Wet and wild cowgirl riding hardcore and blowjob

Wet and wild cowgirl riding hardcore and blowjob
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By twenty two I, Elisabeth Sarah Jones was married to a man I was crazy about and who also happened to be my high school sweetheart. I was blessed with two beautiful children named Katie aged 8 and George aged 7. I was moderately happy. I mean, my husband, Troy, earned decent money which meant our house was a lovely double story home which was painted white and had red shutters with a tire swing hanging on the oak tree on the green front lawn. it looked like we lived in a movie. And like I said before I loved my children so much.

But sometimes I couldn't feel sad. Troy often worked Long hours and I didn't at all. So often I was left home alone. That wasn't the only problem either. Troy and I's sex life wasn't that fantastic either.

Troy, who was a somewhat short but buff and muscular with short blonde hair that made him resemble somewhat of a drill Sergeant was always found attractive by me, who used to watch him in the hallways in high school and imagine him fucking me in the dirtiest and roughest way possible. So that wasn't the problem.

Instead it was the fact that for the last eight months we had not had sex. Instead, I would suck troys 7 inch dick, sucking on it as well as I could until I was choking, because: 1. I knew he enjoyed it.

And 2. I liked feeling like a slut. And 3. I hoped this would arouse him enough to fuck me. But instead after he came and I made sure to swallow it all like the naughty house wife I was, he would role over and go too sleep. He had also never eaten me out. Which was something I desired as it had never happened to me chennai aunties seducing boobs press. As much as I loved my husband he was a selfish lover, who thought only of himself.

That friday night which was take-out night, the family agreed that for dinner we should get Indian from the shop "Golden Mirage" which sold indian cuisine. Me and Troy were especially happy with this because that would mean we could have a chat with Raaj.

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Since Troys favourite food was Indian, for five years we had been ordering our food from the "Golden Mirage" which me and Troy stumbled across one night and fell in love with their butter chicken.

Raaj was the son of the father who owned the business, and had delivered our take-out meals enough times that we had become good little babe suking the cock. We called the restaurant too place our order and less than thirty minutes later, Raaj arrived with four plastic bags filled with food. We took the bags off him and invited him in, I walked into the kitchen to put the bags on the bench before walking back into the lounge were Raaj was talking to Troy.

"Busy night?" Asked Troy. "Not really" replied Raaj in his usual polite manner. "Great. You can stay for a while then" I replied warmly and Raaj smiled at me. I don't know what it was about Raaj, but I was attracted too him. There was no denying it no matter how much I tried.

Maybe it was his skin, which was a smooth chestnut brown colour or his face which looked like it had been shaped like Gods. My attraction to Raaj had strengthened lately due to my strained relationship with Troy. We talked for a while more about random things like work, or the weather, or the family business before Raaj excused himself to leave.

While we were talking though, I found myself getting extremely wet and horny. When I blinked I found myself imagining in my head Raaj ripping off my pants and eating me out with that long tongue he had.

Making me cum over and over again as Troy watched in shock. But of course this was just a normal fantasy. I didn't love Raaj. I was just desperate for a good fuck. After Raaj had left, I found myself desperate to have sex and found myself lustfully staring at my husband over my butter chicken at the dining table.

Soon after eating, the kids went up to their rooms to go watch a movie and that's when I jumped Troy. I pushed him against the wall and passionately kissed him. Troy picked me up and kissed me back; though not with the same passion I had. "We can't - the kids will hear" said Troy as I took a breath from kissing him. "I don't care. Just fuck me" I said as I resumed French kissing him. Troy carried me to what I thought was going to be the bedroom, but instead it was the bathroom.

He let me down and I stared at him. Half confused, Half lustfully. "Okay. Just quickly" he said. I smiled. I was glad I was going to have sex even if it was just a quickie. I was like an animal in heat. Then I felt like I had been dropped like a ton of bricks. Troy pulled down his pants and pushed my head down.

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He wanted me to suck his dick. I stared disappointedly at it before wrapping my hands around it and inserting into my mouth which was opened as wide as it could go.

I started off by taking in a few inches of it, and then stopped to look at him straight in his eyes; he loved that. It made him feel in control. I then started to rock my head back and fourth, taking in more inches steadily every time. "Oh god! Beth, I'm going to cum right in your fucking mouth" I responded by this, by sucking it harder, taking so much in it hit my throat every time. I teased him by stopping only to lick his head all the way down to the scrotum, only to put it back in my mouth and suck it harder then before.

"FUCK Suckee fuckee session with an asian stunner SLUT!" He yelled as I felt his warm sticky cum go down my tongue and into my throat.

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I began to lick his sleeping young mother in law rape son xstorys like a Popsicle stick, sucking off the remainder of his baby juice until it was all gone.

"Christ Beth" He said breathing heavily "that was i want dick but not yours pornstars hardcore amazing" All up, it lasted for less than ten minutes, and after the blowjob he insisted he was tired and went to bed leaving me standing alone in the bathroom; the animal in heat still there. A week later, our eight year anniversary was on. We had planned to have the kids go to their grandmas for the weekend will we spent it alone at home.

That Wednesday night, which was the day of our anniversary did not go to plan. I assumed that because it was our anniversary that Troy would of made plans for us to go out, instead when j walked down stairs, dressed in a tight black dress which completed my D cup breasts and slim body, black high heels and was also wearing a sexy pink bra which had frills on it and matching panties underneath. I found Troy had made no plans what so ever. He was sitting on the couch in the loungewatching football.

"Why are you dressed up?" He asked when he saw me. "You said you had something planned for Our anniversary.don't you?" I asked, nervous to hear the answer.

"I ordered from the Golden Mirage. I thought we'd just have a quiet night" he said, his eyes turning back to the Television. I found myself clenching my fists. "We're having indian.on our anniversary?" I asked trying to contain my anger. "God!" Said Troy standing up angrily and staring at me with contempt "what do you want with me?! You're always fucking pissed no matter what I do!" He yelled "Well maybe, just maybe, if you paid attention to your fucking wife who wants your attention, she wouldn't be pissed at you!" I yelled back furiously.

He paused for a moment, shocked at my outburst. "You know what? Fuck this and you!" He walked over to the bench near the front door and grabbed the keys "I'm going for a while" I laughed almost insanely "Fuck me you say? Well I'll probably have to fuck myself since you won't do it!" I screamed. With that, Troy left and I was left sitting on the staircase which was situated In front of the front door. My blonde hair which was in a French braid had fallen out and was going into my blue eyes.

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I could feel tears welling. Was this the end of my marriage? Did I even want it to end? Many questions floated through my mind as I just sat there. I'm not sure how much time had gone by when I heard a knock at my door though. "Hello?" Said a familiar voice "Elisabeth? Troy?" The door was pushed open by the outsider.

I looked up to see it was Raaj. Of course, I forgot, Troy had ordered dinner. Raaj took one moment to look at me before dropping the meals by the door and running over to sit next to me.

"Elisabeth! Are you okay?" Asked Raaj, his voice full of concern. "Fine. I'm fine" I sniffed before I looked up at him and saw his worried face. I looked at the food on the floor "I'm sorry Raaj. I forgot you were coming, I'll go pay you" Raaj put his leg on my thigh to stop me from getting up.

"Forget that! I just want to know you're okay" I looked down at his hand on my thigh and back to his face.the animal in heat was coming back. Instinctively, Olivia austin and quinn wilde nasty threeway session put my right hand on-top of his hand and pushed his up my thigh. I looked at Raaj's face for a reaction; he looked shocked, but he didn't move his hand.

I looked down at his crotch to see his bulge which was growing steadily. With my right hand I put it on top of it and squeezed. It all went fast from there. Raaj moved his hand under my dress and under my panties, he then rubbed his fingers up and down my dripping wet vagina, paying close attention to my clit.

I moaned in pleasure. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I jumped onto Raaj's lap and French kissed him passionately which he returned. He lifted me up and shoved me against the wall. It was obvious he was a demon of lust as much as I was. He managed to get one hand under my dress and pull my panties down, while I pulled his pants down. He rubbed my clit in a circular motion, which made me squeal in pleasure.

"Oh Fuck yes!" I whispered. I pulled down his under pants to see his gigantic erect penis pop out. I stared at it in awe. Raaj looked at me, as if waiting for me to judge it. "Put that thing in me" I said quietly and lustfully. Raaj obliged. He grabbed his dick and plunged it into my hole. I moaned in pleasure, I hadn't ever had something big like this in my vagina, and although it felt as if it was splitting me apart in two, I didn't care.

I was a dirty cheating slut now and I deserved my punishment. Raaj thrusted his monster penis in me, almost like a dog who was desperate to Fuck. "I've wanted this forever" moaned Raaj "you're so fucking hot" This turned me on more as I felt Raaj's dick inside me, pushing on my g-spot. "OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES! YES! OH MY GOD!

YES!" I screamed repeatedly, suddenly Raaj pulled his dick out. "Let's take this to the bedroom" Raaj carried me upstairs and after a bit of searching found the master bedroom, he threw me on the bed. He came over and ripped off my black dress with his hands revealing my sexy ensemble underneath, it was so animalistic. He kissed me from the neck down to my abdomen until he stopped and pulled down my panties. He then put pini ki and rakes blupikcher xxxxbf vido tongue on my clit and flicked it back and fourth.

"Mmm.Raaj.oh god" I moaned.

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He was teasing me as he inserted a finger before pulling it out and licking my clit with gentle and soft tongue flicking motions before sticking it into deep into my hole and flicked it back and forth and up and down. "Oh my gosh! Oh my god! Oh my god!" I kept screaming "I'm Cumming! I'm cumming" I squirted inside Raaj's mouth as i screamed "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD RAAJ STICK YOUR COCK IN!" Raaj grabbed my legs and put them around his hips before sticking his dick in and thrusting it hard and fast.

"You like that? You dirty fucking slut?" He yelled. "Yes!" I yelled. Raaj didn't seem pleased with elder goes youthful boy pulls teen039s hair when boin and reached over his hand to twist my right nipple. "do you fucking like that?!" He repeated.

"YES! OH MY GOD!" I screamed while my body was withering in pleasure. "I'm going to cum in your wet pussy" yelled Raaj Followed by a final thrust which released what felt like a car load of cum filling up my hole. It aroused me knowing his seed was at this moment, trying to get to my womb, desperate to be born.

I liked thinking I would have a black baby.


Raaj collapsed next to me and I leant over him and kissed him on the dick. Before then kissing him. "I fucking love your cock" I said lustfully.


"Don't worry" smiled Raaj "there's more of it too come".