Lovely asian teen meets big black cock

Lovely asian teen meets big black cock
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My college was on break, virtually no one was around, I was pretty sure I was the only spy cam bhabhi bath tube porn there on my floor, and possibly in the building.

The perfect time to explore my bi-curiosity. I'm nineteen years old, 5 feet, ten inches tall and around 145 pounds. I'm skinny, but muscular, with brown hair and eyes. I had talked with Ben for a few months, we were both into bondage, I was very submissive. He had a definite dominant streak in him, but was a bit low on confidence. We both had roommates, so it'd been impossible to get together, especially with my not being fully open about being bi yet.

Well, now we had that chance, and having bought plenty of rope, I was ready for him to come over. Around two PM on Saturday there was a knock on the door, and I eagerly opened it.

It was Ben. Though we'd talked for rumika enjoys rough pleasures in bondage porn while and I'd seen pictures of him, we'd never actually met.

He was about my height, with a little thicker build, probably about 160 pounds. He had short black hair, and a chiseled looking face with very defined edges. We shook hands, and I let him in and shut the door behind him.

He had on loose fitting jeans, and a blue striped collared shirt with a white one underneath. We sort of stared at each other for a while, not knowing where to go. Finally I grabbed one of the spools of rope and ended the silence. I handed it to him along with a pair of scissors, and held out cassandra calogera deepthroating and riding huge dildo arms, still wearing my t-shirt and gym shorts.

"We'll start simple, let's see how your rope-work is." He cut about four feet off and after tying one end to one wrist, he wrapped the rope around both a few times, before going around in between my arms and tying off what was a pretty amateur tie. With nimble fingers, I escaped easily. I grabbed his arms, and walked him through a simple, but effective cinch. I didn't tie the knots too tight, so after a bit of struggle, he was able to free himself.

"Then if you do an elbow cinch, and tie the ends from the wrist off to that, it's impossible to get free because your fingers can't reach the knots." He smiled and nodded, trying to absorb the information. I removed my T-shirt and tossed it aside, continuing on with the lesson. "I'm still confused with some of the positions you showed me…" he started.

I moved the few things that were on our four foot circular coffee table off to the side, and lay on my stomach. I showed and explained the hogtie to him, mentioning how I liked that position the best because it offered a lot of variety. I then walked over to my roommate's lofted bed. The bottom bar to the frame ended up at about neck-height. I walked over and stood with my legs slightly spread, facing away from the bed.

"For a strappado tie, you'd tie my arms together behind my back, and then attach them to something high, like the bottom of this bed, forcing me to bend over. Then you can do whatever with my legs, have me kneel, whatever you choose." I slipped my shorts down over my ankles, stepped out of them and tossed them aside, leaving me in nothing but my skin-tight grey briefs.

His eyes ran up and down my nearly nude body. "So…what now?" He asked. I handed him the spool of rope and the scissors, "you tell me…master." His pants tightened as that last word fluttered off my lips. He stuttered for a minute, but ended up saying nothing. "While you think, how about I get on my knees and take your pants off?" I dropped down and unbuttoned his jeans. My teeth clamped down on the zipper, and I pulled it down.

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Then, with my nose bumping his erect cock through his boxers, I grabbed a hold of the denim and slid his jeans down his legs. I turned to toss them aside, and when I turned back, I noticed his shirts were now on my roommate's bed, leaving him in only his red plaid boxers. Now the bulge was more than noticeable, but he still held the busty buffy first homemade sex tape big boobs big tits with no more idea of what to do.

I quickly got rid of my briefs, leaving me completely naked (and erect) in front of him. "There's gotta be something you want to do, just try it…I'm your slave for the day." "Let's try the strappado then." "Yes, master," I answered as I put my wrists together behind my back and bent over to give him easier tying access. My chest jutted out as he brought my elbows together and tied a tight cinch.

Per my advice, he bound my wrists, and tied the rope off to it. "Now I can only escape if you want me to," I said to him. He smiled and moved me towards the bed. Cutting another length of rope, he looped this one from my wrists to the frame. He tightened it until my wrists were held fast to the frame and my upper body was nearly perpendicular to my legs.

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Finally, he slipped his boxers off, giving me my first good look at his cock. My eyes went wide, it was seven and a half inches, and completely shaved. "Wow…may I suck your cock master?" He grabbed my head and pushed himself into me as an answer. His cock went deep into my throat, forcing me to repress a gag.

He thrusted in again, his dick sliding against my wet lips and tongue. A pool of drool started to drip from my mouth as he moved in and out.

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"Mmm," he moaned, momentarily stopping his thrusting and allowing me to run my tongue around the head of his dick. I gave my own moan of pleasure as a salty bit of precum dropped down onto thinking about you when i cum fba tongue.

Beads of drool began running down his hard dick, dripping off his balls as he continued to thrust away at my face. When his dick was good and wet he pulled it out and rubbed it over my face.

He coated my cheeks in my own saliva and his precum. A few minutes later he shoved the head of his dick back in my mouth. I ran my tongue around it several times, urging a few more drops of precum to come oozing out. He grabbed the bed for leverage and began thrusting slowly in and out again, pushing his cock to the four inch limit that could fit in my mouth, and pulling back until only the tip lay between my lips. After fucking my face for a few more minutes he grabbed my roommates chair and sat down in front of me, his hard, wet cock was just inches out of reach.

He ran his foot up my legs to my six inch hard cock. "Spread," he commanded.


I complied and slid my legs as wide as I could get them. He ran his foot up and down my legs again before sharply kicking my vulnerable balls, not painfully, but hard enough for me to twitch and take notice. I looked at him. He smiled.

"You're completely helpless now." He kicked me again, a little harder this time. I grunted and my legs instinctively twitched. "No, no," he said, "Keep them apart or I'm gang bang ks tube porn to tie them apart and then the real fun will begin." He brought his foot up sharply, and I inhaled again…then let out a sigh as his foot stopped inches short.

"Good boy." He grabbed the pair of scissors and cut the rope that bound me to the bed frame. My arms fell down to my back and I stepped out from beneath the bed and stood up. He grabbed me by the hair and forced me to my knees. He slapped me on either cheek with his still wet cock.

"As a reward, you get to choose where I cum, in your mouth, or on your face." I said nothing, I had no idea which to choose. He looked at me for a while, "fine, I'll do both. I want your legs spread when you're kneeling too, so your cock and balls are completely available." I complied and again wrapped my lips around his cock. A few minutes of slow up and down movement and he was moaning, ready to cum. I pulled up until only the head was in my mouth and worked my tongue around it, paying special attention to his sensitive spot.

Without warning his dick started to swell and salty cum oozed into my mouth. After a few seconds he pulled his cock out and let it ooze onto my cheeks and chin, letting the warm liquid run down my face.

I swallowed his load and he allowed me to clean the rest off the tip of his cock. Finally he slid his half hard dick out of my mouth and sat down on the futon. "Well slave, do you like my dick?" "Yes, very much, master," I admitted. I licked the small amount of cum I could reach, and let the rest remain on my face. He got up from the futon, dick now fully soft, and untied my wrists.

Sliding the futon out from the wall so he could get behind it, he sat me down. Grabbing another length of rope, he tied my wrists together in front of me this time. He raised them up above my head, pulling them back until my cinched wrists were pointing downward.

He tied them off to the back of the futon so my arms were pulled way behind my head.

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Then he tied my legs spread, each ankle to either side of the futon. He sat on the floor in front of me and started slowly stroking my dick. The feel of his hands on my incredibly hard member caused a moan to pour from my lips. "Are you horny?" I nodded. He started stroking slightly harder and faster. The pleasure increased. "What do I get if I can make you cum?" I just stared at him.

"Do you think you can resist?" He asked, speeding up some more. I shook my head no.


"So what do I get for making you cum?" he asked again. Again I had no cute asian blonde is happy and squirting. "I have a proposal, are you listening?" I nodded.

He took one lick up my very aroused cock. I shuddered and had to use everything I had not to cum right there. "I'll give you head…fantastic head, if you'll sign this." "What is it?" I asked. "A sheet of paper that says, whenever I want a blowjob, you give it to me." "That'd be a lot of…travel," I was finding it hard to talk with his hands continuing to work my cock. "You could live with me, that'd make your duties a lot easier." "I thought you had a roommate?" He laughed, "It's no dirty secret that I'm gay." He wrapped his lips around my cock, and went all the way to the base, pausing before he slowly came up.

I shuddered every inch of the way. "Will I get head too?" "When you earn it," he replied.


He ran his fingertips up my shaft and around my head. My body trembled more. "Ok, I'll sign it." He pulled out a small fancy pen and slid it into my mouth until only a half inch of the tip stuck out.

He held the paper up to me. With such a little pen, I could sign fairly legibly, although it took a while. When I was done, he slid the pen out, and put pen and contract away in the pocket of his discarded pants.

He began to stroke me once more. I shuddered with every movement of his hands. After a minute or so his head went down. My eyes clamped shut as he moved up and down, and I started to moan loudly.

It took maybe thirty seconds before I was cumming in his mouth. I bit down on my lip and had to fight the urge to scream with every squirt. I was unbelievably worked up at that point and dropped a massive load. He stayed with his lips wrapped around my cock until I was thick cock rams tight a hole aperture dry, then pulled off and swallowed.