Filthy teen slut double penetrated and facial cumshot

Filthy teen slut double penetrated and facial cumshot
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Evan Thomas. Boy how that name brings back memories of a little kid in 2nd grade that wanted to marry me. Oh well, you know how those things go.

You go through school, make new friends, and drift apart. I don't even remember what he looked like back in high school. Yet, today, through some twist of fate, he and I are going to try and rekindle a friendship that hasn't existed in over 30 years.

I'm very nervous. After all, I'm a lot older, overweight and I don't have a whole lot going for me, but somehow, this lunch is exciting and makes me feel good about myself because I know that he too is older and different than he muslim blasphemy mia khalifa tries a big black dick in high school.

When I walk into the restaurant and walk toward the table where he is patiently waiting, I can tell by the look on his face that he likes what he sees and I am encouraged. He gives me a hug and I get a whiff of him, the smell that will forever define him in my mind, and in that instant I know that things are going to go well. He immediately makes me feel like we've been friends forever and have never lost touch. But I am nervous, and when I'm nervous I have the unstoppable gift of gab.

I start blabbing about things I've done that I probably shouldn't admit to someone I'm trying so hard to impress. Things seem to drift very quickly to sexual topics. Of course, the reason this meeting was set up was to prove that some silly survey on Facebook that evaluated Evan as a bad kisser was not true. I figured at the very least, I would get a very passionate kiss out of the deal, but already I wanted more.

Unfortunately, both Evan and I are married.


Neither of us is really looking to leave our spouses, but I can tell by the conversation that he wouldn't be opposed to a little fling and, to be honest, neither would I. I have somehow already decided that I would take this as far as he was willing to go. I could feel it in my gut, or more truthfully, lower in my groin. I start talking about the different men I've been with, both good and bad, how my husband and I used to swing, mate swapping and my sexual experimentation.

He doesn't seem put off, though. He is smiling at me, the kind of smile that reaches his eyes and I notice a devilish little twinkle that tells me that he likes what he hears. We continue to talk over lunch and after a couple of hours of constant conversation, we decide it is time to call it an afternoon and I nervously let him walk me to my car. We stand there like a couple of school kids, not sure what to do or say.

After all, I want that kiss, but as he puts his arms around me to give me a hug and he pulls me close and pecks my lips, I chicken out and say something lame about it not being the right time or place and we would continue this next time.

What an idiot! My body is on fire and I can't even bring myself to kiss this man who obviously likes me because I know that one kiss will not be enough. When that kiss happens, it will lead to more and I wasn't prepared for that today. So we get in our cars and go our separate ways with a promise to do it again before he leaves town at the end of the week.

As I am driving home, I begin to feel the idiocy of my decision so I pick up my cell phone and call him. He answers with a slight question in his tone and I tell him that I am already regretting my decision and I insist that I be given another chance. "I want that kiss" I tell him, and he laughs and promises that he will give me another chance. Maybe lunch tomorrow. I tell him he can meet me at work and we can go to lunch so I wouldn't arouse too date slam yo gorgeous french babe met off instagram suspicion at home.


He agrees and now I am running all kinds of scenarios in my head. They are all pretty clich? I lead him into my office, I close and lock the door, and then I throw his body against the wall and force myself on him, telling myself I didn't care if anyone outside the office heard or wondered.

I was ready to do this and the anticipation of it was making my non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks juices flow. I was constantly running to the ladies room to dry myself off because I didn't think that when he reached for my pussy, the wet panties would be very appealing. But, the plans go awry and I find myself all dressed up with no place to go because Evan worked until five in the morning and just didn't make it up in time for lunch.

So, as I try to hide my disappointment, I agree that we will try dinner the next night hoping this will work with his schedule. When I call Evan the next afternoon, I offer to pick him up at his hotel. I want to make sure that if the kiss leads to more, there is someplace to go and I intend to make sure it leads to more.

I want this and I want him so bad that my concentration is nonexistent. I could think of nothing else all day except for how I was going to force myself on this poor, unsuspecting man, and make him fuck me like there was no tomorrow. I pick him up, we go to the restaurant right next door to his hotel to save time and the dinner goes so well that when it comes time to drop him off at his hotel, it is too late for him to do anything except get ready for work and because when we pull up to the hotel entrance, there are a couple of people from his work sitting out front, I once again have to settle for the obligatory peck on the cheek and I drive away, panties soaking wet, wondering if I will get another chance at this or if it is just not meant to be.

As I am driving home, singing loudly to the radio in an excellent mood, my mother calls and tells me my dad has taken a turn for the worse and won't live through the night. I need to fly back home right away and I realize that I won't get another chance with Evan before he leaves. I've blown my opportunity to feel those lips upon mine or to satisfy the yearning I've been feeling since our first encounter.

When I return from my dad's funeral, Evan is gone. I've been bold and tried to call, sent numerous messages, but I get no response. At this point I am sure that our encounter was nothing more than a distraction while he was in town and now that he is gone, so is my chance to show him how I feel. It's funny that I feel so strongly about a man I barely know, yet I can't think of anything or anyone else. I'm torn apart because my body still yearns to feel his touch and I call and leave a message telling him that I can't go on feeling this way and it is best if I just walk away…he won't hear from me again.

With that, I make plans for a weekend alone in the hill country to gather myself and my feelings and return to continue my humdrum life of going to work, cooking dinner, fantasizing while reading romance novels, and going to bed. When I arrive at the hotel, I tell myself that I am going to have a good time, but all I can think about is Evan. I pretty myself up, get all dressed up and take myself mom and son massage forced dinner hoping to find someone who can distract me from the emptiness I'm feeling inside.

But, my heart is not in it, and I return to my room to stare at my computer and sit by the quiet river behind the hotel with a bottle of wine at my side. I decide I should just go to bed early and get an early start home in the morning. I take my sleeping pills and cry myself to sleep, depressed that I no longer have the ability to have fun like I used to. I awaken to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I humiliatedmilfs bi milfs francesca and kylie hunger for each others pussy the time…2:00a.m.

It's Evan. I assume he's gotten my numerous voicemails and is calling to tell me to leave him alone, but he is quiet, sounding a little drunk. He tells me he knows that I've had a hard couple of weeks and as much as he would like to see me again, I am in Texas and he is in California. I apologize for being so troublesome, but he hushes me.

"You don't know how badly I want to put my mouth on your pussy", he tells me, and I my body lights up, every inch tingling while I become so wet, I have to remove my underwear. I find myself laying there on the bed while Evan continues to tell me how he wants to use his tongue to explore every inch of my body and my hand drifts down between my legs and I begin massage to myself, not really even listening to the voice on the phone, but imagining his face nestled between my legs, his tongue flicking back and forth on my clit.

My body tenses as I erupt in orgasm, the spasms continuing on for several minutes. When I finally come back to my senses and turn my attention to my phone, the line is dead.

Evan had hung up and I have no idea what his last words were to me. I drive home the next day more confused than I was the day before. Did Evan really care for me? I kept hearing his words over and over again in my head.

"You bizarre fucked-up porn 30 tube porn know how badly I want to put my mouth on your pussy," and with every repetition, I get wetter and wetter. When I get home, I decide to call him and find out just how our phone conversation had ended. When I call, he answers but sounds very distracted. He says that he is in the middle of making arrangements and can't talk and with that, I hang up.

Perhaps I had dreamt the whole thing. But my phone shows that there was a call from him at 2:00a.m. He must have just been drunk and not even realized what he had said.

Once again, I feel my hopes slip away to nothing. What I fantasized last night will never happen, and Evan may not be back in Texas for months or maybe even years. I convince myself I need to forget about him and try to return to my normal life. My life does return to normal with the exception that I cannot get Evan out of my brain. He has burned himself into my memory forever.


When I close my eyes, I can see his smile, that devilish twinkle in his eye. I can smell him and feel the heat of his body. As I sit at my desk at work, I try to concentrate on my reports, but everything seems to remind me of Evan. As I am about ready to leave for the day, my phone rings. It's Evan. That's odd. It's been over a week without a word. He was the last person I expected to hear from, but I feel my stomach flutter and my heart starts to pound as I say hello.

"I owe you an apology" he says. "I haven't been neglecting you. I've gotten all of your messages but I've been so busy with this job in LA, I just haven't had a chance to get back with you until now." He goes on to tell me that his home office, located in Dallas, has scheduled him for a job in San Antonio and he was hoping that, perhaps, I would be willing to give him a second chance.

He will arrive there on Friday night, 3 days away, and will be there through the weekend before he is off to another state for yet another job. At first, I am so surprised I don't know how to respond.

There is nothing more I would love than to meet him in San Antonio, walk along the riverfront, take in the sights, then return xxxe kajal x story sex stories my room where I can throw myself at him and ease some of the sexual tension I've been feeling. "I need to get laid" I tell myself, "and I'd be a fool not to take advantage of this opportunity." Evan laughs and I realize that I had spoken out loud.

"Don't you worry" he says, "I have plans for you." I feel that flutter in my stomach, that heat in my groin and that wetness between my legs and I rush home to prepare for a weekend of unimaginable pleasure. Or at least, I hope that's what happens. After all, my fantasies are based on conjecture. Evan's kiss could be the end of everything. A bad first kiss could certainly spoil the mood for me, and isn't that what the survey said, that Evan is a bad kisser?

Now I begin to worry how I can get out of this if things don't work out. It would be very embarrassing if Evan wasn't able to live up to my expectations. And trust me, I have pretty high expectations…or at least my libido does. But, I've made the commitment and I have to go. Besides, if I don't, I will always wonder "what if".

Friday afternoon, I make the four hour drive to San Antonio. Evan is waiting for me in the hotel lobby. He tells me he has already checked in and he picks up my bag. "I still need to check in" I tell him. "No you don't," he says, "you are staying with me.

I have plans for you, remember, and they start right now." Not knowing what to say, I simply say nothing and follow him to the elevator. He opens the door to the room and my jaw drops. It is beautiful. The suite has a main sitting area, a small kitchen/dining area and two bedrooms. "Hmmm", I ask myself. "What kind of plans could he have that includes two bedrooms?" But I am too embarrassed to ask. "Why don't you go relax in the tub until dinner arrives" he says.

"I've already run the water, bubble bath and candles included. There is also a bottle of wine, in case you need to ease some of that tension you were complaining about." He laughs as he takes my arm and leads me into the spa bath. "Call me if you need anything" he says. "I'll be right outside listening to a little music.

Take your time. Dinner won't arrive for another couple of hours", and with that, he turns and walks out closing the door behind him. As I slip out of my clothes, I hear Michael Bubĺ́e on the stereo. I pour myself a glass of wine and slip into the bubbly bath.

I close my eyes and try to relax. A knock at the door wakes me. I must have dosed off after the 3rd glass of wine. I was nervous and hoping the wine would help relax me. I guess it worked. "Is everything okay in there" Evan says without opening the door. "It's been pretty quiet and I just wanted to make sure you hadn't drowned yourself." "I'll be right out, but I need a robe. Can you hand me one?

There should be one in my bag." I hear him walk away and I quickly get out of the tub, wrapping one towel around my head to dry my hair and another around my fapli sex storys latin babe massage by cockolded. I decide it's now or never, so when he knocks on the door and opens it slightly to hand me the robe, I grab the door and open it all the way.

The look on his face quickly turns from one of surprise to one of pleasure. "You look absolutely beautiful with the water sparkling off your skin. I'd like to lick every last drop off your body." I look from his eyes down to the top of the towel, then back up to his eyes as I loosen the towel and let it fall around my ankles.

I slowly walk date slam yo gorgeous french babe met off instagram to him and gently kiss him on the lips, and then I whisper in his ear "I hope you're thirsty because I'm pretty moist." I hear a small grunt come from deep within him as he scoops me up in his arms, takes me to the bedroom, and lays me gently on the bed with my legs hanging over the side.

He takes a couple of steps back and without ever taking his eyes off me, he removes his shirt and unbuckles his belt. He then climbs on the bed with me, one knee on either side of my body, bends down and kisses me. He starts off gently, a series of little kisses gently on my lips, but as the passion builds, he thrusts his tongue into my mouth and I meet it with mine and I moan.

He then starts to kiss a trail down my body, starting with a nibble on my ear, working his way down my neck down to my breast bone. He stops and lifts his head to look at me, and then he slowly lowers his mouth to my breast, using his tongue to play with my nipple until it is rock hard. Then he takes as much of my breast as he can into his mouth and encases my nipple between his teeth. Once again I moan and I lift my body to meet his.

Taking this as encouragement, he bites down on my nipple, watching my reaction. I scream with pleasure as my body begins to writhe beneath him.

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He then moves to the other breast and repeats the process, fapli sex storys latin babe massage by cockolded exactly the same reaction. At this point, my heart is pounding and I begin to run my fingers through his hair. He continues with his trail of kisses, working his way down my stomach, stopping to kiss the small tuft of hair just above my clit. I can feel the heat of his breath and it makes me writhe with anticipation.

He teasingly kisses all around my clit but never touches it. Looking me in the eye once again, he sticks his tongue out of his mouth as he lowers his mouth and slowly runs it across my clit.

I exhale, not realizing I had been holding my breath. I hear him moan as I lift my hips to meet his touch. It takes only minutes before I scream and my body convulses in orgasm. Before the spasms have subsided, he is back at it, licking my clit in intervals of fast motions and slow motions. He stops and says "You are so wet and you taste so good, I want you to come again for me so I can quench my thirst." He then inserts two fingers into my pussy and moves them in an up and down motion while he uses the fingers of his other hand to expose my clit and lick it with the tip of his tongue.

At this point, I am screaming and he presses down on my hips to keep me from squirming out of his reach. He increases his speed as he finger-fucks me and as I scream that I am about to come, he quickly pulls his hand and face away and my come squirts like a fountain from my pussy to his open mouth.

He then lowers his mouth to my pussy once again and licks until he has consumed every drop. "Oh my God I can't believe that just happened!" I exclaim as I jump up off the bed and he stares at me with a confused look on his face.

I was horrified. I just drowned a man with my orgasm! I didn't even know that could happen. "I thought it was wonderful" he says, wiping the last traces of moisture from his face with the back of his hand.

"It's exactly what I wanted to happen, and it's not over yet." With that, he gently pushes me back on the bed, straddling me as before as he unzips his jeans and his cock literally pops out. It was obvious from its size that he had enjoyed the experience and that makes me anxious to please him the way he had pleasured me. "What do we have here?" I jokingly say as I grasp the shaft in my hands. This time, I look him in the eyes and my tongue slowly strokes the shaft, the heat of him warming me up from the inside.

I pull him down on the bed, laying him on his back and straddle him. I kiss him passionately, the smell of my come still on bbw anything and everything compilation tube porn skin.

Following his example, I start kissing him, my tongue leaving a trail of saliva down his neck and chest. When I reach his nipple, I bite it, gently at first. He moans and whispers "Harder. Bite it harder." I tighten my bite and he moans louder. Becoming more excited and bold, I grab his other nipple and pinch it while I bite the other.

With this, his cock jerks up and reminds me that it too needs attention. I continue my trail of kisses, my fingers lightly touching his skin sending shivers through this body. When I finally make my way down to his cock, I can feel the heat coming off it on my face. I grab it with one hand while I move his leg to the side with the other.

I continue to kiss my way down, purposefully avoiding his cock, and work my way to his balls, spending a little extra time licking the area between them and his cock. When my lips finally touch his balls, I feel them contract. I start to lick them and gently suck them into my mouth one by one, carefully massaging them with my tongue.

He moans again, louder, and this starts my sexual juices going and all my inhibitions go out the window. I let go of his cock and let his balls slide out of my mouth, then with both hands spread his legs a little farther apart until I can see his anus.

I teasingly peck at it with my tongue, not sure how he will receive this. When he grabs his legs and raises his hips to my face, I have my answer.

With one cheek in each hand, I use my fingers to make enough room for me to bury my face between them, licking up and down, taking the time to poke my tongue inside his asshole each time it passes by. His moans become constant and I feel as though I could come again myself from the excitement I feel. I spit some saliva on his asshole and use my finger to spread it around, gently sliding my finger inside slightly. I repeat this, his anal muscles contracting each time my finger probes deeper and deeper.

Finally, I slowly insert one finger in all the way and he let out a moan that is almost a scream. "Are you okay" I ask, afraid that I had hurt him. "I'm fine," he says, almost in a whisper. "More. I want more." I slowly insert another finger inside and he raises his hips further. I then start moving my fingers in and out, finger-fucking his ass as his body writhes.

Without stopping, I swing my hips around and straddle his face so my wet pussy is right above his face. While still fucking his ass, I grab hold of his cock with my other hand and start sucking up and down its length. As I do this, I feel his tongue once again on my pussy and our bodies move in rhythm with each other. As I feel my body convulse in orgasm, I feel him explode into my mouth, but I don't swallow.

Instead, I swing around so he can see my face, and I let latina wife angel lynn takes a strap on from autumn girl on girl and housewife cum slide down my chin and drip onto my breast. Without taking my eyes off his face, I lower my face and lick his cum off my breast with my tongue, swirling it around with my mouth open so he can see. I then creep up his body and kiss him, his cum still in my mouth so he can hot college babe twerks her sexy ass on cam himself as I can taste myself on him.

I collapse on the bed next to him and there is an awkward moment of silence before he says "Wow." Without turning my head to look at him, I just reply "Yeah," and with that he puts his arm around me and we snuggle until we both drift off to sleep. I wake up when I hear talking in the living room. I can tell from the smell emanating from the room that dinner has arrived and I realize I am starved.

Evan must have gotten up earlier to answer the door without waking me. When I hear the door to the room close, I get up and throw on the robe Evan had gotten earlier from my bag. I go out into the living room as Evan is pouring champagne into two glasses. He obviously has spared no expense to make my fantasies a reality. So far, he is right on course.

Remembering the sex we had earlier, I wrap my arms around myself as I shiver from the memory. I walk up to him and kiss him lightly on the lips. "What's for dinner?" I ask. "I'm starving." He lifts the fancy chrome domes to reveal steak and lobster. "I couldn't decide," he says, "so I ordered both. I figured you wouldn't mind sharing." "Why not, we've shared everything else" I reply and he laughs that laugh that reaches his eyes and makes his eyes sparkle and it is in that moment that I realize that there is nothing I wouldn't do for, or with, this man.

We engage in small talk as we eat dinner, reminiscing about old times and laughing at the people we've kept in touch with and how much they've changed. The conversation strangely strays away from the mind-boggling sex that had taken place just a couple hours earlier. "I better unpack my things," I say as I get up from the table and head for the second bedroom.

"I've already unpacked your things" Evan says. They're in the main bedroom. You'll be sleeping with me. I hope that's okay, that I didn't misunderstand our little encounter from earlier?" "No, actually, that's perfect" I answer back, "but why the second bedroom?" "That" he says, "will have to wait until later. I'm ready for dessert." He pulls me xxx village story bf sex stories ante our sun him and kisses me passionately.

He slips the robe off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. He goes to his knees and starts to lick at my nipples and my knees immediately start to go weak. Once again, he scoops me in his arms, carries me into the bedroom and lays me on the bed.

He walks into the bedroom, turns on the bathtub and returns to the bedroom. He sits on the bed next to me and takes my face into his hands so he can look me in the eye.

"Do you trust me?" he asks. I look at him confused. He asks the question again and this time I answer "Strangely enough, I do. Even though we haven't really known each other very long, I do trust you Evan." He smiles that smile that makes his eyes twinkle.

"Good," he says. "Now, why don't you take a bath and relax. I have a few arrangements to make and then I'll come rub your shoulders…or whatever else you may need rubbed." With that, he walks out of the bedroom and closes the door. I find myself a little confused by his question yet at the same time, very excited. As I slip into the oversized tub, I hear Evan talking to someone, on the phone I assume since I didn't hear the door, but I can't make out the conversation.

He must be taking care of those "arrangements" he mentioned. I lay back and close my eyes and find myself drifting off to sleep again. I hear a knock at the bathroom door and Evan walks in without waiting for me to respond. "How about that backrub?" he asks. He's not wearing a shirt and for the first time, I really get a good look at his broad shoulders and his chest, a trail of light brown curls coming together to form a single trail that disappears into his jeans.

He raises one eyebrow and smiles as he watches my eyes exploring his body. He kneels at the side of the tub and turns my body so my back is facing him. He very gently starts to massage my shoulders and then I feel his breath as he kisses a trail from my ear down my neck. As I begin to feel the relaxing effects of the massage, I close my eyes but he stops. Without turning around, I whine "Oh, god, please don't stop. That feels so good." I feel the bath water slosh around and open my eyes to find Evan has joined me in the tub, his entire body almost completely covered in bubbles.

He leans towards me and takes my breasts in his hands. Wiping away the bubbles, he pulls one nipple in his mouth and gently rolls his tongue around it as he holds it between his teeth. I pull myself away and say "Oh, no you don't.

It's your turn." With that, I reach over and repeat what he had been doing to me on him. He quietly moans as my hands begin to explore his entire body. I can see his erection as he kneels. I grab the bar of soap on the side of the tub and blonde babe has fun with a black cock up my hands.

I then wrap my hands around his cock and slowly stroke him as he leans against the back of the tub. He props his butt on the side of the tub and, after wiping the soap away, I take his cock into my mouth, all the way down to his balls. As I draw my mouth back up, he places his hands on either side of my head and guides me up and down his cock until finally he pulls my face to his and kisses me passionately.

He then lifts me to the side of the tub as he slides back into the water. As he lifts my leg he starts to lick my feet and suck on my toes one by one.

He then starts kissing my leg, starting at my feet and working his way up. By this time, I am dripping wet and it has nothing to do with the water in the tub. He smiles as he notices my juices glistening on the outside of my pussy and, spreading my legs slightly farther apart, he licks me orgy au nightclub real amateur cum in mouth asshole to clit and my body noticeably shivers with delight.

He then pulls me slightly forward, one leg draped over his shoulder, the other held straight up by his hand. He lowers his mouth and starts licking my asshole. I start to moan as I become wetter and wetter.

He sticks his finger into my wet pussy, and as he pulls it out glistening wet, he slowly slides it into my ass. My butt muscles contract and I gasp and he stops, thinking he is hurting me. "Don't stop," I say.

"Go deeper. That feels so fucking good." He laughs at my cussing but slides his finger in deeper. I then pull his head to my pussy and whisper, "Eat me. Make me come like before." His tongue begins to masterfully work its way over my clit as he slips a second finger into my ass. He starts to finger-fuck me and within seconds I come in a gush that he quickly laps up.

"I want to cum in your ass" he exclaims as he lifts me up out of the tub and carries me to the bed. Holding both legs up so my pussy is facing straight up, he slides his cock into me, pounding me so hard I can hear our bodies slapping together.

He then pulls out and slowly guides his cock into my ass. Beginning slowly then picking up speed, he pounds my ass as I scream with pleasure and, with brunette babe gets her pussy licked by her driver loud moan and one final thrust, he stops and I can feel his cum shoot into me. He stays inside me until his erection starts to wither and then he slowly pulls out.

I can feel his cum start to ooze out of me and then I feel his tongue on my ass, lapping it up. He pulls himself up to my face and kissing me, transfers his cum into my mouth for me to swallow, which I do without pause. He then collapses next audrey bitoni the negotiator police me on the bed and we both fall asleep, his body curved around mine, his arm draped over my stomach and his fingers intertwined with mine.

When I wake up, I am alone in bed. I can hear the shower running and not wanting to let the opportunity slip by, I sneak into the bathroom and slide into the shower with Evan.

He kisses me and we each take turns slathering soap on each others body. With his cock covered in soap suds, he backs me up against the wall, lifting me slightly off the ground. I wrap my legs around him as he plunges himself into my pussy, each thrust filling me completely, hitting the end of my cervix and making me scream with pleasure.

After we both cum and wash ourselves yet again, we get out of the shower. While we are drying ourselves off, Evan puts his finger under my chin and lifts me face up to look at him. "I have some friends I'd like you to meet. I hope you don't mind, but I told them we'd meet them for dinner. I thought we'd venture out of the room today and see the sights, then come back here to clean up before meeting with them." "That actually sounds great," I say, my body already starting to ache from the activities of the morning and the day before.

I could use a little recuperation time. We spend much of the day wondering around the river walk section of San Antonio. The gondola ride was relaxing and somewhat romantic, although I envision a gondola ride through the streets of Venice to be much more so.

We engage in small talk as we eat teen lesbian girlfriends do masturbation sex video and I take the opportunity to try and find out some information about Evan's friends, but he curiously doesn't have much to say about them other than they are old friends he meets up with when time allows. The afternoon quickly turns into evening and I ask Evan what time we are meeting his friends for dinner. "About 9:00" he says.

"I didn't realize it would be that late. Do you mind if we head back to the hotel? I wouldn't mind kicking back for a few before getting ready to go out again." He says it's not a problem as he wraps his arm around my waist and we casually walk back to the hotel. Once there, I head to the bedroom to lie down for an hour before getting ready for dinner, but Evan opts to remain in the living room saying he needs to catch up on some work he's been neglecting.

I give him a peck on the cheek as I leave him to his work. Despite the fact that I am exhausted, I find it difficult to fall asleep. My mind keeps wandering to the couple I know nothing about and the reason for the second bedroom. I start to think that perhaps, since dinner is so late, the extra room was gotten for Evan's friends so they wouldn't have to drive back home so late in the evening.

After about a half hour or so, I open the door a crack to tell Evan I am headed to the shower. He quickly spins around when he hears the door, standing in front of the dining table. I think it strange that I don't see his computer anywhere, but decide he probably finished his work and put it away in order to leave the room uncluttered and not be haunted by e-mails all night.

"I'm going to use the extra bath so I can wash up too" he says. I wasn't even aware there was a second bath. He comes into the bedroom to grab some things and leaves me alone in the bedroom. I think to myself that Evan seemed very distracted today, despite our wandering through town.

His mind always seemed to be somewhere else. "Work, probably" I tell myself and go to take my bath. Evan is in the bedroom fully dressed when I emerge from the bathroom.

"I'm sorry I'm running late. Maybe you should call your friends and let them know we'll be a little late. I'll be ready in half an hour and its 8:30 now." "No need, they're meeting us here for dinner.

I thought we'd be a little more comfortable here in the room than out at the restaurant. But, don't let that stop you from getting all dolled up. You clean up pretty nice," he teases. With that, he tugs on the cuffs of his shirt as he turns around and wonders out the door. "Boy" I think to myself, "is it me or does this just seem weird?" I recall his question the night before about whether or not I trusted him and I start to get a funny feeling in my gut.

I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden I get the feeling that there is going to be some surprises in store for me tonight. I brush the worries away and continue to get ready. I hear a knock on the tattoo girl creampie tacori blu 1 1 7 tube porn room door as I'm finishing up my makeup and that funny feeling in my gut comes back.

"Okay, folks" I say quietly, "let's get this show on the road" and with that, I open the door to the bedroom prepared for just about anything. Anita and Jackson are a very attractive, forty-something couple. Anita is an attorney in Houston and Jackson is a real estate developer. They are very friendly and very affectionate toward each other, despite the fact that I've only just met them. Jacks, as he prefers to be called, is constantly reaching over to give Anita kisses or pull her hips into his.

It is almost erotic the way they interact with each other and I notice that they have Evan's full attention. As we move to the living room, Evan and I take the loveseat leaving Anita and Jacks to sit on the couch. Within minutes of sitting down, Anita and Jacks begin kissing, barely touching at first but then more passionately.

I just sit there staring not realizing that I have grabbed Evan's arm. His hand on mine breaks the spell I am in and I look at him with what I'm sure looks like complete shock and confusion on my face.

Looking down at me, he once again asks "Do you trust me?" and once again I say yes. "Then just watch and let your emotions and body take over. Don't think about what they are doing, just watch like it is a movie." What exactly are they doing I ask myself.

I turn back to face them and now Anita is lying on the couch, her feet still on the floor and Jacks is snuggled almost atop her, undoing her blouse. I continue to watch because I'm not sure what else to do as Jacks begins to suck on Anita's breasts. All of a sudden I feel a heat building in my body, starting at my groin and working its way up to my now pounding heart. Almost as though he knows, Evan turns my face away from the now fucking couple and kisses me passionately.

Delicious olga sits on a thick member

I find it very difficult to not push him away so I can watch the show. Sensing my excitement, Evan begins to unbutton his shirt. I stop him and take over, kissing his chest and I work my way down. When I reach the top of his pants, he pulls the rest of his shirt out and takes it off, then pushes me gently back on the loveseat as he starts to undress me. At this point, Jacks is licking the pussy of a moaning Anita, and I am sucking Evan's cock while watching the other couple out of the corner of my eye.

I take a moment to look up at Evan's face and after a brief smile, the one that puts that sparkle in his eyes, he turns back to the couple to watch. After a few moments, he stands up, pulling me up with him and says "Maybe we should move gorgeous mercedes carrera fucked in the jeep the bedroom?" Anita and Jacks immediately stop what they are doing and begin to follow Evan and me.

Anita and Jacks head towards the spare room and I start for the main bedroom, but Evan tugs on my arm and nods his head motioning me to follow the couple. Once inside the room, Evan closes the door and moves towards the bed already occupied by Anita and Jacks. I pull Evan's ear down to my mouth and whisper "What is going on.

I'm not sure about this." All he says is "trust me" and pushes me down on the bed inches away from Jacks who is staring up at a naked Anita who is riding him like a pony. Finding it hard to not stare at the other couple, I keep my head turned towards Jacks, close enough to him to carry perfect white booty gets a thick cock a conversation. My attention is broken when Evan lifts my legs over my head and starts to alternately tongue my asshole and clit.

My attention now totally on Evan and his masterful tongue, I notice him nod in Jacks' direction. I turn in time to see Jacks look up at Anita who also nods. He then turns to me and says "may I have a taste of your beautiful breasts?" Caught by surprise and fully excited by what is going on around me, I say nothing but nod. Jacks scoots his body closer to mine and without breaking the rhythm that he and Anita have going, he starts to suck on my nipples. I immediately close my eyes drawing in the pleasure from the dual suckling when I feel another set of lips on my other breast.

Opening my eyes, I see Anita now kneeling on the other side of my body, tongue sticking out to play with my nipple but watching me for my reaction. At this point, my body takes over and I arch my back so both Jacks and Anita can pleasure me and gasp as I feel Evan's cock plunge deep into me. Almost immediately, I scream as Evan pulls out of me and I squirt cum onto his face. "Mmm," Anita says, "you didn't mention she was a squirter." She then repositions herself so that her pussy is right over my mouth and bends over to start licking cum from my pussy.

I feel Evan slowly ease his hard cock into my ass and Anita start licking my clit, and without thinking I begin to do the same as her juices start to slide forward from her pussy to her clit.

I open my eyes to look at her beautiful body when I see Jacks come up behind her and penetrate her in the ass as well. After what seemed like moments, Anita stops and says "I want to watch you both fuck her." Jacks looks at Evan, and Evan looks at me. Licking Anita's cum off my mouth I nod and say "please." With that, Evan stops fucking me and lies on the bed facing up. Not sure what to do, I look to him for direction and he guides my body and lowers my pussy onto his cock.

He pulls me forward to kiss me and the next thing I know, I feel Jacks enter me from the rear. The feeling in indescribable and as each man starts to thrust in rhythm inside me all I can do is moan. I look up and see Anita kneeling just in front of Evan's head, pleasuring herself with a vibrator that looks very realistically like a cock.

She slowly slides the dildo up her body to her mouth, its length glistening from her juices. Evan reaches his arms over his head and pulls her to him, immediately lapping at her pussy the moment it is within reach. Anita takes the dildo and runs it over my breasts and places it in front of my face for me to suck.

Wild with passion and lust and excitement, I do her bidding as she encourages me to deep throat it. Before I know it, everyone is screaming in unison, cum on my ass from Jacks, on Anita's face from Evan, on Evan's face from Anita and mine just gushing over Evan. As I fall back onto the bed, I feel myself getting light-headed and start to black out. I feel Evan kiss my sweat covered forehead as everything turns dark.

As I start to come back around, I feel myself being lifted up off the bed and I open my eyes to see Evan staring down at me. When he sees my eyes open, he bends his down to kiss me. Despite the fact that I feel totally satisfied and exhausted, the kiss rekindles my burning desires and I kiss Evan back very passionately. Evan pulls away with a surprised look on his face. "Whoa, Jenny, I thought you were done for the night.

I was just putting you to bed." "Where are Jacks and Anita?" I ask, looking around for some sign of company. "They had to leave, but they did want me to tell you that they enjoyed the evening very much and hope for another very soon.

They also mentioned that you didn't have to wait for me to join them. They want me to give you their number." "Hmm, that was fun. I always fantasized about doing something like that, but never thought I'd ever go through with it." Thinking back on the evening's events, I start to get excited all over again. I look up at Evan and ask "Are you up to another round?" "I've created a monster" he jokes.

"How about a shower first," he continues as he heads to the spare bath. Without setting me down, he turns the shower on and carries me inside. With warm water pounding down on us, beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet kiss and before I know it, he has me backed up against the wall, He lifts me slightly off the ground and I wrap my legs around him as he lowers me onto his now hard cock.

He pounds himself into me so hard that it feels as though he is going to thrust through the top of my head. He fills me completely. After a few minutes of mind blowing intercourse, he steps out of the shower and head's for the bed, his cock still firmly inside me. He lays me on the bed pins my arms down over my head so my movements are very limited. I struggle to free myself but find the harder I struggle, the more excited I become. With a slight laugh in his voice, Evan says "so, you like it rough, huh?

And I thought I wasn't going to asstraffic hard anal sex for stunning hottie alexa tomas a chance to use my toys" and he ties my hands to the bed with the bed sheets, and then does the same with my feet so I am spread-eagle on the bed. He reaches under the bed and pulls out a small box.

From my angle, I can just see the top of the toy Anita had been playing with earlier. "So, that's what you were fussing with on the dining room table, you sneak" I jeer at him, a slight hint of a laugh in my tone.

"You've had your fantasy,;" he replies, "now it's time for mine." And with that, he starts to suckle my toes. "Did you know", he says as he pauses from toe to toe, "that the feet are an erogenous zone?" A rhetorical question I hope because the sensations have me writhing on the bed.

He switches from one foot to the other before working his way up my inner leg up to my thigh and grabbing a mouthful of flesh between his teeth. I am already so wet that I can feel the wetness on the sheets and with my eyes closed and my tilted as far back as it would go, I say "bite it" in a somewhat assertive tone.

Upon hearing this, he looked up at me. "This is supposed to be my fantasy, not yours." "Good thing for you that we share a fantasy, then" I reply with a devilish wink. Evan slaps my leg and then reaches down again, but this time doesn't hesitate before taking a bite.

It was painful, but oddly exciting. I screamed as I arched my back. "More" I say through a pant. "That's not the proper way to ask" Evan chastises. The correct way is "More please," and slaps me across the breasts.

"I see you will need a little training. I am going to pleasure you, but you cannot have an orgasm without asking for and receiving permission" and with that he buries his face between my legs, his tongue flicking every inch of me from asshole to clit. Without thinking, I exclaim that I am ready to cum and he stops.

"Don't stop" I say, "I'm so close. That feels so good." "What did I say?" he asks and swats my clit with his hand. I look at him in confusion and then remember "May I cum now, please?" "Not yet, wait a little longer" he replies.

"It's not time yet", but when he bites lightly on my clit, I can't control myself and my body convulses with orgasm, cum gushing out of my pussy and catching Evan on the chin.

"I see we'll need to practice that one" he says and he slaps my clit and I jerk slightly as the sensitivity has not yet worn off. "Again" he says as he lowers his head again, this time concentrating on my asshole and gradually adding fingers until four are working their way in and out of my body. Once again, he tells me hold my orgasm, but I can't, this time squirting cum all over the bed. This continues for a few more tries as he pulls out toy after toy to pleasure me, from anal beads to u-shaped vibrators that fuck both pussy and ass at the same time.

Each time, I failed, convulsing until I finally had to beg for him to stop before I had a heart attack. "Very well", he says "but we will need to continue our training another time.

In the meantime, I have been good and have held my orgasm. Suck me until I come all over you" he demands. "Least I could do" I say as I deep throat him, making him moan, sucking madly until he pulls out and comes all over my breasts. I guess now I know why the second room. Things can get messy. When I wake in the morning, I am in the main bed, alone. Smelling coffee brewing, I sex with asian hairy luscious girl hardcore and blowjob and get up, wrapping a robe around me as I go out into the kitchen.

Evan is standing at the counter, pouring himself a cup of coffee and fully dressed. As I get close enough, he kisses me lightly on the lips. "You were extraordinary" he says, "thank-you." "Thank-you for what? " I ask a little confused. "It should be me who is thanking you. Last night was wonderful." "For trusting me," he says, emotion showing in his eyes. "No one has ever trusted me that way before." He bends down to kiss me once again. "I wish we could stay like this, but unfortunately, I have to head to the airport for my flight and you need to get back to Dallas." He heads off into the bedroom, coming back moments later carrying his bags.

Standing by the door, he pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me tightly. I can feel the tears starting to form in my eyes. This was nothing more than a dream, a fantasy come to life and now it's over. Now I have to go back to my normal life and Evan will be gone.

Just another memory as he was just a few weeks ago. Almost as though he could read my thoughts, he tips my head to look him in the face. "This, whatever "this" is, is real. It happened and I want nothing more than for it to happen over and over again. This is not good-bye. You will hear from me again. I'm not sure when, but we can keep in touch and when the timing is right, we will relive this teenage pussy fucked hard by her best friends dad oldwithyoung doggystyle. I promise." With that, he kisses me once more and walks out the door, leaving me standing there alone to wonder how I am supposed to go on and pretend like none of this ever happened.

Not sure what my next step will be, I reach for my coffee and settle down at the table to plan my next fantasy.