Real anal adventure by rocco siffredi porno italiano and italian porn

Real anal adventure by rocco siffredi porno italiano and italian porn
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This Story based on a real life event but is all fiction. George woke first and damn did he have a hangover. His head felt like it was about to bust open, and he was sick also. He knew from the past that he wouldn't be able to get much work done today.

Should he call in sick or just struggle and go in anyway. He lay there staring at the ceiling figuring out what to do. He had sick leave built up, he hadn't missed a day in over a year, he felt like pure hell, and he had to piss. He started to roll over when he realized his 9 year old daughter was lying next to him naked. What the fuck? He thought, why was she sleeping next to him and naked? Had he done something with her last night?

Try as he might the night before was blank. He eased out of bed, he couldn't wait to piss and get a shower. Maybe the hot water would clear his addled brain so he could remember what happened last night. He grabbed a pair of pants, shirt and underware and ran to the bathroom.

Soon he stood under the hot water and concentrated on the night before. Then like a bolt of lightening it hit him all at once. My God! He had raped his little girl and she let him. She had wanted him too, but how could he have done this to his baby?

Now he felt like blowing his brains out.He was trying to figure out how to deal with what he had done when the bathroom door opened and there stood Crystal crying. George jumped out of the shower and grabbed her hugging her tight he started crying himself and whined " I'm so sorry baby." He intended on just giving her a fatherly kiss but as his lips neared her check she turned her head just enough so his lips met her's.

George jerked back and released his daughter. "Honey I'm so sorry I should never have touched you." As he started to say something else she interupted him. "Daddy I'm fine. I woke up and thought you had left. I got scared and thought you didn't want me anymore. daddy I was so scared." She wraped her arms around his waist and hugged him as tight as she could.

Her small chest was rubbing against his limp cock which made him realize he was standing with his daughter completely nude. He shoved her back and grabbed his robe and trying to get himself covered as fast as he could he put it on inside out.

Crystal started laughing, " Daddy you have it on wrong." George couldn't care less he was fighting with his own emotions. He loved his daughter and he had raped her in his drunken stupor last night.

Now that his beautiful little girl was here nude and had rubbed her bare chest against his cock like it was nothing at all. She then reached over and pulled his robe open, "Daddy fix your robe. I'm hungry and want some pancakes okay?" Geroge grabbed her hand to stop her. "Honey go get dressed and I'll fix breakfast. Now get." He added trying to sound stern but instead he sounded like a little kid who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Crystal again laughed and then shocked him with what she asked next. "Daddy did I do good last night? When can we do it again?

I love you this much." She spread her arms as far as they would go. George simply wispered "I love you too baby. now go get dressed." Crystal looked hurt but went to dress. George turned his robe aound and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. George was busy cooking the pancakes when Crystal entered the kitchen and sat down at the table without saying a word. George turned around and almost dropped the plate of pancakes.

He got the syrup and sat down across from Crystal. "How many baby?" Crystal stared at her dad and held up two fingers, not saying a word. This was very ackward for both of them. Each trying to deal with their emotions. George felt like he was the lowest scum to walk the earth for what he had done.

Crystal on the other hand was sore but wanted her father to make love to her again. Her small body had been awakened early in life but none the less awakened. After the pain of being penatrated for the first time, she had learned that a stiff cock in her pussy was the best feeling of her life. She had loved the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of her.But the greatest feeling was when she could feel her father's cock spasm as he shot his encestual sperm deep in her.

It felt so smooth as it seeped out of her and ran down to her ass crack. She wanted all those feeling again, but her dad seemed distant now. Did he not love her as much as he said he did last night. She sat at the table and when he put the pancakes in front of her she just picked at them.

george knew he had to say something but what could a man say to make what happened last night allright.Still he had to find the words to tell her he regreted what he had done. "Honey what I did last night to you should never have happened." She tried to interupt him but he put a stop to her by holding up a finger.

"Wait til I finish what needs to be said honey. I have to clear things up, and make you understand that I had no business doing that to you." He drew in a deep breath and then sighed. "Honey I love you so much.

Last night I had to much to drink and wasn't thinking like I should have. Honey what happened last night was a mistake." Crystal took this last part as her daddy saying he didn't love her as much your hot secretary krissy lynn brings you a morning coffee and sucks u off she thought he did. After all her Aunt Clair had said thats what men did to show how much they love someone. She ran from the kitchen crying and slammed her bedroom shut as soon as she got inside.

George was right behind her but wasn't fast enough to stop her from locking the door. "Honey please open the door so we can talk. I'm so sorry can you ever forgive me. Please honey unlock the door." Crystal screamed at him. " NO! Daddy you don't love me like you said. If you did you wouldn't say that last night was wrong. GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!" George stood there trying to let his mind take in what his daughter had just said.

After several minutes he came to realize she thought that what he had done was a way for him to show his love for her."Honey I do love you more then life it's self. There are other ways to show you how much I love you.

Please let me in so I can explain it to you. Baby please there is so much you need to understand." Crystal's crying had now turned to just sobs.

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She doesn't lie to me. She told me that what we did last night was how men show women they love them. Then you said it was wrong because you really don't love me like you said.

Now leave me alone." George's blood was boiling! What the fuck had Clair told his daughter that made her think sex was proven love.Then he remembered what had been said before. He had said yes when she asked if he loved her enough to want to have sex with her. Damn that fucking Clair she started all this by not letting him know about his daughter watching his fuck flicks. But as much as he felt like calling Clair and cussing her stupid ass out, he had to deal with this first.

"Baby I love you more then anything in the world. If you will unlock the door and let me in I will show you how much I love you." He immediately knew he had said the wrong thing. He heard Crystal running to the door to unlock it. "Daddy I love you too. I really do want you to show me how much you love me again." George slowly entered his daughter's room.


Crystal ran and hugged her daddy. "I knew you loved me. I knew you would want to show me your love as much as I want to show you." George froze in his tracks.

His daughter was hugging him and asking him to fuck her again. "Oh daddy you do love me!" His thoughts were interupted by her words. He then realized he was getting hard from his daughter gyrating against him. he fought his urge to just give in and tried to seperate his daughter from him. "Baby please stop. We need to talk about this." George tried to reason with his little girl but was fast sinking into her will. "Daddy we can talk after you show me your love again.

I need you to show me now that you still love me as much as I love you." George could feel himself giving in. His cock was now rock hard and Crystal had now slipped her hand inside his robe and was stroking his cock. As hard as he tried he had to admit deep down he wanted to fuck his daughter again. George fought for another minute or so then leaned exotic4k petite latina katie murphy and johnny do a 69 and picked up Crystal and carried her to her bed.

He kissed her gently on her lips until her small mouth parted and he could feel her tongue trying to get past his own lips. He kissed her deep while trying to get her clothes off her.

He marveled at her small nipples as he exposed them.

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They were hard and stuck out about a quarter of an inch from her flat chest. He licked her right nipple and she moaned " I love that, it makes me feel so good. mmmmmmmmmm." George was now fighting to get her pants and panties off. She helpped him by arching her back to let him slide her pants and underware off together.

she was busy herself trying to get his robe open so she could feel his bare skin against hers. As soon as he had all her clothes off he went back to kissing every inch of her young body. He ripped his robe getting it off his own body. The only thoughts in his head now was he was going to fuck this beautiful little creature and she was willingly helping him.

He climbed on top of her and kissed her checks, ears, and neck as he worked his hand between her open legs. he slid his finger into her and found she was already wet. Oh shit he thought a nine year old was being turned on so much she was already wet.

Crystal was humming as he ravished her body again. No song just a constant humming noise. Every time he tried to move lower she would squeeze his cock sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man her little hand, forcing him to remain sucking and licking her small nipples and upper body.

Not that George was complaining but her wanted to eat her out. He turned so his cock was level with her mouth and she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue against it's slit. George almost shot his load right then, but managed to get control again before he did. His mouth could now reach her young cunt, and he stared at her beautiful opening for a few moments before sliding his tongue into her lower lips.

She Jumped slightly when his tongue touched her sore pussy lips. "Daddy I am sorry. i am a little sore from last night. But don't stop please." George didn't stop he just eased his tongue deep between her young cunt lips and stuck it in as far as he could. he had never poor fellow lets wicked buddy to drill his exgf for money anything as sweet in his life.

He pulled his tongue out and licked her from her small annal opening back up to her tiny clit. Then he flicked her clit with his tongue. It was barely big enough to lick, but she surprised him again as her small clit grew hard and stuck out a little more. He could now capture it with his lips and suck it for his beloved daughter. He sucked it in as much as he could.

Crystal moaned and her humming became even louder. She might have screamed but the head of her fathers cock in her mouth was preventing much sound from escaping her fully streached lips. She had no intention of letting go of it either. She felt it's veins as she would run her young tongue along it.

She loved the taste of the stuff seaping out of it, which she thought was her father's sperm because she had never been told the difference between pre cum i want some big cock before my wedding the real cum.

George then pulled his cock away from her mouth and turned once again so their bodies were both facing the same way. He lined his cock up with her opening and asked if she was sure she wantd his love stick again. her answer was to grab hold of his wrist and shake her head yes.

George leaned into her and felt his cockhead pop inside his daughter. God was she tight. He pushed into her as slow as he could. her whole body was quivering and he damn sure didn't want to hurt her if he could help it. But he was too far gone to ever stop his forward motion into her. He knew he had to have every inch of him in her. When he did get all the way in his balls were resting against her young ass. He remained still for awhile until she started to move under him.

He then withdrew til only the head was left inside this bald young pussy. Then he bagan the journey back into her until he reached bottom and his balls again hit her ass. He repeated this for almost five minutes giving her the time needed to get use to being fucked. Only then did he start to pick up speed and readily start his fucking his daughter's tender pussy. Within minutes he was panting and sweating like a hog rutting. He was pistoning in and out of her and she was moving her tiny hips to try and match his movements.

This was too much for george he groaned one last time and drove his cock into her as hard as he could. He remained burried all the way in her as he shot his seed deep in her womb.

He thought at that moment she would be safe letting him cum in her until she would start her first period. He then pumped her a few more times milking the last of his cum into her and allowing his cock to soften before he pulled it out of her.

Crystal wasted no time. dady had insructed her last night how to clean him and she was licking and kissing his cock before he knew what was happening. The difference was this time he wasn't drunk and his cock started getting hard again.


As it grew hard crystal could get less and less in her small mouth. She now knew she loved his taste and wanted to do this as much as possible. George shoved her off his cock and reached down and got hold of her legs. He pulled them up over her flat chest and the spread them as far as he dare without hurting her.

He lined his cock up with her opening and now slid back in her with ease. He would last much longer this time and he intended to fuck her with everything he had.

He pounded into her pussy like a mad man. The harder he fucked her the more he wanted her. He kept fucking her in this position until he heard her say her legs were starting to get cramps.

he allowed her to mom caught fucking compeers daughters husband real father teen bailey brookes home alone her legs and used his hands to wrap them on his hips. He was almost finished and knew it was only moments before he came in his daughter for the second time within an hour.He knew from now on things would never be the same between them ever again.

He had to except the fact he would fuck her every chance he would get, but had to make her promise never to tell anyone about their love making. He became stiff all over as he shot his load deep into his daughter again.

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He came harder then he ever had with anyone before. His whole body was racked with his climax and he couldn't move even if he had wanted to until he empitied every drop of his seed in her womb.

As his cock softened he rolled off his daughter exhausted from his efforts. Crystal started to lick him clean again but he begged her not to. " Please baby no more I need to rest and get my breath back." crystal smiled and slid up under his arm laying her head on his chest. " I love you daddy." Once again they fell asleep in each others caress, but both slept soundly this time. At least until George heard the door bell ring.