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Babe blonde ride anal big cock anal nice feet ride anal tube porn
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This happened to me about 6 years ago. I was at this time going through a divorce from my first wife. As most divorces go, this was not amicable, but we were both happy to be free again.

The first thing you do as a man when you become get out looking for fresh pussy. This I did in earnest.

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I had some old mates who were still single and together we would hit town 2 or 3 times a week looking for willing ladies to accomodate our cocks. I decided to hit the dating sites also and soon I was chatting to a sizable group of people.

I hit it off with one in particular, and as a bonus she lived in the same city as me. Our conversations rapidly got hotter and before long she was asking me to talk sexy to her as she brought herself off. I must admit I found it hot too.

Telling a woman who I had never met all the things I would do to her if I were there. "You should come over tommorow night" was the next message she sent. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I readily agreed to go over to her house at 7pm the next night. I didn't know wether she wanted to go out or stay in so I dressed smart casual and grabbed a bottle of rose on the way.

When I arived at her house, I was relieved to see that she actually looked like the photo on her profile. She was about 34. 5'5 ish and had a lovely figure. She was dressed in smart trousers with boots on and a tight top that showed the shape of her breasts. We said our hello's and how nice it was to meet in person, and she guided me in to her living room.

It was a terrace house and the kitchen and living room had been knocked into one big room. In the far corner was a stairway to the first floor. I sat down on the leather sofa and down the stairs came her daughter. She looked about 15 or 16. She later said she was in her final year of high school so that would have been about right.

First thing i noticed was that she looked like a younger version of her mum, and had an amazing figure. Slim but not skinny, with a tight ass and perky looking boobs.

At least thats how It looked as she was obviously dressed. As she walked by she sort of looked down her nose at me, and in the short conversation that followed, made it clear that she didn't think much of petite lesbians alice and angel gets hammered by dude in the shower coming round. After about half an hour, her mum ushered her out of the house to her friends.

She then came and sat next to me and we chatted for about an hour, during which time she demolished a large bottle of wine. She must have been a little nervous. As the conversation wore on, our legs touched, then she laid a leg over mine and started stroking my arm. I'd had a long week and was feeling a little tired. I yawned and apologised. "you look tired, you should go to bed" she said. I agreed and started to stretch off. Nice to have met, next time I'll come round fresher I thought and try my luck.

As I stood up to leave, so did she, but to my surprise she grabbed my hand and led me xxx family mom dad sister storys com the stairs.

I followed on without expectation but as we got upstairs, she pulled her top over her head and it was obviously who's bed she thought I needed!! She sat on the bed and kicked off her boots while I undid my shirt and peeled it off. She commented that she thought I had a nice body.

The bulge in my pants was telling her what I thought of hers. She undid my trousers and slowly pulled them down. My cock sprang out and nearly hit her face. She wrapped her hands around it and put the tip into her mouth, nibbling with her teeth. As she was doing this I was stepping out of my trousers. She continued to suck my cock for about 10 minutes.

I sensed if she continued I would end up coming so I moved her head back and pushed her back on to the bed, I leaned over her and kissed her breasts.

The were very firm and pointed. I licked and sucked her nipples and worked my way down her stomach to her trousers. She breathed in as I flicked open the button.


I stood up and pulled the trousers off her slowly, revealing some nice black knickers. She drew her feet up as i leaned forward and kissed the inside of her thigh's, making my way down so I could suck and nibble her pussy lips through the silky material. I then pulled them of to reveal that she had quite a hairy, shaped bush. I prefer trimmed but not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I proceed to tongue and lick her slit and ass.

Soon we were in the bed and she was straddling me. She raised herself up by her knee's and guided my cock into her pussy.


I immediately noticed how tight she felt. She started to gyrate her hips and work my cock. I reached up and cupped her breasts and pulled and tweaked on her nipples. "Oh Fuck Yeah" she cried at that, so I then proceed to give her tit' a light slap. I felt her pussy grip my cock as I did this and she was pushing her chest out to give me better access for my light slaps.

Her nipples natural breasty beautiful girlfriend hardcore and bondage well puffed up by now. She was really workin my cock and the nipple play had brought her to the edge of orgasm. I grabbed her ass and pulled myself deeper into her and she ground harder onto me.

Our writhing got faster and I was at the edge and so was she. Without thinking, I moved one of my hands of her ass cheek and pushed a finger into explicit and wild oriental oral stimulation japanese and hardcore pussy.

Then pulled it out and poked the wet digit into her asshole. Her hole gripped my finger as her pussy gripped my cock, and she came loudly. I knew I was free to finish now so I pulled her in with the finger in her ass and shot my cum into her.

After a few more gyrations we fell back onto the bed exausted. After a while we started to chat and it turned out she taught my eldest daughter English. Small world New pashtfilm jawarger xxx porn thought, but didn't let on. I had to chuckle on the inside though. After about half an hour we heard the sound of someone on the stairs and her bedroom door opened. She immediately pulled the quilt over my head.

It was her daughter returning home from her friends. It must have been obvious I was there and they were obviously mouthing silent things to each other. If only, I thought to myself. The bedroom door closed and I emerged from the quilt.

No, she wasn't still there. We had a little laugh about it. She started to rub and massage my cock as we were chatting and pretty soon It was rock hard again. She was facing away from me and my cock ws poking through her legs. She lifted her leg and gently pushed in my cock. While I was spooning her I was fingering her pussy and playing with her ass, spreading her juices around her asshole.

I had to go for it. I pulled out my cock and placed it up against her asshole, waiting for her response. She spread out her ass cheek and pushed back gently on my cock. I thought it wasn't going to go in so I wrapped my hand round it to hold it stiff. She pushed back harder and suddenly I popped in.

Once the head was in I easily worked the shaft deeper and deeper. She was moaning and biting the pillow as I thrust into her ass.

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It felt fantastic, that tight hole sqeezing my cock. In no time I came and left my cock in her ass till it went limp and fell out. I went to the hot redhead gets fucked by her girlfriend to wash my cock, then accepted her invitation to stay the night.

It didn't seem right to leave after she had just surrendered her ass to me. Shortly after we fell asleep. I woke up about 6am. It was still dark outside, though the light of day was beginning to overpower the darkness. I neede a drink, and the loo. I had a raging hard on, like I do most mornings. First thing's first though. I got out of bed and quietly headed downstairs.

I was still naked but no one was up. Dodging furniture i made my way to the sink and quietly ran some water. As I drank it i strolled over to the fireplace so I could look at the clock. I was stood up by the leather sofa with one hand on my hip finishing off the water, when I heard the creak of leather.

I looked down and there, on the sofa, was her daughter asleep. I froze. she was covered by a tiny blanket. At the top, one breast was showing out the side.

At the bottom, the blanket dissapeared between her legs, leaving one leg showing, and her white tight panties. There was I stood over this gorgeous girl. Was she really asleep?? was she 15 or 16? I stood stiil, admiring that breast. I could make out the shape of her pussy in the early morning light. From where I was stood, her head was about a foot below my cock and balls.

Her head was slightly tilted to the side and her mouth was open. Was she asleep or just playing along?? I began to imagine poking her open mouth with my hard cock. Just rubbing it round her lips to start and seeing if her mouth accepted it. I so wanted to kiss and lick that pert little breast. I wondered if she too had a hairy pussy under those white panties and what it would be like to lick her pussy through them while she slept. Even to get close enough to breathe in the scent of that fresh teen pussy.

I grabbed my cock with my hand to try hide it, but then slowly started to rub it. I so wanted to cum. I could wank myself off and shoot my load over her panties. It only took seconds to realise that this was insane. She looked 16 but could have been 15. She was probably awake and had kept quiet while I got my water and stood looking at the clock.

Maybe she wanted me to give her my cock.

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To rub troublemaker cassidy klein fucked hard pornstars hardcore lips with it, to press it on her panties, to suck on her pert tits. But I couldn't take the risk. I slowly made my way back upstairs to her mother, Who I awoke by pushing my cock into her. When we had done I made my excuses and she said that was fine. She followed me downstairs. She was surprised to see her daughter asleep on the sofa. This time she was totally covered up.

She said she must have heard us fucking the second time as her room was next to her mum's, and come downstairs for some sleep. I said my goodbyes and left. Driving home I was chuckling to myself. I couldn't believe how the night had gone and the morning too. If only I had known the age of the daughter.