pair of black leather boots running up to her knees. Truly, the stigma of both the boots and the jacket gave her an air of mystique.

As a result, she was somewhat transfixed with herself. In fact, one could say that our lady was quite intrigued with both her looks and the general aspects of her character. Continuing on with her walk through the lonely evening, she turned around at the corner off to the street's end, moving along, returning to her abode. Going up the other side of the street, the gothic feline gently swayed back to her house. While moving, her dark eyes watched and recorded all about as she threw away the cigarette and lit up another.

Finally, Kate arrived back at her solitary home, ascended the front stairs, opened the door, and stepped inside. After closing and locking the entrance, she walked over to the coat rack, removed her jacket, and hung it up. Next, Kate ventured to the couch and sat down, crossing her noble and exquisite looking boots upon the livingroom table. Atop the said table, she had a book she'd been reading.

Consequently, the feline reached for it with a stretch of the arm and opened the marked page. To pass the time away, Kate began from where she left off a few hours back. Further, the work was entitled, " Disturb not the Dream." Loving its eerie contents, the book absorbed her full attention, for she finished up when the livingroom clock struck twelve thirty.

Alone in her home, she replaced the masterpiece back upon the table and got up, slowly went upstairs, and into the bathroom. Upon arrival, she passed the bathroom door mirror, gazed into it, and said to herself, " Oh Kate, you're quite a girl!" After saying this, the female extinguished her cigarette by tossing it into the open toilet bowl.

Next, the interesting lady started to undress and eventually removed everything. With all her clothes off, the woman bent down and grabbed her attire, throwing them into the bathroom hamper. Then, reaching for her boots, she walked with them in hand into the bedroom. She placed the stiletto attractions next to her bed and finally returned to the bathroom. Kate showered off with ease.

Afterward, the dark-haired beauty got into her pajamas and turned in for the night. As the lady drifted off to sleep, she felt good at the peace and quiet surrounding her. The next morning Kate awoke at eight thirty. Truly, she felt uplifted as she crawled out off the mattress and into the bathroom. Next, after slipping out of her nightclothes, she sat her beautiful ass atop the toilet. Two seconds later, Kate pissed into the bowl.

With her urination complete, the woman got up, washed her hands, and next returned to the bedroom to get dressed. Once again, she put on a pair of jeans. Also, she slipped a black T-shirt sex poren bulu ketek lebat her bra and finally put her boots back on.

With all finished, the lady descended the stairs and went to the kitchen. Making herself a cup of coffee, Kate also fixed herself a bowl of cereal when the phone rang. Getting up, Kate answered, " Hello." A voice on the other end responded with, " Hi, this is Mike, how are things with you today?" " Oh fine, so what's up?" " So Mistress Kate, Can we have a session tonight, my wife's outta town and won't know anything about it; it'll be just like the last time she was away." Responding, Kate said, " Sure, we can do it tonight, what time is good for you?" " How about nine?" " Yea fine." Finally, Mike said, " Ok, I'll be there; and thanks." He hung up, and she did the same.

After her phone conversation, the mistress returned to the kitchen table and finished up with breakfast. With her morning meal complete, she took the dishes and placed them into the sink. In the end, she went out into the livingroom and turned on the stereo.

Reaching for a CD, the gothic feline placed the disc into the machine. Listening on, she heard the first movement of Mahler's sixth symphony work its way to a fever pitch as the march began. Transfixed, and with the effect of caffeine in her veins, she stood up straight, placed her weight upon her stiletto heel, and rotated four times upon the wooden livingroom floor.

Indeed, Kate was jubilant at the sound of the masterpiece. After listening to the entire symphony, Kate fell back upon the solfa and lit up a cigarette. Inhaling, she took a few puffs. Next, the lady got up again and placed another CD into the drive. This time playing the music of Tchakovsky. In fact, she listened on to his sixth symphony as the feline let herself back into the couch. However, the notes being more subdued, the dark-haired one simply mused on as the composition unveiled itself.

Twenty minutes into the musical piece, Kate got up and grabbed the book she had previously left upon the table last night. With the novel in hand, she went over to the livingroom bookcase and replaced it. However, reaching for another, she returned with it to the solfa. This work was entitled, " The Girls on the Row".

As she enjoyed the music, Kate opened the book to the first page and began reading. Moreover, the novel was indeed a work of art. The catty one read on and on as she smoked on and on.

The CD had long finished when Kate realized her stomach was speaking to her. Thus, the noble goddess got up and went mom and boy sexs porn the kitchen, making ravishing hottie is revealing her opened tight crack in close up stretching and pleasuring bite for lunch.

When complete, she lit up a Marlboro and returned to the livingroom. Finally, upon reopening the piece of literature, she again lost herself in the pages. The day was Thursday, one may be quite justified in wondering why a lady who lived alone and paid a mortgage on a house wasn't at work somewhere busting her ass like everyone else.

However, this wasn't the case with Kate, for it's clear from her previous phone conversation with Mike that she's a professional dominatrix. Therefore, the lady made out quite well as far as income's concerned.

Indeed, the exquisite female happened to make two hundred dollars per session. Further, each session lasted a little over an hour. Also, on an average, she had about two or three sessions a day. In addition, the city she lived in had only one mistress, namely herself, hence all the masochistic males in the metropolitan area came to her. Nonetheless, today she had some freetime, for only one session was to be held today, the one with Mike. Therefore, Mistress loved these days; they implied time with herself for reading.

However, that wasn't to say that she didn't enjoy her work, quite to the contrary, her profession in the sadomasochistic arts was a great pleasure to her; Kate looked forward to each session with total anticipation. Nevertheless, everyone likes to have some time off now and then from his or her line of work, and so was the present case.

The book she was immersed in wasn't particularly long; therefore, the mistress completed its pages at twenty five minutes past three in the afternoon, implying she had plenty time before the female domination session with Mike.

Thus, closing the book, our lady returned it to the bookshelf and decided to start reading another. After sifting through the contents of the bookcase, the gothic feline decided to reread a volume she had read over and over in the past.

More to the point, the work was Nikolai Tolstoy's " Stalin's Secret War". Removing the masterpiece from the bookcase, Kate returned to the solfa.

Lighting up another cigarette, the woman began reading from the beginning. Also, one could definitely say that the dominatrix started reading the work so as to charge up some sadistic desires for the session at nine.

Moreover, as her eyes absorbed the pages, she moved her middle finger of her right hand to her cunt and began massaging herself. All the details of the Stalin era crimes and brutality began turning her on. She was a sexual sadist; however, any form of sadism would arouse her; it was a natural part of her disposition; she couldn't explain it, but that's precisely how her constitution worked.

Reading on, Kate again lost track of time until her stomach began speaking again. The time was now ten minutes past six. Therefore, the dark-haired beauty got up from the couch and proceeded to the kitchen. After making herself another cup of coffee, she began preparing dinner for herself.

With the preparation of the meal complete, the female ate her food. When finished, she lit up another Marlboro and went to work clearing off the table and washing the dishes, washing also the china left over from lunch. Finally, with all dried off and put away, the mistress ascended the stairs, going up to her bedroom.

Arriving in the room, she walked over to the dresser and opened the bottom drawer. Then, reaching down, the mistress produced her fetish attire. This included a simple waist corset, which when on, covered nothing save her navel area and the abdomen just below her breast, revealing all else.

Also, in the collection were the beautiful full length three cheerleaders love to lick each other. When all was out of the drawer, Kate closed it and threw the items upon the bed. Next, she began undressing herself before the bedroom mirror, taking it all off.

Finally, she stood naked save for her black leather stiletto boots. For a good five minutes, the sexy beauty just stood there and admired the female mystique presenting itself within the reflection. Indeed, she was amazed at the image. Truly, Kate had the appeal of seductive domination, that gothic look the likes of which one must kneel before with complete reverence. Another minute in passing, she finally reached for her hair and raised it to the top of her spectacular head.

While holding her mane in place, Kate reached for a couple of pins atop the dresser and placed them into her hair, holding it in place. In the end, the dominatrix reached for the leather attire and put the attractions on. Once again, turning toward the mirror, the lady of darkness admired the reflection. Also, reaching down to her pants upon the bed, she removed the cigarette pack from the pocket. With another lighter lying on the dresser, she lit up the Marlboro and began puffing.

Holding the cigarette, she looked "cool!" Indeed, any man would've been turned on by the sight. Finally, Kate ventured downstairs and returned to the stereo. The time was now six fifty, leaving a little over two hours to go. Therefore, she decided to listen to another piece of music and loose herself in the measures. Thus, reaching for a CD containing Wagner's Pilgrim's Chorus, she stuck it into the machine. Six seconds later, the composition began.

As the music reached its climax, Kate let herself become intoxicated by the sound. After the piece ended, the CD played other Wagner selections. Listening on and on, she also smoked on and on. The CD played for an hour. Also anyone watching her would've been awed by the sight, a woman dressed in a skimpy outfit, revealing her ass and cunt, and completely absorbed in classical music.

Truly, her ladyship created an image to look on for hours. Finally, with the CD complete, Kate decided to spend the remaining fifty five minutes reading before Mike arrived. Thus, picking up the work about Stalin from the livingroom table, the feline read on. Loosing herself in the pages caused time to fly by. Eventually, the lady glanced at the clock and realized she only had five minutes left. Consequently, upon lying the book back down, she got up and ventured to the livingroom closet.

Next, the gothic attraction reached for her tan lady's trench coat to conceal herself just incase someone other than Mike happens to be at the door. After putting on the overcoat, she closed the closet and started walking slowly over to the living room window right next to the main front door of her dwelling.

With skill, she gracefully pulled the curtain over a few inches and glanced outside. Sure enough, a dark blue Intrepid pulled into her driveway and came to a halt. Moreover, Kate recognized the car from her previous encounter with Mike. Upon further inspection she did indeed view Mike in the vehicle. Letting the curtain fall close, she awaited the expected ring of the doorbell. Thirty seconds later, the chime resounded with its old fashioned ring.

Nevertheless, to convey her importance, she waited a few seconds before opening the entrance. Then, after twenty five seconds, the dominatrix unlocked the door and pulled it open.

Before her stood a middle aged man about five feet and ten inches tall. Further, he had dark brown hair and looked as one who's employed by some corporation for a number of years and worked in one of their offices. Indeed, this is precisely what he did, working for a petroleum company in middle management, making good money and living quite well.

As she eyed him, Kate said, " Cute teen brunette fist fucks her pussy on webcam xbabecamcom smalltits and fingering Mike, come on in." Entering her abode, he removed his coat. Next, in a less pleasant and assertive voice, the dominatrix said, " So where's the money?" As a result, Mike reached into his back pants pocket and removed his wallet after tossing his coat upon the livingroom solfa.

Afterward, the male removed a single hundred dollar bill in conjunction with a fifty and two twenties. Finally, reaching for a ten, he gave the paper to the eager mistress. Gazing down at the two hundred dollars, she said, " Thanks." With full pride, our lady removed the trench coat and slowly walked back to the closet. Further, as she moved, Mike had his eyes glued to her beautiful ass. In fact, the man started to erect as he gazed on at her feminine physique.

With the coat in its place, Kate returned to Mike and ordered, " Remove all your shit and kneel before me!" Speaking with complete domination in her voice, all elements of pleasantry evaporated from her demur.

She was now in control and he knew it; however, this obviously was what he wanted. Finally, with all his attire removed, he sank to his knees as his eyes stared straight into the face of the noble one.

Looking down at him, Kate said, " You're truly a pathetic thing; what a piece of shit!" Her remark heightened his arousal, precum now dripped from his devoted cock. After turning around and venturing to the solfa, the gothic mistress sat her ass down and snapped her fingers together.

Like an animal, Mike crawled to her upon his knees. With the passage of six seconds, he knelt before the stiletto footwear. Demandingly, she ordered, " Kiss those boots you ass, and kiss now!" Placing his humble lips upon the black leather, Mike began to kiss. Commencing at the toe, he remarked, " Oh great lady, I respect you, please give me all the humiliation I deserve." Her response was, " I'll give you all the humiliation you deserve and then some; for the next hour and a half you're mine." Mike kissed on and on.

The smell and taste of leather on his lips was a force overtaking his sexually weak and masochistic psyche. Eventually, the lowly creature worked his way to the top of the stiletto masterpiece just below her sexy knee. With his adoration complete, she said, " Here, this is for you, you low down piece of excrement." Turning around, Kate stuck her ass right into his face, ordering, "Kiss my ass, slave!" This he did, worshipping her rear with the devotion of a blind patriot.

He went on and on. Finally, she gave the command, " Stick your tongue up the crack and lick from top to bottom; in fact, I'll make it more practical for you." She went down on all fours with her saori hara handjob xnxx full story still in his face.

The action resulted in spreading her butt cheeks apart enough to accommodate his job. Without hesitation, lowly Mike placed his tongue upon her female asshole and couple caught smuggling now in trouble with customs licking.

Feeling the sensation, she said, " Make sure you've got the whole crack cleaned out; I mean now!" As a result, the whimp did as he was told, sailboat teen orgy teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal his tongue from top to bottom.

Five minutes later, the mistress was content with his task. Therefore, she got up and ventured over into the dinning room. A few seconds later, our lady returned with two pairs of handcuffs together with a spectacular and scary looking whip.

Upon her return, Kate yelled, " Put your wrists and ankles together!" He complied. Next, placing the cuffs about his adjacent body parts, she snapped the metal shut. Naturally, the slave was now totally at her mercy. Her words entered his ears, " Here, lick me!" Moving forward a bit, she placed her nice big and harry cunt before his face. Slowly, but with reverence, Mike moved his mouth to her genitalia. Then, he stuck his tongue into her gateway and began eating. Indeed, he ate her out.

This action went on for over fifteen minutes until his saliva mixed with her cunt juices were running down the side of his face and dripping to the floor. However, a few of the drops fell and struck the side of her ladyship's noble boot.

Being too good to have her footwear stained or smeared by the likes of a lowly slave, the infuriated female raised her whip and brought it down hard upon his back.

Momentarily, he arched in a direction opposite her cunt from the impact and force of the pain. Then, hanging his head low, she screamed at him, " You fucken jerk, can't you even lick my slit right!" Again, while bringing the glorious and fetish whip down upon her captive, the gothic beauty yelled, " Get your stupid ass face down there and lick that shit off my stiletto perfection!" As a humble result, Mike moved his mouth down to the lower foot portion of her boot where the drops of fluid had fallen.

Next, his tongue protruded from his mouth as he licked and slurped up his own spit mixed with her vaginal cum. After he consumed the said material, she ordered, " Lick somemore, I want to see the return of that shine on the spot where you stuck your degenerate face, asshole!" Returning his mouth to the previous location, Mike licked away. Yes, the shine and gloss returned, making the leather as perfect as ever.

Being delighted, the dominant female remarked, " So you're good for something after all." Going on, she said, " Since you did such a good job down there, let's see if you can do equally well a few feet higher." Then, the lady in leather said, " Stick your stupid face just below my glorious cunt and open that mouth of yours wide." Thus, the male did as the great mistress commanded.

She next said, " Oh here it comes!" Three seconds later, her golden nectar entered his mouth. Slurping away, he drank as never before. Downing her piss with enthusiasm, he loved it. With the least amount of effort, the yellow substance entered his mouth and went down his throat. He was now in slave heaven. Female piss is beautiful; it's the most tasty beverage a masochistic male could enjoy.

Finally, she watched him take it all in as her entire bladder emptied. With her pissing complete, she turned around and again stuck her ass into his face, ordering him to kiss. Once again, the slave adored her posterior and worshipped on for ten whole minutes.

However, session time was almost up when she turned back around and said, " Here, let me remove the cuffs." Therefore, reaching over to the livingroom table, the lady took the keys, squatted down, and unlocked the metal. After throwing both keys and the braces upon the table, she said to Mike, " Well, it's almost time, lay down on your back." Moving over a half a foot, Kate lowered her rump so as to be sitting on his face from the side, saying, " You've got my permission to jack off." Naturally, Mike began playing.

Two minutes later, the little worm of a man came all over himself. He shot his load and lay there exhausted as the lady raised herself up and off her lowdown client. Standing again, Kate looked at the pathetic form beneath her on the floor and said, " I'll be back with a wet towl." Leaving the livingroom, she returned a minute later with the cloth.

After giving it to the male, he rubbed off as much of his cum as he possibly could. He returned the towl to Kate who took it back up to the bathroom, throwing it into the hamper. Returning to Mike, the feline remarked, " Get dressed, we've had enough fun for today.

Dressing himself, the man went back into everything, including his shoes. With all complete, he finally said, " Oh I wish I could get my wife to be dominant and abusive as you are with me." Looking at him, Kate ask, " So what's the problem?" " Well, she never does the more extreme things you do with me; she never pisses in my face if I ask her; she thinks it's sick." Again, Kate made an inquiry, " Does she sit on your face?" " Yea, but it's not in a dominating way; I've got to ask her; she doesn't just do it to be dominating and humiliating." Going on, he said, " It's the same with ass kissing, she lets me do it when I ask but never insists on it." Staring at him for a second, the dominatrix ask, " What does she do for work?" " Oh, she's an accountant; she doesn't make as much income as I do, but nevertheless earns enough to be self sufficient if she wanted to be on her own." Afterward, Kate put forth another question, " So why is she out of town?" " It's about her job, the company she works for needs her to do something in the next city a hundred miles from here; she'll be back two days from now." Looking on, Kate said with some sarcasm, " Well, if you want to make her dominant, why don't you just tell her of your visit here today; that outta make her want to control your every move." Glancing at her with suspicion, Mike replayed, Oh no, that's not the kind of negative attitude I want from her, that may ruin our marriage." With that said, Kate simply remarked, " Well I guess the poor baby's just fucked; there's nothing you can do to make her powerful and demanding, but who knows, perhaps I can help at some point in the future" Mike said, " No, please don't interfere." Kate replied, " Don't worry; I wouldn't know what to do about your little problem anyway." Smiling at him with a gothic air, she simply said, " Well, I guess I'll see you some time either next month or whenever." " Yea, we'll surely see one another again sometime." Finally, he reached for his coat and put it on.

Then, the man moved to the door and opened it. Leaving, he ventured to his car, unlocked the door, got in, started the engine, and drove home. On the other hand, Kate locked the inside bolt and returned to the livingroom. Taking the cuffs, the key, and the whip, she went back into the dinning room and replaced the objects into the drawer.

Then, the mysterious looking feline strolled back into the livingroom and turned off the lights. With all in its place, she ventured upstairs to her bedroom and looked into the mirror after flicking on the light switch. Before her was the image she presented to Mike.

Gazing at the reflection, she again admired herself. With vanity working its way through every facet of her being, she eventually moved her glance away from the reflection and looked toward the bathroom. Realizing it's time to clean herself up, she removed her corset and gloves. Then, she slipped out of the stiletto boots and went over to the bathroom.

After turning on the light, she stepped into the shower. The naked dark-haired beauty cleaned herself completely. All finished, the maiden of darkness returned to the bedroom and opened the upper drawer to remove her night clothes.

Putting them on, she realized how tired she was. Therefore, after throwing her fetish attire back into the bottom dresser drawer and tossing her clothes left on the bed into the hamper, she stretched herself atop the mattress and fell to sleep. As the lady slept, she dreamt of a magic lamp with some strange vapor emanating from the mouthpiece.

The form was abstract and weird. Further, other images of a supernatural origin went in and out of her unconscious brain. Eventually, her nocturnal visions gave way and she awakened to the sound of birds and the light of the morning sun. Rolling over, the lady glanced at the digital clock atop her nightstand. It was now eight thirty. Therefore, the woman got up and dressed herself with a fresh pair of clothes from the dresser, going into a black pair of jeans together with another black T-shirt.

And as always, the lady slipped into her two stiletto boots which she so greatly admired. With all complete in the bedroom, the female went downstairs into the kitchen and prepared herself some coffee.

The black substance brewing away, she reached for a bowl and made breakfast, the usual cereal with milk atop the grain. Finally, the coffee began bubbling and our lady poured it into a cup, seating herself down to drink.

Once again, caffeine awakened her to a higher state. Consequently, with breakfast complete, she lit up a cigarette, went into the livingroom, reached for a CD, and placed it into the system. Being Hector Berlioz's Symphony Fantasique, the composition stimulated her brain as she listened on and on.

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Eventually, the final movement came forth, uplifting her into a euphoric realm. Resounding away, every beat and note gave her the full meaning of her existence. " What a work!", she exclaimed to herself as the CD finally finished.

The symphony all done, Kate reached for the Stalin book still upon the livingroom table and finished reading its contents. After two hours, she completed the book. The time was now eleven o'clock, and she felt a little hungry. Thus, getting up and going into the kitchen, the dominatrix prepared herself something to eat. Lunch finished, she went back into the livingroom and reached for her coat. Putting the leather jacket on, the lady next ventured outside, locking the door after her.

Causually, Kate went to her car and got into the black mustang LX. Looking confident and in control, the female started the engine, put the vehicle in gear, and drove off to the super market. Upon arrival, the lady went in and scermaged about for the items she needed. Finally, after twenty minutes, she had all she wanted. Hence, Kate went to the checkout counter and paid the bill with her bank card. Leaving the store and getting to the car, the feline loaded the groceries into the back.

With that done, the dark haired mistress drove home. Teen lily jordan services hung bf with sprain home, she removed everything from the car and brought it into the house, putting the contents where they belong.

Being midafternoon, she decided to have another cup of coffee and relax with another book. Doing so, the lady reached for a volume entitled " A Violent Act" and began reading the pages. In fact, the work was about a fugitive from the law who killed several people and eventually killed himself when the authorities finally caught up with him.

Reading on and on until four twenty five, Kate was startled by the phone. As a result, the pale faced beauty went over and raised up the receiver, saying, " Hello, who is it?" On the other end, a voice said, " Kate, this is Bart, can I have some time with you tonight at your place?" The lady responded with, " Sure, what time?" " Seven, is that all right with you?" Answering, the dominatrix said, " Ok, no problem." Finally, Bart remarked, " Please wear the black outfit, I like that one the best." Kate simply gave the reply, " Oh, yea, that's my favorite also." Saying goodbye, the male hung up.

After laying down the receiver, Kate went back into the livingroom, finishing a few more pages of the book. However, she was interrupted by another call. Upon returning to the kitchen and answering, she heard, " Hi, Kate, this is Jeff, you got any time tonight?" " What time do you have in mind?" " What about seven thirty?" " I'm sorry but I've got someone here at that time." Pausing for a second, the man inquired, " Can we make it at nine?" Calmly, she answered, " That'll be fine." Jeff said thanks and hung up.

Looking at the kitchen clock, she saw that there wasn't much time left before seven; in fact, it was already five thirty. Therefore, she made herself something to eat, washed the dishes afterward, and finally ventured upstairs, getting herself ready.

After touching herself up and slipping into the dominatrix outfit complete with corset, gloves, and boots, she felt the need to take a shit. Going into the bathroom, Kate sat her spectacular ass upon the fixture and shit away. Finishing her business, she wiped her butt. When the lady got up, she washed her hands and went back downstairs. Standing alone in the livingroom with her tits and ass exposed, she decided to continue reading the book.

Reaching for it upon the table, she was just about to place her ass on the solfa when again the phone rang. " Fuck!", the lady remarked to herself. Nevertheless, she went to the phone in the kitchen and answered. This time it was another client by the name of Brad. Once again, she set up an appointment, this one for ten thirty after the other two sessions. With the appointment made, she returned to the livingroom and began reading as much as she could before seven. When seven came, she heard the doorbell ring.

The feline got up, peaked from behind the curtain, recognized Bart, and let him in. Once again, she was paid two hundred dollars. Afterward, the professional dominatrix went through all the actions with this man as she had done with Mike the previous day.

She finished with Bart. He left and then came Jeff. With Jeff gone, Kate finally dealt with Brad, letting him stay till almost midnight. Afterward, the lady let him out and went back upstairs.

Within her hands, she had all the cash made from her noble profession. Upon arriving in the bedroom, she stood before the dresser mirror, looked at the exquisite and perfect reflection, saying to herself, " Well Kate, you did good tonight." Unrolling the bills, she waved the six hundred dollars before her face.

As the paper passed her nose, the woman took in a deep breath and bathed herself in the smell of the fifties and twenties. Laying the money upon the dresser, the gothic mistress next removed all the leather. Then, she entered the bathroom, cleaning herself off. Finally, she reentered the bedroom and went into her nightclothes.

In the end, Kate crawled under the sheets and fell to sleep. Morning came and at nine the sexual sadist got out of bed. Removing her nightclothes, she ventured into the bathroom and took a piss. That done, she got dressed and went downstairs. Today she dressed herself in a pair of blue jeans and a dark blue T-shirt. And ofcourse, Kate wore the same black leather boots.

Also, today was Saturday, and it's her policy not to take any clients on weekends. Therefore, the feline had the whole day to herself. After eating breakfast, she went upstairs and got her purse, together with the sixhundred dollars. Upon returning back downstairs, she got an envelope and placed the bills into it. On the white envelope, she wrote $600.00. Finally, she placed the money in her purse, got her leather coat, put it on, and left the house.

The bank where she did all her financial business was only a few blocks away. Therefore, she always walked if she had the time. Today happened to be a nice day, hence the woman decided to use her feet. Walking along, Kate eventually reached the bank, stood before the ATM and slid in her card.

After pressing the appropriate buttons, she inserted the envelope and deposited the money. All done, she turned around and started her walk back home. She was almost near her house; in fact, only ten homes away when she noticed one of the kids living on the same street riding his bike, moving swiftly on his twenty inch huffy five speed, approaching fast. As the brat past her, he said only one word, " Whore!" Moving on toward her place, Kate said nothing. However, the child made a U-turn and again approached her, this time from behind.

As he sped past, he again made a remark, " Witch!" The dominatrix simply followed him with her eyes as he rode forth a few hundred feet and again made a U-turn, again speeding toward her. As the distance closed in, the kid yelled, " Slut!" Being now in front of her home, the female said to herself, " That little asshole couldn't have figured out these things for himself, some one must have been talking to him." After ascending her stairs, Kate stood upon her front porch.

Turning around, the lady saw the stupid kid come back. Virginia shauna grant lili marlene jade oriley janey robbins leather tracy susan wilde past her front lawn, he yelled, " Bitch!" Smiling sadistically, Kate said softly to her own ears, " Bitch? I'll show you just what kind of bitch I really am." Again, the youngster made a U-turn in the middle of the street and started her way.

However, this time Kate raised her hand and motioned to the brat with an innocent look upon her face, saying, " Hey kid, come her." Speaking with a further air of seduction caused the little fool to stop and stare at her for a moment. With a perplexed look upon his face, he just stood there, the bike between his legs.

Again, she motioned him to come forth, saying, " Come here, I'm not gonna hurt you, come on, I only wanna talk." Initially hesitating, the child eventually moved forth by pushing his bike with his feet.

Moving toward the house, he finally stood at the base of the steps. In a friendly tone of voice, Kate said, " Here, carry your bike up the stairs and lay it in that corner." She pointed toward the end of her porch.

Slowly, the kid did as she requested, getting off the contraption, carrying it up the stairs, and pushing it the few feet toward the end of the porch. However, he didn't realize that Kate had him place the huffy in that precise spot to conceal its whereabouts from anyone passing the home, for the porch had railings, concealing the floor.

After placing the bike down, the kid slowly returned to Kate who said, " So why did you call me all those nasty names; I never did anything to you." Just looking down, the child seemed somewhat reluctant at saying anything.

Nevertheless, the lady continued, " Here, let's be friends; do you want to come inside and have a popsicle?" At first, it looked as if he didn't want to follow her inside. Recognizing this, Kate said, " Here, wait a minute, I'll be right back with something for you." Venturing inside, the diabolical one went directly to the refrigerator. Opening the freezer, Kate removed a popsicle and returned to the front porch.

Next, the gothic one unwrapped it and gave it to the kid who took it and began eating. While the little shit slurped away, Kate said, " See, I'm not so bad after all." Looking up to her, the kid made a shy smile. With that facial jester, our lady knew she was beginning to get his confidence. Her intuition proved correct, for she again ask, " You want to come in and talk about it; you know, the names you called me weren't very nice." Saying the last sentence with apparent sincerity, the little eight year old fool believed her.

Therefore, as she opened the door and made a jester with her hand, he entered, and she followed. When both were inside, she quickly turned around and locked the front door. Afterward, she turned back to the child and rudely pushed him to the floor. With a look of complete terror in his eyes, the kid fell over, dropping the popsicle. Next, and with complete fury, the evil dominatrix yelled down to the small male, " You little shit, I'll teach you a thing or two!" Speaking these words, Kate kicked the boy in his prepubescent nut sack with the toe tip of her leather boot.

Consequently, the child let out a scream, then just laid there, holding his crotch. Squatting down before him, the lady sarcastically said, " You're right, I am a whore and a bitch, a real bitch, and I'm gonna show you just what a bitch does." She kicked him again, this time in the rib cage. Then, reaching for his arm, Kate pulled him over to the solfa.

With complete enthusiasm, she began ripping off all his clothes. Indeed, Kate noticed herself getting wet as the attire was coming off piece by piece. Finally, after being pushed off the couch, the little punk lay naked upon the wooden floor. Going into the diningroom, Kate quickly returned with the handcuffs, placing them about both his ankles and wrists, rendering him helpless. Afterward, the dark haired witch began removing all of her own clothes. She started with the shirt and ended by slipping both her jeans and panties over her glorious stiletto footwear.

Standing completely naked before him save for the boots, Kate was a terrific sight. In fact, even in pain, the little kid gazed at her body and experienced a slight pre adolescent sexual rush. While standing before him and resting her weight to one leg with her hand on her hip, she said, " So, like what you see." Lesbianas masturbandose y cojiendose rico masturbation and lesbians staring for a moment or two, the kid said nothing, for his awe was nevertheless countered by fear and pain.

Looking down at the pathetic sight before her, she ask, " So what's your name, little asshole?" By way of a soft whimper, the child replied, " Sam." In a mocking tone, Kate replied, " Well Sammy, I guess you'll now have your first experience with the opposite gender." Going on, she said, " You know what the problem perky cheater blows fat cock in car with you fucken kids today, non of you have any respect for anything, well I'll sexy xxx school teacher and student sexy xxx have to teach you some respect!" She continued, " Don't your parents whip like they should?" Looking on, Sam finally said, " No, not really." Kate responded, " See, that's the problem." Next, the woman returned to the dinningroom and produced the whip.

Coming back, she uncoiled it before his frightened eyes. As she began snapping it above his shaking frame, he whimpered and begged, " Please, please!" Laughing diabolically, she brought the whip down upon him. It struck his little naked ass and caused him to jerk up at the sting of the pain. Eventually, an intense red mark began appearing upon his backside. Again, she struck him. This time blood began oozing from his asscheek. Turning Sam over to his back with her boot, Kate began striking him all over his frame, especially upon his thighs, and on occasion upon his little hairless cock.

At this point, the brat was screaming and pleading for mercy. She gave him none. However, after ninety seconds, she stopped and threw the whip to one side of the solfa. Turning around, Kate sat down upon the soft furniture and gazed down at the pathetic sight before her, noting that many of the whip marks began bleeding. The kid didn't look too well. However, this only heightened her sexual yearnings, causing her cunt juice to run upon the cushion as she stared on at helpless little Sam.

Then, as their eyes met, she ordered, " Here, little asswhipe, kiss my boot and worship me!" Placing the sole of her stiletto masterpiece atop his face, she again ordered, " Kiss, or I'll whip the shit out of you again." Frightened out of his wits, the child began respecting the sole of her boot, kissing away until she moved the work of art to its side and said, " Kiss the side also." Thus, Sam kissed and kissed.

With that done, Kate moved the stiletto shaft over his lips and told him, " Suck it, suck it, you piece of garbage or I'll jam it in your eye!" Terrified, the little kid complied, sucking away at the heel as she leaned back and absorbed it all in.

Seven minutes later, Kate had enough of the spike sucking. Getting up, she stood directly over him with one boot to his right and the other to his left. Thus, the kid was looking straight up at her cunt.

She ask, " Did you ever see a real live pussy before, what do ya think?" Shaking, the child could only lay there and say nothing. Next, Kate squatted down and slowly brought her crotch over his mouth, saying, " Lick me you fucken nothing, lick me!" She pushed her cunt everharder upon his lips, causing the child to be overcome by the musky smell of the female reproductive system.

At first, he was hesitant; she however said mockingly, " Lick, you'll get used to it; it's an acquired taste, just ask all the guys who visit me." Cautiously, the abused one stuck his tongue into her slit and began eating her out, going on and on as she constantly told him to lick with greater and greater enthusiasm, making him slurp away until she had an orgasm all over his face.

Standing up straight again, the lady walked over to where Sam had dropped the popsicle. Looking down, she noticed that almost all of it melted away and only a small amount was left on the wooden stick. She bent down and picked it up. Next, Kate returned to the eight year old and again stood over him as previously.

Then, as her face displayed pure maliciousness, the female tyrant slowly pushed the popsicle up into her cunt, gently moving it about somewhat. After pulling it out and looking at it, she said to the kid, " So Sammy, you didn't finish your treat, here lick it up." Bending down, Kate shoved the thing into his face, saying, " Eat it." However, due to his pussy licking, puke was now running down the side of his face.

Nevertheless, she insisted he take it into his mouth. Hesitating, he begged, " Please, let me go, please, I won't tell anyone." She only replied with, " No way kido; now lick." He continued whining.

Therefore, Kate reached toward his balls with her other hand and began squeezing his scrotum. She squeezed harder and harder until the kid's face turned red. Eventually, he screamed, " Ok, ok, I'll lick it!" As Sam took the thing into his mouth, Kate smiled in triumph.

He ate it all. When finished, she got up and threw the stick into the livingroom wastebasket. Upon returning to the kid, she again stood directly over him. Placing both of her hands on her hips, she said, " I think you need something to wash that down with, open wide." Then, she let it go!

However, the brat wouldn't open his mouth. He turned his head to the side with disgust and kept his eyes closed as the piss ran down the edge of his face. In agitation, Kate held back the rest of her piss and yelled down at the kid, " You little fuck, I said open and drink!" With that, she started kicking and stomping his chest with the stiletto spike. Consequently, the pain brought the little creature to compliance. He said, " All right, all right, please stop hurting me!" A second later, Kate let her bladder go, and the piss went straight down into his mouth.

In fact, he drank it all down as she smiled and laughed, " Ha, ha, whose humiliating who now!" When finished, Kate stepped over Sam with one of her legs and stood at his side. Next, she pushed him over again with her boot until he lay atop his stomach with his hands shackled behind his back and his ankles bound together. Afterward, the female monster moved toward his face.

Consequently, with his chin resting upon the floor, the kid was looking straight at the shinny boots. Assertively, she remarked, " Kiss em again, show me you worship me, for I'm now your goddess, you little dirt head." Moving his lips forward, Sam kissed, doing so for ten minutes until she gave the order to stop.

With the second round of boot kissing finished, she ventured into the kitchen and found a pack of cigarettes on the kitchen table. Taking the Marlboros, she reached into the realitykings cfnm secret dani daniels romi rain cfnm secre lovin lounge and removed one. Next, Kate placed it into her mouth and grabbed a lighter lying also upon the table. Lighting the stick up, she returned to the kid and squatted before his face.

Blowing smoke at him as he lay there helpless, she laughed and remarked, " So, you ready for the next thing?" Still laughing, she rotated her body one hundred and eighty degrees until her ass was directly before his eyes.

The naked beauty said, " Here, kiss my ass, punk!" Obeying, Sam moved his lips to her rump and kissed her spectacular female behind. While puffing away, she turned her head back and smiled, for the whole scene was a great turn on for her as cunt juice ran out of her vaginal cavity.

Finally, having enough of the adoration, the dominatrix said commandingly, " Stop!" Then, with the cigarette still between her lips, she mumbled, " Now for the best experience in your entire pathetic life." Afterward, as Sam helplessly looked on, the lady shit directly on the floor before his face!

Laughter broke forth from her mouth, causing the Marlboro to fall out. Standing up straight, she brought the sole of her black boot directly on top of the butt, extinguishing it. Then, Squatting back down, this time slightly to the side of his face, she ordered, " Lick my asshole clean!" However, the kid was reluctant and again began begging, " No, no, please, please!" Giving him no mercy, Kate got up and reached for the whip on the solfa, letting him have two lashings across the back.

The pain brought tall sweetheart undresses in a cute way hardcore and massage. Therefore, she squatted back down and again stuck her rear into his face, saying, " Lick!" This time he obeyed, pressing his young tongue upon her shit smeared nether eye and began the cleaning job. Eventually, with six strokes, he had her satisfied. Upon standing up, she looked down at him with the greatest sadistic smile he'd ever seen.

Grinning away, she said, " Well Sammy, see that shit pile, move your degenerate face toward it and begin eating, eat it all! That's right, I want it all gone; I even want you to lick the floor afterward, leaving not a spot!" Then, she yelled, " Do you hear me, jerk!" While shaking, he looked at her crap with complete fear and resignation.

Thus, he slowly did as she said. Kate, on the other hand, looked down with an intense interest. In fact, seeing the child eat her shit began causing vaginal vibrations. Moreover, the oscillations made her move her middle finger to her cunt and begin playing with herself. While he ate away, she played away. In the end, as he finished licking up the last of her excrement, the horny female had an orgasm. With the sexual burst over, Kate went back into the kitchen and returned with the whole cigarette pack and the lighter.

Lighting up another, she began puffing away. As she smoked, her expectation came true. The little abused creature couldn't keep it down, throwing up as he lay on his stomach.

The vomit went directly on the floor before his face. Removing the cigarette from her mouth, Kate yelled, " You little fuck, I'll fix you!" Reaching for the whip, she again started striking the helpless boy. He screamed and screamed, for she really let it down with full force, causing his back to become a mangled mass of red flesh mixed with blood. After the cunt stopped, she said commandingly, " Lick that all back up, you little creep; I mean it if you know what's good for you!" Doing as she ordered, the child began slurping up his own puke mixed with a fine brown substance commonly known as busty asian wife sucks big hard cock water.

Finally, Sammy finished up. However, once again, it all came back forth upon the floor. He simply couldn't keep the gross stuff down. With fury in her diabolical, yet sexy eyes, Kate brought the whip back down, giving it to him over and over, tearing his flesh forth as he screamed and begged. Further, the sadistic lady began noting the smell of blood mixed in with the oder of shit and puke.

Stopping for a moment, Kate bent down, squatting forward so her face eventually met his back. Taking a deep breath through her nose, the woman absorbed the full fragrance of blood. Next, she took her index finger and moved it to one of the whip cuts. Lightly, the vixen slid her finger tip along the laceration, picking up a few drops of blood. Bringing that same finger tip to her lips, mistress of the night licked off the red substance, remarking, " Not bad, not bad at all." Again, she ran her finger over one of his wounds.

And again, the lady slurped up some blood. Finally, standing upright again she placed the cigarette back between her lips. Pulling the Marlboro out, she exhaled and yelled, " I want that stuff to stay down!" As before, the whip came down. The poor kid was once more forced to lick up his own puke. In her rage, the mistress whipped away until a pool of blood began forming on the floor to each side of the kid.

Noticing this, Kate tossed the whip on the couch and rolled Sammy over with her boot. As he lay upon his scorched back in total agony, Kate moved forward a step, placing the sharp heel of her stiletto spike on his stomach.

Then, the unholy wench began letting the pressure increase as compilation of girls who love to suck dick deepthroat and pornstar shifted her weight upon the kid. Evermore, the pain increased, making the child scream out in total agony.

Nevertheless, our lady showed no mercy, continuing to press and press. Finally, blood came forth as she realized his large intestine was ruptured. Not caring one cents worth, the mistress pulled out the spike and placed it on another spot atop his abdomen. Again, she applied pressure until that spot too had blood coming forth. Next, she choose another location, this time jamming the point in with speed as one does with a knife.

As Sam screeched forth, she only laughed and remarked, " So you made fun of me outside, you shit, I'll teach you, I'll teach you!" With clenching her teeth, she spoke on, " I hate kids, I hate all you fucks, you can all go to hell!" Intense tears ran down the brat's face. Truly, agony was now his middle name! For two more minutes, she poked away at him with the heel.

Then, Kate extinguished her cigarette butt in the tray atop the table and reached over toward the pack and lighter. While firing up another, the female said to Sam, " I'll be back." Leaving him there shackled, she ventured into the cellar of the home. Arriving in the basement, the fiend went straight to a closet built into the wall.

Within this cubical were some old tools that came with the house, the previous owner left them there. Reaching in, the dark haired beauty removed an old rusted ax. Upon inspection, the mistress could easily tell that it was still sharp enough to use.

After shutting the closet door, she ventured back up to the livingroom with the ax in one hand and the cigarette in the other. When the woman returned to the kid, she stood before him and puffed away. Sammy was terrified at the sight.

Looking at the ax, he started to stutter, " I, I didn't mean to call you names, I'm sorry, please, please don't hurt me!" Removing the Marlboro from her mouth, Kate said, " That's your problem; I don't care about you!" She went on, " What else am I to do with you; I let you jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom, you'll run to your mommy, crawl up her ass, and tell her all the things I did to you." However, interceding, Sam said, " No, no, I won't tell her, I won't tell anyone!" Laughing, Kate only remarked sarcastically, " Sure!" Afterward, raising the rusted instrument over her head, Kate brought it down hard directly into his chest.

While making a last gasp for life, the ax went through his breast plate, entering his heart. His head slowly moved to one side and finally came to a halt. With the stare of death, his eyes remained wide open, displaying nothing save pure fear. Looking downward, Kate knew she had really done it; the brat was dead; she actually succeeded in killing another human being. Feeling no regret, her cunt throbbed and dripped with excitement, causing her to realize the pure thrill of killing.

Indeed, taking another's life was sexually stimulating! Yes, it was fun, an amusement surpassing any other! However, be as all may, she now had a real problem. taking another drag of the cigarette, she said to herself, " How am I gonna get rid of this shit kid?" Musing on for a minute, she finally said to her own ears, " Yea, I've got school girl megan fucked like a slutby Walking into the diningroom, she removed the cuff keys from the drawer.

Upon returning to the corpse, Kate unlocked the shackles and took them off. Then, Kate went into the kitchen and washed the cuffs in the sink. Afterward, she returned them with the keys into the diningroom drawer. With this done, the gothic murderess went back to the couch and got the whip. Seeing blood on both the whip and the solfa, Kate went into the kitchen, finding some turpentine.

Going back to the solfa, she removed the blood smears from the cushion. That done, Kate took both the turpentine and the whip to the kitchen, replacing the bottle and washing off the whip. Again, the lady returned to the diningroom and replaced the whip. Venturing back to the kid's body, she looked down at it. Blood was pouring forth and making a large puddle in the middle of the livingroom. After staring down at the child, she finally realized the body must be covered with something before she can move it or there'll be blood all over the house.

Hence, the feline returned to the kitchen and got a huge plastic bag. Going back to the kid, she placed it over him. Finally, Kate wrapped the open end of the bag about Sam's ankles and dragged him upstairs into the bathroom. There, she raised his corpse over the tub's side, letting him fall in. Afterward, she pulled the bag off his frame and sofi ryan and her boyfriend fucked on couch it lay in the tub.

Returning to the livingroom, the mistress got the ax. Coming back up to the bathroom, she went to the tub and began hacking away at his little body. One by one, she chopped off his arms and legs. Finally, hacking five times at his neck, she eventually got his head to fall off. With the gruesome job completed, Kate took his head and one of his arms, shoving them into the bag. Then, the female went back into the kitchen to get three more bags.

In these, she distributed his torso, the remaining arm, and both his legs. After tying the plastic shut, she rinsed them off and raised the bags over the rim of the tub, placing the plastic bags on the bathroom floor. Next, Kate turned on the water and cleaned out the tub with the hand held movable hose, flushing all the blood to oblivion. With that done, she reached below the bathroom sink for some cleanser and ventured down to the livingroom, cleaning off the wooden floor afterward. Twenty minutes later, all was perfect; she removed everything leaving a mark, the vomit, her shit, and obviously, the blood.

Picking up the ax, she returned the cleaning utensils and also rinsed off the ax. The ax clean, she went with it to the basement, replacing the object back into the closet. Everything was now in marissa mae bouncing off her pussy on top smalltits and blowjob. As a result, Kate went back up to the livingroom and got dressed.

After going back up into the bathroom, she grabbed one of the bags and ventured with it out of the house via the side door. With her car parked in the drive, she simply unlocked the back hatch, throwing the bag in. Again, the feline entered the home and came out with the second one, throwing it also into the vehicle. She returned two more times for the remaining bags. All finished, the woman locked the mustang and entered the side door, locking it also.

Going into the livingroom, the mistress took out a cigarette from the pack. She lit it up and began to inhale. With her first puff, she remembered the bike. Opening the front door, Kate looked both ways up and down the street, seeing no one except a few cars moving along. Hence, after the cars were out of sight, the female went over to the bike and raised it up, carrying it into the house. Finally, she let it drop to the floor, locking the front door behind her.

Looking at the twenty inch huffy, she remarked, " I hate those stupid things; everytime I drive down the street, a whole bunch of those brats ride around and always get in the way." Next, after taking the bike down to the cellar, she threw it to the floor.

The gothic one went over to a tool box, returning to the bike with the box and began taking the thing apart until all that was left were the separate pieces and parts. Indeed, Kate even unscrewed each individual spoke from the rim. Finally, she bent the rims together until they were reduced to the space of only a foot.

As a result, the entire bike now fit into a cardboard box no larger than a foot and a half to a side, making the task of disposal quite easy. Taking the box with all its contents, she went upstairs with it. Placing the cardboard container upon the kitchen floor, the female killer returned to the livingroom. Lighting up another cigarette, she walked over to the stereo, taking a CD containing the music of Mozart.

A second later, the Requiem Mass echoed throughout the home. Truly, the piece was appropriate, for she remarked to herself, " Here kid, that's your funeral music." While bathing in the notes, the work entered her inner core as each measure unraveled itself. Listening on, she smoked away and thought, " Tonight, when it's dark, I'll throw the bags in some dumpster fifty miles away from here; then I'll do the same with the stupid bike box; all will be fine; they'll never milf shannon boobs ass pounded and severely spanked out that it was yours truly who did away with that useless brat." Smiling to herself, the cigarette smoke worked its way slowly to the ceiling.

Next, looking at the clock, lady dark hairs realized that the whole day had passed and the time was now four in the afternoon. Going into the kitchen, she made herself some coffee, her usual second cup of the day. After drinking it, she returned to the livingroom, picking up the book she'd been previously reading, starting where she left off. After two hours, she returned to the kitchen and made dinner.

Eating her dinner, she cleaned up when finished and realized it was almost dark. With the kitchen in order, she grabbed the bike box and left through the side door, locking afterward.

Placing the box on the passenger seat, she got in, started the engine, and drove off. Arriving at the nearest interstate, she got on and drove about forty five miles until she reached a small town. Then, the lady got off the highway and drove to a closed supermarket, going to the back of the structure, stopping in front of a dumpster. The diabolical cunt got out and opened the back hatch. One by one, she tossed the plastic bags into the large metal trash container.

Afterward, Kate opened the passenger door, removing the bike box. Doing the same, that is throwing the box into the dumpster, the lady reentered her black mustang and drove back to her abode. It took almost an hour to return home. Eventually, she turned the corner and drove up the street toward her house. However, as Kate drove up the street, she saw something which initially gave her a shock.

Seeing a police cruiser parked along the curb before a house she was certain to be the home of the kid, Kate cautiously steered her car up the street and pulled into her driveway.

Turning off the engine, she next went inside by way of the side door. After locking it behind her, she went into the livingroom, placing her beautiful ass down on the solfa. In the dark, Kate lit up a cigarette and smoked away as she thought about what she'd tell the police if questioned.

She'd make up some story about being away shopping or something; her only hope being that no one saw her with the kid earlier during the day. Eventually, however, Kate went upstairs, cleaned off, and crawled into bed. Finally, her mind drifted off, producing a light sleep. Sunday went by with nothing much happening. With the arrival of Monday, she fell back to her routine, seeing a few more clients. This all went on for a week and a half. Nevertheless, one evening, she tuned into the local news and saw a missing child report on the TV set.

In fact, the coverage was about Sam. Eagerly, she glued her eyes to the tube, viewing and hearing every detail. To her relief, it appeared as if no one found the body parts behind the store in the dumpster. The report merely displayed the kid's photo, saying, " If you have any information about this child please call the number below." As the report ended and other news began, Kate turned off the tube, leaned back in the solfa, sucked her Marlboro, and said conceitedly to herself, sunny leone porn move xxx movi free download I've got information about that little punk, but you can be sure I'm not calling." Laughing away, her attention moved elsewhere and life went on.

Weeks turned into months. On occasion, the news brought the missing child report, but all in all, things appeared to Kate that they'll never find the kid, much less the individual who killed him. And so it turned out to be. She was never questioned and eventually the case seemed to vanish. Moreover, the police found no further evidence to solve the case with, placing it on hold due to more immediate crimes.

In the end, Kate became confident that she got away with murder. Since a few months had past since her hideous act, summer was now in full force. June had come and gone with the beginning of July bathing all in its placid warmth. The date was July second. Just finishing her last domination session for the day, the female was ready to go out for a long walk in the summer's heat.

Being ten thirty in the evening made it already dark. She loved to walk alone late into the night. A certain mystique existed with nocturnal summer sounds beautiful teen lesbian super kiss likes of which our gothic lady couldn't resist.

Consequently, she left the house and strolled away. Slowly walking down the street, she heard on occasion the distant sound of firecrackers. Remarking to herself in the black of night, she said, " Some more of those stupid fucken punks getting ready for July Forth; haven't they got anything else better to do except make noise; bastards, why don't they all die!" Moving along, she tried to enjoy as much of the night as possible.

Then, she saw it. Upon looking toward the night time horizon, the woman saw a glow moving. At first she thought to herself, " Must be a bottle rocket or something." However, with greater attention on her part, the object seemed more distant, but nevertheless moving across the sky in her direction.

Upon further inspection, she decided it was a meteor of some sorts. As it got closer, it seemed stranger and stranger, appearing to be red as it glowed. After a minute, it wasn't so far off any more, looking as if it were making a descent toward her immediate area.

Finally, the thing shot teenage pussy fucked hard by her best friends dad oldwithyoung doggystyle the street, eventually penetrating a tree lawn before a house and coming to a halt. Looking both ways, Kate was happy to see no one else had seen the object imbed itself into the ground.

Racing over, she saw a red glow emerging from an indentation on the lawn. Slowly, Kate brought her hand to the spot. Reaching her hand into the groove, she removed what looked to be a florescent diamond. To her surprise it wasn't hot as one might expect from a meteorite. Further, the red glow was fading, but nevertheless retained its self illumination after the intensity reached a low point.

After studying it for a few seconds, Kate placed the prize into her pocket. Upon coming home, the lady walked through the front entrance and into the kitchen. Reaching into her pocket, she produced the novel find, eyeing it with curiosity. Finally, after over forty five seconds, she decided to lay it on the counter next to the sink. The thing glowed away with its gentle florescence. After turning off the kitchen light, the feline began venturing upstairs to her bedroom, turning back and admiring the object's appearance in the dark.

It looked like a rare gem displayed in a museum. Nonetheless, our sex after hard workday doggystyle and cumshots and diabolical vixen ascended the stairs, got undressed, showered off, and prepared for sleep. With the passage of another twenty minutes, the evil goddess fell to sleep. Kate opened her eyes, having her pupils pierced by the morning sun light.

Glancing at her alarm clock told her it was seven thirty eight. Hence, the lady got up and dressed herself, fixing her hair afterward. With all done, Kate went downstairs, preparing herself some coffee and cereal. Being in the kitchen, she saw the same object sitting there; its glow was the same just somewhat harder to see in the light of day.

While consuming her morning meal and glancing at the meteorite, the lady decided to get up and place it into something. Reaching into the cupboard, she removed a drinking glass eight inches high. Next, the dominatrix picked up the rock and dropped it into the glass, staring at what happened a few seconds later. The object began glowing with an ever greater intensity. However, that was not all.

While the glass was still in her hand, a red beam seemed to emerge from the bottom, going straight down to the floor. Her curiosity amplified, she tilted the glass, causing the top to point ward her face.

She simply stared at the rock. Further, the beam was now pointing at objects on the counter. After staring at the gem, she glanced up and saw what gave her the shock of her life. Hitting the coffee maker, the beam caused the appliance to glow. Next, the coffee maker began shrinking, getting smaller and smaller. She couldn't believer her eyes. The whole thing was miniaturizing to a tiny piece of insignificance.

Finally, it stopped shrinking and only stood there at a fraction of a centimeter in height. Realizing that she's never to let the beam touch herself, the woman placed the glass upon the counter and went to inspect the coffee maker. Upon viewing it, the thing still retained all its detail, being the same machine, only much smaller. Afterward, Kate began experimenting, reaching for the glass, and angling it so the ray hit the toaster.

Again, the appliance began glowing as the previous one. Then, it commenced shrinking. Standing there in awe, she watched the process work away. With the toaster reduced, our lady decided to shrink a few more other cheap objects in the kitchen.

Just as the other two, all these things went down to only a few millimeters in height. The objects shrunk, Kate returned the glass upon the counter, staring away at it for a while.

Her mind began thinking, " Since I placed the thing on the counter and nothing happens to the counter, this implies I can cover the beam with something to prevent it from emerging when I don't want it to." Indeed, her reasoning turned out to be correct, for she got a piece of thick black cardboard and placed it against the base of the glass after raising it off the counter a few inches.

Yes, the beam didn't come out. Also, she was correct in assuming that the base of the glass worked as a lens, focusing the energy of the stone into a laser. Why the object had these properties, she knew not. What was clear to the mistress is her possession of something which can work greatly to her advantage! Kate placed the glass back down with the cardboard between the base and the counter.

Looking at it for a few moments, she smiled to herself, saying, " I know now how I'll have some fun the next time one of those clowns calls for a session; I'll give him a female domination experience all right!" Jumping for joy, all kinds of wicked ideas began circulating within her evil brain. Leaving her new find on the counter, the mistress left the house to go shopping, needing the regular things for the week.

Also, at the store, she bought herself a new coffee maker and toaster. When she came back home, Kate put the groceries away and unpacked the two new appliances, placing them atop the counter. Next, Kate went into the livingroom, lit up a cigarette, and placed a CD into the stereo.

Wagner's Seigfried Idol played on as she reached for a book on the table. Throwing herself atop the couch, the woman began finishing the work. The vicious cunt was on the second last page when the phone rang. Getting up and answering, she found it to be Mike, " Hi Kate, its been a few months, can I see you tonight?" With a sadistic grin, she replied, " Sure, no problem, what time?" " Is eight o'clock fine?" " Yea, that'll be great." Finally, he said, " Ok, I'll be there, goodbye." After hanging up, she grinned once more, rubbing her hands together as a witch.

Returning to the livingroom, the dominatrix sat down and lit up another Marlboro. She finished the book and then returned it to the book shelf. While placing the work in its proper place, an idea struck her. " Yes, yea!", she exclaimed to herself. Consequently, the evil mistress went upstairs to her bedroom closet.

Bending down, she reached for a black leather satchel lying on the closet floor. Upon taking it up, she went back downstairs and opened it, producing a video camera and a small stand. Looking toward the bookshelf, she walked over and removed a few books from the top section. Going back and retrieving the camera and stand, she returned to the bookshelf, attaching the stand to the camera.

The bracket was only a quarter of a foot high. Afterward, Kate placed the video camera into the top shelf section. Reaching for a few books, she placed them before the video recorder, leaving only a small opening for the lens to collect light.

Making a few steps back, she decided the camera was sufficiently concealed from view. " Good", she remarked to herself, "now I can record everything I do with these jerks without them knowing it." Throwing the empty satchel in the livingroom closet, Kate left and went into the kitchen.

After making herself something to eat, she returned to the livingroom and grabbed another book. She read on until three o'clock when the feline made herself another cup of coffee and spending the rest of the afternoon in anticipation of the coming evening, together with all she had in store. While smoking the time away and listening to more music, her brain replayed her plan over and over.

However, just as she was about to make supper for herself, the phone rang again. Picking up the receiver, she heard the voice of a man calling himself Karl. He said, " I saw one of your adds in the Dominant Mystique magazine, can we have a session longest and biggest deepest dildinsertion Kate answered with, " Yea, why not; is ten ok?" Agreeing, the man ask, " What's the token of appreciation?" " Two hundred for the first hour, one fifty for every hour thereafter." " Let's go for an hour." " Ok, be here at ten." Afterward, she gave him her address and hung up.

The call complete, Kate made supper, ate it, cleaned off the table, and washed the dishes. Next, the woman went upstairs to dress herself for the session. Sure she had plenty of time before eight, she nevertheless just wanted to dress up as the mistess she was. Therefore, when Kate arrived in the bedroom, she undressed and slipped into the corset, gloves, and back into her spectacular stiletto boots. With her hair already raised, Kate lit up a cigarette and stared at herself in the mirror as she puffed away, doing this for a good ten minutes until the Marlboro was all done.

Extinguishing it in the ashtray atop the dresser, she went next downstairs. There, the dominatrix headed straight to the livingroom and placed a CD into the stereo, playing Mozart's Jupiter Symphony. Standing before the speakers, she absorbed the measures. Again, the mistress lit up a cigarette and smoked away. On occasion, she would pace back and forth before the stereo, glancing at the video camera almost completely concealed from view.

Being in a sadistic glee, the vixen continued to pace. When the cigarette was done, she lit up another and continued with her repetitious stride. Finally, Kate looked at the clock. It was now seven forty five.

Letting the CD play on for another ten minutes, she eventually turned it off. Next, a minute and a half later, she heard Mike's car pull into the drive. Looking out from behind the curtain, our lady recognized him and remarked happily to herself, " Great!" Afterward, the evil dominatrix moved toward the camera and reached for its switch, turning it on and then walking to the front door. A moment later, the doorbell rang. Waiting five seconds, she finally opened the entrance.

Mike stood before her in only a T-shirt and a pair of casual trousers. Kate said, " Come on in." Upon walking in, the man eyed her naked pelvic area, causing him to erect. Immediately after she closed the door, the man fell to his knees and began kissing her boots. However, the lady remarked in an authoritative tone, " So, where's the money?" As a result, the humble male reached into his back pants pocket, producing the amount, giving her two hundred plus a ten dollar tip.

Grabbing it, she shoved the money into a small pocket built into her corset, while yelling down, " Slave, take off all your clothes!" "Yes, goddess.", was the reply. Quickly, he removed it all until he stood stark naked before the stature of the dominant one.

Then, Kate ordered, " Get to your knees asshole and do as I say." He answered with, " Yes mistress." He went down as she raised her right boot atop the livingroom table, saying, " Eat me, lick my cunt!" Moving his face to her spectacular and harry box, the lowly one began servicing her ladyship. Licking away, he knew nothing of the film recording his every move. Turning around and sticking her ass in his face, the leather clad vixen ordered, " Kiss my ass!" Naturally, he complied.

Kissing away, he respected her butt as if it were gold. Finally, the dominatrix said, " Stand up and wait here." Obediently, he did as he was told, staring away at her ass as she left the room.

Upon her return, Kate held the glass in her hand containing the strange stone. At the bottom, she held the black cardboard in place. Next, the woman angled the glass, making its main axis parallel to the plane of the floor. Then, she said to Mike, " I'll show you the true greatness of a dominatrix!" With the bottom of the glass aimed directly at Mike, she pulled the cardboard away, causing the red beam to hit Mike in the chest.

It didn't take two seconds, and the man began shrinking, getting smaller and smaller as he looked around and yelled in desperation, " Kate, what's going on, what are you doing!" From his perspective, she was getting higher and higher.

As he looked up into her face, the helpless man saw complete victory in her eyes. Her pupils radiated a sadistic and eerie force from which he found it more and more difficult to ignore. Finally, the man was reduced to only two inches in height, standing naked and tiny upon the wooden floor and looking up to the towering form of a woman before him.

Next, Kate placed the cardboard against the bottom of the glass and set it atop the livingroom table. Standing straight again, she looked down at Mike with her hands upon her hips, saying, " There, now I've really got you belittled." Mike only gazed up in awe and fear, for she appeared as an absolute power. Squatting down, Kate picked him up with her right hand and stood up again.

Walking with him toward the camera and finally holding him face forward before it, the wicked cunt said to the machine, " Here's your husband; did you see how unfaithful he was, eating me out and all that; well, I guess when you get this tape together with your little Mike, you'll really end up putting your foot down." As she dangled him before the camera, Mike saw the thing and realized what she had in mind.

He begged, " No, please Kate, don't, she'll kill me!" Laughing as a mad pervert, Kate said, " Good, I hope she tortures you before she does away with you." He begged on; she however, only mocked him further.

The camera rolling, Kate returned with Mike to the solfa, sat down, and spread her legs apart. With that, Kate took Mike and shoved him right up her cunt, using his tiny frame for twenty whole minutes, inducing a series of orgasms. She went on and on. When her lust was satisfied, she laid him on the couch cushion right next to her ass while reaching for a cigarette and lighting it up. Then, with total enthusiasm, she moved her face toward the little man and blew smoke down upon him, causing the creature to move back six inches.

However, she only moved her ass over the same distance and again exhaled. Doing this over and over made little Mike begin coughing. While extinguishing her cigarette butt in the ashtray, she laughed at him saying, " Here, how about this." Getting up, she raised Mike with her, turned her head back, looked at her ass, and said, " Everytime you see me, you spend a lot of time with my ass, well here, spend some more." Lowering him to her rump, Kate pushed him in her crack and eventually up her asshole.

As he slid in, she exclaimed, " Oh yea, right up my ass, that's where you belong!" Overcome by the smell of shit, the little man squirmed about helplessly as she toyed with him further.

Finally, pulling him out and looking at the pathetic shit smeared being dangling between her finger tips, she remarked, " My, you stink; let's clean you off." As a result, the mistress ventured into the kitchen and washed him off kharlie stones mouth stuffed with a thick cock soap and water, drying him afterward with a paper towel. Returning to the livingroom with her pet, the feline said, " Now where to keep you for tonight until you're mailed away tomorrow to your wife." Looking around, she noticed one of the drawers of the china cabinet in the livingroom.

Hence, she walked over, opened the drawer, and dropped him in. Gazing down at Mike, Kate said, " See you tomorrow." She shut the drawer and the little creature was overcome with darkness. An hour had elapsed from the moment Mike entered her abode. Therefore, she had another hour before Karl would arrive. Kate said to herself, " This next guy I'm keeping." Thinking so, Kate went down into the basement and found an old pickle jar, returning with it upstairs, and going straight to the kitchen to wash it off.

Afterward, Kate punched holes in the lid. Leaving it on top of the kitchen counter, the evil one returned to the livingroom.

Next, she lit up a cigarette and placed a CD into the system, listening away to Haydn until five to ten. Then, not knowing what Karl looked like, she went to the closet and produced the trench coat. Also, she went over to the camera and turned it off. Finally, the door bell rang and she went over to open the front entrance.

Before her stood a young man in his mid twenties. Letting him in, she closed the door afterward. He said in a plane tone, " I parked on the street because of the other car in the drive using up all the space." Suddenly, she realized that she had forgotten about Mike's car. However, the wench simply said to herself, " No problem, after I'm through with this looser, I'll get rid of it." Also, because Karl obviously took note of the other vehicle, he inquired, " Are you alone?" Quickly, she replied, " Yea, that's my other car." The man only said, " Oh".

Kate proceeded to say, " Let me see the money." He produced the sum and gave it to her. Taking it, she once again placed her earnings in the corset pocket. Removing her trench coat, Kate returned it to the closet. Obviously, the man was quite turned on by the sight of her sexy physique.

However, his lust was cut short when he moved over to the solfa and saw some clothing draped over the left arm rest. Looking at her with suspicion, he cautiously ask, " I thought you said you're alone; those are men's clothing." Glancing at the apparel, Kate realized her mistake. Next, Karl said with a mixture of fear and anger, " There's something fishy going on here; give me my money back; I'm getting out of here." Within her mind, Kate said to herself, " Fuck!" In response to his demand, Kate said with a seductive smile, " Oh come on, there's nothing going on, those clothes belong to my brother, he just left them there when he slept over last night on the solfa.

He's got a second pair, he's wearing right now." Karl still wasn't convinced, he looked at her and ask, " Oh yea, why in the world would your brother stay her with you for a night?" Answering with some initial confusion in her voice, Kate said, " Ah, well, ah, he had some trouble with his wife; they had a fight; so he came here until things cooled off a bit." Karl eyed her while shaking his head, " Man, you don't expect me to believe that, bitch, you're full of shit; now give me back my money or I'll take it from you!" Standing there, Kate just said, " Come on, there's nothing, really." However, Karl marched toward her, grabbing her frame.

Next, upon reaching into her corset pocket where he saw her place the money, the man pulled out the cash. As he moved away, going to the door, she went after him yelling, " Hey, that's not all yours, you took more than your two hundred!" While moving toward the entrance, he eyed the bills and said, " Yea, you're right, I've got four hundred here." He then said with confidence, " Tough luck cunt, What'll you do, go to the cops and tell them I stoled your whore money?" Stopping, Kate screamed after him, " Fuck you asshole, I don't need the cops!" Turning, she moved toward the table.

Our lady took up the glass and pointed its base in Karl's direction just as he was reaching for the door knob. After pulling the cardboard away, the red beam emerged from the base and struck Karl in the center of his back.

As a result, the man began shrinking right before the entranceway. Progressively getting smaller and smaller, he too was reduced to only vijay and manju first night sex story inches in height. While enjoying the sight before her, Kate returned the black cardboard under the glass and placed the whole thing atop the table. Slowly, she walked over to Karl who was now looking all about in fear and confusion.

Arriving in front of his tiny body, the feline rested her weight to one leg, placing one hand upon her hip, and saying downward, " You little shit, you're not going anywhere." Bending down, the gothic dark-haired dominatrix raised him to her face with her left hand.

Standing straight again, she said after a close inspection of her new and permanent property, " Shit, look what you caused me to do with my money!" Eyeing the tiny bills in his hand, the woman ordered, " Drop that paper." She said this while holding her right hand beneath him.

Consequently, the frightened creature let the money go. Looking at the green stuff, she remarked, " Fuck, it's now worthless; I can't bring anything back to normal; so I'm out of four hundred bucks." Clenching her teeth together, she yelled, " You fucken piece of garbage, you cost me four hundred bucks!" She went on, " Oh, you're gonna pay; in fact, I'll make the rest of your stupid life a living hell; you ain't going anywhere from now on; you're all mine, do you understand, asshole!" Letting the tiny money fall away into oblivion, she next eyed him again and said, " Tomorrow, you'll experience things you've never felt before; but for now, I'll put you in safe keeping; I got some other shit to take care of." The dominant one walked with Karl into the kitchen.

Upon going over to the jar and opening its lid, she dropped her captive in, letting him fall to the base.

Looking down at him, she said, " I guess at some point you'll get hungry and thirsty; so here's all the nourishment you'll ever need." With a modest amount of effort, Kate began working up some phylum in her throat. In fact, as she crackled away, the wad got larger and larger. Finally, she spit down in the jar. A huge mass of yellowish stuff came to rest next to Karl, eventually spreading itself out and touching his tiny feet.

Laughingly, she said, " From now on, that's all I'll ever feed you with; you can live off my spit; and believe me, when you get hungry enough, you'll start eating; it's got plenty of moisture, so you'll never need fresh water again." Just standing there, Karl began to beg, " Please, I didn't mean to steal from you, please." Laughing again, she only said, " That's your problem, you're mine and as such I'll do with you as I want." After screwing the lid back on, she left the kitchen.

Upon arriving in the livingroom, Kate went over to Mike's pants and removed the wallet, looking inside and finding another sum of money. However, it consisted of only eighty five dollars. In frustration, she said to herself, You mean all I get for a nights work is a measly old eighty five bucks; fuck, I'll make that asshole pay!" After taking the money from the wallet, she pushed the black leather thing back into the pants pocket and reached over for the glass.

She used it to shrink the clothes. After that, she took the tiny apparel upstairs, flushing them down the toilet. Going back downstairs, she got the trenchcoat and went into the kitchen, yelling down to Karl, " Hey shit ball, what kind of car dark dick for white angel interracial and hardcore you have and where is it parked on the street?" Lowering her ear to the glass's top, she listened to his tiny reply through the holes, " It's a red topaz parked two houses down to the right of this house when facing the street." Leaving, she went through the livingroom, took up the glass containing the stone, and left the house.

She first went over to Mike's vehicle and shrank it. Picking it up, she ventured down the street in the cover of darkness to the said location. Standing before the car, Kate looked both ways and finally reduced the topaz to insignificance, returning with it to her dwelling.

Inside, the mistress placed both cars atop the livingroom table, took off her coat, cheating blonde dirtbag busted sucking dick on hidden spy camera replaced it to the closet. Strolling back over to the table, the diabolical beauty brought her gloved hand down hard upon the shrunken cars, smashing them to pieces.

Eventually, nothing was left save a mangled mass of tiny metal.


With her one hand, she brushed the parts over the table's edge into the palm of her other hand, walking away with the debree, and going upstairs. As she did previously with Mike's attire, Kate flushed everything down the toilet. Deciding to turn in for the night, Kate flicked off all the lights and made certain the front door was locked. With everything in order, she went back upstairs, removed her dominatrix attire, showered off, went into her night clothes, and finally to bed. However, right before she fell to sleep, the lady thought about the possibility of someone else knowing about the visit from the two men.

Convincing herself that no one would have any knowledge because men almost always kept their fetish perversions to themselves, she fell peacefully to sleep. Morning came and she crawled out of bed at precisely eight twenty six. Lighting up a cigarette, she took that first great morning puff. Going into the bathroom, she removed her pajamas. With the cigarette in hand, she sat her ass atop the toilet and was about to piss when an idea entered her sick and twisted mind.

On holiday time fucking stepmum

Holding back her golden fluid, she got up and descended the stairs while completely naked. Going over to the jar containing Karl, she grabbed it. As she went back upstairs, the lady looked at its contents and saw little Karl inside just awakened by the movement, again, looking curious and afraid. When she reached the john, Kate unscrewed the lid, dumping Karl into the toilet bowl water.

The cold water hit him with a force as he finally came back to the surface. Grinning down at him, Kate remarked, " Hey asshole, wanna see what comes out of my pussy?" Turning around, she lowered her gorgeous naked ass upon the seat. A second later, she pissed away. Needless to say, Karl was now swirling about as her piss pushed him around inside the fixture. Finally, she was done. Getting up and rotating, she said down to the little man, " So, give me one reason why I shouldn't flush you down?" Karl began to shake, yelling up to her, " Please, I'll do whatever you say!" Smiling sadistically down at him, the vixen said, " That's right, you will; death is too easy." With that, the woman moved teasing and fucking in boots and fishnet stockings to the sink after taking the jar back in hand.

Turning on the water, she rinsed the jar clean of all her spittle. Next, Kate stuck her hand into the toilet, raising out Karl, placing him under the fauset, and washing off all the piss residue. Finally, she dropped him back into the jar. Holding the pickle jar in hand, Kate ask, " So did you eat anything last night?" Looking up to her, he didn't say a word. Then, the cunt said, " Well, at some point you will." After removing the cigarette from between her lips, she again worked up some yellow phylum and spit the entire wad into the glass.

This time it hit him on the head. Laughing, she said, " Oh, I think that by this afternoon, you'll start enjoying the treat." Finally, screwing the top back on, she went into the bedroom, placed the jar on the dresser and got dressed. Today, she wore jeans and a purple T-shirt. Ofcourse, she also slipped into her stiletto boots and was ready to go downstairs and eat breakfast.

Mary in maid uniform double teamed threesome and stockings down to the kitchen, she took the jar with her and placed it back on the kitchen counter just beneath a window. Then, she turned and looked at the drinking glass containing the stone. She placed it there last night before turning in. Venturing over, she raised it, looked at the stone inside, and said, " I'm really one lucky cunt." After returning it to the counter, the gothic woman made herself coffee and ate a bowl full of cereal.

Breakfast finished, Kate went into the livingroom, lit up another cigarette, and placed a CD into the stereo, Tchakovsky's Francesca Da Rimini. Moreover, its dark and eerie overtones fit quite well with her inner nature. In fact, the piece could have been written for her alone. Next, venturing over to the drawer containing Mike, Kate pulled it open and looked down inside. The man was still asleep; however, the noise of the drawer's sliding open aroused him.

Looking up to the evil giantess, the helpless tiny male yelled, " Please get me something to eat and drink!" Gazing down at the little individual, she said, " Sure, I'll be right back." Returning to the kitchen, Kate came back a few moments later with a couple of pieces of cereal and a liquid dropper full of water.

She threw the cereal to Mike's feet. Eagerly, the little creature started to consume. Lowering the dropper toward the captive, the woman said, " Here drink from this." Consequently, as a caged animal, he drank the liquid as she squeezed the rubber top. The water came forth and little Mike drank himself full. All done with feeding him, Kate looked down and remarked, " I guess it's time to be sent back home, isn't it?" Mike pleaded, " No. please, please, don't do this to me." Laughing at his futile attempt to influence her actions, the dominatrix reached into the drawer and removed him, going over with Mike in hand to the livingroom table, and setting him down.

Next, she went into the kitchen, replaced the sexy adorable girl sucks and fucks man hardcore massage, and then opened the refrigerator door.

Looking inside, she said to herself, " Hmm, what could sustain that little bug for a few days?" Finally, seeing some fresh juicy grapes, the feline took three of them and closed the refrigerator door. Afterward, the mistress ventured over to the counter and began rummaging through the drawers, eventually producing a half empty match box.

Staring at the thing in her hand, she mumbled, " Yea, this'll do." Kate emptied out the remaining wooden matches into a dish, leaving them sit upon the counter. Mistress Kate took up the box and punched a few holes in the top with the tip of a steak knife.

Upon completion, the gothic goddess went back into the livingroom, taking the grapes and match box with her. Setting her beautiful ass atop the solfa, Kate reached for Mike, looked at him in her hand, saying, " Here, these things will give you all the protein and water you'll incredible blonde gets her snatch completely destroyed to stay alive for a few days.

The evil one placed Mike and the grapes into the box and slid it shut. Walking over to another drawer in the china cabinet, she got some scotchtape. The lady taped the box shut. After finding some packaging paper, she wrapped it around the box. Kate wrote his address on the package; she remembered it from his driver's license which she came across in his wallet. Indeed, she addressed it to " The wife of Mike".

Not finished yet, the woman went over to the video camera, removing the cassette from the machine. Sliding the movie into its jacket cover, she next got some duck tape and adhered the video to the base of the wrapped match box.

All done, Kate took the package, went out to her car, and drove to the post office. There, the lady mailed it away; and off it went to its destination. Forty five minutes later, the mistress returned to her abode and went straight into the kitchen, reaching for the jar containing Karl.

Looking at it, she said to the pathetic creature, " You little shit, like I said yesterday, you're gonna pay." Afterward, Kate unscrewed the lid and pulled out the tiny man. Holding him close to her face, she licked his entire frame from head to toe, remarking, " I think I know just how to begin making you feel lower than you already are." She reached into the sink and grabbed the plastic dish basin.

Upon setting it on the floor and placing Karl into it, she said, " Well, how about this?" Turning around, she lowered her pants and panties, squatted over the container, and hung her beautiful ass directly above the little slave.

Then, she began laughing as her shit worked its way out of her asshole. The brown stuff fell right in front of Karl. When finished, the sick vixen stood up and went to one side of the counter, getting herself a paper towel.

Returning to Karl, she again squatted over him, this time using the towel to wipe her female ass. Finished with her ass, the lady dropped the used paper into the plastic bin directly atop her shit.

Standing erect again, Kate pulled up her clothes, saying down to the little one, " Start crawling around in my shit." He answered with, " Come on, please, I don't want to!" Infuriated, she yelled down at him, " If you don't do as I say, I'll pull you out and step on you!" Having no choice, the little one complied. Slowly, he made a step forward into her shit pile. After the second step, he stood with both feet up to his knees in her waste. Looking up to the evil giantess, he heard, " Now get down and volope in my crap; I want you up to your neck in shit; is that clear?" The power balance against him, he had no choice.

Thus, he sank himself up to his ears in her smelly and gross stuff. Just standing there and mocking him, the malicious vixen made him crawl around for over a half hour. Nonetheless, Kate finally had enough. Bending down, she raised the bin and went upstairs with it to the toilet. Reaching in with her hand, she took Karl by the top of his head, slowly pulling him from the pile and releasing him into the bathroom sink. After dumping her shit into the toilet, she took some cleanser and washed the plastic thing clean.

However, Kate threw it to the floor and obviously never used it again for the dishes. Turning her attention to the sink, she rinsed the little man clean, pouring some of the cleanser over him, and again rinsing him down.

With that done, the woman took Karl in her hand, going back downstairs. Inside the livingroom, she placed him atop the table. Lighting up a fresh cigarette, Kate placed another CD into the stereo. Again, as when she tortured the kid, Sam, Mozart's requiem played forth, stimulating her darker impulses with its gothic sound.

Staring at the little male atop the table for a few moments, she next got up and went into the cellar. There, she produced a large nine volt battery together with a couple of wires and some duck tape. Returning to the livingroom with the items, she sat down on the couch, placing the items on the table directly before the terror stricken eyes of the little man. Knowing what she had in mind, he begged and begged, " Please, please, nice rodeo on black ramrod interracial hardcore With his pleadings only stimulating her erotic impulses, she removed a strip of tape, forcing it over the front of his torso.

Pushing him to his back, the woman adhered the two tape ends to the table top. Then, gothic tyrannous attached the two wires to both battery terminals, taking the other two exposed wire ends and moving them toward each of Karl's testicles. Being naked, his exposed nuts made contact with the wires.

The nine volts weren't much, but for one his size, the surge was quite substantial. Hence, when the circuit was closed via his balls, the little creature arched forth, producing a terrifying little scream.

Kate, on the other hand, voloped in pleasure, bursting forth with laughter. Again, she placed the open ends upon his scrotum; and again, her victim squirmed about in pain and agony. After the fourth infliction, Kate realized her panties were soaked. Standing up, she undressed herself, removing everything, and finally slipping her panties over her stiletto boots.

Wearing only the footwear, she sat her naked ass down, once again tormenting Karl with the DC current. Working away on him for over a half hour, she got bored and began her next endeavor. Standing up and looking down at her legs, Kate saw cunt juice run down the inner part of her thighs.

Reaching toward her pussy, she played with herself for a minute while staring down at the little slave. Next, as the second half of Mozart's masterpiece began, she lit up another cigarette, bent forward, and stuck her pale gothic face over Karl. Blowing smoke down at him, she said, " We're not done yet!" Moving the hot end of the Marlboro ever closer to Karl's genital area, she brought the heat nearer and nearer until the yellow light was so close to his little prick that the slightest move on her part would ensure contact.

The intensity of the heat worked its way into the man. Screaming forth, his dick felt as if it were melting. He went on and on, " No, no, please Kate, Kate don't; it hurts, please!" However, all was to no use.

Kate only smiled and again massaged her cunt. As he screamed in agony, she moaned with pleasure, " Mmmmm, yes, mmmm, yea, oh yea!" Indeed, the severity of his pain was the intensity of her pleasure, appearing as if both were two sides of the same coin, each dependent upon the other. Fifteen minutes later, the lady burst forth with an orgasm, exploding in delight, " Yesssssss, yesssssss!!!!" The euphoria subsided, she reached down and removed the tape, doing it slowly to ensure he'll hurt some more.

Turning him over, she pealed another strand of tape from the role and again strapped him to the tabletop with his back facing upward. Taking the cigarette, she began depressing the hot end upon the back of his legs, causing the tiny creature to scream as the intense pain worked its way through every fiber of his being. She enjoyed it all. While she tortured him, her cunt began to water as before, causing her to again masturbate.

As she played with herself, she burned the Marlboro into various parts of his body, the lower legs, the arms, and the back of his neck. As time went by, she eventually tired of the whole thing. Therefore, she pulled off the tape, going with him back into the kitchen. The female dropped him into the jar, spit inside, and screwed it shut. Leaving it atop the counter, Kate returned to the livingroom while shouting back toward the jar, " It's not over yet; expect more of the same tomorrow, the day after, and forevermore!" Finally, as the Requiem mass reached its conclusion, she let out a diabolical laugh which echoed throughout the entire first floor.

After slipping back into her clothes, Kate lit up another cigarette. Next, the woman took the battery, wires, and tape, placing them into the drawer she had previously kept Mike.

Replacing the CD with another, she ventured back into the kitchen, made herself some coffee, and returned to the livingroom, removing a book from the shelf. She spent the next three hours reading. The three hours transpired, she was still absorbed in the pages when the phone rang. Looking at the clock, she realized it was now five thirty in the afternoon. Getting up and going into the kitchen, the female sociopath raised the receiver, saying, " Hello, who is this?" A man's voice ask, " Hi Kate, can we have a session tonight?" " Does anyone know you desire to see me?" "No." She went on, " Ok, is eight fine with you?" He replied, " Yes Kate, that's good." Finally, the mistress said, " Fine, Mark, I'll see you then." After the lady replaced the receiver, she jumped up, yelling cute girl knows how to use a dildo Karl, " Hey little shit; it looks as if you'll be having some company, ha, ha, ha!" Coping with the pain as best he could, Karl said nothing.

In fact, his legs and arms were now blistering from the burns. The unfortunate man only sat there in a daze. Deciding to prepare herself something to eat, the dominatrix made super, ate the food, washed the dishes, and then went upstairs, getting herself dressed for the coming session. In her bedroom, she slipped into the mistress outfit. Ofcourse, when all dressed, the vain witch stared at her reflection coming from the mirror.

For a good fifteen minutes, she couldn't pull her eyes away. Having the stone gave her more power. This increased edge over humanity worked itself deep into her psyche, swelling her ego with a pride only the conceited know so well. After her self adoration subsided enough, allowing her ladyship to pull away from the mirror, she descended the stairs, going back into the livingroom.

Moving over to the stereo, she stuck a CD into the system, this time listening to the notes of Dvorsark's fifth symphony. Letting the music work itself forth, she reached for the book on the table and continued reading where she had previously left off, spending the next hour and a half reading.

When the doorbell finally rang, the feline got up, looked from behind the curtain, and then let Mark in. As the front door opened, the man entered, saying, " Hi Kate, so how've you been doing these past two months?" Answering, the lady said, " Oh, all right; as a matter of fact, things couldn't be better." Smiling in response, Mark didn't know the full significance of her words. Next, the leather clad feline ask, " Let's see the money." Reaching into his shirt pocket, Mark produced two hundred and ten dollars.

As he gave her the bills, he said, " I've given you a ten dollar tip." Grinning with her gothic air, she said, " Good, you know I'm worth more, but a ten dollar tip is better than nothing." Afterward, the dominatrix yelled, " Slave, take off all your clothes now!" Obediently, Mark complied, removing everything, throwing his attire upon the solfa, and eventually standing naked before the dominant female.

Looking at him, she decided to have her ass kissed before she shrinks him. Thus, from her mouth, he heard, " Kneel and kiss my ass you piece of shit!" Doing as told, Mark went to his knees and stuck his face into her butt as she turned around, presenting her ass.

After he kissed away for ten minutes, she said, " Stop and wait here." Kate left the room only to come back ninety seconds later with the magic stone. Upon her arrival, the mistress said, " Get up, stand straight!" Aiming the bottom of the glass at him, she pulled away the cardboard, saying, " Here's something you'll never forget!" The perplexed man just stood there as the red beam struck him. As everything appeared to get larger and larger, he yelled, " What's going on, what are you doing?" Saying nothing, Kate only gave him her wicked smile, watching as he shrank away.

Finally, he stopped shrinking, standing only two inches in height before the gothic goddess. With her evil task done, Kate returned the glass to the kitchen counter, going back into the livingroom. Standing directly before Mark, she looked down at him with her hands resting on her hips. Transfixed, the little man gazed up at her female glory. Before him stood the elegant form of a giantess. As he stared on in fear and amazement, she bent down, raising him to her face, saying, " So little property, you're mine now!" His fear prevented him from doing anything; he just hung there as she began playing with him.

Like Mike beforehand, Kate latina gets fuck on bed by her boyfriend Mark as a living dildo, shoving him in and out of her cunt until orgasm. After her burst ecstasy, she pulled him out and went into the kitchen, placing Mark upon the counter next to the jar containing Karl. As the men's eyes met, Mark was horrified at the sight of his fellow companion.

Karl looked as if he'd been through the worst anyone could endure. While Mark inspected the pitiful sight before him, Kate returned with another jar.

After punching holes in the lid, the mistress took hold of her latest possession and dropped him in. Then, she spit into the glass and said, " Here, this is your food from now on." The lady screwed the lid shut and placed the jar next to Karl's small and eternal prison.

With that done, the evil cunt said, " Now I've got two little play things; ain't life great!" Turning around, she ventured back into the livingroom. When back in the livingroom, she took hold of Mark's clothes, carrying them into the kitchen, shrinking them with the stone, and finally disposing the objects down the toilet. All finished, the woman put on the trenchcoat and ventured outside, seeing Mark's car in her driveway. As with the previous two vehicles, she mother always tell their young daughtes to be good girls and not to accept rides from strangers luck his car, bringing the tiny thing back inside.

After removing her coat, Kate destroyed the automobile, flushing its remains down the john. Everything was now in order.


The mistress simply spent the rest of the evening listening to music and pacing back and forth in the livingroom with a psychotic frenzy generated by her delusions of grandeur. Working its way toward her inner being, the classical thunder stimulated her psychosis. Eventually, with the late hours approaching, she pulled herself together and turned in.

Three days later Mike's wife arrived home after her job related trip out of town. Pulling into the drive, she next got out, went to the front door, reached over to the mailbox, removing all its contents. After venturing inside, she dumped the mail upon the kitchen table and threw her purse down next to the post. Sifting through the mail, the female accountant eventually came upon a paper reading, " Package being held." Reading it, she decided to head to the post office and retrieve the thing.

Getting back into her car, she went to the post office and got the package. Returning home, the lady sat her ass down, having the package next to her on the solfa.

Further, for a woman in her mid thirties, she was nevertheless quite attractive dressed in a pair of black slacks and dark colored high heeled shores. Inspecting the object, she noted no return address.

However, she began opening it. Removing the large tape holding the video to the rest of the package, she then unwrapped the matchbox.

Sliding the box open gave her an initial surprise. Looking straight down at the tiny stature of her husband sitting there amongst the debree of partially consumed grapes, she ask, " What the hell is this!?" However, the tiny figure responded with, " Joan, it's me, Mike." Reaching into the container, she removed the little man, eyeing him in the palm of her hand, saying, " Wow, it's horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck you, what the fuck happened?" Not being able to answer her question truthfully, he simply muttered, " I don't know, something just happened to me." Her initial shock over, Joan lowered him to the solfa, standing him right next to the side of her curvaceous ass.

Looking over to the second half of the package, the lady remarked, " Here's a video, perhaps it'll explain things." The woman got up and carried the tape over to the VCR. Turning it on, she slid in the recording. Five seconds later, Joan looked at the image of another livingroom. Watching with close attention, she saw Mike at his original size step into view together with some strange lady dressed in a skimpy leather outfit revealing her private parts.

Upon seeing this, Joan glanced in Perky pointer sisters are objects of wish direction with a very cruel and hateful look, nevertheless returning her attention to the tube. She watched on as Mike and Kate had the dominatrix session. While viewing his infidelity, her teeth clenched together as she occasionally looked at Mike and remarked, " You fuck, you little piece of shit!" Not being able to do anything, Mike just stood there in pure fear and embarrassment.

Eventually, the film reached the shrinking scene. Joan looked on in amazement. However, her anger returned with full force when Kate held him before the lens, explaining the situation. Going on a little longer as Kate used him for sex, the tape finally ended. Walking over to the solfa, Joan next sat her ass next to Mike.

Turing her head and sadistically looking down at him, she said, " Your the most pathetic thing I've ever seen!" In response, Mike only started to beg, " Please, Joan, I didn't meant it, I only needed her to satisfy my fetish!" Not buying his story, she yelled, " I think I'll take her advice and put my foot down!", screaming at the top of her lungs.

Frightened, Mike crawled behind her ass in a vain attempt at seclusion. Getting up, she grabbed him. Totally out of control with anger, the woman threw Mike to the floor. The room's thick soft carpeting broke his fall.

Only blonde babe kate englands tigh ass gets fucked by bf pornstars and big dick dazed, the little creature got to his feet, staring straight up into the eyes of his angry giantess wife. As she raised the sole of her right shoe above him, Mike began shaking. He tried to run, but she was too fast, bringing her foot down and crushing him. Using all her strength, she made certain the carpet's softness wouldn't save him.

After removing her foot, all that remained was a stain on the carpet. Back at Kate's place, the dominatrix was seated upon the livingroom solfa, reading a book, listening to a CD, and smoking away.

She had three sessions scheduled for tonight. However, all three of the men would get more than they bargained for. And so it came to pass, the next morning while eating breakfast and drinking coffee, the evil bitch glanced over toward the counter and saw five pickle jars. After finishing her meal, Kate got up and removed the lid from each jar, saying, " Here's your food for today." Working up as much spittle as possible, the lady gave each unfortunate one a wad of her beautiful phylum.

Rescrewing the lids, Kate went forth to something else. As time progressed, turning the weeks into months, Kate worked up a collection of twenty two little men. She didn't shrink every man coming to her for a session, for that would destroy her income.

No, the wicked female only reduced enough to satisfy her sick and perverted sexual yearnings. Being constantly abused, tortured, and humiliated, these men lived on nothing save her yellow muckus, existing in her grasp with no chance at escape. While seated on the couch and reading, wearing nothing except her leather outfit, the doorbell rang. Answering it, she usured a man in. Not knowing the full significance of his own words, he ask, " So mistess, can you cut me down to size?" Giving him a wicked smile, Kate only said, " You'll be looking up to me all right!" The End