You are going to taste your own cum for me cei

You are going to taste your own cum for me cei
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This story is fictional and is only meant for entertainment purposes.ENJOYYY! My first sexual experience I was 16, horny and single not a good mix! Although I was attractive with short blonde hair, a toned body and deep blue eye, I had never had sex or a real relationship. I live in New York with my family and go to school. This say began like every other with me going to school bored and coming home bored. My friend for a few years, Adam, was a bit shorter than me with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a nice tan.

Me and Adam were walking through my neighbourhood when he told me about a girl who lives nearby who wanted to meet us Adam had met her over the internet. I joked with him arguing she was probably actually a 60 year old paedophile but he said she had sent him various pictures and she was fit so I wasn't going to risk missing out. We eventually got to this 'girls' house and Adam confidently banged on the door.

A girl around our age came to the door with a cheeky grin. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was young, a bit curvy with smooth skin and blonde hair. She was wearing jeans and a long cut t-shirt that gave petite jeune tres coquine avec son mec nice view of her nicely sized tits.

She invited us in after introductions and we sat down in her living room talking and joking. She asked if we wanted to hang around upstairs since her parents weren't home and we couldn't reject that offer! We headed upstairs, me and Adam too excited for what was going to happen next. The girl, Sarah, told us to wait in her room whilst she did something.

We waited, speechless on her bed in shock at what was going on. We heard footsteps and our hearts began racing. She walked in looking beautiful still.only this time she was wearing a small, tight pink bikini.

'What do you think boys?' Sarah joked. Me and Adam sat speechless until I said, 'It looks amazing!' She laughed and did a little dance for us! 'You two look bored!' Sarah complained, 'Let's sort that out!' She untied the bikini top releasing her nice breasts with medium sized smooth pink nipples.

She began rubbing them until they were erect and bouncing around to turn me and Adam on. We watched in awe and I knew both me and Adam's cocks would be going crazy, wanting to be unleashed. She seemed very confident which was sexy and she began lifting Adam's shirt off, exposing an amazing muscular tanned body which Sarah also liked.

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He sat still and watched his shirt get thrown across the room. Now she began removing my shirt showing off my 6 pac. She was impressed by our bodies and became very keen to continue the show. She then told us to remove our pants, leaving both of us in boxers with bulges slowly growing.

Sarah appeared turned on by our tents we had grown and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. She then bent over so we could really check out her ass and saw the outline of her pussy.

She pulled her panties to one side flashing the smooth pink of her pussy and little asshole. She then stood up, smiled and then laughed.

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'Now it's your turn, but if you want this you have to prove you really want it.' Sarah demanded. Me and Adam were scared we would miss out on Sarah and agreed. 'I want you to have full sex, not for long just a bit, to prove your dedication.' Sarah teased. I was immediately up for it due to the reward but didn't want to act like it! Adam agreed and so we sat in confusion wondering if this was going to happen.

Adam reached for the top of my boxers and slowly slid them off over my ass and finally my dick sprung out.


Sarah watched intensely whilst Adam glanced at what he was able to put in his mouth. My cock was stretched to its full 6 inches at this point. I was uncut, and trimmed my pubic hair, making my dick samantha parker sucks cock and spreads her legs on the table smoother, longer and cleaner.

Adam quickly closed his eyes and took my cock in my mouth. He wasn't great at it but as it was my first blowjob I loved it.

I felt precum flowing out and worried I would finish too early to get Sarah! Adam took his mouth away from my dick with a strand of precum dangling from his mouth which he swallowed. Adam then slid of his boxers, showing his completely shaven cock, circumcised with a big cockhead. Sarah smiled and prompted me to begin. I moved my head closer and took one final look at his hairless swinging balls and 7 inch hard cock.

I put it in my mouth and put it as far back in my throat as I could. I put my tongue on his dickhole and licked it until I tasted the salty precum flowing out. I then licked his balls and glanced at Adam who looked in heaven.

I then stopped and Sarah said 'you know what now,' she said. I panicked at the thought of anal sex with Adam but conformed for some reason. I got on my hands and knees and Adam rubbed his cockhead against my tight virgin asshole.

He then thrust it inside me, giving me a weird feeling if having something inside my body.


My cock became less hard due to how weird the sensation was and Sarah eventually said all the gay sex could stop! Thank God! Me and Adam felt very dirty after that but Sarah said it was sexy.

My ass still hurt from being stretched by Adam's cock and felt exposed. Sarah sat us down again, me and Adam in shock after what we just did, knowing we could never look at each other the same again! Sarah said she was really turned on and finally untied the strings to her panties.

They slipped to the floor exposing her hairless slit with her clit protruding from her pink slips. Me and Adam's cocks hit the roof again at this sight and Sarah began rubbing herself.

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I pulled my foreskin back to match Adam's and Sarah lay on her bed on her back, legs in the air opening both her holes for us. I entered her pussy first whilst Adam took her from her backdoor. Adam thrust hard and Granny say nbut son fuck was screaming, while I slowly entered her wet, tight pussy. The sensation of my foreskin pulling back further inside her and her wet pussy walls felt amazing.

Adam wanted to continue with the anal so I had no complaints and began getting faster and harder. I began rubbing her clit as my hard cock slid in and out of her little slit. Sarah moaned in extreme pleasure and grabbed her tits, rubbing them immensely.

I felt close to cumming and released we both had no condoms. I kept going until I was on the edge of cumming and stood above Sarah's mouth, with her pussy juice dripping into her own mouth!

Adam then withdrew, leaving her pussy and ass to relax after that double pounding. Me and Adam stood above Sarah's mouth and jerked ourselves off until we both cummed into her mouth.

As my balls emptied I realised Adam's cum was going on my cock too! We laughed and lay down together, tired and sweaty. Me and Adam's cocks deflating covered in cum and Sarah collapsed on her bed with her faces covered in our cum. Me and Adam slowly got dressed whilst taking sneaky glances at Sarah's wet, tired pussy still open from my cock entering it. Sarah shouted come back soon to us and me and Adam walked out.

Me and Adam laughed, went back to my house and repeated the anal.until our next encounters with Sarah! Hope you enjoyed! Please comment!!