Peculiar teenie is brought in anal asylum for harsh treatment

Peculiar teenie is brought in anal asylum for harsh treatment
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I didn't want to use the school bathroom because it was late and only the bad kids getting out of detention would be around, but when nature calls, one must answer, so I slipped into the mens' room near the gym and was almost immediately followed in by 3 older boys. Our middle school was combined with our high school, and I was just in 7th grade and these boys were much older than me.

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They surrounded me as I pee'ed at the urinal and one said to the other is this the one and he replied who cares? So the 1st said we hear you like to suck dick, don't you, and I finished peeing and zipped up and stood there with my head down. Here we go again. One of them grabbed my shoulder and turned me around and said, yeah, this is him, come on we don't got all day and he took me by the arm and pulled me into a stall and left the door open so the others could watch.

He opened his belt and pulled down his pants and shorts and his dick was already getting hard. You want it? yujizz pinay student high school said.

It wasn't really a question. I stood there dumbly and he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees and stuck his dick in my face right under my nose.

The tip was oozing precum already and some caught on the edge of my nose. Without a word I just shook my hair out of my eyes and opened my mouth and took his cock onto my tongue and began to suck on it as the others watched from the stall door.

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Told ya, he said. He's cute another boy said and it made me feel kinda good even though one had me behind my head and was forcing his dick in and out of my mouth as I was on my knees in front of him. Pretty soon he shot his load off in my mouth and the warm salty goo was sliding down my throat and he gasped a few times as he spasmed.

Wow, ok, next, and another boy came into the stall as the first left.


Stand up he said and I did and he said pull your pants down to your ankles and get back on your knees and without a sound I did as I was told. My body is small and hairless and I have a bubble butt, lucky me. He IS cute, isn't he? Another boy, I don't know which one, came into the stall and pulled my shirt up my back with one hand and started rubbing my asshole with his other hand while I had the other boy's dick in my mouth.

All this attention for a lowly 7th white slave rims black bull His finger was in my ass as the other boy thrust his dick in and out of my mouth while holding a handful of my long hair.

The boy behind me reached around and felt my dick and played with it while his finger was in and out of my ass. He's like a girl for real, can't even get a hardon he said.

His ass is tight but I can tell he likes it. The boy in front kept pumping my mouth hard and he came and shot a large load of cum into my mouth which I swallowed down. It was warm and gooey and salty and I had learned to like the taste though I knew what I was letting them do to me was wrong and I shouldn't like it at all. The boy behind me now took his position in front of me but when he pulled his pants down I could see that his dick was limp and he had already come in his underpants, I guess while he was finger fucking my asshole.

Lick it he said and I shook my head and he grabbed my ear and said did you hear me I said lick it and do it now cocksucker and he twisted my ear so bad tears came to my eyes and began to dribble down my cheeks. Aw, you made her cry, one laughed. So I licked the cum in his underpants and he kept saying more more nice and clean charming model displays huge bum and gets asshole drilled and I kept licking his underpants until he was satisfied.

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He then said that since I liked cum so much I should also like pee and he was going to pee in my mouth. I really started to cry and moaned oh, no and tried to get up but the other boys grabbed me and pushed me back down and said you'll do it allright and the boy in front grabbed a handful of my hair, jerked my head up, and slapped my face and said you'll do it now.


Tears were rolling down my face and I was sobbing and I didn't move and he slapped me again, harder, so I nodded and mumbled ok and he held out his limp dick and said put it in your mouth and start sucking and so I did and as I started to suck he started to pee into my mouth and I had all I could do to drink in down in quick gulps while he pee'ed and the other boys were going like this is awesome.

When he was done I was sort of kneeling sideways on the stall floor with my pants down to my ankles, my face red and teary from being slapped and crying and one other boy said cool, me next so I had to drink his pee as well, which I did this time without protest.

What good would it have done me? One said to the 3rd you want to pee in him and he said naah, not this time, but we need to get him someplace where we can take our time, we got to split now before we get caught.

He's got some cute little ass and a tight hole. We need to take him out to the woods some day and really get into him, fuck him good. He'd love it for sure. Don't you dare tell one threatened and another said he like it too much to tell.

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So they left me on the stall floor and as the last one went out the door, he said see you again soon sweetie. I didn't like it pov babe cockriding before doggystyle big tits and amateur it was happening but he was right. Word had gotten around from a boy I thought was my friend that I could be gotten to suck dick and now it seemed I was fair game for a few of the older boys in school, but up till now it had been a few random boys getting me alone and coaxing me to do it for them, or threatening to tell that I had done it regardless, and besides, it didn't hurt me, until now, and I like the taste of cum.

I liked the attention and the feeling of satisfaction when they came in me. When I got home I realized what had been done to me today and not only that, I had actually liked it, and I like that they thought I was cute, which was good because there was a lot more to come. Also I could see I really didn't have any choice if I didn't want to get slapped around again.


Boys talk and boys will be boys. How it started I have no idea but it couldn't be stopped now.