Legal age teenager gorgeous nymph is longing for lechery

Legal age teenager gorgeous nymph is longing for lechery
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I started out the evening with about 4 know the usual college sorority keg party. The liquor was flowing and everyone was having a great time. I unluckily got ditched by Alissa, Stacey, Christa, and Beth for some hotties from our brother fraternity. Oh well, I could only imagine what the girls were doing and here I am stuck walking back to the dorm by myself.

My mom made me watch all these after school specials and things when I was growing up to prepare me for a situation such as this, but here I was walking alone in the dark. It was a nice early spring evening so I dressed for the weather.

Clad in a short pleated skirt, a lace top cami, blonde with big tits in vaginal action heels I walked and decided it was a great night for a stroll.

Over the campus and into the seedy part of town I wondered. Somewhere between Moe's Hole in the Wall Strip Joint and Old Fogey Bar I noticed I was being followed by a group of young men. They walked behind me cat-calling and commenting on my sexy outfit. This should have been my cue to high tail it to the nearest crowded place but instead I decided to walk down a dark alley and make sure the guys were following.

Sure enough they followed me and had I been thinking I would have realized their intentions were anything other than honorable. Before I could even turn around and begin casual banter with these strapping young gents I felt an arm around my waist. "Don't make a sound bitch or I'll kill you!" Of course they didn't have to worry about me making a sound, I was in utter shock from my sudden lack of good juddgement. My ample chest began to heave and I noticed a couple of the guys staring in awe.

My hands were caught around my waist as one of the guys forcefully ripped my shirt from my body. My beautiful caramel breasts and chocolate nipples stood erect in the cooling night air. They were quickly snatched by two of the guys and they began to assault my nipples with rough kisses and bites.

I guess the ring leader of the group could sense my growing terror and decided it would be best to get me further toward the end of the alley where the light was non-existent.

I was dragged there and as I was dragged I noticed that the group consisted of five young men who appeared to be about my age.

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From hot babes show some tits in public upbringing in the suburbs I knew these were the types of men my mother always warned about, but deep inside me stirred a deisre to be taken. "Bitch you just stepped into no man's land and now you must pay the toll," the leader of the group a strapping blonde with intese hazel eyes lamented. "I will do anything you ask as long as you don't kill me, please don't kill," I begged.

I was no afraid for my life as more than one of the gentlemen produced knives. A young black stud held my arms and the two who had began sucking my tits continued to bruise and bite my nipples and areola. As these two licked another young blonde fellow stepped forward and ripped my skirt clean from my body. Leaving my lacy panties exposed.

The ring leader opened his blade and cut my panties from my quivering torso. He forced my legs open and inserted two scratchy fingers roughly into my pussy. He worked them in and out meticulously trying to open me up. My pussy was gaping and wet as my heart pounded in my ears.

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One of the black guys who was sucking my tits thought it would be a great idea to see how many dicks I could take at one time. His rationale was that I had my supple lips, my hot pussy, and my tight ass and he told the guys to pick a hole.

Before I knew it I was on on the ground in a puddle of what I think was piss and beer on my hands and knees. In my mouth there was a 10 inch black cock fucking my throat with no abandon. I suckled his cock like there was no tomorrow. After about 15 minutes he shot a load of hot jizz down my throat. Before I even had the chance to recover another cock was shoved into my mouth at stella cox wants a big cock to suck and fuck same time the ring leader entered my ass from behind.

I have never had a dick in my ass before and I shocked at the pain that came when he rammed his 9 incher into my puckered caramel hole. He rode my ass hard and long as I continued to suck on all the cocks in front of me. I was choked more than once on semen by a couple of larger gents. I was filled from the rooter to the tooter and pumped hard. He continued to ride me long after his friends had all cum either in my mouth or on my face.

I could feel his orgasm as he spewed his hot love juice into my ass.

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I tensed my muscles to squeeeze every bit from him. Each guy had his turn in my ass. They rode me so hard I could feel myself beginning to tear. I couldn't cry out because I was afraid for my life.

My ass was sore and torn when they were done. But unfortunately I still had one more hole to fuck. The guys took turns ramming my cunt full of youthful dick and shooting wads of cum on my ass and back.

It became a blur with one guy climbing off and shoving his cock past my tonsils and other entering my ass or my juicy pussy. This action continued for another 2 hours. The guys only stopped because someone had opened one of the doors facing the alley and demanded to know what was going on.

I was relieved at the thought of salvation from these hoodlums.


As quickly and as calmly as they followed me down the alley they fixed their clothes and went back to whereever they came from.

I wondered home in a daze, naked, bruised, and stinking of sex. When my girlfriends asked the next morning where I had gone I was hesitatnt to explain. I did however rely the story as I was kind of turned on by the idea.who would have guessed Christa would be too? After the others left my room and pondered what I should do she locked the door.

She slammed me back on my bed and spread my legs. Before I could object my panties were off and she had buried her face in my cunt.

I'd never had a woman before and nor had Christa but her red lips working on my caramel cunt felt amazing. She licked slowly every inch of my pussy ignoring my clit while holding me down by the throat. I grew more and more excited as she began to finger my ass and pussy.

She worked her fingers in rhythm with her probing tongue and left me gasping for air.


When I finally loosened her grip on my throat I was able to tell her that I wanted to taste her too. She put her ass in my face and her glorious drippin pink pussy stared back at me. I ate her for all I was worth. I repeated each sensuous lick she gave me until we both came all over each other's faces. She looked at me and laughed. I could only shake my head and wonder aloud, " how do I get myself into these things?"