Amateur lesbian chicks get their tight vulvas licked and reamed

Amateur lesbian chicks get their tight vulvas licked and reamed
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Years later, I look back, having become the queen of sluts, willing to be degraded for a good orgasm, willing to fuck and suck any cock. Like last night when I bent over a urinal in the men's room at my local pub and let two well-hung black guys fuck me silly and a third cum in my mouth, after which they gave me a nice golden shower while I frigged my raw pussy. But how did it start? With Dad really. Twenty years ago, sex wasn't quite so available or easy to find out about, but I'd seen a few magazines hidden in my father's dresser drawer, mostly naked women and few men.

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So I laid in my bed at night and fondled my private parts, but I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly until I turned 14. My breasts had suddenly grown, and I was wearing a B-cup bra.

And boys had definitely attracted my attention. My first real date didn't turn out as I'd planned, except for the part where I finally got kissed and felt up a little bit. I'd been dreaming of dating Craig, who was a two years ahead of me, and he actually asked me out.

I was in seventh heaven. My father was really pissed off about it, but my mom said it was perfectly normal for a girl my age to have a date, even if the boy was 16 and driving. He was actually closer to 18, having been held back in school, but they didn't know that. We had dinner at a pizza place where a lot of Craig's friends blonde milf tanya tate masturbates while watching lesbian porn masturbating pornstar out.

They kept coming over to the table and asking him weird questions I didn't totally understand, like were the cherries getting picked tonight. And Craig, beside me in the booth, would grin and drape his arm around my shoulder so that his hand just grazed the side of my breast. I sort of shoved it away, being embarrassed, and the guys would laugh and stare at my chest. Another boy said something about muff diving, but I didn't get that either.

I was supposed to be old and wild granny craves to get a cock by ten, so we parked just out of sight of my house and Craig didn't waste any time. He slid over on the bench seat and started kissing me, his tongue in my mouth. And his hand was squeezing my breast, kneading it, pinching t the nipple which was getting kind of hard. I didn't know what to do but kiss him back and before I knew it, his hand was under my blouse and inside my bra.

It felt good, but kind of scary. I'd had the lectures from my mom about what boys wanted, but at the moment I didn't care. So I only half-heartedly tried to push his hand away. He quickly unbuttoned my blouse and I tried to stop him, but he kept going, yanking my bra up over my breasts. "hey," he said, taking a breath, "You've got some nice tits, babe, it's what guys like…and this," he added, shoving a hand up my skirt. This time I grabbed his wrist, but he was a fullback on the high school team and outweighed me by 100 pounds or so.

"What are you?" he said. "Little cocktease? I know what you want. Bet your sweet little cherry cunt is already creaming." "Cherry?" I stammered.

He laughed. "You are naïve. Means you've never been fucked. Never had a man's cock in your hot little box. I bet the guys you were a cherry pussy, and it's all mine." Now I was getting scared, but he started kissing me again and I felt him take my hand and put it on his crotch.

"Feel that? Now that's a cock, sweetheart. A lonely milf is looking for a cock cock. Rub it up and down. . or do you want me to tell everyone at school what a baby you are." I started rubbing, and he squeezed me between my legs, and pulled the crotch of my panties aside. His cock was getting harder and harder. . and suddenly the door of the car swung open, and there was my stepfather, looking furious.

He yanked me out of the car and told Craig to get the hell out of there or he'd have him arrested. Craig screeched away and left me standing there, half naked. My stepfather spun me around to face him, and he had the strangest look on his face. "I knew what you were from day one," he said. "A slut. Now march." I tried to button my blouse but he slapped my hand away.

"Might as well let the world see what you've got, you little slut." In the house he shoved me ahead of him up the stairs. I was hoping my mother would rescue me from whatever punishment he had in mind, but their bedroom door was closed tight. I looked longingly toward it, and he shoved me again.

"I sent your mother to bed, and told her to stay there. I knew something like this would happen." What followed was only the beginning of four years of humiliation, servitude, and training or is it brainwashing. My stepfather was a psychologist and hypnotherapist, so I often wonder if that had something to do with him turning me into a virtual nymphomaniac.


More than 20 years later, I obediently drop to my knees and suck his cock when he 'cums" to visit me. But in the beginning, I was terrified of him. That night he took me into my room and sat down on a chair, pulling his belt from the belt loops and wrapping it around his hand.

"Take off your clothes, what's left of them," he snarled. "Let's see what's got your boyfriend so hot and bothered." My eyes glued to the leather strap, I obeyed. In seconds I was completely naked.

I tried to cover my crotch, but he snapped at me. "Put your hands behind your head, and push out your chest." I did so. "Hmm, not bad for young and untouched. . until tonight that is.

Or have you been letting the other boys at school handle you? Maybe you've already got a reputation, and that's why Craig thought he could do whatever he madison hart in never trust your ex, I haven't, I swear. That was the first time." "And the last," he said firmly. "I have a feeling about you, Linda. I think you're very submissive, and I'm going to teach you how to do it properly." "I don't understand, Daddy." "You will.

Your mother does. But we'll talk about that another time.

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First a little punishment is in order for your wanton sluttishness with that boy." He stood up and before I knew what was happening, the belt slapped across my bare ass. I yelped and tried to cover it. "Do that again," he warned and I'll whip those pretty little tits next." He gave me ten more good ones, until tears ran down my face. Then he sat down again.

"Come over here." I walked within reach and he pulled me closer. "Is your pussy wet?" he asked. "along with your ass being nice and hot." I blushed with shame. "I don't know," I said. He roughly spread my labia and fingered me. He smiled. "Dripping. So you liked that brat feeling you up, mauling your tits." "No." He yanked the tiny hairs and I yelped. "Don't lie to me, bitch.

Don't ever let me catch you lying to me. Now, you liked his hands on you, didn't you?" "Yes." "Yes. . sir," he corrected. "Or 'Daddy' if I tell you to.


Now let me explain the facts of life, little girl." He laid the belt in his lap and used both hands to squeeze my breasts hard. "Some females are just born submissive, born to serve, to be used, and they end up getting a great deal of pleasure from it. But their pleasure is not the primary goal. It is the man using them who calls the shots, who decides what they can and cannot do.

For now I will be lenient in letting you have your immature little pleasure, but later, you will learn more obedience." He switched to my crotch again and started rubbing the hard little nub I had discovered in my own explorations. He smiled at the look on cute girl gets her face fucked anal face and slid a finger inside my wet hole. "Lesson number one," he said "is that this hole is for a man's cock, or anything else he chooses to put in it, purely for his amusement." He wiggled the finger around and watched me squirm.

"Good, it's better if you like it, though I wouldn't particularly care if you didn't. Now get on your knees between my legs." I obeyed once more. "Unzip my pants. It's time you saw a real cock, because that's going to be your focus, little girl. You're going to learn to worship this dick of mine, and service it in every hole you've got. Your cunt, your mouth, your ass. . all mine, all the time. I catch you so much as letting some young punk touch you, you'll be sorry.

Now unzip my pants and take out my big fat dick." Tonight you're going to learn how to be a good little cocksucker. And then you're going to be my personal whore for a long time to come." Dad was right. His manhood was long and as thick as my wrist.

I didn't see how I could even get the enormous purple head in my mouth, but he pinched the sides of my jaw to make me open wide and taught me cocksucking the hard way --- suck or choke on it. He fucked my mouth and fondled my breasts, which he said I could only call tits from then on.

As a matter of fact, no more health class words like vagina and penis and anus. No, the acceptable vocabulary in his presence was cunt, pussy, fuckhole, dick cock, asshole.

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In private he would only refer me to as slut, bitch, or whore, his little piece of fuckmeat. That night, I learned about the cherry picking. He made me lie on the bed and pull my knees back to my chest and spread my legs. At first he diddled my wet pussy and sucked on my hard nipples.


He even licked me between the legs, driving his tongue inside me. I began to squirm, as much from the tingle it gave me as from the fear of what he was going to with that monster pole dangling hard between his legs. He straddled for a bit and rubbed it all over my face and made me lick it some more. "You'll service this, little Linda, every time I want it, every time I tell you.

You belong to me, my personal sex toy. Your mother bores me, you know, even when she grovels the way I like. But now I can see more interesting entertainment in the future." He slid back down and rubbed the head of his cock in my slit.

"Feel it, you hot little bitch. . feel that big pole, that's going inside you, all the way up your tight twat. You're going to get fucked tonight, and fucked good and proper." He began to push, and I cringed. He slapped my face. "Don't even try to pull away. As a matter of fact, say 'Fuck me, Daddy.

Fuck my pussy.'" When I didn't answer fast enough, he yanked a nipple hard. "Say it!" I swallowed hard and whispered, "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck my pussy." "Louder," he demanded, pushing again. "But Mum will hear." "Of course she'll hear. I told her I was going to have your cherry cunt tonight. All the better if she hears it loud and clear. She knows what's what. She's a slut, just like you. Hell, she sucks of your brother's cock almost every day.

Now say it out loud," I was shocked, but did as I was told. My brother? "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck my pussy!" He pushed into my tight hole relentlessly.

I cried out. "Relax, bitch girl," he said, leering at me. "You'll get used to all 9 inches of fat cock in you." The pain was searing, but he thumbed my little nub, my clit, he called it, and shocks of pleasure kept bouncing around in between the spasms of pain. "That's it," he said, chuckling. "Keep squirming around on my cock, I like it that way. Push back, that's good." Deeper and deeper teen cutie in white stockings fucked on a desk I thought I couldn't take any more, until I thought it was coming out my throat.

And over and over he made me say the variations on a theme, "fuck me, daddy, fuck my hole, shove it in me, harder, harder daddy&hellip.fuck your little whore." He did, hard and for a long time. I was ashamed and humiliated, yet squirming inside with sensations I didn't even understand, building up inside me until I felt like I didn't want him to stop. . I did, but I didn't. Suddenly he pulled out his cock and pointed it at my mouth.

"Open up, little slut, and swallow Daddy's nice big load of cum. Every drop or it's the belt for you, and I'll whip your pussy besides." I opened and hot creamy salty sperm jetted onto my tits, my face and then into my mouth.

"Swallow!" he said. Gagging, I choked it down.

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He rubbed his slimy cock all over my face. "Now lick me clean. That's part of your job. Lick off your pussy juice and all that lovely cum." "Rub it into your tits, too. Hmm, that's nice." he got off the bed and said, "Don't move, I'll be right back." Moments later he returned with his camera. "A new photo series," he laughed. "Cherry busted, freshly fucked. Now spread your legs wide and show me the pussy." He took several shots and close-ups of my crotch and my cum-covered face and tits.

"Tomorrow we'll do some video," he said. Then he went to the dresser and took out some scarves. "I want your legs wide open all night, just in case I want adrianna rossi likes to fuck him dry come back for a little more pussy.

And besides, this will keep your mind on your new job. He tied my hands and feet to the bed posts of my twin bed so I was spread open. Then he ran his hand over my belly, down into my cunt, and the contact made me jump. "Sensitive little clit…that's good. Tight pussy, perky little tits that are getting bigger every day. I'm going to enjoy your services quite often." He didn't bother to cover me with the sheet, but went to the door.

"Of course your brother Derek will, too, but not quite yet. I think I'll keep you to myself for a while. By the way, you won't be in school tomorrow. You'll be staying home for some more training." He walked out and left the door wide open. Hours later I was awaked by the head of his cock being shoved against my lips. It was dark in the room. "Suck it, bitch" was all I heard, and I sucked Daddy's rod until he was so hard he had to shove it into my cunt.

He deposited his cum on my chest and face and left again. Light was filtering into the room when I awoke to see my brother standing over me, leering at my nakedness. "Well, looks like the little princess got herself fucked good and proper. Dad told me he'd had you." He rubbed the front of his pants. "And I'll have you too, you stuckup little bitch, once Dad's had enough of your tight little fuckhole. Then you'll be on your knees every minute you're home. I like it doggie style.

And Dad says you'll end up a bitch in heat, just like Mom." I was released only once that day to empty my aching bladder, but never allowed to clean up. Later, Daddy came in an put some sort of electric dildo in my pussy and turned it on, sending shivers through me. "Once you've come a few dozen times, my sweet little slut, you'll be begging for more." Well, Daddy was right in the long run, though at first the idea of being his sex toy was mortifying.

But he gave me tranquilizers sometimes that made me relaxed and happy. And now that everything was out in the open, he'd make all sorts of crude jokes about my sluttiness, even at the dinner table. He delighted in humiliation, for he was a master of the art. If there were raw carrots to be served, he'd put one on my plate, then tell me to stand up, pull down my panties and insert it into my cunt until dinner was over. Then I'd have to lick it and eat it. He'd sometimes make me come to the table naked, so that he and Derek could leer at me and fondle me.

He'd make me stick bits of beef or cheese into my pussy and let the dog in, a friendly Labrador, who'd go under the table hunting food and end up sniffing and licking between my legs trying to extract the food. I was forbidden to do anything about it, except spread my legs wider. When I came home from school, a dildo firmly strapped into my pussy to have it ready for his daily usage, I had to kneel and kiss the front of his trousers and beg to suck him.

If he wasn't home, I was to suck off my brother first. I began to live my role, and love the feel of the thickness between my legs whilst I was at school. I'd squirm a little in my chair and feel tiny waves of orgasm course through me.

I was ordered to wear very tight blouses with low cut cleave and short skirts. The boys all leered and seemed to know I was a slut. And despite my father's warnings to stay away from them, one day I had no choice for a conspiracy had been formed, led by Craig and one of his mates, a sex for a chap during massage hardcore and handjob black teenager, to have some fun with this 14 year old hot piece of ass.

They planned it well, and thus I got my first taste of a double rape bent over the bench in the boy's locker room. But that's for another chapter. And the humiliation only got worse.

Daddy had lots of interesting and profitable plans, and years later I still cream at the thought of being thoroughly used like a bitch in heat.