Longe legged babe gets fucked from behind

Longe legged babe gets fucked from behind
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Dave came home from his best day ever at school happier than he had ever been. He was so happy he grabbed his mother as he walked in, without realising it, and kissed her hard on the lips.

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He knew what he had just done but to be honest it wasn't actually meant. He put his mother down who was by now just smaller than him. She had never been very tall.

She was one of those people who were always inviting and warm, cute and wonderful. But at heart she loved herself most when she was in a wonderfully sexy dress, oh and of course when she was naked. She stepped back from Dave in shock and asked what he had been doing that had made him so happy. "Oh. nothing I just… eh… won in PE," He stammered out not wanting to tell her the truth, "You know nothing much." "OK, well good for you," She said not really sure what to believe but not really having any good reason to dought him so just believed him.

Dave jumped over the back of nughty america sex stories prin xx sofa and sat and began to watch TV.

As he watched two things slowly occured to him one being that the TV program was unbelievably shite and the other was that a georgous woman was cuddling into his arm and he suspected that she wanted him in more ways than just as a pillow.

He came to the second revelation as he began t ignore the TV and payed attention to his sexy mother.

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He tried as hard as he could to be subtle but it was just too difficult and sure enough as he watched her eventually he found the perfect face of his mother looking back with love at his face. She then leant forward and pecked him on the cheek.

As she sat back down her breasts bounced slightly making her skimpy bra shift slightly out of place. Dave had noticed this even though he looked almost dead as he was still reliving the moments of the day in his mind. Christine was sitting and then suddenly realised that her breasts her out of shape as they were being twisted from her out of place bra.

She sat back and tried to adjust her cleavage through her top before giving up slightly and putting her hands under her top to adjust them.


Dave suddenly woke up at this point and noticed. He new though that he would seem just plane weird if he just stared again, so against his will he looked back at the TV, only watching her struggle out of the corner of his eye. "Dave," Christine said innocently," You wouldn't mind if I just took my t-shirt off so I can get this bugger straight, would you?" "Em I.

no" Dave said unsure of whether or not she was being serious. Christine then took the thin stretched material of her T-shirt in her soft hands and slowly pulled it over her gorgeous body. Her breasts briefly being pulled up as her T-shirt passed over them. Suddenly her beautiful breasts were there in front of him and just asking to be touched. He noticed that one her nipples was poking out of her bra giving him a brief view of it before her bra was pulled back to it's correct space.

"At last," She said triumphantly. Trying not to look too disappointed he looked back at the TV. "You won't mind if I change the channel, would you?" Christine asked. "Eh, well not really" Dave said quietly.

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The TV was then changed through a few channels never really settling on a channel. Eventually the TV was switched off. Dave looked at his mum only to find that the TV remote was heading straight for his head. He shot his arms up and caught the remote. He looked at his mother walk off, her ass swaying as she walked. She went to the kitchen closing the door behind. A few minutes later following a number of cupboards banging there was the unforgettable sound of food sizzling.

Dave now knew his mum would be about 20 minutes, He decided that this my just be enough to jerk off. So he slid his hand down his trousers and onto his erect cock. As he started to toss himself off, he grabbed the TV remote and put it back on. He began to flick through the channels until he got to what, if he had them, would be the porn channels. One of the channels was not dead as he had expected. There were two blonde bombshells slowly stripping off in a large generic porno bedroom set.

He stopped and then sped up his movements in other places. He was really into frigging himself that he wasn't sure whether he would actually notice anything if it happened. Then suddenly he was sure he heard a door open so he pulled his hand out and grabbed the remote changing the channel quicker than you could say "wet cunt".

He looked over at the kitchen door to find it closed with no-one around. He shook it off and ignored it. He then walked through to the kitchen doing his best to conceal it his boner. He walked to find his mother just getting diner out of the oven.

"Oh I was just going to get you to come through" Christine said as she almost crashed into her only son. "Just sit at the table I'll be in, in a minute" Dave gave her a thumbs up and strolled through to the dining table. He sat down and waited.

Christine came in her legs showing slightly as she was wearing a quite revealing mini-skirt. She walked over and placed the food on the table. Dave began to eat the wonderful food. Christine then looked at him. "So, how's school been?" Dave's mum asked. Suddenly, at hearing this he chocked loudly before saying, "Eh. yeah fine." "I'm so glad," Christine said as she began to run her foot blowing gloryhole ho jizz interracial and creampie and down Dave's leg slowly, "I really am.

I don't want you to ever feel you can't come to me about anything, good or bad. Anything I want to know." "Well OK mum" "Well." She said almost accusingly. "Eh well I got a new teacher" "And?" "Well, I dunno she nice" He said as his cock slowly rose as his mothers foot moved slightly closer to his cock. "What do, you mean like" "I'm not sure. I. well I like her." He stammered out Christine smiled before asking another question. "Is she beautiful?" "What?" Dave replied unnerved "Is she beautiful?

I don't wanna scare you all I want is to chat. So come on, feel free to chat to me." She said managing to make him comfortable. Before answering Dave had to think for a second because he had never really opened up to his mum before about these sorts of things and now she was talking to him, about a teacher to do with those sorts of things.

"Yes she is so beautiful" Dave blurted out before he changed his mind. Christine smiled slightly and said, "Sounds nice. Is she more beautiful than me?" "No, of course not no one…" He cut himself of as he realised what he was saying "I mean well." Christine simply smiled and moved her foot right up his leg onto his cock. It instantly reacted to the touch.

Blood rushed to his cock and gave Christine a small jolt.


She jumped slightly as she felt it. "Ooooo, we are a happy boy aren't we?" She said to the 17 year-old. She stood up her erect nipples slightly pressing through her thin t-shirt. She walked to Dave and as she walked she reached down to her top just as before and slowly brought it over her head. Her breasts again got pulled up by the tight T-shirt as it passed over the soft smooth breasts.

Dave was in complete shock and just sat there like a complete idiot. Christine bent over, revealing her breasts slightly, and grabbed Dave's collar and pulled him up to her level and ever so slightly passed it. She placed her lusciously smooth lips up against his. Kissing with an intensity that Dave had never felt before Christine slowly teased his mouth open a bit more and almost forced her tongue into his waiting mouth.

Almost instinctively Dave traced his mother's tongue while they kissed. Christine unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the ground leaving her in only her underwear which there was not exactly a lot of.

She wouldn't let it go unnoticed so she undid her son's jeans and let them fall down but samantha mack joi cei instructions that didn't do it so she stepped back, still holding his left hand, and lead him to her bed. As they got there she sat on the bed and slowly moved back, while Dave followed and clambered after her undressing as he went.

The two of them lay down on the bed and practically sucked the back teeth out of each others mouths as they were kissing so intensely. Suddenly Dave grabbed his boxers and pulled them down letting his massively erect penis free.

As they lay there it rubbed against his mother's already wet mound. As soon as Christine realised she looked down to see the end of his cock staring straight back at her. She then sat up and undid her bra letting her breasts fall to their natural position. Then quickly she pulled her pants down, and revealed her tight, moist pussy to his desperate eyes.

He instantly grabbed her and pushed her down onto the bed, face-up. He then rammed his erect cock into his mother hole. Her face screwed up as she was fucked. The power of the fuck was through lust alone. Christine took Dave's head and pulled it down onto her breast making him suck it. This inevitably slowed down the power slightly, you try fucking a woman so hard your almost ripping her pussy open while sucking her nipple and not biting it off!

Dave's cock needed to get a bit of rest or he felt that it would fall off.


Christine wasn't gonna last long and she was already getting very wet. As Dave's cock rubbed against her inner skin and brung her over the edge letting out an uncontrollable scream. "Now who's happy" Dave said while gasping for breath. "Me honey, definitely me"